5 Ways to Reduce EMF in Your Bedroom for Improved Sleep and Health

5 Ways to Reduce EMF in Your Bedroom for Improved Sleep and Health

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Sleep is an incredibly important part of our day. It’s when we rest, our bodies recuperate from the prior day, and regenerate for the next day. Getting good sleep is essential for our health. And EMF exposure harms and disrupts our sleep. Which is why cutting EMF exposure in the bedroom is so important.

EMF and Sleep

Exposure to EMF radiation is linked to numerous negative health effects, many of which I discuss in more detail on this site, including suppression of our immune system. EMF radiation causes a whole slew of problems. It has been linked with cancer and stress. It affects your autoimmune system, reproductive system, and even your melatonin production, among other health issues.

Among the negative health effects of electromagnetic fields is sleep disruption. Exposure to EM radiation interferes with our body’s melatonin production and circadian rhythm. The link between EMF exposure and sleep is a very well investigated area of research into EMF health effects going back decades. 

As just one of many examples, a 1999 study demonstrated that magnetic field exposure can disrupt sleep, “decreasing totalsleep time, decreasing sleep efficiency, increasing time in the second stage of sleep, reducing rapid eye movement (REM), and lengthening the delay to rapid eye movement (R.E.M.) sleep.”

Unfortunately, EMF is an inescapable fact of modern life. Electromagnetic radiation comes from power lines, electrical wiring in our walls, appliances and any device that communicates wirelessly, including cell phones and WiFi. (The power lines and electrical wiring are not only a source of EMF, but also of dirty electricity, which brings additional health risks.)

If you want to know how much EMF is in your room, I suggest purchasing an EMF meter and learning how to use it to test the radiation levels in your environment.

But the point is, you can’t eliminate it entirely from your environment.

Cutting EMF in the Bedroom

Fortunately there are steps you can take to reduce your exposure while you sleep. Like I always say, the best EMF protection is free. So let’s dive in and look at the things you can do to create a safer, healthier and better night’s sleep.

1) Keep Electronics Out of the Bedroom

All electronics emit electromagnetic radiation that is harmful to your body. It’s one thing to expose yourself to EMF radiation from wireless devices when you’re getting some benefit from those gadgets (like when you’re talking on your cell phone, or watching Netflix). But when you’re asleep, you’re not enjoying your wireless tech. 

So if you have these wireless devices in your bedroom at night, you are exposing your body to radiation that is not necessary, and brings you absolutely no benefit.

And, for these same reasons, I also strongly advise you to not sleep with your cell phone (or to turn it into airplane mode if you do).

Let your bedroom be a technology free zone. Which is why our SYB Healthy Living Tip #23 is ‘Keep Electronics Out of the Bedroom.’

Keep Electronics Out Of Your Bedroom

By keeping electronics out of the bedroom, you’ll make a significant reduction in your overall radiation exposure, which itself reduces your radiation health risks, improve your immune system health, and you’ll also be taking a big step to improving the quality of your sleep.

Instead of bringing your electronics into the bedroom try:

  • Reading a book before you sleep;
  • Take a moment for meditation, reflection or prayer each night;
  • Create a night-time ritual without electronics;
  • Spend time talking to your partner or family about how their day was;
  • Do relaxing yoga or breathing exercises.

2) Turn Off Your WiFi at Night

Most people keep their routers on 24 hours a day, leading to a significant level of cumulative non-stop exposure. 

WiFi is an incredibly convenient way to access the internet. But that’s no reason to keep your WiFi routers on when they’re not in use – most notably, when you and your family are asleep. 

So just like you want to keep electronics out of the bedroom (because you’re not enjoying or getting any benefit from them when you’re asleep), you should also turn off your WiFi router at night to make a big reduction in your nighttime EMF exposure and improve your sleep.

3) Don’t Use Electric Blankets

An electric blanket to heat you at night sound like a nice, warm idea, right? Well, that is until you know they emit very high levels of radiation and your body is getting all that exposure, right against your body, while you sleep, all night long.

Which brings us to SYB Healthy Living Tip #73: Don’t Use an Electric Blanket.

If you use a heating blanket or electric blanket at night, you should stop. This type of electric blanket literally blankets you in high powered low frequency radiation, which penetrates your body. If you leave your heating blanket on at night, this is considered chronic exposure.

There have also been studies showing these types of heating blankets are linked to childhood diseases like leukemia and can lead to an increased risk of miscarriage in pregnant woman, and infertility in men.

So the best way to protect yourself is to just ditch the heating blanket.

Instead of using a heating blanket why not:

  • Use a heavier comforter or a duvet with feather down
  • Use flannel sheets or sweatshirt sheets 
  • Turn up your heat at night
  • Wear socks or a night hat to bed
  • Utilize a hot water bottle under your blanket or sheets

Keep your family and yourself safe by getting rid of electric blankets altogether.

Or, if you really love your electric blanket too much to say goodbye to it, try using it to heat up your bed before you get in, then switching if off. That way you can get into a warm bed but at least don’t get the constant exposure while you sleep.

4) Don’t Sleep on a Metal Coil Mattress

EMF exposure can come from many sources throughout your home such as your cellphone and tablet. But did you know that your box spring or mattress can expose you to additional radiation? It’s like laying on a radiation antenna.

Which brings us to SYB Healthy Living Tip #32: Don’t Sleep on a Metal Coil Mattress.

Healthy Living Tip #32: Don’t Sleep On A Metal Coil Mattress

Most metal coil mattresses and box springs have coils of metal inside of them. This metal can act like an antenna and amplify EMF radiation from your wifi and bluetooth devices in your home, especially from sources in your bedroom.

The electromagnetic waves actually get trapped in the metal coils and then can amplify and conduct them up towards your body. In fact, any metal that is similar in length and size can amplify these wavelengths of EMF radiation exposing you to greater amounts of unhealthy EMF.

Can you imagine sleeping on a bed night after night where you EMF radiation is just being transmitted throughout your body? This is exactly what happens when you lay on a bed made with metal coils in a world that is filled with EMF radiation.

Choose a mattress and box spring that does not have metal coils.

There are plenty of mattresses such as memory foam mattresses that do not incorporate metal coils. And if you choose to buy a platform style bed you won’t need a box spring at all!  Platform beds support the bed and only require a mattress.

5) Consider the SYB Bed Canopy

I strongly recommend doing everything I suggested above. That will make a huge difference in your nighttime EMF exposure and sleep quality.

But even if you take all of those precautions, you will still be exposed to some EMF. Because the tech that emits this stuff is all around us, and you aren’t able to turn off your neighbor’s WiFi, or turn off your nearby cell tower, or disable nearby base stations at night when you go to bed.

If you really want to block all EMF while you’re asleep, a powerful option you can consider is the SYB Bed Canopy.

SYB EMF & 5G Bed Canopy
The SYB Bed Canopy is powerful, 5G-tested EMF protection– all night long.

This is the first product from SYB that protects your entire body from all sources of EMF. And it protects your entire body all night long.

It’s made from 100% silver thread, for incredibly powerful shielding. In fact, it is the only EMF protection bed canopy available that has been tested against 5G frequencies up to 26 GHz. 

And it includes shielding floor mats, so you can create a fully enclosed protective space for your sleep. You’re protected in every single direction.

It has slits for easy entry and exit on both sides of the bed. And it’s even machine washable.

The SYB Bed Canopy is an incredible EMF protection solution. You’ll feel the improvement in your sleep on the first night.

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