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Women and EMF: What Every Woman Needs To Know About Cell Phones

Women and EMF: What Every Woman Needs To Know

The question of women and EMF health effects has several aspects — each of them important to consider.  The fact is that while radiation from mobile and wireless devices effects all living things, women have specific concerns. Our free e-book delves into three main matters when it comes to women and EMF: fertility, pregnancy, and…

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The Connection Between EMF And Miscarriage Risk: Scientific Study Breakdown

EMF and Miscarriage Risk

Do you think EMF radiation can’t harm expecting mothers? Think again. Because recent research has shown a strong correlation between EMF and miscarriage risk. According to scientific data from Dr. De-Kun Li of the Kaiser Foundation Research Institute, women who exposed themselves to higher levels of EMF radiation had a 2.72 greater risk of miscarriage. That…

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