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What is EMF Radiation Safety Day?

What is EMF Radiation Safety Day?

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September 22nd is EMF Radiation Safety Day, and I want to take this opportunity to explain a bit more about what the purpose of this day is.

What is EMF Radiation?

EMF is short for electromagnetic radiation. EMF is a form of energy that all modern technology – anything with a wireless signal or that runs on electrical power – emits.

What is EMF?
All modern technology – even the lightbulb – is a source of EMF radiation.

Because all modern technology emits EMF radiation, each year there is more and more EMF in our environment. And so our exposure to EMF is growing exponentially alongside the growth and spread of our devices.

This type of radiation has been linked with multiple negative health effects ranging from sleep disruption to cancer and infertility, and the World Health Organization lists it as a Class 2B carcinogen

So it is not surprising that, increasingly, people are concerned about these health risks, as you can see from the global concern that has emerged over the deployment of 5G networks — with some governments, such as the city of Brussels, Belgium – fully halting the rollout.

Why EMF Radiation Safety Day?

While our exposure to EMF continues to grow, we are not helpless. There are ways to reduce your exposure to this type of radiation, and live healthier.

So I – along with some friends and colleagues – decided to create this day to help build awareness about EMF radiation, and how you can live in the modern world more safely.

The goals of this day are:

  1. To bring awareness to EMF radiation, which is a force that a growing number of people are concerned about, but often do not understand.
  2. To empower people to take control over their exposure to EMF radiation.

And best of all– you don’t have to buy anything or spend any money to celebrate this holiday!

How Can You Observe EMF Radiation Safety Day?

The first important step with EMF radiation safety is to recognize the sources of EMF in your life. If you want to know how much EMF you’re being exposed to from these sources, the only real way is to test for yourself.

But the good news is you don’t need to test for yourself to practice EMF radiation safety. Because to practice EMF safety, you need EMF protection. And it turns out that the best EMF protection is free.

Because all wireless devices (like cell phones, wifi routers, cell towers) and all electrical lines and appliances. So while you might not know, for example, exactly how much radiation you’re being exposed to from your phone, you know that it is a source of EMF in your life.

And the absolute best way to protect yourself from exposure to this type of radiation comes down to two simple rules:

  1. MINIMIZE your use of EMF-generating technologies.
  2. MAXIMIZE the distance between your body, and the EMF-generating technologies, when they are in use.

I explain those two rules in a bit more detail in this quick two minute video.

So the best way to observe this day is to consciously start practicing these two rules: minimize use, and maximize distance.

How to Practice the Two Rules?

Given how many EMF emitting devices we use in our daily lives, there are dozens of ways that you can start using these two rules to reduce your exposure to EMF and live healthier.

For example, you could:

These are just a few ways to start reducing your exposure to EMF radiation. And it’s why we always say the best EMF protection is free.

And while it’s essentially impossible in today’s world to completely eliminate your exposure to human-made EMF radiation, every little action like this you take reduces your cumulative exposure to EMF, and thus reduces your overall health risk.

Why September 22nd?

Michael Faraday

I picked September 22nd for this day because it is the birthday of Michael Faraday.

Michael Faraday was a British scientist who was born on September 22nd, 1791. He was an immensely influential scientist in the field of electromagnetism, with many inventions to his credit.

In 1821 he invented the first electric motor, and in the early 1830s he discovered a way to convert mechanical energy into electricity on a large scale, creating the first electric generator.

In 1836, he invented the first Faraday Cage, which is a shield that blocks electromagnetic radiation, and the basis for modern day EMF protection, like the products we design and sell here at SYB.

Join Us!

So we at SYB encourage you to join us in celebrating EMF Radiation Safety Day, this September 22nd.

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