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On this episode, Christine interviews SYB CEO R Blank about how to make technology safer.



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Christine Perakis 1:30
Everybody, it’s Christine Paracas. And we’re back on the career invincibility radio show. We have today an incredible guest R blank, the CEO of shield your body whose mission it is to make technology safer. If that’s possible, we need this conversation. Hundreds of 1000s of customers in over 30 countries. He’s been interviewed on platforms ranging from ABC television to electric sense. R is an internationally followed expert on these issues of EMF health and safety. And he was inspired to create shield your body when he is an S YB.

R Blank 2:08
It’s It’s shocking. To me Yeah, he co

Christine Perakis 2:11
authored the best seller. Overpowered with his father, Dr. Martin Blanc, one of the world’s leading EMF scientists and has degrees from Columbia and UCLA, and now hosts the new healthier tech podcast. I can’t wait to hear Welcome. Our I’m so excited to hear what you have to share with us today.

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R Blank 2:28
Thank you so much. It’s a pleasure to be here. I really appreciate it, Christine.

Christine Perakis 2:32
So you know, I have my own inner counters and we all do right EMF is everywhere. It’s unseen. No one thinks about it. And we keep the phones in our ears and our pockets everywhere. There’s a screen. Yeah, that’s what we’re doing. How are we killing ourselves sooner?

R Blank 2:50
Well, I mean, living is a process of killing yourself. So I you know, I try not to put it in those in those terms. No, but when you master? Yeah, exactly. So well, EMF? Well, just to step back real quick. For those who may not know, EMF stands for electromagnetic fields. It’s a form of energy made from the combination of electricity and magnetism. And there are many different kinds of EMF, but this this, this human made kind of EMF comes from everything that communicates wirelessly. So that includes cell phones and Wi Fi. It also comes from anything that runs on power that includes power lines, includes appliances. And so for a long time, it was thought that this stuff was benign, that this didn’t harm any living thing. And what we’ve learned gradually over the past 100 years, because the science on this goes back, I think at this point 90 to 93 years. What we’ve learned is that that assumption was false. And that this stuff is bioactive, that this has a lot of negative consequences to our health. And in fact, it impacts every living thing, even at levels that are very, very low, much lower than what a cell phone will emit. And when I say impacts life, I’m talking about essentially what this point what the science shows, the story it tells is that it impacts virtually every biological system where effects are measured. So we see it very strongly in in incidents of male infertility and cancers, multiple types of cancers, not just brain tumors, but we see it beyond that right. So we see it in endocrine system function, which includes melatonin production, which impacts our circadian rhythm, which negatively impacts sleep, which then has knock on effects of reducing our health. We see it in immune system function. We see it in sexual performance. We see it in incidents of birth defects. And so and again that those were just humans so You see, you see it in colony collapse disorder in bees, you see it in impacting bird migratory patterns, you see it in impacting plant life, trees and other other plants and their ability to reproduce and to grow healthy. So what we’ve learned increasingly over the past several decades is that this stuff is very harmful, even in very, very small doses. But on the flip side of that, you have the fact that this is emitted by the or let me say it this way, the stuff that emits EMF, this human form of EMF, human made form of EMF, it forms the entire basis of the entire infrastructure of our modern society and modern experience. And so you can’t live without exposure to EMF, unless you’re willing to go back to a lifestyle of the 1850s, which I don’t think most of us are willing to. And so there have to be ways. And this is where I got the idea to start as swipey. After working with my father, there have to be ways for people to engage with and use technology more safely. And and that’s the work that I do. And now my team does that. That’s why be

Christine Perakis 6:13
Well, thank God, right? I mean, I’m thinking as you’re talking, the art world is encouraging us to go to electric cars, they’re trying to get us more connected to a grid. So it’s getting worse.

R Blank 6:28
The issue, the problem is growing effectively at an exponential rate every year, because it’s so its cars, but these cars are tend to be smart cars, right? So they have multiple wireless connections in the car, they have wireless connections that communicate to a grid like Tesla’s, are their software’s updated wirelessly, well, you know, well, it’s sitting in your garage, that all happens over these networks. Because of all the growth in these devices, not just cars, but smart homes and smart devices, you need a more robust infrastructure, so you get more cell towers in that’s, in fact, the entire reason that 5g exists is to support an exponential explosion in the number of different nodes connecting to this network. And so everything. So the more the devices leads to more infrastructure, that more infrastructure leads the ability to create more of these devices. Every year, we are seeing more and more of them in our homes and in our neighbor’s homes and our family’s homes. And so yes, the exposures are going up every year. And, you know, the way I try to picture it for people is, you know, think back to when you were a kid and you know, obviously I won’t ask a kid that but you know, someone my age, think back to when you were a kid, look around your bedroom? How many of these wireless devices were in your bedroom? Because for me, it was a radio? That was it. And now you would? Yeah, exactly. And, but now you look around an average child’s bedroom, and you’ll see their laptop, their tablet, their maybe their TV, their smartwatch, maybe a cordless phone and their or cell phone, and then you go out of the bedroom, and you look around the living room, and so on and so forth. And that just helps you understand just how much more exposure children today are having. And not only are they having more as a kid, they’re gonna they’re looking forward to a life of significantly increased exposures compared to what we had. But the what the science is based on is, is exposures to date, right? So what we’re only having the chance now to learn what the exposures over the last 10 and 20 years have caused, we have no idea really what the exposures over the next 10 and 20 and 30 and 40 years are going to cause because those exposures are so much bigger than than what we’ve had. Well, I

Christine Perakis 8:51
fear that we should be are the worst. Know, i You were joking about going back to the 1890s. Right, which no one wants to do. But the truth is, we can’t really do that, right? Because it’s in the air we breathe in. It’s everywhere we go, even if we didn’t have a smart house or a smart car or even a smartphone, which would live like that. But if we could, we’re still exposed.

R Blank 9:16
Yes. Now there’s another aspect of this that I want people to understand. And that is that the power of EMF radiation diminishes exponentially with distance. So if you have a parent I have I have a visual aid for anyone who happens to be watching this video. So if you have your phone an inch away from your body, and then you move it two inches away from your body, your exposure to that the radiation from your phone, the power of that exposure is just diminished by 75%. So yes, EMF does travel but the closer you are to the source has a really big impact on the actual power of the radiation that you’re being exposed to. But you’re right when it comes so so I’m not carrying your phone in your pocket, which I hope we talk about is a huge thing that you can do to improve your your health risk. But conversely, you there is no avoiding exposure, there’s essentially no place left on Earth, where you are not being exposed to some measurable level of human made EMF radiation. And, and that is, I mean, that’s unfortunate. But that’s the world that we live in.

Christine Perakis 10:28
So please tell us some good news. How do we shield our bodies?

R Blank 10:33
Well, so the number one thing I just I just said it, and I’ll say it again, because I really weren’t able to do this right is, is to not carry your phone in your pocket or your bra, right? So I just said that the power of radiation, your exposure to radiation diminishes exponentially with distance. And so when you’re carrying your phone in your pocket or your bra, it’s obviously it’s right up against your body, there’s zero separation there. And when you’re doing that, you’re, you’re getting a full dose of what this device has to offer. And I want to be clear, these things are incredibly powerful, right, they are designed to be able to send signals over many miles in order to communicate with a cell tower. And when it’s right up against your body, you’re getting that full blast. And generally, it’s not for 10 seconds, that you’re keeping it there, you’re generally keeping it there for hours. And so the duration of the exposure is another one of these variables. So that is the number one thing that I advise people is to not carry your phone in your pocket or your bra, or to put it into airplane mode if you do, because when you put it into airplane mode, you’re essentially eliminating the EMF emissions from that device. And whenever you’re talking about any of this technology, you want to keep it as far away from your body as possible. So another example is to not use your laptop in your lap. I’m on a laptop right now. But I don’t know if you can see I have an external keyboard hooked up to it so that the laptop is further away. And there are all sorts of these are ways that you can increase the distance between your body and the technology that you use. And it really does make a really huge difference. Now there are certain technologies where you can’t increase the distance, right? So a good example of that is air pods, because they have to go right in your ear, that you can’t use them a foot away, they won’t, they won’t work. So there are certain technologies, I recommend avoiding. And certainly if you have kids, discouraging or not permitting them to use these types of body worn technologies, because there’s no way to use them more safely. So So you apply some discretion in terms of the technology that you allow into your life and into your family’s life. And when you do use that technology increase the distance because that distance really, really makes a difference. Then the second line of defense are the types of products that I make and sell that shield your body, which are EMF shielding products. So EMF shielding is universally accepted science. It goes back almost 200 years since Michael Faraday invented the first Faraday cage. And what he showed is that when you weave conductive certain conductive metals into certain patterns, you can block and deflect EMF radiation in the opposite direction. And in the intervening 200 years, we’ve gotten really good at making those fibers, those metallic fibers really, really, really small so that they can be woven into things like a phone pouch, like I make or like underwear like I make, and so on and so forth. So while I tell people the best advice is to not carry your phone in your pocket or your bra, or to put it into airplane mode if you do, or a lot of people who need to do that. And so that’s why I make a phone pouch. In the phone pouch, you put your phone in the pouch, and then you can carry the pouch in your pocket or on your belt, and the back of the pouch has the shielding on it and the front dust and that’s what allows the phone to still communicate. But since the back of the pouch is shielded, it will deflect radiation away from your body. So those are the those are the basics right? So you want to maximize the distance between you and the tech. You want to minimize your use of this tech. And as a second line of defense. You want to consider EMF shielding products like the ones I make it filter body.com

Christine Perakis 14:30
Well, I can’t wait to go on the website and see what I must have and it sounds like a phone pouch is a great place. I hope you make them in fashion colors.

R Blank 14:40
Actually we do. We have six colors. Yes fantastic.

Christine Perakis 14:44
You know I got that memo A while back I stopped using Bluetooth and I keep my phone on speaker at some distance but what are some of the other things that you offer that protects the rest of it? As the body outside and in public and around these EMF I guess you’re so when you’re just sitting it’s still a threat, right even though existence, yes,

R Blank 15:09
so and just so by one conservative estimate because I’ve seen ones that are worse than this, but by one conservative estimate just by walking down the street in the city, so you’re not holding a phone up to your head, you’re just walking down the street, the ambient level of EMF in the city is over 1 trillion times higher than what is found in nature. And again, I’ve seen as to estimates greater than that, but that so that’s just to give some perspective, just what’s in the background right now. Now when you’re talking about going out in the world, protection becomes a little bit more challenging. And really the only form that there is other I mean, so just as a starting point, maintaining good health, good nutrition, exercising, you’re going to improve your body’s resilience and so that will help you against EMF just like it will almost any toxin right so maintaining your health is very important. But if you’re talking about protecting against EMF specifically out in the real world, when you’re out and about and not from your phone in your pocket, right the only real options you have are EMF apparel, so hats, we make a an EMF shield to baseball cap. We make a neck gator, which is like a I think they also go by buff right so you can use it as a neck tube or a bandana. We also make a bandana we make men’s underwear, we make a baby beanie and a baby blankets so you can wrap your child and these the blanket comes in multiple stylish colors since US dollars. So but apparel in the real world apparel is the only thing that you can really wear if you’re going out and trying to protect against just ambient EMF.

Christine Perakis 16:52
Now I’m picturing that Better Call Saul character. Saul’s brother, yeah, Jimmy’s brother. Yeah. Michael McCain played him but you know, he had that foil blanket over himself. You know, it’s very phobic about the EMF

R Blank 17:08
had a condition called that is called electro hypersensitivity or EHS and that was an extreme depiction of the condition. But there are people who have so what a person who has EHS as isn’t effectively described as a allergy against or in reaction to exposures to levels of EMF that you and I don’t even notice when we walk into a room. But while we don’t notice that people with EHS have extreme reactions of pain, of rashes of migraines, and there’s a set of these symptoms that manifest in people with EHS

Christine Perakis 17:52
escalating, right, yes, condition,

R Blank 17:56
yes, and there’s also cross susceptibility. So for instance, if you have had Lyme disease, you are more likely to have EHS than if you didn’t have Lyme disease, if you have multiple chemical sensitivity or MCs, you are more likely to have EHS and vice versa. It is it is not known right now, exactly how many people suffer from EHS because it is not universally recognized condition, which is part of what the point they made in, in Better Call Saul, right. But there are there are certain governments so for instance, the government of Sweden recognizes this condition. There are medical institutions. So for instance, the Women’s College Hospital in Toronto is among the institutions in the world that recognizes this condition diagnosis and treats it and yes, the incidence is increasing, because I think it’s the basis of your question, right, we were talking about how much emf in in the environment is increasing. It makes sense that more and more people are hitting these thresholds that, that trigger the type of allergic response that we’re talking about here. And it is a I want people to understand, for people who have this condition, it can be debilitating. And it’s, it’s even more so. Because oftentimes, they aren’t believed. And so they are in incredible pain. And it’s they can’t find a doctor who recognizes the condition who has any kind of treatment for them, their friends and family, maybe it can lead to divorce, people have to give up their jobs to move to you know, a more remote location just to be able to function and it is a very sad state of affairs and and yes, the the number of people who experienced this, it’s it’s going to continue growing. I will say I believe that the number is much greater than so for instance, right? sleep disruption, like significant sleep disruption and anxiety are among the symptoms VHS How many people today have significant sleep disruption and anxiety? Everyone? And I’m not saying all of them are suffering as a result of EMF exposure, but some of them are and

Christine Perakis 20:15
sleeping with our phones, right?

R Blank 20:18
You should not be you should not be doing that. Yeah, don’t and by the way, the reasons for that go beyond just EMF, right? There are studies that show that sleeping with your phone, even when it’s off, decreases the quality of your sleep because of these deep mechanisms that are being triggered in your brain that make you want to go check it right, your phone is right there, and you want to go and so there’s a whole bunch of issue the public health issues around around the way in which we engage with and use technology that are really serious, but but just speaking about EMF, you should not be sleeping with your phone. Because you’re getting again, you’re getting that exposure, you’re getting it all night long, you’re not even getting any benefit or value out of using your phone when you’re asleep, but you’re getting the cost of the exposure. And so I always say, you know, keep it out of the bedroom or put it into airplane mode. But at a minimum, keep it six to 10 feet away, if it is in the bed the same as where you’re sleeping.

Christine Perakis 21:17
So the government is aware of all this, there’s new technologies or evolving technology regulations, how are they helping? Or are they

R Blank 21:28
they’re not really so. So I’ll give you an x? Well, actually, before I even give you that example, there are a whole classes of EMF exposures that aren’t regulated at all, right. So if you’re talking about EMF from a power line, that is not regulated, how much you know, if you have a power line or power transformer in front of your house, the amount of EMF that you could be getting off of that thing that’s not even theoretically regulated. So so there’s just there’s literally no regulation protecting you. Now there are certain classes of exposures that are are technically regulated. So cell phones are a classic example of this. Now, there are all sorts of problems with how cell phones or regular cell phone radiation is regulated. But as a starting point, you have to understand that what these regulations are designed to protect you against is called the thermal effect. So there’s a certain amount of this type of radiation that can burn you, right, if it’s a powerful enough EMF field, it can burn you. That’s literally how a microwave oven works. Microwaves are a form of EMF. And a microwave oven has such powerful microwaves that it can cook food, right. So there’s enough of this stuff that can burn you. And that’s a real type of damage. And, and you don’t want that. But that’s what these regulations cellphone radiation regulations are designed to protect against is that they cell phone won’t permit so much radiation, that it literally burns you when you use it. That is the only level of threshold for that regulation. What so when I’m talking about, you know, the increase in incidence of male infertility, or birth defects, or tumors, these all are being are occurring at levels far lower than the thermal effect. So these regulations, don’t even try to protect you against the levels of exposure that lead to these negative health outcomes. I’ll put it in as simple terms as possible where these regulations exist, they are designed to prevent against immediate damage, that using that phone right now won’t cause you damage right now. They are not designed to protect you against damage that may come a day later, a week later, or a year later or a decade later. And that’s really a key issue in the structure of these regulations.

Christine Perakis 23:47
Well, it’s terrifying. I remember the the response to my Note Seven exploding battery issue, you know, that was one of those.

R Blank 23:59
Yeah, I really advise where possible, you know, people not to be terrified not to react in fear. I know, because I do a lot of these, these interviews, and a lot of people who hear me talk, it’s the first time they’re hearing about this. And I know that when it’s the first time you’re hearing about this, it can be terrifying, because you you realize, I mean, maybe you want to go check it out, you know, Google it and see, but you realize there’s a ton of this science out there that shows that what I’m saying is true. But also there’s a ton of this EMF radiation out there. In fact, you know, if you’re listening to this, there might have just been a new tower that went up right in front of your house or apartment building. And so you start to put two and two together and you realize it, the natural response is fear. But that isn’t the helpful response. The helpful response is to realize you can’t live without exposure to human made EMF anymore. That is an unreasonable and unattainable goal. And so what you do have control over is a lot of your personal exposure. So even if If there’s all these towers that went up and you live in an apartment building, and you see 25 Wi Fi networks when you turn on your computer, even if you see all of these different sources, you know, not carrying your phone in your pocket is going to make a really big difference in your personal exposure. Not wearing air pots for hours every day is going to make a real, really big difference in your exposure, not sleeping with your phone. All of these basic techniques will make a really big difference in your personal exposure and thus reduce your long term health risk. And you are in control of these things. You do have that power and that’s really where the focus should be.

Christine Perakis 25:40
Well, thank God you came on this show to give us that message. There are things we can do it all is not lost. shield your body.com is where you go to learn more and find out how other techniques devices, products that you can use to shield your body are thank you so much for being here and sharing this incredible time with us. I hope you’ll come back as things evolve for you and share more.

R Blank 26:04
Thank you so much for staying this has been a real pleasure.

Christine Perakis 26:07
Thank you. Take care everybody have a great day and shield your body

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