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NCB Post-Purchase Instructions and Recommendations

Before we begin this post, I’d like to thank you for purchasing the Nuisance Current Blocker (NCB) plug version. Through proper use, we are confident

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sweet spot ncb dial

The NCB Dial Sweet Spot: How to Find the Best Position of the Blue Dial in Your NCB

When you find the sweet spot on your NCB dial, it will instantly do two things— reduce current flow AND electric fields to a non-hazardous

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Contact Current Research Timeline: What Do Studies Say About Touch Current?

The contact current research timeline shows us not only that modern science recognizes the harmful effects of touch current, but also that we’ve known this

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How To Know if You Need the NCB Pro?

Magnetic fields are known to cause a number of biological effects. So, if they’re in your home, it can put your health at risk. This

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Grounding Myths: Earthing Does Not Protect You From Electric Shocks, Says Expert Mike Holt

The concept of grounding is surrounded by many myths and misinformation that could pose harm to you, say experts. Electrical grounding is something that most

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