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Hello and Welcome to SYB!

Hi. My name is R Blank and I run SYB.

I get it. EMF can be confusing and intimidating– even frightening. 

EMF involves complex science, the news is designed to scare you, and the wireless companies want to confuse you. 

And even though you’re surrounded by EMF, you can’t see, taste, touch or smell it, which can make it seem scarier, even as it makes it easier to dismiss and ignore.

I’m here to help you through it. Inspired by the life’s work of my father, Dr. Martin Blank, one of the world’s leading EMF scientists, it’s my mission to make technology safer for you and those you love. 

Here at SYB we rely on real science and real facts– just like my father taught me.

Because, while the sources of EMF will continue to grow, and you can’t avoid exposure, there are ways – real, actionable ways – to live healthier, in a better balance with modern technology.

So thank you for visiting SYB. Look around a little – I’m sure you’ll learn something new. And if you have any questions for me, just ask!

R Blank

R Blank, Founder & CEO

SYB EMF Protection Products

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