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Technology that Helps and Hurts Male Fertility

Technology that helps and hurts male fertility

Mobile phones and modern technology have massively changed our lives. Often for the better, but sometimes for the worse. We have enjoyed huge, life-changing advances in medical science but some diseases and conditions are more common than ever. Could that very technology be to blame for declining male fertility? Male Fertility & Infertility Male infertility…

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Radiation Blocking Underwear: Keeping Your Swimmers Afloat

SYB Radiation Blocking Underwear

Modern technology is the best. Look at the smartphone: every piece of knowledge accrued by man, countless games, songs and movies, conversations with family across the world or even in the same room – that’s just a snapshot of what today’s gadgets can provide. They offer near-impossible levels of convenience and practicality, and our SYB…

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