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Life Coach Zach is hosted by Certified Life Coach and Nutritionist Zach Rance. With a social following of 400,000+ I want to bring to my audience extremely powerful leaders of their Industries on each episode who specialize in mental health, high-performance habits, mindfulness practices, productivity hacks, meditation, and much more.

On this episode, Zach interviews SYB CEO R Blank. Shield Your Body is a company that makes products to shield your body against EMF radiation to make your life healthier. EMF radiation is emitted from all the everyday technology we use like cell phones, laptops and wifi routers. It’s not something we even think about really, but after hearing what R has to say on the research and studies done on EMF, it may be something we all should be paying more attention to, to protect ourselves.

R’s best selling book ‘Overpowered’, that he co-wrote with his father, Dr. Martin Blank, one of the world’s leading EMF researchers in the field is available on Amazon.



Life Coach Zach 0:00
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R Blank 2:06
Thank you so much. Thanks for having me. It’s a it’s a pleasure to talk to you and to educate your audience on this stuff.

Life Coach Zach 2:12
Absolutely. So I’m very into biohacking physiology living a healthy life. And one thing that I don’t really do is shield my body from EMF radiation. So can you talk a little bit about that educate the audience a little more on what that is, where it comes from, and how it can negatively affect us?

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R Blank 2:32
Sure. So great question. Great way to start EMF stands for electromagnetic fields. It’s a form of energy made from a combination of electricity and magnetism. And in our daily lives, we’re exposed to these forces, from anything that communicates wirelessly. So that includes cell phones, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, as well as anything that runs on power. So that includes our refrigerators or blenders and the power lines that that make them work. Now there’s this whole spectrum of EMF, right, it exists on what is called the EM spectrum, right in the middle of the spectrum is visible light. And so sunlight is a form of EMF and until about 150 years ago, it was the only form of EMF that all life on Earth was really exposed to. There’s a couple other small ones like the Earth’s magnetic field, but really it was sunlight. Now there’s certain forms of EMF with more energy than sunlight. Those are called ionizing and they include things like X rays, and gamma rays. And everyone knows these are really, really, really harmful, even in super small doses. Which is why when you go to the dentist, right, they put a lead coat on you. And then the technician leaves the room before they give you an x ray. Now there’s other forms of EMF, and those are the ones I was just talking about, like the ones that come off cell phones and power lines, those have less energy than sunlight. And it was long thought, because that they’re non ionizing that they were safe that they were benign. But about 100 years ago, science started showing that this wasn’t the case. And then in more recent decades, the science has gotten stronger and stronger. Showing that even very, very, very small doses of this stuff can have real measurable biological impact, physiological impact, and is associated with a wide range of negative health outcomes and diseases ranging from sleep disruption up through infertility, and then birth defects and cancer, right, and those are just a few. So that’s the kind of elevator pitch of what EMF is.

Life Coach Zach 4:36
Got it. Okay. All right. So, my cell phone I’m gonna use a very common use a very common example. I always have my cell phone in my pocket. You know, sometimes I wear like a fanny pack type thing, which I see you guys have, which I’m very interested in that goes across crossbody, and I keep my cell phone in there. Now. I have so many questions, but I guess my first question is is it How bad is it? If my cell phones in my pocket.

R Blank 5:01
So that’s actually an, you know, I’m going to try to couch everything in, in terms that that because my goal isn’t, isn’t to terrify anybody, because I know, when people start learning about this, it’s easy to become sort of overwhelmed with concern. And that’s not my goal. Cell phones and pockets in my estimation. And it’s also bras, right, because a lot of women carry their cell phones in their bras, is likely one of the biggest if not the biggest source of a person’s exposure. Even given all the wide range of sources of EMF in our lives, it is the phones and pockets and bras right up against the body. And the reason is right cell phones have a lot of power, they need to be able to communicate over miles, if right. And when they’re right in your pocket, or in your bra or anywhere right up against your body, you’re getting a full dose of what that phone has to give for extended periods of time. And so and for years on end, right, because people just do this. And so it tends, not carrying your phone in your pocket or your bra is one of the top things, it’s actually in general, the first thing I tell people to do, or to put it into airplane mode, if you are carrying it right up against your body, because it is such a significant source of exposure. And I’ll just throw in one more thing here. Right? If you read the manual for a lot of these devices, they’ll tell you not to do that. Right, they’ll say there should be a minimum distance between the device and your button. This includes i This includes iPhones why you should be a minimum distance, but it’s you know, in the small print in the in the manual. So of

Life Coach Zach 6:39
course, now when when this cell phone is right up against my genital area, or when a female is holding her phone up against her breasts. What is scientifically occurring? Is it that the radiation and the the waves are going through penetrating the skin into the body and breaking down the cells, or is it is it forcing, like negative energy into the body? Can you tell? Well,

R Blank 7:09
it’s yeah, it’s sort of both right. So there’s a huge amount of science. I know we have a little bit of time here. So but the answer is yes, it is definitely impacting the cells. There’s a set of studies done in the 90s by a couple of researchers named Dr. Henry Lai and Dr. Narendra Singh. And they showed at the time they were using cordless phones, but it’s very similar. And they showed that exposure to cordless phone radiation destroyed DNA, right, it caused these what are called strand breaks. And that’s when the the DNA strands break apart. And that’s a mechanism by which mutations occur or cells can die depending on how bad the damage is. And that is that is heavily peer reviewed research replicated many times. There’s other research about voltage gated calcium channels. And so and that’s some of the best stuff on this topic is done by Dr. Martin Paul. And what he shows is that exposure to cellphone radiation impacts these voltage gated calcium channels, which are on the cells, which leads to disruption and how much calcium is allowed in and out of the cell. This is a key mechanism by which oxidative stress occurs. And oxidative stress then leads to accumulation of free radicals, inflammation and all sorts of other damage. Right. So you have key mechanisms in the cells that are impacted just by regular doses of cell phone radiation, and some of the diseases that you’ll see manifesting, right you see there, obviously infertility, particularly in men, infertility, sub fertility, and erectile dysfunction. I will say, for for people who are interested in that, fortunately, just stopping carrying your phone in your pocket will restore the health of of the sperm because the sperm is regenerated every day. Right. And so there’s studies that show this that there are men who carry their phones in their pockets have much lower sperm counts, but when they stop carrying their phones in their pockets, it can be restored. But it’s not just the infertility. Right, you’re seeing increasing links to more concerning outcomes, like colorectal cancer. So there’s all as well as prostate cancer. So there’s a whole wide range of negative health impacts that can result from from that particular type of exposure.

Life Coach Zach 9:31
Yeah, so um, a lot of people that are listening right now, you know, they may not be biohackers, they might, they may still be eating sugar and processed foods. And the last thing that they’re concerned about, the last thing that they’re concerned about is the radiation coming off of their cell phone. Right. So what are some very simple ways, some simple ways that someone can reduce the radiation coming from their phone and do air pods? adds help minimize EMF or does that increase the EMF radiation? Yeah,

R Blank 10:05
air pods are definitely increasing your exposure, right? So air pods use Bluetooth. and Bluetooth is basically the same as Wi Fi radiation except a little less powered. So why phones would be okay, wired headphones, or the wired headphones or speaker mode are the way to go. Yeah. Okay. Next piece of advice is, like I just said, stopping carrying your phone in your pocket or your bra. Or if you do put it into airplane mode, when you put your phone into airplane mode, it essentially stops all the radiation coming off of the device. And there’s a whole lot of stuff you can still do with your phone in airplane mode. Next thing is to turn off your Wi Fi device at your router and devices at night when you’re asleep. You’re not getting any value or use out of them. But but you’re getting that whole exposure for you know, 678 hours, however long you’re sleeping, there’s one human optimization guy I talked to who runs a retreat in Indonesia, and he stopped, he started turning off his Wi Fi at night. And with his aura ring, he could measure instantly, he was getting 15 minutes more of deep sleep every night, just from turning off his Wi Fi. So and then another one would be never to hold your phone up against your head. I mean, we covered that a little with the headset always use headset or speakerphone mode, when you’re holding it right up against your head. And again, this is one of those things where if you actually read the manual, you’re not even supposed to do it. But you’re getting a really big dose in a really vulnerable part of your body. Because it’s the brain, it’s the eyes. And there’s a whole bunch of really important nerves up there as well. So So and the final one, I would say, because just giving a short list here is not sleeping with your phone or again, turning it into airplane mode. If you do for very similar reasons, right? You don’t need the when you’re getting no value out of the technology, right? If you’re asleep and your phones on next to you, you’re not actually using it. If you’re getting no value out of the technology, kill the exposure, because that those are the easiest ones to get rid of without changing your enjoyment or experience with technology.

Life Coach Zach 12:10
Yeah, okay, cool. And then I was gonna ask, you know, are there any phone cases or anything but I noticed the shield, your body phone shield, the shield, your body phone pouch, this shield, your body sling bag are all great options if you want to reduce that EMF. So can you talk a little bit about the technology that you have, that’s what whether it’s patented, or it’s specialized to your products, that reduces the EMF radiation.

R Blank 12:38
Sure. So if people are your listeners go out and just search for EMF protection. There’s a whole lot of different options out there, some of which are based in science, and some of which aren’t. My Products all use shielding technology and shielding technology. It’s universally accepted science. It goes back about 200 years, when a British scientist named Michael Faraday first invented the Faraday cage, which is a term many of your listeners might know. And what he showed is that when you weave conductive metals into certain patterns, you can block and deflect EMF radiation in the other direction. And in the intervening 200 years, it’s gotten a lot easier to actually weave those into into pieces of fabric. Right. So a lot of our products, our apparel products that we use silver, our non apparel products will use different materials like nickel and cobalt. And so with the foam pouch, for example, which is our most popular product that is designed with radiation shielding at the back of the pouch, and no shielding at the front of the pouch. And so you hold it on your belt or in your pocket. And it deflects the radiation away from your body while still allowing your phone to work and function as you want. And so that for people who get you know, I told you my top piece of advice is to not carry your phone in your pocket. But I know just by dealing with people every day, there are people who can’t do that or aren’t willing to do that. And that’s where a product like the phone pouch comes in, because it makes it safer to carry your phone in your pocket. And so all of my products are based on shielding technology. We have independent lab data posted on the website. We have testing videos posted on the website and I have a guide for free that shows people how they can test my products for themselves in order to see that they’re actually working with real quantifiable measurements.

Life Coach Zach 14:25
Yeah, this looks great. I’m looking at the phone shield and the phone pouch. I see that the phone pouch the phone is easily accessible right now the phone shield. How does that work? Not scientifically, but where does the phone go in or is that kind of wrapped

R Blank 14:41
around? No, no, that’s great question. So the shield it’s more like a nice card. And it’s it’s designed to go in between the phone and your body with all EMF shielding. You want the prot the shielding product itself to be in between the source and your body and that’s how it works. Let’s radiation and the other way away from away from your body. And so the 5g phone shield is designed to be in your pocket between your phone and your body.

Life Coach Zach 15:08
Amazing. Now, obviously we want to reduce EMF as much as possible. But this is this is the type of thing guys that you know it slowly creeps up on you What’s that story about the frog, the frog is sitting in, in some warm water and, and every minute every second, the water temperature goes up a degree until he realized he doesn’t even realize he gets cooked. Right. And this is a I think that’s a pretty good analogy on like what this EMF radiation is doing to our bodies, we don’t see it day one, year one, year four, year seven year 12. But if we have our phone in our pocket every single day for 30 years, you know, we are definitely going to feel the effects here. So our what’s some advice you got for you know, the audience I know you gave great simple advice, no phone in the pocket, turn off the Wi Fi at night, don’t have your cell phone in your room, no air pods. I’m going to start using wired headphones. I’m so happy that we had this conversation today. But is there anything else that you think the mass mass of people do not know that we didn’t hit on?

R Blank 16:12
Well, so I’ll throw in one other factor that can help people kind of because once you start realizing that the sources, that EMF is actually by a toxic, it’s a toxin. And then you start thinking, well, there’s a lot of it around me. And then you start realizing there’s more and more of it every year with all new products, all new networks, I mean, think back to your your your home when you were growing up and compare it to right now. Right? So but there’s a lot that you can do to control your exposure and to reduce your exposure. So the point is not to freak out. The point is to realize what’s happening and to take that control. And so obviously, the first thing that you can do is getting rid of the sources of EMF that you’re not actually using, right, you see all sorts of crazy products out there like kitty litter, smart kitty litter boxes, and smart tampons, and you just don’t even a smart fridge who needs a smart fridge. So don’t get these additional sources if you’re not actually needing them. But then the second key thing that I want people to understand is that distance really matters, right? Because the power of EMF radiation diminishes exponentially with distance. So when you’re using this technology, keep it as far away from you as is practical, right? So like my laptop that I’m talking to you on right now, that is feet away from me, I have a wired keyboard, that helps me keep it further away from me, the distance really makes a difference. And that’s another great way to reduce your exposure. Okay,

Life Coach Zach 17:41
I love that. And just to be crystal crystal clear, just so I am preaching the right information. It’s the Bluetooth and the Wi Fi is what were like when you say smart fridge and smart tampon. It’s that these devices have Bluetooth technology. Right?

R Blank 17:58
Yeah, I mean, there’s Yes, but I mean, it depends on the technology. So there’s Bluetooth, there’s Wi Fi. Some other devices use a protocol called NFC. That’s how like Apple Pay works. And some of them actually have cell phone connections. So it all so they’re actually communicating with with the cell phone networks. And so it depends on this specific piece of technology and how it’s designed to run. But they’re all using similar frequencies. So the difference between all of those isn’t as big as you might as one might just suspect.

Life Coach Zach 18:29
Okay, amazing. R blank. Thank you so much for your time today. This was an amazing episode. I I wanted to thank you sincerely for everything. everyone that’s listening. Go ahead to Twitter, where you can follow shield your body at shield your body. You can follow them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram. You can follow them on YouTube slash shields your body for all socials. And then if you got any questions, feel free to reach out to R blank. And is there anything

R Blank 19:04
else I’m missing my man? No, just the website at shield your That’s

Life Coach Zach 19:08
it shields your Our thank you so much and I look forward to talking to you soon.

R Blank 19:14
Thank you Zack. This has been great. My pleasure. I really appreciate it. Awesome. Talk soon.

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