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EMF science research timeline

The Business of EMF Science: Part 7 (1) – EMF Science Research Timeline: What We Know So Far

The discovery of electromagnetic energy was one of the pivotal moments in human history. Its potential was unmatched, and it catapulted humans into the future

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The Business of EMF Science: Part 5 – Doubt is Our Product – Complete Strategies Used by the Tobacco Industry

“According to reported nationwide surveys, more doctors smoke CAMELS than any other cigarette.” “No throat irritation, no cough. Lucky Strikes, it’s toasted.” “Marlboro, the man-sized

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Is EMF Science Inconclusive?

The Business of EMF Science: Part 1 – Is EMF Science Inconclusive?

A huge body of research shows how prolonged EMF exposure can cause severe physiological and neurological effects. But, at the same time, another significant chunk

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5g is failing

5G Is Failing In 2022: Why Haven’t More People Switched To 5G, Despite Knowing What It’s Capable Of?

Between 2019 and 2020, network companies were racing against each other to be the first to launch 5G commercially. But even in 2022, 5G doesn’t

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Grounding Myths: Earthing Does Not Protect You From Electric Shocks, Says Expert Mike Holt

The concept of grounding is surrounded by many myths and misinformation that could pose harm to you, say experts. Electrical grounding is something that most

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5g concerns

New Hampshire Legislative Commission Validates 5G Implementation Concerns

In November 2019, the state of New Hampshire established a special commission. Its purpose? To prepare a comprehensive report addressing the massive concerns around 5G

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health risk from cell phones

Cell Phones and Cigarettes: Corrupt EMF Science and the Tobacco Playbook

If we’ve learned anything from other scandals like those surrounding “Big Tobacco” and “Big Oil” its that powerful industries employ powerful tactics to keep the

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5G Opposition

How to Stop 5G: Global Opposition to 5G Technology

A lot of people want to stop 5G. And opposition to 5G is springing up so fast it’s hard to keep track. While the objections are

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Where do you carry your phone?

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