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Cell Phones and Thyroid Cancer

Cell Phones And Thyroid Cancer: Is There A Link?

That cell phones pose a threat to the human brain is well recognized. But what about cell phones and thyroid cancer? Is there a link? With thyroid cancer rates rising around the world, it’s a question worth exploring. Here’s what we know so far. Escalating Rates of Thyroid Cancer Thyroid

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Cellphones in Classrooms Lead to Lower Grades

Cell Phones in Classrooms Lead to Lower Grades: New Study

What’s the link between cell phones in classrooms and bad grades? A study from Rutgers University has shown that the two things might be more closely related than we think. Cell Phones in Classrooms Linked to Falling Grades Technology has created major advancements and opportunities in the field of learning.

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cell phones and memory

Cell Phones Linked to Memory Loss in New Scientific Study

A new study on cell phones and memory loss has found that electromagnetic fields from wireless devices can cause damage to adolescent brains, harming their memory performance. The peer-reviewed study, released in July 2018, was conducted by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH). The results suggest a

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