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What Are the EMF Radiation Health Risks for Children?

If you’ve spent even a couple of minutes clicking around my website, you know that I think EMF protection is important for everyone, young and old. But children have increased health risks from exposure to harmful EMF radiation. Why is that? Why Do Children Have a Greater Health Risk from

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What is a Safe Level of EMF?

What are Safe Radiation Levels of EMF?

A customer emailed me a question, and it’s one I get asked a lot. This customer emailed asking “what are safe levels of EMF radiation?” (Which is also a way of asking ‘what levels of electromagnetic radiation are dangerous?’) And I wanted to share my answer here, because I think

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PhoneGate, Explained

The PhoneGate Cell Phone EMF Radiation Scandal, Explained

Between 2012 and 2016, France’s National Frequency Agency (ANFR) tested 379 different models of cell phones for their radiation emissions. Earlier this month, compelled by a court order, ANFR released the data they had collected. The result is now being called ‘PhoneGate’ and is gaining an increasing amount of attention.

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