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Welcome to Your New SYB 5G Phone Shield​

I’m honored that you have chosen SYB for your EMF protection with my 5G Phone Shield. 

I really believe this is the best product we’ve ever made. And so I’ve assembled some information here on this page to inform you a bit more about how it’s made, what it does, and how it works. So please scroll down to learn more about your new investment in your health.

If you have any questions – any questions at all – please do not hesitate to email me directly

Thank you so much for trusting SYB. I really appreciate it.


R Blank

Your New SYB 5G Phone Shield...

SYB 5G Phone Shield

Easy to Use

Just put your SYB 5G Phone Shield between your phone and your body, in whatever pocket you carry your phone.

It works in any pocket. Jeans, shirts, jackets, suits, dresses – even purses and backpacks!

And it works on any model of phone, with or without a case.

It does not matter which direction your 5G Phone Shield faces– it works both ways.

SYB 5G Phone Shield

How You Can Know it Works

We guarantee the shielding effectiveness of our SYB 5G Phone Shield, but how can you know it works?

Well first, we have the results from laboratory testing on my SYB 5G Phone Shield posted here on this website.

And if you want to test my product claims for yourself, the ONLY way to know that your SYB 5G Phone Shield works the way I say it does is to test with an EMF meter. 

And you can download a free ebook that explains how to do that – right here.

See For Yourself

For more information about EMF testing, what it is (and what is isn’t), and how to do it for yourself, check out the SYB EMF Testing Content Hub

How it Works

The shielding power of your new SYB 5G Phone Shield is based on fundamental scientific principles established almost two centuries ago, when Michael Faraday invented the Faraday Cage.

Electromagnetic shielding works by creating a mesh of conductive or magnetic material to form a barrier that obstructs EM fields.

In the centuries since Faraday invented his cage, technology has advanced to where the conductive materials used to make EMF shielding can be made very tiny so they can be woven into fabric and other everyday materials. The metallic fibers in our 5G Phone Shield, for example, are thinner than a human hair.  

This is how we at SYB make products that reduce your exposure to harmful EMF radiation.

Care Instructions

SYB 5G Phone Shield

Your new SYB 5G Phone Shield couldn’t be easier to clean. It’s made from vegan leather, so all you need to do is wipe it down with a cloth.

That’s it!

Register Your Warranty

AND your new SYB Product includes a lifetime warranty.

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