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Healthy Living Tip #9: Don’t Use Wireless Earbuds

Healthy Living Tip #9: Don’t Use Wireless Earbuds

Can listening to your favorite music be harming you? Research has shown that bluetooth devices such as wireless headsets, hands-free devices or even wireless earbuds can expose you to EMF radiation. EMF radiation can cause a whole slew of health issues including cancer! So, yes, listening to your music with wireless earbuds can be harming you!

While bluetooth devices have weaker EMF then your cellphone or laptop, the biggest concern is where you are placing these devices in proximity to your body.

Wireless earbuds used with your cellphone puts the radiation source right inside your ear. And your ears (along with your eyes) are among the parts of your head most vulnerable to damage from EMF radiation because there is no bone to shield your brain from the radiation. There is no buffer between your wireless earbuds and your brain.

In other words, these harmful rays are going straight into your brain.

And don’t forget — your radiation exposure from bluetooth devices is additive to your exposure to EMF radiation from your cell phone and other sources of EMF. So it doesn’t matter that the bluetooth radiation is weaker than the radiation from your phone, because it’s not replacing your phone’s radiation. It’s yet one more source of EMF to which you are exposing your body.

Regular use of wireless earbuds can be very harmful to you health. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want these harmful, cancer causing rays inside my head!

EMF exposure can cause health risks such as cellular stress, cancer, neurological disorders, infertility, memory disorders, increase in damaging free radicals and many other health issues. To reduce risks of these exposures it is better to use wired headphones or headsets, especially if you use them frequently or for prolonged periods of time.

Also, limiting your time on your cell phone and distancing your body from the EMF source can help reduce your exposure. The further away the device is from your body, the less exposure you will have. You can also purchase a cellphone shield that will also help reduce exposure from your cell phone.

When it comes to bluetooth devices though, it’s better to not use them or use them less frequently. Ditch the wireless earbuds and just use a wired set. Your health will be better for it.

Remember the rule of thumb when it comes to EMF radiation is always reduce your usage of these devices and increase your distance from the harmful source!

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