Versatile Cell Phone EMF Protection with Our New Horizontal Phone Pouch

Versatile Cell Phone EMF Protection

Every day, more and more people are becoming aware of the dangers associated with the EMF radiation emitted by cell phones. Nowadays the only time our smartphones are out of our hands is when they’re lingering in our pockets. With cell phones acting as a constant source of radiation, we’re more in need of versatile cell phone emf protection than ever before. In the past, being safe hasn’t always been practical – and certainly not fashionable.

Introducing the new horizontal SYB Phone Pouch: your practical, fashionable, and effective solution to EMF radiation.

“Isn’t that why I have pockets?”

Versatile Cell Phone EMF Protection
Our new horizontal Phone Pouch is versatile cell phone EMF protection.

There’s a common misconception that while you’re not physically speaking on the phone, it stops emitting radiation. In reality, modern cell phones are active virtually all the time thanks to constant Wi-Fi and bluetooth connections. Even without those connections, your cell phone tends to send  and receive signals every hour of the day.

And for most of us, all that action is taking place inside our pants pockets.

Did you know that major cell phone manufacturers (including Apple, Samsung, and LG) all recommend maintaining at least a few centimetres of space between your phone and body at all times? The EMF radiation emitted from your smartphone poses a known health risk, and the SYB horizontal phone pouch is designed to minimize it by placing a layer of protective material between the smartphone and your skin.

Subtle and Effective Protection

When it comes to creating shielding products here at SYB, there are 3 main considerations:

  1. The wearer must be protected
  2. Device performance cannot be hindered
  3. The product needs to look good

The outer layer of the case is made from a soft neoprene fabric designed to be comfortably worn at all times. However, there is an inside layer which sits between you and your smartphone, constructed from ultra-fine metallic threads and woven into a soft fabric. Thanks to simple physics, this layer deflects any incoming radiation away from its surface – and consequently away from the wearer.

Our pouch has been extensively tested and improved, and now shields users from up to 99% of the RF and EMF radiation emitted from your smartphone. Check out our testing video right here to see our shielding in action:

But versatile cell phone EMF protection means protecting your health without limiting your technology. That’s why only the reverse side of the pouch uses the shield – if we enclosed the phone fully, it wouldn’t be able to send or receive any signals!

Horizontally-Designed for Ease of Use

Our horizontal SYB Phone Pouch is built to be as simple and easy to use as possible. For example, the neoprene outer layer is comfortable against your skin when moving around. Since your phone lies sideways, it’s also easier to bend over, sit down, and move around than with our vertical Pouch.

Users can also open the Pouch quickly and smoothly (it closes with magnets), either to remove it or simply to give the homescreen a quick glance.

Since smartphones are getting larger and larger these days, we’ve designed our pouch to accommodate even the largest models – up to 7” long! The exact dimensions are 4.25″ x 7.25”. If you have a smaller smartphone, you could also fit in some earphones or a charging cable, making the SYB Pouch incredibly versatile.

As our range of wireless devices continues to expand, the issue of EMF radiation gains pace. However, smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives and most of us couldn’t live without one. That’s why we invented our SYB Phone Pouch: unrivaled protection combined with unhindered use.

Visit the Shield Your Body store to view our full range of protection products.

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