Large Laptop EMF Protection You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

large laptop EMF protection

One immutable symptom of technological advance is shrinkage. Whether it’s cars, TVs, laptops – consumers generally want their items to become smaller, more sleek, and less heavy as time passes. However, some laptop users still prioritise power over practicality, and performance over convenience. For them, large laptop EMF protection is a necessity and not easy to come by!

Here at Shield Your Body, we’ve just released the solution.

The Case for Large Laptop EMF Protection

large laptop EMF protection
The SYB Laptop Pad– now available in 17″ size!

Most of us know that despite the misnomer, laptops should definitely not be used on our laps. Certainly not for prolonged periods of time. However, out of sheer convenience (or is it laziness?) most laptop users opt for the casing-to-legs approach.

Since your laptop is effectively a metallic hub of EMF and heat radiation, however, you should always place a layer of protection between you and the device. The problem is that most protective laptop pads don’t cover large laptops. Let’s think about that for a second. All of the emissions from a laptop (thermal, EMF, and ELF radiation) are compounded when you increase the size of the device.

Protection is even more important with laptops reaching the 17” mark, yet few manufacturers cater to this market. Until now.

The SYB Laptop Pad

large laptop EMF protection
Triple layer construction for maximum protection.

The SYB Laptop Pad is designed specifically to counteract the effect of heat, EMF, and ELF (Extremely Low Frequency radiation) by deflecting the radiation away from your body.

While our smaller Pad only measures 13.75″ x 10.5″ and is suitable for the majority of devices, we now also make a larger version which should add protection for even the largest laptops. It measures in at 16″x12″.

Needless to say, our Pad had to be stylish. It’s super-slim and incredibly neat given its size, while the textured surface is designed to retain significant grip, stopping your laptop from sliding off at steep angles.

Even better, the SYB Laptop Pad is available in blue and black, so you can match with your laptop or accessories.

A Design You Can Trust

large laptop EMF protection
Use it everywhere you go!

The most important factor with any shielding product is the technical design and specifications. The Laptop Pad’s outer layer is made from a special silicon-plastic hybrid, and this is what enables that firm grip we mentioned earlier. More importantly, the inner layer of ferromagnetic steel and aluminum plating is what deflects up to 92% of Wi-Fi, EMF, and ELF radiation away from your body.

We cannot overstate how important this protection is for regular and prolonged laptop use. EMF is a class 2B carcinogen (made official by the World Health Organization) and by eliminating up to 92% of incident radiation, you put your health at a far lower risk.

By using steel and aluminum, the core of the Laptop Pad remains nice and light – no excuses of not being able to take it with you when you travel!

Simpler than Plug ‘n Play

Using your SYB Laptop Pad is as simple as laying it on your knees, plonking down the laptop, and getting to work. While we do recommend that prolonged use be completed at a desk (also great for your back!), using the Pad is significantly better than going straight onto jeans or bare skin.

We are delighted to be able to offer large laptop EMF protection (laptops up to 17” across!) so that those who like meaty processors and huge screens can finally have the same layers of protection as everyone else. If you’re packing some bigger-than-average hardware, then our Laptop Pad is an absolute must!


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