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Melissa Vogel & the Bomb Mom Podcast

Melissa Vogel works with moms who want to be fit and toned, WHILE balancing family life and their career! Have you tried other fitness programs, 6 week challenges, or fad diets? You may have lost weight or got results… but did it LAST? As a working mom, she knows first hand how hard it can be, which is why I’ve created this podcast to help you be a Bomb Mom!




R Blank 0:00
But there’s a study out of Kaiser Permanente, the more EMF a fetus is exposed to when inside the mother, the greater the chance that that child’s develops asthma by the age of 13.

Melissa Vogel 0:12
Oh my god.

R Blank 0:14
So you see, even these delayed health effects resulting so when I said you’re seeing these negative health outcomes across essentially every biological system that’s been measured, that’s the picture that I’m trying to draw for your listeners. It really impacts every aspect of our.

Melissa Vogel 0:45
Hey, what’s up everyone, if you’re looking to be inspired, motivated, educated and entertained, you have come to the right place. Welcome to the Batman Podcast, the podcast where we explore your fitness, life mindsets and actions that help you become unstoppable. You’re worth it. And it’s time to finally make changes in your life that will last you the rest of your life.

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Melissa Vogel 1:12
Hey, everyone, welcome to the Bama Podcast. I’m Melissa Vogel, your host. And I have a new little guest co host with me today. Hello, Joe Vina my daughter, she is here to help me introduce our guest today and talk all about E. F radiation. You guys are gonna learn so much today. But first, I have to welcome our listeners. So if you are returning, I’m so glad you’re back. Because you are going to want to hear every single second of this episode because it literally blew my mind. I mean, we record on Zoom. So me and the guests can see each other and the whole time I’m always open. And I’m like, no. Oh my God. Are you serious? Okay, that makes sense. Like you my facial expressions were just hilarious because I was learning so much. And then if you are new to the podcast, and you’ve never heard us before, you’re in for a treat, because you’re going to get blown away with the first episode that you’re listening to. But I always invite you guys to go back, make sure you listen to every single episode, because there are really great discount codes in there. I want you guys to get the full picture of your health and wellness and staying safe from EMF radiation and your cell phones and Bluetooth technology. It’s part of that puzzle, right? jobina? Yes. So can you tell me what EMF is?

Unknown Speaker 2:39
It’s electronic magnetic. Oh, yeah. electronic magnetic field. You’re right.

Melissa Vogel 2:46
And what is it basically? Can you tell me

Unknown Speaker 2:48
I think it’s the like the radiation and like, the the waves like the electronic waves coming off all the devices like cell phones and computers and stuff.

Melissa Vogel 2:58
You’re exactly right. Oh, wow. You’re exactly right. And you’re so close with the EMF it does. It stands for electromagnetic field radiation. But we have on today R blank. And he is phenomenal. He is just an expert on this topic. And I was telling him that I’ve been looking into this for a long time. Now I have constantly seen studies and I’ve heard how bad basically our cell phones are for us. And kids carry them in their back pocket. And they carry them in their, you know, book bags right next to their body. And they’re constantly plugged into air pods and everything. I’ve known that this is a problem. I know there are products out there to help us and block radiation. I totally believe in that technology. But you guys are so much out there in so much information. I didn’t know what was true. I don’t know what products are junk and just you know, like crap to buy. And I’ve started things with the kids. It’s always been this way in our house. But I’ve started things with the kids that, you know, hopefully helps decrease their exposure. And we talk all about kids in different studies in this podcast, but Jovita what are some things that we do in the house that you can think of off the top of your head that we’re already trying to like decrease your exposure to this, this radiation

Unknown Speaker 4:17
wall some of the rules that you have is you can’t have it in your room. You can’t have it in your backpack, except like if you’re doing your homework or something. Well, like I mean, in your room if you can’t have it in your room, right?

Melissa Vogel 4:31
And she’s talking about the cell phone. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 4:34
You can’t have your cell phone in your room. You can’t have it in the bathroom. You shouldn’t have it in your backpack like you said, Yeah, and you can’t have it on the couch. And you have to use it at the counter.

Melissa Vogel 4:45
I know just super annoying, huh? Yeah, we talk about this in the podcast too. I was telling are all about my rules in the house and I’ve got a jumpstart on this you guys because if you allow your kids to have in your room, they’re going to be on Those phones all the time. And then guess what they plug it in, and they sleep with it on your nightstand. And we talk about the effects of having this phone and this radiation on you all the time. And we sleep with it right next to our head. So one of the things I do is I don’t let them have their phones in their room, you know, if they need it for school, and they’re like doing work, and they’re like, okay, but overall, I don’t want them in their room, you know, just messing around on social media and stuff. But also, I want to decrease that exposure. And then you can’t have it on the couch. You just can’t sit there and have phones on the couch and blindly be on your phone not socializing. So I’m cutting back on the radiation there and their use as well. And it’s kind of annoying that to stand up and go to the counter and use your phone. So a lot of ways that we’re trying to cut back on Uh huh. And yeah, I talked about that in the podcast. But R blank is the CEO of shield your body, whose mission is to make technology safer, with hundreds of 1000s of customers in over 30 countries. And having been interviewed on platforms ranging from ABC Television, to electronic sense, AR is an internationally followed expert on issues of EMF health and safety. He was inspired to create SB shield your body when he co authored the best selling book. Overpowered with his father, Dr. Martin Blanc, one of the world’s leading EMF scientists, he has degrees from Columbia University, UCLA, and he now hosts the new healthier tech podcast, you guys have to check that out. We also have a website for you guys, we have a coupon for you. We have a free PDF download for you. So make sure you check out the show notes, check out his products. Make sure you’re following me on social media. It’s itMs Melissa Vogel because I’m going to show you the products that I have and that I use from his company, and we’re going to make a change in my house. New rules are going to go in place because my eyes are even opened even wider to this right now. And I want to keep my family healthy and safe. The best I can. Right jobina Yep. Your mom’s always doing crazy things. So yeah. But you love it. And you love me. Yeah. Thanks for hosting with me today. All right, you guys. Enjoy the show. Hey, everyone, welcome back to the Batman Podcast. Today. We have R blank on Welcome to the show.

R Blank 7:45
R. Thank you so much, Melissa. It’s great to be here.

Melissa Vogel 7:48
I cannot wait to dive into this. I say that probably like every episode, but this time I really, really

R Blank 7:57
excited to share this with you. Yeah.

Melissa Vogel 7:59
Yeah. Well, we were talking before we started recording. And I was telling our you guys that, you know, I’ve tried to find more information on and, and the effects of it. And you know, now we got all these fancy air pods and all this stuff. Like I’ve been looking at this for a long time. But like, there’s so much information out there on this. I don’t know what to believe. I don’t know what products out there are crap. So to have an expert like yourself on today. Huge.

R Blank 8:26
Thank you. I really appreciate the opportunity to help educate you and your audience on this topic.

Melissa Vogel 8:31
Yeah, well, and I mean, you’re an entrepreneur, you’re a writer, you’re a podcast host, you’re just like you do at all. So you’re the guy to talk to

R Blank 8:40
thank you very much. You’re making me feel really good tonight. So I appreciate that. Yes,

Melissa Vogel 8:45
I love it. Now you have the podcast before we dive into anything else, you have the podcast called The healthier tech podcast.

R Blank 8:53

Melissa Vogel 8:54
Tell me a little bit about that.

R Blank 8:55
Sure. So well actually just started it this year, run it, it’s one of the you know, Costiera that’s why be it shield your body. And we do a lot of education, started off with blog posts, but then it got into videos, and live webinars. And we figured podcast would be another great way to help communicate and educate our audience and what whereas a lot of the information that we share through shield your body calm, is focused on EMF radiation. In particular, I wanted to start covering kind of a broader set of topics that really get into a healthier relationship with technology. So it’s not just about the EMF exposure. It’s about how we relate to and use the technology in our lives kind of on a broader scale, which directly impacts our EMF exposure, but also impacts other areas of our health and wellness, both physical and mental. And season one, we not only covered issues about EMF and electricity activity, but we talked about tech addiction we talked about there is nutrition that can be used to help combat the damage from EMF exposure. So and we’re just starting working on season two, where we’re going to be getting into more interviews with experts about digital detox. Oh,

Melissa Vogel 10:13
my God, I love this. That was perfect. Like, you’re right, that was like the next step and next level, because we need to hear more about this, and having that healthier relationship with technology, because it’s not going anywhere. Yeah, it’s just gonna get bigger, and this bigger monster that we have to feed that we have to, like succumb to is like, Oh, my God. And as you’re speaking, you know, and you use the words relationship with technology, the first thing that comes to my head is these little kids that are carrying around cell phones, and you know, iPads, and they’re plugged in, and their little mechs are bad. And they’re just like, they’re, you know, their eyeballs are just glued to it.

R Blank 10:57
Yeah, you know, when I grew up, I had much more of a relationship with technology than my parents. And the kids that are growing up today have just so much more technology in their lives. And technology is great, it adds a lot of value to us as individuals to society to the economy, we also have to be mindful of what it does to our personalities, to our mental state and to our health. And there’s sort of this, I don’t know, bias or prejudice, technology is just kind of good. Like, if there’s a tech product out there, it’s good, it’s adding value. And other than what it costs you to buy it, it doesn’t bring any additional costs to your health or well being, it’s just allows you to do something else. And a big part of what I spend my time talking about is that there are these other costs. And so when you use a new piece of technology, yes, it brings certain value to you and to your work and to your entertainment and so forth. But it also brings costs. And a lot of what I talked about are the cost to your physical health through the exposure to EMF that comes from these devices. But we’re seeing it in the news every day, these days with the Facebook leaks, and you know what Facebook itself knows its products are doing to people.

Melissa Vogel 12:15
It’s crazy. I love that you said that, that there are other costs. You know, one thing that drives me insane is when we go to a restaurant, and you see a toddler, or nine a taller, bigger, and the parents propped up the phone against the cup. And they’re eating and doing whatever the kids like, you know, just blindly eating his food was staring at it. And that’s their entertainment while they’re sitting there. And I’m just like, it drives me bananas. Now I get it, right, you want to have a nice dinner, you’re eating out, you want the kid to be entertained. But like when you said that there are other costs. That’s just what it made me think of immediately because I’m like, now your child doesn’t know how to behave in a restaurant. It’s not learning proper table manners. You’re missing that family connection. And that time over the meal when you should be connecting because not mom and dad or whoever is running around making everything cleaning up. You just get to sit and be Yeah, and now you’ve just plugged your kid into that. Like, I never did that with my kids. I never will. I’m like, ma’am, waitress? Can we have the crayons? And placemats? Yes, still have those. But so much of a cost, right? Yeah, like, oh, okay, let’s get into EMF. Sure. I’m dying to know more tell us break it down for dummies.

R Blank 13:40
So I’ll start from square one. So EMF itself is an acronym. It stands for electromagnetic field. It’s also called electromagnetic radiation. So it’s a force that’s created by the combination of both electricity and magnetism. Now, that’s about as scientific as I’m gonna get on this talk. But that’s where the name comes from. And that’s what it is. So where is it? Well, there’s a form of EMF that we all know. And that is suddenly, sunlight. And actually all visible light is a form of EMF and in fact, for almost the entirety of human history, almost the entirety of all life on Earth. That is basically the only form of EMF that we were exposed to, and that we evolved to cope and thrive with. Now there are certain forms of EMF with more energy than sunlight. These are called ionizing because they have so much energy, they can knock electrons loose from the cells in our body, which is really harmful. And so these forms, your listeners will probably know one or two of them. They include X rays and gamma rays. So whenever you go in and you get an x ray at the dentist, that’s a form of ionizing EMF radiation. And we all know everyone agrees this stuff is very, very harmful, even in very, very Small doses, which is why you should get as few X rays as possible. And when you do get them at the dentist, right, they cover you in a lab coat, and the technician actually leaves the room. That’s because they’re super dangerous. Now there’s certain forms of EMF with less energy than sunlight, also called non ionizing EMF, because they don’t have enough energy to knock electrons loops. And these forms of EMF that we are now exposed to, they come from everything that runs on power. So that includes power lines, it includes electrical appliances, it also comes from everything that communicates wirelessly. That includes cell phones, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, radar, television, these are all sources of this non ionizing form of EMF, sometimes, there’s different types of it. So sometimes you might hear the term radio frequency. Another common one is microwave. These are all types of non ionizing EMF. Now, it was long thought that non ionizing EMF radiation, the kind that we’re all exposed to from all of these devices, it was benign, it was harmless. But starting about 100 years ago, and then increasing over time, a body of science started emerging, showing that that assumption was false, that these exposures lead to a wide range of negative health outcomes. And when you hear people like me talking about EMF, we’re really talking about this non ionizing form, the kind that we’re getting from cell phones we’re getting from Wi Fi, we’re even getting from our refrigerators. And what’s key to realize is that these forms of EMF basically did not exist until about, you know, 200, actually, less than 200 years ago, till the late 19th century, with the invention of the light bulb. So you had the invention of the light bulb, that was really the first source that became common, then you have a power grid to power the light bulbs, that became another source. Once you have the power grid in place, you have people developing all these nifty new appliances, particularly for the kitchen. Yeah, the house, and those all became sources of EMF, then they realized that you could send information wirelessly. And so you got a radio, you got television, you got radar. And then of course, this just kept on going. So then you’ve got cordless phones, and you got cell phones, and then you got Wi Fi. And then you got Bluetooth. and with each passing year, we’re getting more and more and more of the sources of these devices in our lives that become sources of this stuff. So now, just as one conservative estimate, I want to underscore this as a conservative estimate, I don’t go around trying to be a fear monger or anything like that, right. But just walking through a city today, not holding a phone up to your head, just walking through a city today exposes you to over 1 trillion times the amount of EMF that is found in nature. And that is a constant exposure. That is 24/7. And so that is the threat. That is the issue that I’m here to talk to you about today.

Melissa Vogel 18:12
That is mind blowing. But think about I mean, if you’re walking through a city, and all the buildings, all the offices and all the cell phones and all Bluetooth everything that’s going on the fax machines, like everything like yeah, I’m not shocked by that number.

R Blank 18:29
Yeah. And then it gets worse when you do hold a cell phone up to your head, or when you are standing next to a Wi Fi router. Those exposures become quite powerful, again, in relation to what we evolved to what our bodies what all life on Earth evolved to thrive in to cope with. It’s just overpowering the levels that were exposed to today.

Melissa Vogel 18:51
Okay, so I have to ask, what is this doing to us as a species,

R Blank 18:57
so I’m scared our I mean, I get that a lot. And the first thing I will say is not to be scared and not to be panic. A modern life necessarily involves exposure to a lot of toxins. I mean, modern life has brought a tremendous number of advantages. We’re living longer, we are very productive, we get to travel, we get to watch TV, we get to work from all these different places, if we have a serious health issue, you know, we can be rushed to a hospital with high tech treatments and so forth. So modern life is has brought a lot of benefits. And it also has brought a lot of exposure to toxins. And this is one of those toxins and and one of the reasons that I encountered people you know who become panicked is because they just never thought of this as one of those toxins before and you know, when you become aware of it, you start to realize how much of it is around you and it is easy to sort of freak out. And my advice to people is not to do that, because there is a lot that you can do about this now, but to get back to your question, which is what is this doing to us? The answer that science is painting for us. And I’m talking about a very large and continually growing body of science, you know, many 1000s of studies, yeah, showing that these exposures impact essentially every biological system in our bodies. So when people sometimes hear this covered on the news, they’ll hear, you know, just cellphones cause brain tumors. And you know, it’s natural to want to focus on brain tumors, because that’s friggin terrifying. And if they are causing brain tumors, right, you kind of want to know. But while that is a terrifying and serious health outcome, there are many other negative health outcomes that are being linked to EMF radiation so that the high end, the more severe and it’s not just brain tumors, right? You’re seeing links in thyroid cancer, and prostate cancer. Even now, in breast cancer, the carcinogenicity of EMF is not just limited to the brain, it appears forever, that there are these significant exposure.

Melissa Vogel 21:18
And we can see the link between the two between EMF and the thyroid. Breast cancer all

R Blank 21:25
Yes, yes, science has shown those links. Now, I have to tell you, it’s a stupid

Melissa Vogel 21:31
Yeah. But my daughter takes her cell phone, she puts an energy pocket in her butt. And I’m like, Stop doing that. You’re gonna get busted, sir.

R Blank 21:42
Yes, I mean, I mentioned prostate cancer, colorectal cancer is another form of EMF where there’s no showing the link. When later in the episode I mentioned, we’re going to get to some of the things you can do to live healthier. Yes, not carrying your phone in your pocket, or bra is the number one tip that I tell people, but but we can get back to that a bit later.

Melissa Vogel 22:01
Okay. Yes, I didn’t mean to interrupt you, but I just don’t know.

R Blank 22:06
So, as I said, you know, the tumors and the cancers, those are very serious outcomes. It makes sense that people focus on those, but those are not the only sets of outcomes that we see. Right. So you see, there’s strong science demonstrating the link between EMF exposure and anxiety and depression. You see links very strong links between cellphone radiation exposure, and infertility and subfertility, particularly in men who carry their phones in their pockets, or we use their laptops in their labs. Right? You see this manifesting in terms of problems with memory development in adolescence, you can actually see this in miscarriage rates for women, you can see this not only in miscarriage rates, but there’s a study out of Kaiser Permanente, there’s many I could cite specifically, but this one I find interesting. And I think your listeners will too, because it shows the more EMF a fetus is exposed to when inside the mother, the greater the chance that that child’s develops asthma, by the age of 13.

Melissa Vogel 23:14
Oh my god.

R Blank 23:16
So you see, even these delayed health effects resulting so when I said you’re seeing these negative health outcomes across essentially every biological system that’s been measured, that’s the picture that I’m trying to draw for your listeners, it really impacts every aspect of our bodies.

Melissa Vogel 23:36
It does, this makes so much sense to me. And I’m so glad that we’re talking about this and getting this out there. Because look at our world now, you know, and everyone’s like, Oh, well, it’s our soil. And you know, it’s just this. It’s like, dude, take a look at the math in what we’re exposed to. And we can study this and track this, like you’re saying, like, that’s insane. But I don’t think people stop and think, What is this piece of technology that’s so wonderful, and helping me with my life? How is this affecting us? You know, overall, and now we’re so addicted to it. We don’t want to give it up.

R Blank 24:14
Yeah, that is a serious challenge that people like me, who advocate for a saner relationship with this stuff that we face, because people really are addicted to it. But unlike with cigarettes, which people were also still are, but we’re also very addicted to this stuff actually brings tremendous value to society. Right? So with cigarettes, you had really strong addiction, but it didn’t really add value to society, except to a few small economies to tobacco farmers. And even then, it took decades for the science to break through to become actual regulation. Yeah, and another difference is that you can actually see cigarette smoke. You can see tobacco smoke, you can’t see See ya EMF. It’s odorless. It’s tasteless. You can’t touch it or smell it, feel it anything, right this invisible force, so it’s easy to pretend it doesn’t even really exist. And when you start to want to learn about it if you do, right, it’s kind of a complicated subject. It involves physics and involves electrical engineering. It involves all the units of measurement that people have never heard of like a Gauss or a Tesla, or watt per kilogram. And for all of these reasons, it can be challenging for people like me to break through and get people to be aware and to care. But increasingly, that is happening.

Melissa Vogel 25:39
Hey, so I thought this would be a good time to give you guys a little bit more information on my online program busy to Bob fit Mom, if you are looking to be motivated, inspired. Finally, get off your butt and do the things that you want to do with your health and your fitness and your workout and your body and hit those goals. We need to talk is it about fit mom is a full online program. It’s a 90 day program that’s going to get you into the best shape of your life. Now is it easy diet plan to follow are all these amazing workouts that I’m just gonna hand you on a silver platter? No, this program is going to love and support you, it’s going to motivate you get you heading in the right direction. But you don’t have to do it alone, you’re going to have an entire support system with you. You’re going to have me as your coach coaching you on nutrition, your workouts, I become your virtual personal trainer. So if this is something that you’re looking for, and you just need that extra push and someone on your heels telling you that you’re worth it, and it’s time, we need to talk visit WWW dot busy to bomb fit mom.com book a call with me. Let’s see if this is a fit for you. All right, back to the show. Yeah, I just took my daughter’s air pods from her as like a punishment. Because my brother, believe it or not ahead just told me that he read some study about how bad air pods were and stuff. And he’s like, I just took them off for my kids. And then I was waiting for my daughter to screw up. And I’m like, Oh, you just lost your air. It’s another my desk drawer. But I wanted a way to like break that for me because I was catching her like, in the morning plugging them in getting ready in the bathroom had the air pods in like sitting down. I’m like, Okay, we got weird rules here at my home. Like, they’re not allowed to have their cell phones on the couch. Like they have to stand at the counter. They want to use them. They’re not allowed in their bedrooms. And I’m like she’s like what? So just wants to stand here and tax my friends or whatever. Like. I mean, Mom, I’m the worst Baba mean, mom ever. But you have to be aware of this, how bad our air pods are good. They pretty

R Blank 27:47
bad. Yeah, I was actually just giving another interview yesterday where someone was asking me about all these different technologies. And, you know, I don’t go around telling people not to use technology. I had a 20 year career in California in software development, I was at the center of technology for quite a long time. And I know what it’s like, I know that it adds a lot of value, it adds a lot of enjoyment, it fuels huge chunks of the economy. So I don’t go around telling people not to use technology, with a few exceptions. AirPods being one of those exceptions, because when you are using an airport and similar products work with Bluetooth, Bluetooth is basically the same as Wi Fi, except it’s lower power in general, right, because where’s the cell phone has to be able to communicate several miles, Wi Fi has to be able to communicate a couple 100 feet, Bluetooth depending on which type only asked to be able to communicate anywhere from 10 to 30 feet. Okay, so it operates with much less power. So you might think it’s safer than Wi Fi. So why am I telling you not to use airpots? Okay, one, you’re putting it right in your ear, which is about as close to your brain as it could possibly be to you’re putting it close to your brain at a place where there’s no skull, separating the product from your brain, right? Because the ear canal is a hole in your skull. The skull provides some degree of natural shielding. So when there’s no skull there, you’re actually giving a straight channel for the air pod to emit the Bluetooth right into your brain. Oh, three, this one’s really key is duration of exposure because with air pods and other similar Bluetooth headset products, right because this goes back decades now where people would walk around with these Bluetooth headset used to be just business people and just with one right because they only use it for calls. They wouldn’t get to music with it. But you walk around for hours with this every day. So the duration of exposure right increases the dose so you with airpots you have very close proximity to a very sensitive part of your body Very high duration of exposure. So the proximity and duration, both contribute to a very high dose. And with the greater the dose, the greater the risk. And so that’s why I tell people never to use a Bluetooth headsets, especially because there are plenty of alternatives, right, you can use a regular headset, you can use speakerphone, you can use an anti radiation headset, there’s all these other alternatives, you do not need Bluetooth. And so in that sense, it doesn’t even add any value. It’s just kind of cool. And when it’s not adding any value, I really advise against using it. So that is one of the products, where I particularly come down pretty strong and say, never use this stuff. And I would say especially so for children, because the younger you are, the more vulnerable from these forces that you are. And the longer that you have to live with the results of that damage. Yeah,

Melissa Vogel 31:05
that’s so true. Oh my god, I’m so glad I took away from so the first part of the headphones, the white ones that go into your ears, or to your phone, those are better because it’s not Bluetooth,

R Blank 31:16
right? Those are not a source of radiation there. They can conduct a little bit of radiation from your phone or your device. Yeah, but it’s so much better than using Bluetooth. Yeah, so those are not a source of radiation.

Melissa Vogel 31:30
Damage are what am I gonna wear at the gym now?

R Blank 31:35
You know, it’s funny, that’s I have relatives who are very familiar with the work that I do, and they take seriously a lot of the things I say, and then the one time they’ll actually use Bluetooth headsets is at the gym. And so even knowing everything that I have to say they do that, because well you obviously understand, right, because there’s no cords getting in the way. And it’s easier to work out. And that is kind of the one use case, where I do see that there is some value in it. And I know people who take the EMF stuff quite seriously, but still do that. So as an adult, so you can make your own decisions. And you know, it’s not as harmful to you as it would be to your children. So I totally understand where you’re coming from with that kind.

Melissa Vogel 32:15
Yeah, well, because then I’m thinking like, well, if my cord is plugged into my phone, that I gotta have my phone on my body. And then my phone’s touching my body. Yeah. So

R Blank 32:25
ideally, you would be putting your phone into airplane mode if it’s touching your body. So that you know, because I know with a lot of these music services, you can actually get the music onto your device, instead of just streaming it in real time. And then you can listen to your playlist while your phone isn’t actually connected to Wi Fi or cell networks. And that would be the better way of doing that.

Melissa Vogel 32:48
Okay, so if we do have to have our phone on our body, but we can’t turn Airplane Mode off. Tell me about your products, because I was doing some research and I’m like, Ooh, what’s this field? What can we get to help ourselves?

R Blank 33:05
Sure. So most or all of your listeners don’t actually know my products are so appreciate having the opportunity. Let’s share a because if anyone who’s listening to this goes out online and searches for EMF protection. There’s actually a lot of different stuff out there. And yeah, it can be hard for especially someone new to this to know what’s what you know, because they all say different things. So my products are all based on shielding technology. This is universally accepted technology. It’s almost 200 years old, since a scientist named Michael Faraday invented what became known as a Faraday cage. And what he discovered is that you can weave conductive metal into certain patterns. And when you do that, it actually reflects EMF radiation. For a long time, this has been used, for instance, to shield sensitive electronic equipment, right because certain electronics are very sensitive to electromagnetic interference, and you need to put them in Faraday cages in order to ensure proper function. Now, over time, it also became easier to engineer smaller and smaller of these Faraday shields so small that you can now in fact weave them into pieces of fabric. The metallic fibers that I use in many of my products, they are thinner than a human hair. And so that gives us the ability to actually put them into a whole wide variety of products you don’t need what you would think of as a cage right, a big fence, you can actually line a piece of fabric with it, and then you can put that fabric into all these other products. So that is what my products are based on. If you go online, you’ll see other ones you’ll see Harmonizers you’ll see neutralizers you’ll see crystals and gems, and I so I just want to make sure people understand my products are based on shielding. This is universally accepted science. Not only do I have independent laboratories, verify my product claims, I also give people a lot of educational materials so that if they wanted to go out and buy $106 meter for themselves, they can see my products working with their own eyes. So this is not something you have to take a leap of faith on my products, I guess that’s my way of saying my products really work. Now, yeah, in the use case that you were talking about, right, so you’re at the gym, or anywhere you need your phone on your body. This doesn’t only apply at the gym, there’s certain people for their jobs, they need to have their phones on, and they need to carry them on their body. That’s actually a big part of my market for some of my products. And so I have a few products for that kind of use case. But the most popular one is called my phone patch. And the phone pouch is a pouch, right, it’s a neoprene pouch, and you can put your phone in it. And then you can carry the phone, on your belt or in your pocket. And the back of the pouch is shielded with this material that I was talking about, and the front isn’t shielded. So what this does is when you’re carrying it on your belt, right, it deflects the radiation away from your body, while still allowing your phone to communicate. And so that is one of the products. That’s one of my more popular products. Now that product is almost seven years old now. And it’s consistently a popular product. And it’s used exactly for this use case of making it safer to carry your phone by deflecting the radiation away from the body. And when you think about it, it’s actually it’s illustrative of how crazy it is that these phones communicate the same power level in every single direction, right, because they don’t need to, they could be engineering these products to be safer without using additional layers of protection. But they don’t, because the regulations don’t make them. But just to underscore how unwise it is to carry your phone in your pocket. There are manuals for several models of cell phones, that actually if you read the fine print, say the same thing. And so that includes several models of iPhone. And they don’t actually say don’t carry this in your pocket. But they do say you have to carry it a certain distance away from your body in order for the levels to be lower than the ones that are legally allowed to be sold.

Melissa Vogel 37:17
Yeah, who’s reading that? Yeah, attention.

R Blank 37:19
Only followers of Mine.

Melissa Vogel 37:23
Right. So if you put the shield on one side of your phone, the other side, you said is neoprene. If you put the shield on both sides, would that affect how your phone communicates?

R Blank 37:35
Yeah, so I don’t make any products that do that there are products that do that. I don’t do that. Because if you fully wrapped your phone, you’re either going to cut off the signal entirely. Yeah, I’m thinking if that’s what you want to do, just put it into airplane mode, price, or you’re going to make because what happens with phones is when the signal is interfered with like that, they will boost the power output to compensate for the interference. So the phone will be boosting its power, which will more rapidly drain the battery. So it’ll cause the phone to emit more EMF, and it will more rapidly drain the battery. And you’ll probably not even have a connection anyway. So that’s why we don’t make products that do that.

Melissa Vogel 38:20
Okay, do you have anything, I didn’t get a chance to look, but so many people keep their phone next to their bed at night.

R Blank 38:28
Yeah, so that’s another of the tips I would have for people is to not to do that. Or to do it, but keeping the phone in airplane mode. But for people who don’t have that option. So I remember, there was a period of time a few years ago now where I had a relative in hospital and I had to be on call, basically 24/7 Which meant that I needed to sleep with my phone. And this good example for people you know, I tell people not to sleep with their phones. I’m also a realist, I realize there are times when you need to do even the stuff. I do what that stuff I tell people not to do. So I had to sleep with my phone for a couple of months. And I couldn’t put it in airplane mode because I needed to be able to get a call at any moment. So I do make a product for that. It’s called the SI D picture frame. It’s like an angled picture frame. So it’s designed to hold two photographs. So you don’t even see that it’s really a shield it’s designed to just kind of fit into your environment. And then you put the phone behind the frame. And then you put the frame in between your phone and your body so it’s great for nightstands or end tables. When you do that right the phone can still operate but it’s a flex most of the radiation away in the opposite direction from your body. So that would be a product that I have for that use case.

Melissa Vogel 39:47
That is so cool. Find buying like for that is really neat. And I wouldn’t have thought of those picture frame. Could you use the pocket shield like if you had to, before you got the frame and like, put the shield towards you and the phone facing outward.

R Blank 40:06
You’d have to get the shield to stand like the phone pouch. Yeah, doesn’t stand up on its own. You’d have to mount it like something to get it to stand up. Same exact technology. Yeah, the picture frames a bit better, because it’s two kind of sides that are angled. So it creates more of a rap. Oh, okay. It’s the same technology. And so yeah, you could if you wanted to kind of get a phone patch to stand up vertically. Yeah. And use that.

Melissa Vogel 40:35
Oh, my God, okay, this has been so interesting. And just eye opening, you know, I could keep you on here for just like, keep going and pulling and picking and pulling things out of you. My mind keeps going back to the world we’re living in right now. You know, and over the last few years of people being locked in and quarantine and stuff. And as you’re talking about the depression and the anxiety, I mean, it’s like skyrocketing right now. You know, the rate of adolescent suicide is like, through the roof, there was a new study that just came out the other day about it, and the emergency room visits. And as I’m listening to you and thinking, I’m like, man, what did we go and do to ourselves? We put us in our home, we didn’t leave and now we’re exposed to all of this. You know, the EMF and everything on top of feeling isolated, scared, worried, fearful. Yeah. Oh, my God, we just made like the perfect storm for depression and anxiety.

R Blank 41:37
No, I totally agree. And you very accurately pointed out, you know, there’s lots of reasons that the last year and a half would contribute to increased levels of anxiety and depression and hopelessness. EMF is one of them. But there are plenty of other reasons to have some spare. Right now. We’re at this point in time now. And we are starting to come out of the quarantines and lockdowns and all this, my recommendation would be to, again, take this more mindful approach because as you said, you know, we’re all locked, we’ve all been locked in, we not only wanted to use technology more, we often had to whether it was for telecommuting, or tele studying or telehealth, so we have to use technology more. And then we wanted to we wanted to binge watch swift game, or tiger king, or whatever it is. And so but now, as we’re coming out, you know, realize that that’s what happened. And it doesn’t need to be what continues to happen, that we can use, you know, that thing you said about what you did with one of your children, where they have to be in a certain position in the robe in order to text. That is a great example of the types of boundaries that you can set. I believe you said it was your daughter that you’re enforcing that way. Yeah, yeah. So to her, it seems stupid and arbitrary, because the phone worked just as well on the couch. What if she’s going to do it less, because it involves all that extra effort to go up to the counter. And so setting these boundaries with your children and with yourself? This is a great time to do it, because we are starting to get back to a more normal place. And we do not need to carry the same habits that we have for the last 18 months as we go there.

Melissa Vogel 43:22
Yeah, I completely agree. The struggle is but hey, and I’m going to save her and I’m going to help and you know, it’s worth it. I’ll take it. I’ll be the bad boss, like whatever. Are thank you so much for coming on today. I want everyone immediately to go and check him out. Tell us again, what is your website? What’s your social media? How can we find you?

R Blank 43:48
Sure. So we have a page actually set up at shield your body comm slash bomb mom. And right there, you not only learn more about me, but you can get my free guide with the top five ways to cut your exposure to EMF radiation for free. That includes things like I’m not carrying your phone in your pocket in your bra. But not only does it tell you that it tells you why these five things are the most important. And it also includes a special coupon for your listeners if they are interested in any of my laboratory tested EMF protection products, and also has a link to my podcast for anyone who might be interested in tuning into to hear a bit more about engaging with a healthier relationship with technology.

Melissa Vogel 44:30
Oh, perfect. I love that we have our own our own link to you. That is amazing. Well you guys make sure you check him out. Immediately. Follow him because I love staying connected. Oh yeah. What’s your social media?

R Blank 44:45
Oh, right. Yeah, yeah, we’re at shield your body. that’s all one word. shield your body on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Perfect. And YouTube is actually a great one for we have a lot of great videos out there. Oh, good.

Melissa Vogel 44:58
And those are easy. To share and pass on to a family and friends be like, hey, just watch this really quick. Watch this YouTube link. Oh, thank you for coming on. I can’t wait to get started with your products and just keep learning more and keep my family safe. And my kids and everything. I think you’ve really changed some lives today and we can’t thank you enough for coming on.

R Blank 45:19
I really appreciate being here with you Melissa, thank you so much for the opportunity.

Melissa Vogel 45:23
Oh, you are welcome. Stay safe, stay healthy everyone till next time. If you are ready to become a Bama, join my free course over at www dot Melissa Vogel fitness.com forward slash course. This podcast is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regards to the subject matter covered. This is given with the understanding that neither the host practice of the practice or the guests are providing legal mental health, nutritional or other professional information. If you need a professional you should find


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