Reducing EMF in Your Home

Reducing EMF in Your Home

Home is where we spend most of our time. So if you are worried about your EMF radiation exposure–  and you’ve already taken the most important steps, such as not carrying your phone in your pocket, or holding it up to your head– it makes sense that you should focus your EMF reduction efforts on your home.

There are a lot of sources of electromagnetic radiation in your home. Here’s a handy guide to some of the most significant and common ones, and what you can do about them.


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Slash bedroom EMF

Want to Slash Your Bedroom EMF?

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EMF in the Bedroom

Slashing Bedroom EMF

Sleep is an incredibly important part of our day. It’s when we rest, our bodies recuperate from the prior day, and regenerate for the next day. 

Getting good sleep is essential for our health. And EMF exposure harms and disrupts our sleep. Which is why cutting EMF exposure in the bedroom is so important.

Watch the archive of our webinar on Slashing Bedroom EMF with our SYB EMF Specialist and Certified Building Biologist Cathy Cooke.

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Creating a Sleep Sanctuary

Cutting EMF is a very important part of creating a healthier bedroom and more restful sleep. 

But there is more that you can do. Ways that you can improve your sleep and your health by making changes to your bedroom.

Watch the archive of our webinar on how you can create a sleep sanctuary with our Senior EMF Specialist Cathy Cooke.

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SYB Faraday Bed Canopy

As you can see from these articles and videos, there is a lot you can do to reduce EMF in your bedroom for free, just by changing some of your habits.

But even if you take all of those precautions, you will still be exposed to some EMF. Because the tech that emits this stuff is all around us, and you aren’t able to turn off your neighbor’s WiFi, or turn off your nearby cell tower, or disable nearby base stations at night when you go to bed.

If you really want to block all EMF while you’re asleep, a powerful option you can consider is the SYB Faraday Bed Canopy.


Home Office EMF

With more and more of us working from home– or all– of the time, managing our EMF exposures in our home offices is more important than ever before.

We all know about computers and cell phones – but the number of different sources of EMF in our home offices will likely surprise you.

Watch the archive of our webinar with our Senior EMF Specialist and Certified Building Biologist Cathy Cooke as she helps you understand all the ways you can reduce your radiation exposure while working in your home office.

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It’s not just the adults working from home more. More and more children are homeschooling, too.

So how can you homeschool your child more safely?

Join our CEO, R Blank, as he discusses some of the key reasons that children are more vulnerable to damage from EMF radiation, and how you can modify your home’s learning environment to teach your child more safely.

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Slash bedroom EMF

Want to Slash Your Bedroom EMF?

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Solar Power & EMF

Harvesting energy from the sun can be an ‘earth-friendly’ alternative fuel, but is there more to the story? 

So let’s take a look at what solar panels really are, and explore the not-so-often discussed downsides of using them on your home.

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I get a lot of questions about dirty electricity. Especially once people learn more about the EMF risks from solar power systems.

And that makes sense. Because a lot of people haven’t even heard of dirty electricity– and many who have heard of it, don’t understand what it is.

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Other Power Sources of EMF

Solar is just one source of EMF pollution that comes from power. There are more– and you can take steps to protect yourself from them.

"Smart" Home EMF

The growing amount of so-called “smart” technology is radically altering the EMF profiles of our homes. Learn more about what that means for your health.

Whole Home EMF Protection

With all of these sources of EMF in our homes, you may wonder: “how can I shield my entire home?” That’s why we wrote this guide.

SYB's EMF Consulting

The information we have posted for you on this page is applicable to everyone. You can use it to start making a really big change in your life right now.

We recognize that some of you may have more questions. And that’s why we’ve created SYB EMF Consulting– so you can quickly and conveniently get answers to all your questions about EMF, on your own schedule, from the comfort of your own home.

With SYB’s remote EMF consulting:

  • Book time easily and instantly;
  • To get personalized advice, and detailed answers, about EMF;
  • From a certified EMF expert;
  • From the comfort of your own home;
  • Using Zoom;
  • On your own schedule;
  • AND, you get a recording of your session.

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Slash bedroom EMF

Want to Slash Your Bedroom EMF?

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