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EMF Advocacy

EMF Advocacy

You’ve done it. You’ve taken the steps to learn more about the health risks of EMF, and how to protect yourself. Because you know that EMF is a serious health issue.

And that means you are also naturally worried about what EMF is doing to those around you – your friends, your family and your colleagues. And so, many of you (in fact, probably most of you) want to communicate your knowledge to others.

So you want to take the next step. You want to help those around you learn to start protecting themselves.

But you want to talk with them in a way that can actually convince them to make some changes in their lives.

  • Maybe you want your child to stop carrying a cell phone in their pocket.
  • Or maybe you want your yoga instructor to disable WiFi in the studio during classes.
  • Or maybe you want to convince your boss to rearrange the office furniture so you’re exposed to less EMF at your desk.
I hear from so many of you who have expressed desires just like these.

But you don’t quite know where to start.

And that’s why I’ve created these resources for you.

See, I’ve been doing this work for a while now– almost a decade. 

And in that time, I’ve learned a lot about how to talk about the various issues surrounding EMF and health in a way that’s accurate, convincing and approachable.

And I know a lot of you want to learn how to do that, too.

Imagine if you could express yourself to your child in a way that got him or her to stop carrying their phone in their pocket. Without a fight?

Imagine if you were able to convince your yoga instructor to make their studio WiFi-free.

Imagine if you could actually manage to get your child’s school to go full ethernet!

Well, I’m telling you, it is possible.

And this is where you start.

How to Talk About EMF

The first step is learning how to talk about EMF– in a way that gets people to take you seriously, and understand the scope of the health risks.

It’s actually not that hard. It may take a little practice, but I’ve prepared some materials specifically to help you learn how to approach conversations like this.

Featured Video: How to Talk About EMF

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Featured Training

Real science on EMF health Effects

What are the REAL Health Effects of EMF?

Learn what REAL SCIENCE says about how EMF affects you and your loved ones.

Advocacy Success Stories

Using your framework, I was finally able to get my husband to stop holding his phone against his head. Thank you so much!

I convinced my employer to change the office layout so my desk is in an area with much less EMF.

With these techniques, I got my son to stop carrying his phone in his pocket– and it wasn't even a fight! It was amazing.

Now my husband lets me turn off the WiFi router at night. I didn't even realize how much that had been interfering with my sleep, and I feel so much healthier overall.

I have red the ebook and found it very helpful. I will make use of it with my landlady.

Your course is definitely valuable and needed; thank you.

Your book really helped me to think about making specific goals for helping specific people in my life reduce their exposure.

This course really helped me to think about making specific goals for helping specific people in my life reduce their exposure.

Breaking the Ice

Once you’ve read the guide to talking about EMF, the next step is actually starting the conversation. There are a lot of different ways you can do this. And you’ll want to customize your approach based on to whom you are talking.

That said, in my experience, there are some ways I’ve found that are consistently among the most effective ways to explain the serious issue of EMF radiation and health– quickly, efficiently, without alienating anyone, and with getting people to take your input seriously and open to taking even more steps.

Whether it’s to your children (or grandchildren) or spouses, or your colleagues at work – these are some of the most successful tactics and approaches I’ve found in my decade working with EMF and health.

So here, you can choose to read the postwatch the video, or share the infographic.

Featured Video: Why You Should Care About EMF

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Featured Infographic

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More Advocacy Resources

If you liked that content about ‘Why You Should Care About EMF’ – well then, I have some great news for you.

Because I have a ton of content just like that in my EMF Advocacy Info Starter Pack.

It’s a collection of dozens of videos, infographics, ebooks, blog posts– even a few memes. All designed specifically to help you in your advocacy of EMF and health.

And it’s included, for free, along with the free ebook and training guide, that you can get instant access to right now.

Real science on EMF health Effects

What are the REAL Health Effects of EMF?

Learn what REAL SCIENCE says about how EMF affects you and your loved ones.

Have a Question?

I take pride in designing great, effective products, based on real, measurable science – AND taking the time to ensure that each and every one of you has the information you need to understand EMF and make informed decisions.

So if you have a question, just email me and ask.


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