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Therese “Tee” Forton-Barnes, an Environmental Toxins Health Coach (Green Living Gurus) will guide you on a road to avoid toxicants and chemicals that could cause cancer and other illnesses and lead you towards living a healthier low-tox life. On the podcast, she will help you navigate through the process of making healthier choices and inform you of alternative products and options that are not harmful to your health and also the environment. She will help you decrease your exposure to chemicals and hopefully reduce the risk of illnesses and increase your odds of a long, healthy vital life!

In this episode, Tee talks with our CEO R Blank Shielding Your Health From the Effects of EMF and Other Environmental Toxins.

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Welcome to green living with tea. I am your host tea forton barns and head guru at the green living gurus, you want to live a healthier life, and I am here to help. I’ll be guiding you on a route to avoid toxicants and cancer causing chemicals as well as helping you navigate through the process of making healthier choices, ultimately increasing your odds of a long and healthy vital life. I’ll be interviewing inspiring guests who will share their stories and provide insight into healthier eating habits, alternative products that are friendly to our environment, and also your overall well being. Let’s dive into green living with Te.

Welcome everybody to today’s broadcast, we are talking about electric magnetic fields. And five g you might have seen this in the news, they’re in the news quite often. But we want to really identify what they are, how you can shield them from your health and shield them from other environmental toxins. And I am here with somebody by the name of R and his last name is blank. And that is his real name. And just like my name is t His names are but my name is really Teres and he really was born with the name arm we kind of got a kick out of that because we’re two initials today in the alphabet. So thanks for joining me Our hearty thank you so much for having me. It’s a pleasure. You’re welcome. So our is the CEO of shield your body whose mission is to make technology safer, we all need safer technology. So with hundreds of 1000s of customers in over 30 countries and have been been interviewed on platforms ranging from ABC to electric sense, R is an internationally followed expert on issues of emf health and safety. He was inspired to create us Why be otherwise known as shield your body when he co authored the best selling book overpowered with his father, Dr. Martin blank, one of the world’s leading EMF scientists, and he owns a degree from Columbia University. And you see, a and his father is also a big crossword puzzle guru, which, hence his first name are and maybe also his last name blank. He could also probably be what’s the game where you put all the letters and I can’t even think of

R Blank 2:36
Oh, yeah, he was. He was fantastic. It’s

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Tee Forton-Barnes 2:39
so blank. You’re always wanting to blank one at Scrabble too. So So and laughter is good medicine. So why not us laugh about our names correct? Indeed. So here we are. Live from Buffalo, New York and Panama coming to where our is? And are you have a rich history of your own personal background. So give us a little bit about that. Because I like going back. So we know where we’re going in the future.

R Blank 3:07
Oh, sure. Well, most people don’t ask me about this anymore. But getting the pre SBB days, I was a software engineer. So it’s been about 20 years. It started out in the 90s actually during college, so obviously right after college, but even during college, I just learned how to build websites. And then after college, got a job building websites. And then shortly after that, I founded my first software company, which was a music streaming service. This was back in the days of Napster and stuff. And then after that started a second company. And that’s that’s the one where we created the first video encoder for flash, which, you know, now is kind of a dead technology. But in the day was was pretty significant in terms of expanding what you could do on the Internet and on the web in particular, in terms of communicating media messages. So I was doing software engineering for a long time. And I was also teaching software engineering at the engineering school of University of Southern California. And my father, in about 2012 was trying to write what became overpowered, and my father, obviously very accomplished scientist, and speaker and published a lot of papers, but a lot of his writing was really focused on, you know, being written for other academics, other scientists, the purpose of overpowered was to kind of bring it into the mainstream to explain to regular people, what the science really says about the health effects of exposure to EMF. So he asked me for some help by that point, like I said, I was teaching, I’d also written a book. And so I hopped in and joined him. And, you know, obviously he was my father. I grew up with him, so I always kind of knew what he did. But it was really in the course of writing that book that I really was exposed to just how strong the sciences

In this area, and this was almost 10 years ago now, so science is even much stronger now, right. But I learned a lot about EMF, the behavior of emf, what the science says. And that was when I was inspired to create SBB. And so that’s kind of how I got from there to here. That is great. And you also understand how technology works too. And you have that in your background and marrying your background with your dad’s background is pretty fascinating. And we want to talk about the health effects, which is what you are very knowledgeable about and which your products can help with shielding some of these EMF and 5g, which I am pretty familiar with. So let’s start at the beginning what an emf is and what 5g is. Sure. So EMF stands for electromagnetic field. And it is a type of energy that is composed of an electrical component and a magnetic component. So that’s it’s an electromagnetic field. Now some emf is natural. So everyone knows visible light, we look up at the sun, we go outside, we see light, light, visible light, like we get from the Sun is a natural form of emf. Now there’s certain types of emf with much more energy than visible light. And those include x rays, and gamma rays, even UV rays. And everyone knows those are incredibly harmful, even in very, very, very low doses. That’s why you’re supposed to minimize the number of X rays you get, and why the X ray technician leaves the room while you’re getting them done. Because you really want to have as little of that stuff as possible. Now there’s forms of emf with less energy than visible light. It’s not important, why they’re called this, but you might hear them referred to as non ionizing forms of emf. And so that includes everything we use to communicate wirelessly. So cell phones and Wi Fi, but even older technology like TV, and FM radio and radar. And then as you get less and less energy, you have what’s known as a extremely low frequency. And that’s the kind of stuff that comes off of power lines and electrical appliances. So just to try to contextualize I said, some emf is natural, until about, you know, depends where you live. But certainly, you know, until about 1850, the only type of emf that people was exposed to was the natural form. So that would include visible light, that would include EMF from lightning, and Earth’s own magnetic field since the invention of the light bulb, and then of course, the power grid to power the light bulb than all of these appliances to run off the power grid and wireless technology. So the amount of human made artificial EMF has been growing exponentially for 150 160 years now. And then where does 5g come in there? Sure. So 5g is the fifth generation of cell phone technology, cell phone networks. So you know, for the past 10 years or so we’ve looked down at our phone, and we see a 4g signal. You know, before that, we looked down at our phone and we saw 3g written on it, that goes all the way back to 1979. When they had one g the first generation I don’t think then they might not have called it that then not until 2g and 3g came out. But 5g is now the newest form. And what has people worried about 5g is that 5g is going to be utilizing newer higher energy forms of emf radiation to communicate. So whereas basically, in terms of wireless communication, we’ve been exposed, basically up to eight gigahertz, 5g is going to go up to 300 gigahertz. And those have never been used before in consumer technology. And there is absolutely no long term testing into its health effects. Yeah, I see a lot of information out there. It’s, you know, I’m on so many different newsletters and magazines and publications and Facebook groups and whatnot. And I see a lot of controversy with 5g and a lot of people talking about it, but that helps explain it. Are you nervous about 5g? I mean, to say it’s been released without any long term studies into the health effects. You know, it sounds shocking, and it’s very irresponsible, but it’s also how industry has been doing this stuff. Wi Fi was released without any long term studies, cellphones were released for them in lung Bluetooth was released without any studies into long term health effects. It’s only in the years and decades following the release that we learn what the health effects are. And we are the lab subjects. We are the guinea pigs. What worries me about 5g is and I’ve been talking about this recently to my mailing list and on my blog. When people talk about 5g they talk about it as a cell phone network. And it is a cell phone network. They’re marketing 5g phones

5g antennas to power those phones. But 5g was designed from the ground up to support much more than just cell phones. 5g was built to support smart cars and smart meters and smart tech that fills the home. And the amount of smart tech that I mean, yes, we all know about Alexa speakers and nest thermostats. But there’s smart fridges, and they’re smart kitty litter boxes. And there’s there’s even a smart tampon on the market now.

Tee Forton-Barnes 10:32
All I did was I would just bought a dishwasher that smart dishwasher. I’m like, why do I need a smart dishwasher?

R Blank 10:37
Exactly, yeah. And so what worries me about 5g is that it has created basically, that well, they are in the process of creating because it is not fully deployed, but they are creating a superhighway to power an order of magnitude greater number of these wireless devices, things that we never needed to be smart before are going to be smart. And increasingly, we are not going to have a choice in whether we buy if you want a new TV, it’s going to be a smart TV. If you want a new fridge, it’s going to be a smart, if you want a new dishwasher, it’s going to be a smart dishwasher. And so with each of these things that we add into our environments, we are adding more exposures to this toxin. And that is what worries me about 5g is that it is going to lead to an order of magnitude explosion in the number of sources from which we are exposed to this toxin while and who’s benefiting from all this? Well, I manufacturers are Yeah, the tech I mean, a tech tech industry. I mean, we see the valuations of some of these technology companies. So that is who benefits. It’s the the hardware makers, the software makers and

Tee Forton-Barnes 11:45
the network. Okay. Yep. Interesting. And we don’t know much about it. And we don’t know how it’s going to affect our health that

R Blank 11:53
that’s not entirely we do know a lot about we know a lot of stuff, right, but not how it affects us. Well, we don’t know about exactly how this new batch of technology is going to affect us, because it’s being released without any testing. But we now have decades and decades of research into what the prior generations of wireless technology have done. And there are literally 1000s of high quality scientific studies pointing to a wide range of negative health effects on the low end, or I don’t mean to say low, but on the left severe end, you know, anxiety and sleep disruption, and issues such as that. And then on the higher end, or the more severe, you have really concerning outcomes, including infertility, miscarriage and many types of cancers,

Tee Forton-Barnes 12:38
and it affects your immune system, which can send your whole body and health into all different areas of wellness says,

R Blank 12:48
that’s a great point, because one of the things that you’ll see when you actually look at the science is that the range of outcomes that have been linked to EMF exposure, they impact almost every system in our bodies. So it’s not as though I mean, you know, for for a couple of decades now, you hear people worried that cellphones might cause brain tumors. But it’s not as though it’s just cancer, or it’s just the brain, you’re seeing severe negative health outcomes in so many of our body systems. And there’s a very strong body of science showing how EMF harms and can even kill DNA, leading to double strand breaks, basically destroying the DNA to the point where the cell dies. These are the same types of mutations that lead to tumors and cancer, but they also lead to cellular malfunction, which then leads the biological systems to not perform properly. We are fundamentally we are electromagnetic beings. And I don’t say that in in a spiritual sense, although, you know, I’m spiritual. I’m sure many of your listeners are. But that’s not what I mean. I mean it in the scientific sense, our brains communicate with our bodies using electromagnetic signals, but super, super, super low power. And once you expose this electromagnetic body to these high powered electromagnetic signals, your body doesn’t know what to do with it. And that is why we are seeing so many negative outcomes in science.

Tee Forton-Barnes 14:20
So as you know, I’m trying to help people keep toxic chemicals out of their home, out of their lives to reduce their toxic load. I can just imagine if somebody is full of environmental toxic chemicals from all the products they use, and then they’re overloaded with EMF. I mean, our body can only handle so much of these harmful things that come at it, and Totally, yeah, and it’s just, I mean, it’s overwhelming for people. I mean, and I know all about it sometimes overwhelming for me even because there’s so much that we have to be worried about. And I think people look at EMF and even five Like, they can’t smell it, they can’t see it. And I feel like people kind of just turn their nose out a little bit I, you know, I try to tell them to do at least some things that you can do that aren’t going to take your phone away from you, you know, don’t sleep with it underneath your pillow, do some things that Yeah, can reduce it at least Yeah,

R Blank 15:23
right. So there, ya know, there are a lot of things that people can do to reduce that can make a big difference, I, I understand exactly what you’re talking about where a, like you said, you can’t see smell, touch taste it be, it’s actually sort of a complicated topic, if you want to really learn about it. See, a lot of people really enjoy the devices that lead to these exposures. So you combine all this together, and there’s a real reluctance to do anything about it. And it can also be a contributing factor to that is, you know, if, and I see this a lot, and people who are just learning about the subject who come to me come to shield your body, you can feel overwhelmed, right? Because once you start learning that this stuff is toxic, and you start realizing it’s everywhere you go. And you can feel like what can I possibly do like as soon as I turn on my Wi Fi, I see 30 networks, as soon as I go outside, I see three cell towers, and then a block away, I see three more, and so on and so on. So to your point, it is it is very important that people learn that there are very powerful things that you can do to reduce your exposure to this stuff. And it comes down to what I call the two key rules of emf protection. So the first is minimizing your use. It’s quite obvious when you think about it. But the fewer of these devices that you use, the less you’re going to be exposed to it. That doesn’t mean giving up your phone. But like you just said, you had a you just bought a smart dishwasher. And you’re like, why do I need a smart dishwasher?

Tee Forton-Barnes 16:58
Very good. I get this. My my mother always taught me that the more bells and whistles you have on it, the more bells and whistles you have to get fixed. Just get the basic so I got exactly.

R Blank 17:08
But what as they roll out more and more and more of this smart technology really think about? Do I need it? Will I actually get value from it? Because a lot of this we don’t actually get value from people just buy it because they think it’s cool, right? Friends are buying it, or that’s where things are going. And you really sit down and think about it. What would I actually use a smart fridge for? As opposed to a regular fridge? Do I really need another Alexa in my bedroom? Why do I really need a smart kitty litter box? Do I really need a smart thermostat all of these things, you really think it’s not about giving up your phone it’s about with all of these devices, do you really get value out of them because you have to engage in a cost benefit analysis where the cost is increased to your health risk. So number one is minimizing the use. But number two, and this one is key and somewhat less intuitive. It is to maximize the distance. So if you’re using a new smart device, or even your phone, or your Wi Fi or whatever wireless device you were using, keep as far away from it as possible. The reason this is so important, is because the power of the exposure diminishes exponentially with distance. So that means as you’ve doubled the distance from the source, you are cutting the power of the exposure by 75%. And that’s why as one example I say all the time is never carry your phone in your pocket. Because when you’re carrying your phone in your pocket, it’s right up against you. And you are getting the maximum dose possible from that device.

Tee Forton-Barnes 18:46
What about men? I mean, you all you have to put them in your pocket or sport coat, right?

R Blank 18:52
Yeah, so I happened to be a man. So I can speak to this one. You know, so some men carry backpacks or briefcases, it can go in there. I personally, I always put it into Airplane Mode before I put it into my pocket. And when you put a device into airplane mode, you’re cutting out virtually all of the EMF emissions from that device because it’s not trying to communicate. So airplane mode is a super powerful tool, by the way and some people because they think they can’t do it like that I need you know, what if someone calls me What if someone texts me I need to get but you don’t really well and it’s in your pocket you don’t. Now there are also shielding products like the ones I make and sell. So there’s the two key rules of emf protection which is minimize use to maximize distance. Those are free. Anyone can put those into practice themselves. And those are the most effective way to reduce your personal exposure. But there are some people who need to or feel they need to carry their phones in their pockets. You know, a good example is people who needs to carry their phones for work. Delivery people are maintenance workers who need to have their phone on them and on they can’t put it into airplane mode. And so for instance, I make a phone pouch, the Siv phone pouch, it’s a pouch you put your phone in, and the back of the pouch is shielded, and the front of the pouch is not. And so what that does is it deflects most of the radiation away from your body while still allowing your phone to work.

Tee Forton-Barnes 20:25
Are there any negative, you know, traits to that? Does it cut down on the reception? No, the reception? Yeah,

R Blank 20:32
no, that’s so it was designed specifically because there’s so many cell towers around, the signal from your phone is still going to is still going to reach one. Okay, my products make use of emf shielding materials. These are based on science that goes back almost 200 years to where Michael Faraday created, you may have heard of the Faraday cage, which is a cage that you can put over electronics, for instance, to shield all of the communication because it blocks EMF. And so my products use materials based on the same principles that when you weave conductive metallic fibers together, it can form a shield to block and deflect EMF radiation away. So that’s how my products work. If you were to fully wrap your phone in a shielding material, then a you would interfere with the signal and be the way your phone would respond is actually by boosting the power. Because when your phone is has interference, it boosts its power of its output to overcome that interference. So you never want to fully shield your devices. But my products are designed in ways like I said, with the phone pouch, to provide shielding between the device in your body without interfering with your device’s functionality.

Tee Forton-Barnes 21:49
Now I have these things. And I don’t know if it’s an I’ve had the sound there for a while it’s like a little. I don’t know, if you carry stuff like that, or if that even is something that works.

R Blank 21:59
So I know what it is, don’t you? I don’t know which brand you have on there. I know three years just looking through your store. Yeah, it’s a little. I don’t know what it is either. But it’s okay. I prefer not to comment on specific brands.

Tee Forton-Barnes 22:17
Fine, but what I’m talking about is a little circle people I know, I know your thoughts, all the stickers and tendons? Yeah. Is that something that you never seen? And

R Blank 22:28
no, it’s not something I sell all my products are based off of like I was saying the shielding technology. Okay, for shielding to work, you can’t be a little dot, right? Yeah. Now there are the type of product you just showed me is a very popular type of product, right? All I can say is I have never seen science, not only that shows that it works. But that even actually explains what it’s claiming to do. I don’t believe that there’s just something you can stick on a phone, and it makes the EMF safe or healthy, or I but I’d be open to it if someone could explain it to me and show me science to support it. But it doesn’t even make sense to me that you can just make this make these forces healthy. It just doesn’t.

Tee Forton-Barnes 23:16
Okay, I wondered myself to type my sister. Yeah. Like, I have no idea. But I’m gonna do what you tell me to do it. To look into that a little bit further. And again, I’m I’m I know a lot about environmental toxins. I’ve been wanting to learn so much more about EMF, because I know well how they can harm your health. And cancer is one of my areas that I help people get rid of carcinogens in their homes. And I know, EMF can potentially cause cancer, or has that been actually proven?

R Blank 23:49
Well, I don’t want to be too in the weeds here. But it depends what you mean by proven because you know, science isn’t a court of law. Although to that point. In Italy, it is actually legal precedent that cell phones cause brain tumors that is established law and it was upheld on appeal and proven. Yeah. But when you say was it proven, there are multiple studies that showed that this type of radiation causes multiple different types of cancer. So you have certain types of brain tumors, but you have thyroid tumors and thyroid cancer, you have colorectal cancer, you have breast cancer, there’s multiple studies showing that that these types of cancers result from from from EMF radiation. Also, I wanted to point out, as you were talking about sensitivities, because I deal a lot with people who have a sensitivities to EMF radiation. And what you see is often the case is people who have other toxic conditions, whether that is Lyme disease, or MCs, multiple chemical sensitivity or Or mold toxicity, they are among the most sensitive to EMF. And so you see that these, these toxic states of health tend to lead to increased sensitivity or vulnerability to other toxins, at least that’s what we’re seeing with people that we interact with.

Tee Forton-Barnes 25:18
Well, it makes sense, it definitely makes sense. I have a sister with an autoimmune disorder, and she has to be so careful. But anything that comes at her and she is very, she’s one that knows a lot about EMF and she’s got some devices, I’m sure probably some of yours. And I’ll look into this further. But otherwise, the em ups can really offset her immune system, yeah, can make her she’s got a mitochondrial disorder, and it can really put her in the hospital by just, you know, if it’s a combination of, you know, even laundry detergent coming out of somebody’s event can affect her. And then EMF can affect her sleep and everything else. So that’s interesting. And just for people to understand how powerful these magnetic fields are.

R Blank 26:06
And there’s a there’s a 2009 paper from from scientists, very well respected scientist named Ollie Johansen out of Europe, and he surveyed multiple other studies on this particular question of immune system response. And he found that the consensus among the papers he analyzed is that EMF exposure has the same effect as taking immunosuppressive drugs, so that when you’re exposed to EMF, it’s your your supply. I mean, I know you understand this. But for your listeners, it has the same effect as taking these drugs that are designed to suppress your immune systems ability to function. And this is, again, by serving multiple multiple studies.

Tee Forton-Barnes 26:49
Interesting, a lot of good information here. So itself, I want to ask you about cell phone safety regulations to their design, not to protect the consumer, is that correct? Yes. And yes, why is that? Oh, wow, is

R Blank 27:04
that there’s a lot of reasons and I don’t want to bore you or your audience. So I’ll try to cover just some of the top ones. So this type of radiation that cell phones give off, it’s also known as microwave radiation. And your listeners might recognize that term, because some of them may have an oven in their kitchen, called the microwave oven. And that oven works by using microwave radiation with such high power that it can actually cook food, right. So we know that when this type of radiation is strong enough, it can actually heat and cook food and including human tissue. Now, what regulations are designed for, is to make sure that your phone or your Wi Fi or whatever device you’re talking about, doesn’t emit so much radiation that it cooks you. That’s it, it’s called the thermal effect. And if they’re interested, they can look it up. That is specifically what the regulations are designed to prevent. So if there’s any health effects from any level less than that, the regulations aren’t even designed to protect you. The current set of regulations were formed in 1996. So that’s 25 years ago, based on science. That is, I mean, we now have a quarter century of more scientific information at our disposal, but the regulations haven’t changed. But that’s not the worst part of it. Right? So the federal government sets a limit to how much radiation a device can emit. So a lot of people think that means the federal government tests these products to see if they do if they exceed their allowed levels. The fact is, though, that the government doesn’t, what happens is the companies themselves, test this stuff, and then report it to the government. And what you find is not only does that create room and incentive to cheat, you actually find cheating. So there’s an example from the past few years in France, where the French government actually audited these radiation levels. So they tested, I forget the exact number, it’s on the order of 300 phones, different types of phones that are available on the market. And they found that 90% of these phones emitted more radiation than their stated level. So 90% of the phones have lied about what they’re and several of the models are emitted more than legally permissible, and were actually pulled from the market. So you see that the regulations, the levels that they protect against, they’re not even sufficient, but even that they create room for companies to lie and deceive consumers about what their devices actually emit. And again, there’s there’s a lot more I could go into but there’s one more point that I think is very, very, very important for people to understand. These rate these SAR regulations, which measure how much radiation a phone can emit, they are based on how much radiation is absorbed by a 200. And forget a 220 or 240 pound man who is over six feet tall. That’s how they measure it. Most of humanity weighs less and is smaller than that. But what you really have are a bunch of kids who come nowhere close to that. And so these regulations, even if they were sufficient to protect a six foot tall, 220 pound man, they come nowhere near close to being sufficient to protect children who absorb more of this radiation, and are more vulnerable to damage from this type of radiation. And so those are just a few examples of of how this stuff is not regulated to protect our health. One final example, I will say is that everything I’ve just been saying about his cell phones, they are a big source of a lot of people’s exposures, but we get exposed to EMF from a lot of different sources, the EMF emissions from power lines is essentially not regulated at all. And you have a lot of different sources of emf in our environment, where the emissions are not regulated at all. So it’s not even that they’re pretending to regulate and they’re failing. They’re just not doing it. So the end result is our safety. And our health is not protected by regulations, from exposure to EMF radiation.

Tee Forton-Barnes 31:26
And that goes across the board with environmental toxins and other chemicals out there. It’s just for record the rules laws in the United States are, you are innocent until you’re proven guilty. So these chemical companies, and this is probably similar can put whatever they want in their product until they have a problem with it, or somebody Sue’s them. And then the government looks at it, unlike the European Union, you have to prove it safe before you can put on the market, which is backwards to me. But that’s how things are done in the United States. And that is why you need to protect yourself and be your own advocate and avoid, as best you can all of these chemicals, and EMF and five G’s that are coming at you by using products that are on the market that are better for you and protect you from some of these harmful magnetic fields. So on that note, we have a wonderful company here that R has called shield your body as why B and you can find out a lot more information from the his website that is shield your body calm. You can follow him on YouTube, on Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn, we will post all that but I’m sure you can find it easily on his website now are we have so much great information here? Is there anything that we missed that we want to share with everybody? Thank you,

R Blank 33:04
by the way, again, for having me and allowing me to share this information with your audience. I want to reiterate that, even though we are exposed to this stuff for more and more and more devices and sources every day and every year that it is what we do with the sources most in our control the cell phone in our pocket, the Wi Fi router in our house, it is what we do with the things that are most in our control that can have the biggest impact on our safety and on our health and on the health of our loved ones. So that’s why I want to reiterate the two key rules again, minimize your use of emf emitting technology and maximize the distance between your body and the technology. when in use. I have a free guide available at the website, you just set at shield your body calm, it’s right there. If you go, it’s right there, it’s at the top just click Get the guide. It has the five most effective ways to implement those two key rules in your life and more information about why they actually work the science underlying this for those who are interested in this stuff. I would also say as a quick final note, as we kind of got to hinted that a little bit earlier, there is a lot just like cell phones are not regulated. EMF protection is not regulated either. And so you don’t have to buy for me. But when you are evaluating EMF protection products, look at what they can use to substantiate their claims. If you look on my site, we have independent lab testing of all of my shielding products. We have video showing tests with meters, you can see for yourself how it works and you can learn how to test it for yourself. Again, you don’t have to buy from me. But when whatever EMF protection you are considering buying, look at what the actual claims are and what they can use to substantiate the claims.

Tee Forton-Barnes 34:52
Right information and having them tested third party testing Is it right? Is that what you do? Yeah. Yes, it’s great that you do that. Because I mean, there’s a lot of things on the market out there that don’t do that. And you always want to look for that to, to make it healthier and safer for you. So are thank you so much for all of your information, everything that you are doing, your products that you’re providing are going to help people and I’m sure they have helped for many years, try to avoid all of these emfs that are coming out as I know, I’m going to be ordering some things because I get worried. I mean, I sit here with all of this power around me all day. And I’m starting to slowly do some of the things you said to and I’m looking into getting actually a timer for the Wi Fi. So it’s a great idea off at night. I thought why not? Right? Somebody said turn off your Wi Fi. So turn it off from you know 11 to five in the morning when you get up and everything you know, why haven’t running through your house, the whole time that I’ve got the boosters to which you know, is boosting it throughout the house too. We don’t need it. So thank you for all of your advice here today. And this has been wonderful.

R Blank 36:12
Thank you so much. Again, I really appreciate it. I really enjoyed it. Thank you.

Tee Forton-Barnes 36:17
Yep, the more information we get out there, the better on how we can help people protect their bodies from electromagnetic fields and toxins, the better because potentially you are avoiding many illnesses along the way. So that’s what we’re here for to help protect everybody right

R Blank 36:34
are indeed shield your body. Everyone healed your

Tee Forton-Barnes 36:37
body from our empty. Have a great day. Cheers. Thank you for tuning in and spending your time with us and for being a big part of the green living gurus movement. Remember to like, comment and share this episode with your friends and check out all that we have to offer at the green living gurus.com. And lastly, remember to read your labels and know your ingredients. nama. Stay

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Cut Your Exposure to Harmful EMF – Right Now

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R Blank

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Want to Slash Your Exposure to Harmful EMF?

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Cut Your Exposure to Harmful EMF – Right Now

Grab your copy of my free guide with 5 ways to start.