Healthy Living Tip #87: Use Your Speaker Phone or a Radiation Free Headset

Healthy Living Tip #87: Use Your Speaker Phone or a Radiation Free Headset

It’s time to stop putting your cell phones next to your ears! Stop using bluetooth and wifi headsets. Cell phones and wifi devices expose you to harmful EMF radiation that carry health risks. That’s why it’s important to use your speakerphone or a radiation free headset to shield you from this harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Healthy Living Tip #87: Use Your Speaker Phone or a Radiation Free Headset

Not everyone understands how really harmful cell phones and wifi devices are. However, more and more people are starting to hear the message. Just recently a California judge took notice of this.

This judge ruled case that cell phones should all come with safety guidelines and on how to reduce radio frequency energy from phones. Now the California Department has released these new guidelines. This is just more evidence that you need to use your speaker or a radiation free headset.

There are several ways you can protect yourself and others around you from excess radiation exposure. The two things we talk about all the time are:

  1. Minimize: You should minimize the use of these EMF emitting devices as much as possible.
  2. Maximize: Maximize the distance between these devices and your body when you do use them.

But there are several other ways to help you use your phone safely including:

  • Keep your phone away from your ear as much as possible.
  • When cell phone service is weak, reduce your usage (a weaker signal means your phone is emitting a lot more EMF radiation to stay connected).
  • Use plugged in headsets or a radiation free headset.
  • Decrease the usage of your bluetooth devices.
  • Stream fewer videos, music and large files on your phone.
  • Turn your phone off when not in use.
  • Don’t leave your phone next to your bed at night.

There are radiation free headsets that you can purchase in order to protect you while you use your cellphone. Many of these devices do a great job protecting you. Our SYB Air Tube Headset reduces your brain’s exposure to up to 99% of the harmful radiation emitted by your cell phone that would otherwise be conducted into your brain with standard headsets. Our Air Tubes are quite stylish and have great sound quality.

So, remember: reduce your usage of cell phones, but when you have to use one for a conversation, use your speakerphone or a radiation free headset like the SYB Air Tubes.

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