The SYB Phone Pouch: Effective Cell Phone Radiation Protection

The SYB Phone Pouch: Effective Cell Phone Radiation Protection

Those of us old enough to remember the technological trends and fashions of the mid-to-late ‘90s might be familiar with the idea of a cell phone belt clip, used as a solution to the pocket-dial pandemic which came with cell phone popularity. Little do most consumers know that they also provided consumers with mildly effective cell phone radiation protection.

That’s right. According to major smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and LG, we all still use belt clips. In the fine print about safe device use, they all insist on the same point: carry your device away from your body — in some cases, at least 5-10cm from your body

And so, if you carry your phone in your pocket, you’re being exposed to levels of EMF radiation that exceed federal guidelines. This is the same type of radiation that an increasingly large body of science links to numerous negative health effects including infertility and cancer.

Since an overwhelming majority of us carrying our cell phones in our pockets all day, every day, with a wafer-thin layer of fabric separating our phones from our skin, this is more than a little alarming. Today, cell phone radiation is a well-documented health hazard, and we need something better than a belt clip to provide protection.

At SYB, one of our most popular solutions to this health risk is the our SYB Phone Pouch.

So – What Is It?

SYB Phone Pouch, Effective Cell Phone Radiation Protection
SYB Phone Pouch, Effective Cell Phone Radiation Protection

On the face of it, our SYB Phone Pouch looks much like a mild-mannered phone case – the kind that people use every single day to protect and carry their phones. Of course, ours is more comfortable. But the really powerful secret of our Phone Pouch is that it deflects up to 99% of harmful EMF radiation away from your body, and it provides this powerful protection without interfering with your reception or draining your battery.

The pouch is designed to sit comfortably on your hip, and is made from a soft neoprene material which is sturdy enough to carry the largest smartphones, yet soft enough to provide cushioning. It has an open section at the top so you can easily slide your phone in and out as needed, while also enabling connection to battery packs or wired headphones.

That’s the ergonomic overview, at any rate. The premium feature is the one you can’t see. The radiation blocking.

How Our Cell Phone Radiation Protection Works

There’s an inside layer on each pouch which sits between you and your smartphone. This layer is constructed from a layer of fine fabric, interwoven with ultra-thin metallic threads which physically repel incident radiation away from its surface. These thread fibers are thinner than a human hair, but when woven into this Pouch, they form a shield that provides effective cell phone radiation protection, blocking up to 99% of radio frequency (RF) and microwave EMF radiation that your phone uses to communicate wirelessly.

After extensive practical testing, we crafted a shield which permits only a fraction of one percent of radiation.

One common question we get is why don’t you put a shield on other side, to double the protection? The reason is that our Pouches are designed to shield your body from harmful cell phone radiation, without interfering with your phone’s reception or battery life. If we surrounded your phone, it wouldn’t be able to transmit or receive any data at all. It would protect you, for sure…and turn your phone into an overpriced rock!

How to Use the SYB Phone Pouch

On the body-facing side of the pouch, there’s an unobtrusive belt hoop which allows you to attach the product onto your belt, or slip it into your pocket. 

You can insert the phone in our Pouch with the screen facing either direction. The key to the pouch’s design is that only one side has the EMF-repellant mesh – as long as your phone is on the other side of that mesh, our cell phone radiation protection will do its job.

Unique Benefits

Cell phones are available in all shapes and sizes these days, and we’ve designed the SYB Phone Pouch in two sizes to cater to all audiences. Our large design can house the vast majority of cell phones, while the extra large model houses anything unusually large: behemoths up to 3.25″ wide!

But the ergonomics are secondary to the most important feature: our pouch protects you from harmful radiation. Remember that the world’s top manufacturers recommend maintaining a 10-25mm gap between your cell phone and body at all times, and that’s the minimum recommended distance. Several feet would be much safer, but of course impractical.

Our Phone Pouch allows you to keep your phone accessible at all times, close to your body, but with barely a fraction of a percent of radiation poking through. Simply put, our SYB Phone Pouch is the most stylish, affordable and effective form of cell phone radiation protection on the market today.

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