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In this episode we discuss:

  • The scientifically-established health effects of EMF & 5G
  • Why self-care should include building a healthier relationship with technology 
  • Effects of EMF on reproduction
  • Who is at the highest risk (and why)
  • How EMF affects immune system function
  • Current Tech safety regulations for EMF
  • Easy and FREE ways everyone can live healthier and manage EMF exposure




R Blank 0:00
EMF impacts life at such a fundamental level that it manifests through multiple biological systems. So it isn’t actually surprising that you see it with you see impacts on the brain, or on the thyroid, or on the genitals and gonads, or on physiological patterns, or that you see it on trees just like you do on humans.

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Kara Lovehart 0:26
This is the Mind Body Detox podcast, where we discuss all things integrative health and wellness, interviewing folks from all over the world, sharing insights and wisdom on how to live a healthier life in mind, body, and spirit. Welcome back to the Mind Body Detox podcast. I’m your host integrative intuitive medium Kara love heart. And today’s guest is very special. His name is R blank. He is a technologist and entrepreneur, a writer, and the CEO of shield your body. Now the reason why I had R blank come on the podcast today is of course, I’m always looking for professionals who offer something to really help us to detox in always mind, body and spirit. Information that R blank has offered on the effects of EMF radiation on our health are just astounding. And so for me personally as an intuitive and as a sensitive, I have experienced EMF sensitivity or electromagnetic frequency sensitivity. And so we get this exposure through cell phones and laptops. And we’re gonna go and talk about that. But it’s so important to note that R blank is the son of Dr. Martin Blanc. And he co authored with his father, the book called overpowered. And this book is widely regarded as one of the best books written on the science of the health effects of EMF radiation. And anyone who knows me, I’m all about the science. Our guest today also has his degree from Columbia University and UCLA. And he also is the host of the healthier tech podcast. And of course, I’ll be leaving links for that in the show notes. Now my guests mission is to make technology safer. And of course, as a sensitive, I’m all about this. So let’s dive into this interview. What exactly are EMFs? And what is your experience with them, I’m curious if you yourself are sensitive to them.

R Blank 2:26
EMF stands for electromagnetic fields. And it’s a form of energy made up of a combination of electrical and magnetic forces, as the name suggests. Now, there’s a whole bunch of different kinds of EMF, one that everyone’s familiar with is sunlight, right? The energy that we get from the sun is a form of EMF, so all visible light. And what’s interesting about that is given all the different types of EMF that exist, it sunlight is really the only form of EMF that humans and all life on Earth was exposed to, for several billion years, until the invention of the light bulb, right. And there are a couple others, like lightning is a form of EMF, and the Earth has its own magnetic field. But those are so weak, that really the only form that humanity in life on Earth was exposed to with sunlight. But then I mentioned the invention of the light bulb, right. So all the different types of EMF exist on what we call a spectrum, there’s a spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, you have certain kinds with more energy than the sun, more sunlight. And those have so much energy that they can knock electrons loose from yourselves. And that’s really harmful. So those types you might have heard of, right, there’s X rays and gamma rays, and even UV rays. And we all know that those are really dangerous, even in very, very, very low doses. And there’s absolutely no dispute on that. So then there’s this whole segment of the EM spectrum with less energy than visible light. And those that don’t have the same amount of energy. They can’t knock electrons loose from your cells. And that’s why they’re called non ionizing. And there’s a few different types of non ionizing EMF. One is radiofrequency also sometimes called microwave, and that is used by everything that communicates wirelessly so that’s cell phones, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, radar, radio, television, everything that communicates wirelessly, that’s RF or microwave radiation, then there’s even less energy, there’s something called elf or extremely low frequency. And that comes off of anything that runs on electrical power. So that includes power lines, the wiring in your home, and appliances in your home like refrigerators, blenders and anything like that. So that in a nutshell, is the broad strokes of what EMF is. And before I get to the rest of your question, the thing I will say as I mentioned That ionizing forms of EMF have always been universally acknowledged to be very, very harmful. Even in very low doses. The non ionizing forms the radiofrequency, the elf, those were long thought to have been benign, harmless. And it was only it’s only about 100 years ago really that the science started emerging showing that that assumption was false. And it’s really in the past 30 years where the science really built up quite a bit of steam. And there’s a lot of data now showing that this type of non ionizing EMF radiation is harmful to human life and all life on Earth, even at doses that fall well within safety standards. Now you asked how I came to learn about EMF, my father was Dr. Martin Blanc, and he was one of the world’s leading researchers on EMF and its health effects. And about 10 years ago, actually 10 years ago, it was in 2012, he he had a contract to write a book. And this book was for general audiences, not other academics, and scientists. So this was for general audiences. So he asked me for help. And it was in the course of writing that book, which became called overpowered that I really was kind of hit with the inspiration to create what became so IB, and to get more involved in helping people understand these risks. And the final part of your question was whether I am personally electrically sensitive. And I think we’ll probably get into this in more detail later in the conversation. But there’s a condition called electromagnetic hypersensitivity. And this is people who have symptoms and sensations resulting from their exposures to EMF radiation, that other people don’t feel in the same way. And I went through most of my life not feeling as though even starting si B’s for several years, and in a swipey not feeling electrically sensitive. And by and large, I’m still not I don’t have anything like that the type of impact on my life that that other people do. But I have gotten to a point in my life, where I now sense I can feel the difference when I’m in a city because cities have so much more of this stuff than rural areas, or even suburban areas. And when I’m in a city, I definitely feel something that is charging me definitely making it harder to sleep definitely making harder to get restful sleep. So I do believe that I’ve started to become aware of my sensation of these forces, but nothing like the types of harm and inconvenience and pain that other people report from from suffering from EHS.

Kara Lovehart 7:38
So about 10 years ago, exactly when you said that your the book was overpowered, correct. That’s the name of the book, I’m gonna be putting that information in the show notes for everybody, of course, but about 10 years ago, I was looking for someone like you and some accompany like s YB. Because 10 years ago was when I was experiencing electro hypersensitivity, but at the time, I thought it was just sensitivity being an intuitive professional that I was just sensitive to energy in general. So I had a recognition that it was electromagnetic. And I still have my two best friends. They came over one day, and I was at a point where I was really sensitive. And I said, you guys, leave your cell phones in the car. And of course, I feel like a crazy person. I always joke like, yeah, it was like part of the tinfoil hat society. And so they one of them actually didn’t. And I said, it’s you have your phone in your pocket, can you? And it was funny because my partner I were very, very scientific and very skeptical about a lot of things. I think curiosity is the best way to approach all things. Yet, when I was sensitive to these things, I was still skeptical about them. And my partner, I said to him, I can feel the Wi Fi. And for those of you out there who may not have an idea of what electro sensitivity feels like. For me, I experienced it as almost like something if you could have a person going like this around your body, like like making like interruption or interference. And almost like a feeling like sometimes like a scratching feeling. It felt like a pressure. My heart rate would kind of change. I’d feel heart palpitations, I’d feel pressure on my chest sensitivity in my skin. It felt like my skin was crawling. I experienced this when I went to I remember I was at Walmart of all places. And within 10 feet of the register, I could feel and I thought do they use Wi Fi for their payment processing. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I felt like I entered into this bubble of UI. And of course I thought it was crazy. And I my partner said well let me go turn off the Wi Fi so you can sleep and he went back out of the room came back in and I said you didn’t turn it off like I can feel it still he goes I thought you were just crazy. You know I thought you were you know and I it’s funny because I definitely met some people that there is a interesting correlation. I’m curious your prospect too, with working with people who have had electro sensitivity, a lot of my clients who are empathic and very sensitive, we do have some background with going through maybe toxicity levels in our body or other things that are affecting the nervous system to be hypersensitive, it can be trauma, it can be things like that, that make the electromagnetic field of the human aura sensitive to that stuff. But I’m curious about your experience with that too, with electromagnetic sensitivity and clients, because, again, I’m gonna be dropping ours podcast link in the show notes. You guys have to listen to it. Because when I listened to think it was episode three, I was like, this is exactly what I experienced. And your guest was so really informative, of working with one of the CEOs of former CEOs of Canadian Google was saying that they were electro hypersensitive. And it wasn’t just that, you know, you’re a crazy person. So everything you guys were talking about on the healthier tech podcast is just really affirming everything I’ve experienced. So tell me about electro hypersensitivity in clients and like, what did they experience?

R Blank 11:01
Yeah, there’s a wide range of symptoms. And they span from these sensations like things crawling along your body, up through rashes, up through more significant joint pain. There are some people who report pain so significant, that they really need to up end their entire life and move to a place with just much lower levels. And there are anywhere almost anywhere you go, that’s more rural will have lower levels of background radiation of this human made EMF than than the city. But there are some places that have by law, very, very low levels of EMF, and these are called radio quiet zones. And there’s one that that has, it’s been covered in documentaries and in the media several times in Green Bank, West Virginia, and there are some people who give up their essentially their entire lives to move to these locations. And work is either impossible, or very, very difficult. And they get rid of all so for instance, in Green Bank, all the appliances, right? They’re propane powered, they’re not electrically powered, and certainly no Wi Fi and cell phones. There is a broad range of symptoms that people report having manifest. I also know that part of the suffering is how hard it is to get people to believe that the condition is real. Yes. Because there’s there’s very few entities in the world that do recognize EHS although there are some, some people don’t realize that there are some so for instance, the government have, I apologize, I don’t have my notes in front of me, I believe it’s Austria and then also Sweden, I believe in Sweden, it’s recognized formally as a disability. And in Austria, there’s a different type of recognition that it has. And then there are some other institutions. For instance, the Women’s College and Toronto is one that comes to mind that offer a formal diagnosis and a treatment regimen for the condition. One thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that there is actually a Medicare billing code for EHS. Wow. And so it can actually, when when your doctor if they diagnose you, which also can be a challenge, just getting a doctor who’s aware of this condition and willing to provide that diagnosis, but they can actually put it down on the insurance forms, that it’s EHS, if I forget the actual Medicare billing codes, I didn’t memorize those.

They can actually note on your insurance form that it is and that is sickness from from radio waves. So And I mentioned that because I think it is very important that people understand that part of the suffering is how hard it is to get people to believe you. When when you compound that with the fact that if you are experiencing this, it’s very hard to escape it without up ending your lives. And there are some people who maybe don’t give up their lives and move somewhere totally different. But they become effectively shut ins because they can never go outside. Because I hear from people almost every week with questions about this who are suffering from these symptoms, and I, I hear the pain in what they are writing me. And it is tragic, when you also realize, right, because what we’re seeing with the EHS population is that there is a population who has a threshold of EMF sensitivity that is lower than the rest of us, right? But the amount of EMF in the environment keeps increasing every year. Right? Because there’s more cell phone towers, there’s more smart devices that are smart cars that are plowing through our streets, and more and more and more sources of these of these forces in our lives. And so the background levels are increasing. And that means more people are being triggered, right because you’re starting to hit thresholds that that apply to more people So this condition, while still not universally recognized is one that is, in my opinion, obviously real and is increasing that the number of people who are affected by it is increasing all the time. I will say one other point on EHS, which I think is important to get out there, which is a lot of people have symptoms of EHS and don’t realize that it is EMF that is causing them, right. So, as we get into a discussion on health effects, we have obviously sleep disruption is a big one we have anxiety we have depression, we have tinnitus is a documented result of EMF exposure. There’s this whole wide range of health effects that when I say them just sound like byproducts of modern life, right? And so if you’re just a person going through their life, and suddenly you develop tinnitus, I’m not saying that EMF caused that. But I am saying that person may well not believe, even think that EMF could be a cause. Yeah, and so beyond the percentage of the population that reports that they’re EHS, you have a much bigger, I believe, portion of the population that has EHS and whose lifestyle and quality of life is being negatively impacted by it, but has no awareness of that mechanism.

Kara Lovehart 16:20
Yes, and it’s very common, especially with when people are trying to do holistic alternative treatments for tinnitus, or tinnitus, tomato tomahto, right. They actually, maybe we’ll try chiropractic care, or they’ll try maybe some medication, a lot of times they’ll try different treatments. And it’s very hard to treat. But I definitely feel that a lot of the clients I work with, it is very nervous system, unless it’s something that is neurological because there’s other things can happen happen that can be culprit for tinnitus. But I find it interesting that the nervous system and how it’s affected by electromagnetic fields isn’t ever addressed. So I’m really glad that you’re speaking on that. And I’m curious about the people who are really on that lower level of for EHS and very sensitive. How on earth do they get educated about it in the first place? You know, because if they can’t, it’s hard for them to get on the computer. It’s exhausting. I had a client that we she would come in on the weekends when our center clinic was shut down, and I’d turn off all the electricity, and even the eight air conditioning unit because she was eat ls the Electromatic low sensitivity. Is that what you said it was?

R Blank 17:25
No, I think you’re referring to elf, which was a range of spectrum. Yeah, I think she’s really sensitive to love comes from. Okay, oh, I see what you’re saying. Okay. Yeah,

Kara Lovehart 17:37
so she was sensitive to the low frequencies. And so we turned it all off for her. And that was the only time she could come into our building. So how do these people find you if they even listen to this podcast? Like being around a device? Or how do they do that? I’m curious about that.

R Blank 17:54
I get that’s an interesting question. I should probably actually ask people that. I do know that there are some people, members of my community members on my mailing list, my email list who have very specific protocols, so they’re not on their computer, like you and I are on our computer, they will have their computer download all of you know their emails, and then they’ll go offline and read it. Most of these people actually even people who aren’t EHS, a huge percentage of my customer base and community membership does not use Wi Fi for these purposes. So you jack into an Ethernet cable, and then you don’t need the EMF radiation coming from your Wi Fi network, or a cell phone in order to access this information. But like with almost everything in modern life, it is much more difficult and inconvenient. For someone with EHS to engage and is with this content. It’s with your podcast, but it’s also with almost everything that’s getting a job or doing a job or going shopping, everything is much more difficult. And again, I just would would underscore that not only is this problem not going away, it is actively getting worse, essentially every day because of the continual deployment of wireless infrastructure.

Kara Lovehart 19:14
Yep, yeah. And it’s interesting, I have had what’s what’s also interesting to note is we also do paranormal investigation when we’re doing house readings for people. A lot of times we’ve had clients call us and say, we’re having either they say poltergeist activity or we’re having disturbances in the house. And so from a mediumship perspective, we go in there and there’s nothing going on as far as supernaturally. So what I do is I’m going that over there feels EMF, like there’s something going on there. Of course we have EMF detectors too, so we could bring that and it’s so interesting to me that so many of these people are getting those smart meters installed. That’s been like a huge thing. And we had one of our clients that their teenager was starting to go through almost like a mental health issue. Because of this Smart Meter, and it was not surprising at all. We went in there and we’re going, oh, wait a minute, this wall it what’s on the other side of this wall? Oh, you have a smart meter. And it was like, wow. So I was so excited when I did look at your website and checked out your products, because you have this really amazing EMF shielding, I’d love you to talk about it later. But that goes behind a picture. Because at that time, what we did is we were trying to find something that would be metal or something that could be almost like a Faraday cage around that part of the wall for her. We had her get like a like, I think it was like an aluminum or metal, like some sort of like poster or something that they sell. And that helped her and it helps deflect it. But I think that’s interesting to note, because I want love you to talk on all these different things other than your smart meters, you said about Wi Fi, what are the ways that are commonly we’re experiencing EMFs that we don’t know about it, especially for those people who don’t have symptoms, there’s so many people, like you said that are not electromagnetically sensitive, but they may be getting the health effects.

R Blank 21:00
So one one that I remember learning early on in life, because because again because of who my father was. But one surprised 111 source that many people might find surprising is refrigerators. Because as I mentioned, wireless technology gets a huge amount of the attention and justifiably in many cases, because that’s the one where the deployment search is exploding in quantity. EMF, there are certain types of EMF that also come off of power lines, electrical wiring, and as I mentioned, appliances, refrigerators tend to be very, very large sources of this type of radiation. And the reason why this can be a big source of a hidden source for people is a lot of people have, you know, a refrigerator on this side of a wall, and then a couch on this side of the wall, right. So they have a kitchen and a living room or something like that. And so they’re sitting right behind their refrigerator for hours at a time whenever they’re watching something or just lounging, reading a book in the living room. And these levels can be really high off of refrigerators, there are other there are other appliances that can have equivalent. But again, the backs of refrigerators, you can find very, very high levels. And so that is oftentimes a hidden source. Another interesting way to respond to that question is people think of cell phones as a source of EMF because obviously they are, but really, they are multiple sources of EMF, right? Because on any kind of modern smartphone, you’re gonna have the cell phone, you’re gonna have the cell phone data, you’re gonna have the Wi Fi, you’re gonna have the Bluetooth, you might have NFC, which is near field communication, which is for things like Apple Pay and Google Pay. And you’ll have GPS, and I just, I just mentioned six different sources right there. And I might be forgetting one or two. And so a cell phone isn’t just a source of EMF, a cell phone is going to be about half a dozen sources of EMF. And actually what what people should also be aware of is that people also tend to think of airplane mode is kind of an all or nothing thing, right. So if you go into airplane mode, your phone can’t do anything. But the thing is, is you can actually turn off these sources individually. So you can just keep on the Wi Fi and turn off the cell phone and the cell phone data and the Bluetooth, and so forth. And you same thing, you could just keep on the Bluetooth and turn off all the others. And you can often do this nowadays on that, just that I forget what the control center screen without having to load up the settings, you just pull down the drawer, and you can choose which connections are on. And I strongly advocate that people learn how to do that and get comfortable doing that. Because even when your cell phone is on, you can still really cut the amount of radiation coming off of it by controlling which radio cards are active and communicating.

Kara Lovehart 23:47
So I wanted to talk about for people who are not electromagnetically sensitive to kind of go over again, some of the health effects that they may be experiencing with EMF and then even the 5g And what kind of things they can do for self care. Because the one thing I was so excited to have you on the podcast was that you aren’t eliciting fear with this information. So many people can get like, oh my gosh, it’s everywhere. What do I do? And I’ve seen a lot of people and companies who get really very strong conviction about you need to do these things now. And I said, Well, we just educate and empower ourselves. So tell us about the health but health effects that we may not be aware of revisit that and tell us what we can do for self care to build a healthy relationship with the technology that we have in our lives.

R Blank 24:30
Sure. Okay. So in terms of the health effects, big takeaway I’d like people to have is that there are very, very, very wide range, right. So it’s not like we’re looking I mean, because for instance, brain tumors get a huge amount of the press because they are terrifying, and they are linked to cell phone radiation. It’s not just brain tumors, and it’s not just tumors in cancer, right. So you do have a fair amount of science on the brain tumors. You also have growing science on other types of tumor was like thyroid cancer and colorectal cancer. But it’s not just the cancers in the tumors. Right? You have I mentioned already sleep disruption. That’s a big one. That’s, that’s a big one because it impacts so many people. But it’s also it feeds on itself, right? Because when you’re not getting enough sleep, your body isn’t rejuvenating and getting the energy it needs in order to fend off other conditions. You have infertility, sub fertility, you have increased risk of miscarriage, you have Alzheimer’s, there’s a growing body of research now on Alzheimer’s and other forms of New York neurodegenerative diseases being strongly linked to EMF exposure. And it’s not just in the humans, we see it across the natural world, where, for instance, there are studies showing that EMF is a contributing factor and is probably almost certainly not solely responsible, but a contributing factor to Colony Collapse Disorder. You see it with any species that relies

Kara Lovehart 26:05
Okay, saying when does it No, that’s a beast.

R Blank 26:07
Sorry, yeah, I appreciate thank you for the clarification. Any species that relies on Magneto ception, in order to navigate so Magneto ception, is a sense of the Earth’s magnetic field, which is how birds know where to go. It’s how sea turtles know where to go, it’s how any number of different species know where to go. And EMF can significantly interfere with those species migratory patterns, which then leads to impact on their reproduction. And and their survivability. You see in trees, where RF exposure can kill trees and plants, ores really suppress their development. And I know when I say this to someone who’s new to this topic, it can sound like a kitchen sink sort of accusation like, oh, everything bad in the world is linked to EMF exposure. And what I want people to understand is a first off, I am not here to say EMF is the only toxin in the world creating damage. That is certainly not what I want people to take away from. But EMF impacts life at such a fundamental level that it manifests through multiple biological systems. So it isn’t actually surprising that you see it with you see impacts on the brain, or on the thyroid, or on the genitals and gonads, or on physiological patterns, or that you see it on trees, just like you do on humans, right? I’ll give one example. This is not the only example. But I’ll give one example. Some of them were many people, including myself believe that some of the most important research on EMF was done in the 90s by a couple of doctors named Dr. Henry Lai and Dr. Narendra Singh, out of Washington State. And across multiple experiments, they showed that at the time that we’re using cordless phones, but they showed their cordless phone radiation, even very short doses. So we’re talking 15 minutes of exposure to a cordless phone led to significant and measurable increases in DNA strand breaks. So what that means, right DNA is formed of two strands, that DNA carries all of our genetic information. And I’m mentioning it here particularly because it is it not only is it very important to life, it is in every cell it is in every living cell, right. So it is shared, every part of our body has DNA. And what they showed is that it leads to strand breaks. And again, DNA has two strands. If both strand breaks, the cell will kill itself. And that is actually the preferable outcome that you want, because you can also get single strand breaks. And when only one strand of DNA breaks, there’s enough information on the other strand, that the cell will attempt to rebuild the broken strand from the remaining strand. And it is in that process where mutations happen. And mutations are a key mechanism by which diseases form and spread. There’s another aspect of their work, which by the way, has been put both peer reviewed and replicated multiple times is that the increased rates of DNA damage persisted for hours after the exposure. Wow. So just 15 minutes of exposure to cordless phone radiation, which technically is very, very similar to cellphone radiation not only lead to increased rates of damage DNA and the mechanism by which mutation occurs, but that damage persisted for hours after the exposure. That is one reason why you see the actual health effects across so many different biological systems because EMF is impacting our bodies at such a fundamental level. And because we’re surrounded by it, it’s not we’re not just exposed to it in one part of our body. It’s Our entire body is exposed to this stuff in different degrees, but basically 24/7 And in today’s world, and so that is why you have such this broad range of health effects that are being in the way I like to say it is basically every biological system where we take these measurements, you are seeing negative health outcomes as a result of these exposures.

Kara Lovehart 30:25
Yeah. And all I keep thinking about is, you know, of course, back in my day, it was cordless phones for the years of being a teenager and wanting to socialize on the phone all the time. And now it’s, you know, being on tech, you know, even laptops or tablets or phones, for children that are even like under the age of three. So, who is at the highest risk, then? Is it children? Is it adults? Is it elderly? What, who’s at the highest risk for EMF health effects?

R Blank 30:52
So yeah, the the great question, the younger you are, the more vulnerable you are to this type of damage, for a few reasons. And when I say the younger, I mean, you know, teens are more vulnerable than adults, children are more vulnerable than teens, babies are more vulnerable than children. And a fetuses are more vulnerable than babies, right? So you goes all the way up that that spectrum. So one of the reasons is, because their bodies are just smaller, if you have a cell phone and you’re holding it up to your head, which you should never do. But if you’re holding a phone up to your head, and let’s just pretend like the radiation goes in an inch from the source of from the cell phone. On a full grown adult, that inch represents a much smaller portion of the entire head than it does on the child, right? That same inch on the child is actually percentage wise, a much bigger portion of their brain, then you also have the fact that any damage right children, the younger you are, the faster you’re growing, that means that any damage that happens, will multiply more rapidly because of how the cell division and growth process works. And a third reason, and this isn’t a comprehensive list, but this is some of the biggest reasons. The third reason is that the younger you are, the longer you have, your body has to live with the damage that results. And so that gives more time for the damage to spread. And for disease to manifest. Right. Some of these conditions we’re talking about can take 1020 30 years to manifest. And so the long the earlier the exposure, the more time the body has to live and cope with the damage resulting from that exposure. And I mentioned fetuses specifically because a lot of people kind of intuitively grasp that a baby is more vulnerable to damage than a teen or an adult. But there is significant research that has been performed into fetuses, pregnant women, and I’ll just give a couple of examples here. So one is out of Kaiser Permanente, Dr. Deakin li showed that women who had higher exposures to magnetic fields, when they were pregnant had a 2.72 times increased rate of miscarriage. And that was again just from magnetic field exposure. So what I’ll just share is terrifying. Wow, that’s funny. I just had someone email me this morning about Yeah,

Kara Lovehart 33:24
yes. Because people get them. And I always kind of wonder about them.

R Blank 33:28
Yeah, well, ultrasounds use sound not radiation. So it’s a different form of energy, right? They use sound not EMF to take the measurements. But the actual machine that generates the sound and reads the measurements is apparently a pretty significant source of magnetic field emission. But you know, I am not a health care provider. I’m certainly not going to tell people not to have important. Yeah, they’re definitely needed. Yeah, but the the example that I can give, which applies to my life, which is dental X rays, when I go to a dentist, particularly in the United States, they try to make me have my teeth x rayed every single time. And I assume it’s because they make some they make some more money, right? Because there’s absolute unless I’m reporting unless they see something, or I’m reporting some unusual pain, there’s absolutely no reason to have X rays done on your head every six months. And so the but all the dentists will that I’ve ever been to, they tried to make you do that some won’t even see you unless you agree to it. And so I’ve made it a policy of mine to not get dental X rays more than every two years unless I absolutely need unless there’s like some compelling reason to. So I certainly advocate taking a more intentional approach to these types of exposures. Don’t do it just because a health care provider is telling you to Do it. Because at the end of the day, it is you and it is your body. And you really need to weigh the pros and cons because X rays, like I said, X rays are really serious. Those are really, there’s a reason they cover you in a lead jacket and leave the room while it’s happening. Right. These are really serious exposures. So I think that’s relevant to your question. But I don’t want to make it sound like ultrasounds are like X rays, because they are not, but they are additional exposures. But in many cases, it is entirely probable that the mother has more exposure, you know, maybe when she’s at work sitting at her computer, around five other people working on their computers with the Wi Fi going and everyone having a cell phone, on their desk, and so forth, then that mother would from from the ultrasound.

Kara Lovehart 35:46
So all your when you’re talking, I’m thinking about 10 years ago, when I was looking for a company like you offer, because I of course was experiencing electro hypersensitivity and I was like, Well, this is how I feel when I’m around Wi Fi, there was a lovely park in the area that has a lot when you get to a certain area of the park, there’s a lot of transformers there, you can even hear the buzzing and you just within a certain feet, you know, I’m like, Oh, I can’t even be around that. And then I had some X rays done. And that was it was a very different a call like an energy signature. It felt different. But it still affected me. And I felt like really tired for like a week afterwards after the X rays. And I thought, why don’t people experience this, we got to do something about this. And so I was in this whole thing where I was like learning about it and as much as much as I could find on the internet at that time. And still trying to convince myself that I wasn’t crazy. And so I found of course, what a Faraday cage was, and I was like, wow, wait a minute. There’s fabric for people who work with electromagnetic stuff. Like if they’re working, they don’t want like the electricians and stuff. So they don’t get shocked. Wait a minute, there’s got to be a way to create like a cool hat or a head covering or something to cover my body. Then I thought about pregnant women. And I went on this whole thing. And then I’m like, There’s someone’s got to create this, someone has to create a company that does this. So I would love to kind of go and like that’s why I was so excited when I went on your website. And even like the EMF protective underwear for men, I was like, This is great. So I would love to share, have you to share a little bit like what is a Faraday cage? Like, how does some of the products work? I want to know a little bit more about that. And then go into like, Why aren’t there tech safety regulations? It makes sense to hear about that.

R Blank 37:24
Okay, cool. Well, thank you for I’m glad that that you had such a positive reaction to my catalogue, oh, my gosh, I’ll preface that answer by saying you know, if your listeners go out, and they just search for EMF protection on Google, they will find a very wide range of potential solutions, ranging from you know, pendants and crystals up to stickers that they claim you can put on your phone to make the EMF safe. And I have in contrast to that, as you know,

Kara Lovehart 37:54
a quick our I have some of these guys here just to show, these are Orgonite These are like the first thing I could find. And I was you know, again, I’m thinking well, how, how are these effective? How do you prove that they are, but again, there was a lot of stuff out there. So I just want to show that for people who are watching the video of what those are. Go ahead, I apologize for that I

R Blank 38:13
want you to know, there’s all sorts of different things. So if you’re just starting your search, and you don’t know what you’re gonna find, you’re gonna find a lot of different things. So in contrast to those types of solutions, my company we make products based off of Faraday technology, which, which you mentioned. And so what is that? So, about 200 years ago, there was a British scientist named Michael Faraday. And what he invented what he discovered and then invented is that if you weave conductive metals into certain patterns, you can block and deflect EMF radiation. So that works just like a window shade, right, just like a window shade blocks and deflect sunlight, Faraday cages can block and deflect EMF radiation in the opposite direction. And historically, this has been used. And because I’ve mentioned this as 200 year old technology, this has been used to protect sensitive electronic equipment, right, because there’s certain types of electronic equipment that will malfunction or function poorly when exposed to EMF radiation. And so people, engineers and industry, they’ve been putting Faraday cages around certain things for for a long time. In that same timeframe, technology advanced to such a degree, those waves of conductive metals, you don’t need a cage anymore, really, you can get those really, really, really thin fibers and weave them into other fabrics and get the same impact. And so that’s what we do at swipey at shield your body is we designed products that make use of shielding fabric, and I will say right so whereas you were just saying for instance on Orgonite How do I know if this is working with My products, you can actually test and measure their efficacy. And so for all of my products, my shielding products, we have independent contract independent lab testing, and then we post the data and the results for that, those tests on the website. But I also it is also possible to verify my product claims just by yourself at home using reasonable quality home tester. So I’m not talking about you know, a $20 EMF tester, but you if you get, you know, one that starts at about $160, you know, like the tri fields or the coronets, those are sufficiently accurate where you can verify my product claims for yourself. So all of my shielding products are based on the same technology and they are all of my product claims are measurable and demonstrable. And so as examples, you know, my my best selling product to store for the past several years has been my phone pouch. And so we design it’s just a pouch that you put your phone in the back of the pouch is shielded, but the front of the pouch is not. And so you’re designing it’s designed so you can carry it in your pocket or on your belt, and the back of the pouch will deflect radiation away from your body, but the front of the pouch isn’t shielded so your phone can still work. Another example you mentioned the men’s underwear that is obviously designed to protect a very sensitive part of a man’s body. It’s made from a very similar material now I will say on all of my apparel products and my bedding products. The key shielding element is silver right because it is hypo allergenic as well as antibacterial anti odor when it’s in direct contact with with your skin for extended periods of time. That’s really the quality of material that you want to use. In some of my other products like I mentioned the phone pouch, the key shielding component there is actually an alloy made of nickel and copper and cobalt. So you can get shielding out of as I mentioned any kind of conductive metal so even though they’re they’re based on similar technology, not each product uses the same exact shielding material. So the men’s underwear long story short is much more comfortable than if you were had to have to wear the phone pouch on your body all day long. Yeah, so we have now a

Kara Lovehart 42:14
medievalist, I would say medieval us S Yeah, chainmail would be chainmail. Like, I’m just gonna wear chainmail.

R Blank 42:20
Yeah. Yeah, no, no, none of my products, fortunately, are like chainmail. And but they love like the men’s underwear is incredibly comfortable it is it is. And it’s also the same material we actually make our baby beanies out of, it’s a really, really comfortable material. So we now have about two dozen different products. And we’re working on more, and we sell them through our website, to customers in over 30 countries, because we have fulfillment and distribution in the United States, Canada, UK and the EU. And like I say we’re working continually to to expand our catalog. But that oh before the recording, you brought up my canopy, it’s an expensive product. So I don’t want to get people too excited about it if it’s beyond their budget, but it is a fantastic form of protection, right. So whereas like the foam pouch is designed to help reduce your exposure from a single device in a single use case, or the the men’s boxers are designed to protect a single part of the body, the canopy is actually protecting your entire body for extended periods of time, right? For as long as you spend in bed each day. Because of that it is a very powerful form of EMF protection. That can be incredibly useful for particularly sensitive people. But really, for everybody, because that type of protection canopy and it includes formats, right, so you get the full every direction you’re shielded, it is hard to find products that can actually provide that level of protection, unless you’re willing to go to the extent of actually shielding your whole home or apartment, which is incredibly difficult and very, very expensive.

Kara Lovehart 44:05
Is it is it is paint, someone told me that there was paint that you can paint your walls with, with a special type of paint. Yeah,

R Blank 44:14
there’s a brand I don’t I don’t go around endorsing other or even generally talking about specific other brands. But I will say in this case, the best paint you can get is from a company called y shield, the letter y dash shield. They’ve been around for a long time. Their pants really work. That is an example though of once you get into that type of scale of protection solution. I strongly advocate that people engage the services of an expert, because once you start shielding part of your home or your whole home, you need to make sure it is done correctly, that you’re not redirecting the fields you’re not making the problem worse, you’re not creating an even more expensive problem for you to figure out how to fix later on down on the line. And so there are building biologists out there with special training and EMF mitigation. And those, I strongly recommend working with one of those

Kara Lovehart 45:10

R Blank 45:13
implemented. Yes, in fact, we actually offer if people live in a place where there aren’t any of those people around any of those building biologists, you can book time with one on my website. So if you go to shield your body.com, and click on the consulting link, you can book time with an electromagnetic radiation specialist. And it all happens from the convenience of your home over zoom, you get a recording, you can ask her everything that all the questions that you have, and she has a lot of experience doing this type of work. And we added the consulting, specifically because we were contacted by so many people who have these types of like, how do I go about protecting my whole home? Or how do I go about there’s a cell tower outside? How can I, you know, what can I do in response to that? And there’s no quick and easy answer. And it really does require an expert. And these experts, there’s just not a whole lot of them out there. So a lot of people don’t live close to one. And so that’s why we have the consulting service. I think

Kara Lovehart 46:11
the the bed canopy would just be so fabulous to for people, if they do, they are going to be you know, following take turning off their Wi Fi and doing all the other recommendations that you have. And you have so much resources and you know, PDF files on your website for information. But even if you’re a electromagnetically sensitive person, and your sense of the solar flares, we were talking about that a little bit before the show that solar flares is also a form of EMF. Yeah, because you can’t really predict as

R Blank 46:38
well, sunlight is. Yeah, I don’t I don’t know how good they are predicting. So I haven’t kept up on that. But I yeah, I don’t know about how solar flare. Prediction works. For sure. So I don’t know to what degree those are predictable.

Kara Lovehart 46:53
There are cell phone tracking apps that I use my have my clients check out if they are sensitive to them, because I found that a lot of people don’t recognize until they start tracking like oh my gosh, I get into almost like it might be similar symptoms that EMF sensitive people would be where they get really tired, or they get really disoriented or something after being in the city or a place where there’s a lot of EMFs. Like after there’s a solar flare, and depending on the magnitude of it, they can predict how long it’s going to be till it gets in the atmosphere. So those are interesting to know and to follow. But I think that’s kind of good information to know. Because even if you are turning your Wi Fi off and doing all the other recommendations, having that canopy would be beneficial to kind of block that that would probably I’m assuming help to know for sure. Yeah,

R Blank 47:35
I mean, yeah, I don’t I don’t know that for sure, either. Because actually you we started talking about this before the interview. As I was trying to find a good answer for you. I realized I was going through my head I was I realized no one had ever asked me. And I’ve been doing this for a long time, no one had ever asked me about solar flares before. But then when you told it to me, I was stepping through what I knew about them. And I realized it makes perfect sense that people who are electrically sensitive would feel impact from solar flares. Because as I mentioned at the start of our conversation here, right, the sun, sunlight is the only form of natural EMF to which life was exposed for so many years. It’s so the sun is a source of EMF. And when there are solar flares, you’re getting disruption in the normal types of EMF resulting from from that source. And so again, it makes perfect sense that people would feel the impact of that. And we also I mentioned to you, we also know that solar flares can disrupt electrically sensitive equipment, not just humans, but equipment. So it makes perfect sense that it would apply to humans as well. But I don’t actually know which frequencies you would be getting from those types of events. So I can try to find some time and do a little digging into that.

Kara Lovehart 48:50
I’m glad that that’s gonna open up some curiosity for you too. Because I’m, I’m really excited to hear what comes up because I really do think that there is even like you said, there’s lack of awareness for a lot of people around EMFs and gentleman effect. But that’s like another layer. But that might be really, really cool for your clientele, to have that awareness and maybe even do some, I don’t know how you’re able to measure that. But you guys are do such a good job of testing to see, you know, if those are affected, that’d be really neat. So yeah, yeah. Why do we not have any regulations to protect us from EMF like, what’s the deal with that?

R Blank 49:21
Yeah, so Well, we do have some, right. So, for instance, cell phones have a maximum amount of radiation that they’re supposed to be able to emit? Well, actually, let me step back a bit further. There’s there’s there’s a whole class of exposures with no regulation. So for instance, in the United States, there is no maximum amount of radiation of EMF radiation that can that can come off a power line that is totally unregulated. But there are some types of radiation that are regulated I was using the example of cell phones. So cell phone radiation standards are based off of something called the thermal effect. Correct, right. So I mentioned there’s a form of EMF called microwave that’s used for wireless communication. Your listeners probably recognize that term because of microwave ovens, right. And so what microwave oven show us is that you can have powerful enough microwaves that it actually cooks, it heats and cooks, food or tissue. And what these regulations are designed to prevent is heating. So because if the phone is going to emit so much microwave radiation, that it starts heating your body, then everyone knows that that is a harmful level of this EMF. And so these regulations exist, supposedly to prevent that. Now, that’s the first point I want that oh, the first one I wanted to make is there’s a whole bunch of exposures that are not regulated at all. The second point I wanted to make is that above the exposures that are regulated, they are regulated to prevent the thermal effect. And the reason that that’s important to understand is because the thermal effect is immediate damage, right? If you’re getting heated up, that’s immediate damage. And so every EMF safety, health and safety regulation for consumers in the United States, in most of the world, it exists to prevent immediate damage. But when we’re talking about things like development of brain tumors, or infertility, or increased rates of miscarriage, or any other of these conditions, and diseases that we talked about, those aren’t immediate effects, those are medium and long term effects. And none of the regulations are designed to adjust our risk of or address our risk of forming these medium and long term health outcomes from these exposures. Those are the two big problems, right? There’s a whole class of exposures that aren’t regulated at all, and those that are regulated, they’re only designed to protect you against these short term health effects. Now, there’s a whole bunch of other reasons why regulations are really flawed. And I don’t want to go too into depth detail on that in this company, I will say one more thing, which I want people to understand. In the United States cell phone radiation, radiation is regulated by an entity called the FCC, or the Federal Communications Commission. And when people hear that they assume that the federal government is testing the cell phones, and that is not what is happening. When these cell phones are released, the manufacturers contract testing at a private lab, and then they determine what numbers to release. In terms of Yes, I promise you this phone meets radiation safety guidelines, but the federal government never tests this stuff. It’s all based on the honor system. And you don’t know what the circumstances of the test were, you don’t know how the phone was held during the test. You don’t know how strong the signal was during the test. You don’t know how many of the wireless connections were on during that. There’s all sorts of reasons why that data that they published is effectively meaningless. And so when people ask me, you know, for like, for instance, on recommendations on what’s the lowest, the lowest radiation cell phone, I have no idea what to tell them. And I tell them what that because I don’t believe the data that they’re publishing on this, because I know the conditions under which these tests are done. And in fact, in France, a few years ago, the government did test about 300 different models of cell phones. And what they found was that 88% of the models that they tested, emitted more radiation than the manufacturer said, and several models emitted more than were legally permissible, and were recalled from the market. So this is, again, there’s a whole lot of reasons. And we could do a whole separate interview just on regulations, because it is something I believe strongly in, and there’s a whole lot of reasons why they are insufficient, but those are some of the top ones, right? There’s a whole bunch of exposures that aren’t regulated at all, the ones that are regulated, are designed to attempt to prevent short term immediate damage. And there’s no one out there policing the companies. It’s all based on the honor system.

Kara Lovehart 54:20
Wow. So what are the things that we can do that are free, that are easy that we can really mitigate some of these EMF fields or our exposure?

R Blank 54:31
Sure, and I have a, I’ll get into some of the big ones. And for those who are interested, I, if you go to my website at shield, your body.com right there at the top of the homepage, you can just get this guy that tells you some of the most effective ways that you can start reducing your exposure for free, and why those are some of the most important things, differences that you can make. The number one thing I tell people to do is to stop carrying their phones in their pockets or their bras right up against your body. You know, we, as we talked about throughout this conversation, there are so many sources of EMF in our world and in our immediate environments. Why do I focus on that being such an important one, because cell phones are actually very, very, very high powered devices right there designed to be able to communicate over miles. And also, that’s just the cell phone, right, because as we mentioned, there’s also Wi Fi, there’s Bluetooth, there’s NFC on these other connections. And when it is right up against your body, you’re getting the maximum possible dose that that device has, and generally for extended periods of time, because you don’t just put your phone in your pocket for 10 seconds, you probably put it there and walk around for a couple hours, and then you take it out, then you put it back in a couple hours later. So you’re getting extended high doses from these devices. And so never carry your phone in your pocket or your bra. Or I should say if you do to put it into airplane mode, right, because Airplane Mode is your friend, if you have to carry it because sometimes I have to carry my phone in my pocket. And I make sure to put it into airplane mode before I do, because that’s really, really important. So that is the number one thing that people can and should do. Another great example of this is to turn off your Wi Fi at night, right? If you’re really serious about cutting out the emf in your life, you will get rid of the Wi Fi, and you’ll replace it with wired Ethernet in your home. But I know from dealing with consumers all the time, that is a big step, it’s a real investment, it creates a degree of friction and convenience in their relationship with technology. So not everyone’s willing to do that. So at least turn off your Wi Fi at night when you’re asleep. And you’re not even using the Wi Fi. Because that again, assuming eight hours of sleep, that’s a third of your life, you can get rid of that Wi Fi exposure. And that makes a difference even if you’re in an apartment building. And you can see 510 other networks, you know, when you load up, you know the the Wi Fi selector on your computer, it still makes a difference that you’ve cut out the one in your apartment. Now, these all there’s a whole bunch of what I call these the SOP, healthy living tips, there’s a whole bunch of these, and they all fall into two categories. One is to minimize your use of EMF emitting technology. That is an example of turning off your Wi Fi at night. And the other is to maximize the distance between your body and the technology when it isn’t you. So that’s an example of not carrying your phone in your pocket. The the minimize makes a lot of sense, right? Because if you’re just turning off an EMF emitting device, it makes a lot of sense. And you’re getting a lot less exposure from that. Why does the distance one matter so much, because the power of EMF radiation diminishes exponentially with distance. So if you have your phone, and it is, you know, one inch away from your body, and then you adjust it, so now it’s two inches away, all we’ve done is move it by one inch, right, it’s still close, but we’ve moved it by one inch, because we doubled the distance, the power of your exposure has been cut by 75%. That is how important exponential means in this context. So every inch of separation that you can create between your body and your technology makes a really big difference in what your actual exposure is. Another powerful tip from this is never to use your laptop in your lap, you should always keep it further away from you, you should never sleep with your phone or put it into airplane mode. When you do there’s all sorts of ways where you can put these to the minimize, use maximize distance, there’s all sorts of ways where you can put those two things into practice in your life. And there’s ways there’s a lot of ways of doing this that do not impinge on your enjoyment of modern technology at all. And once you start you’ll realize all the other things you could be doing.

Kara Lovehart 58:58
And I think that when I was looking at your product line too you had some like laptop pads and things that make it still practical to use a lot of the things that you’re saying you don’t have to cut everything out because it does I think that’s one of the things that I can imagine some if I was talking to myself 10 years ago, I would have said hey you know you’re gonna be able to use tech it’s gonna be okay like with EMF has sensitivity and even listeners who are not sensitive or going well, not really experiencing these things or they don’t think they’re experiencing you know, any symptoms, they might have migraine headaches or they might have cognition issues or not realize if you know that’s an issue your products are able to be utilized in, in our tech world. That’s really inspiring to me because I think that I’ve met so many people that are just very, don’t do it, don’t use it to a cell phone at all just really extreme with it. And I think that some people need to do that, but not everybody does. And it’s not really realistic, unfortunately in our our culture in our environment,

R Blank 59:52
ya know, for sure, I mean, there’s different people or different people are willing to do different amounts of you know, when it comes to EMF mitigation. As you know, just as it is with exercise or diet, there’s a lot of people out there who know that they should be eating less sugar, and they’re making some efforts. But they’re still eating some sugar, whereas there’s other people out there who have cut it completely out of their diet. And we all know, right, the less of that that you’re going to eat, the healthier it is for you, but you’re still willing to engage. That’s the kind of the approach I want people to come away from this conversation with, there is no eliminating EMF from your EMF exposure from your life, there’s, in today’s world, it is virtually impossible to eliminate exposure to human made EMF. And so what this is about what I am doing is trying to build up awareness so that people can make more intelligent and more mindful decisions about their exposures. And they can cut out the ones that don’t add any value to their lives. Because if an exposure is not adding any value to your life, you should certainly cut it out. Because otherwise it’s just increased exposure to a toxin that you’re not, right. But But there’s other ones where you’re like, you know what, I get enough value, I get enough enjoyment out of this, I’m going to engage with technology and get the exposure. Because I can’t live without it. It’s about making more mindful decisions about what applies to me and my lifestyle, and go into it, at least knowing the some of the risks that help you make that kind of cost benefit analysis.

Kara Lovehart 1:01:24
Absolutely. And I always say to my, my clientele and my listeners that what we met, what we monitor we manage. And when we start to monitor our health symptoms, all the different types of alternative therapies or mainstream therapies, medications, whatever lifestyle choices we’re making. And if we can look at that contrast of how am I feeling now versus, you know, having this product or not, I think that’s the most empowering thing you can do. And I think notice the difference, I mean, for me, like being in front of this computer too much, I’m really excited to try some of your products because again, I don’t have, I haven’t had access to a lot of products that have that testing and that quality, so I’m really excited to try them. But for me, I get a rash alongside of my neck. And I know I feel it. When I’m in front of my computer too much. I have a monitor up here and a monitor down here. And right now I have lights on me. And I feel that sensation around my neck. I’m an NSF as a woman thyroid health is so I mean, for anybody with thyroid health is a big deal, I get a rash. And I noticed the more exposure I have, if I’m editing a lot of videos, I’m in front of the computer a lot more than I normally am, that rash will get worse. And for a while I had to do the the skeptical monitoring things isn’t my shampoo is it, you know, maybe getting oil on my neck from it from a conditioner on my hair. No, it’s not anything changes, not product changes or anything I’m eating because I’m very, you know, again, what your monitor you can manage. But I think it’s nice to have that contrast. So that if you are looking at turning off your Wi Fi at night, or doing some of this simple, easy free ways that our has recommended to eliminate or not eliminate, because you can’t eliminate but lessen the EMF exposure to track and see how you feel. I think that is the only way that we can educate and really bring people out of this perception of that EMF sensitivity is, like I said earlier, like I’m part of the tinfoil hat society, you know, like, Oh, I think that 3d You know, like that one character in Breaking Bad. What is it, dad that he can’t go out? And when I saw that episode was like, Oh my gosh, yes, this is totally a thing. I remember when it was like this not Why wasn’t that bad. That wasn’t to that extreme. But I know that for my one client, I had worked with it. That is a real thing. Like even her driving her vehicle her car, she was so sensitive that to that radiation. So I’m just so grateful that you exist and that you’re doing this and you’re educating in a way that’s just very grounded, very relatable, very science based and not inducing fear, like what can we do about how can we empower ourselves and learn through awareness? So I’m going to send everybody information in the show notes here to check out for all the all the information for your on your website, as well as some more information about immune function to I’m curious if you have any PDFs on that, because we didn’t actually get to that today, we might actually want to cut you back in the fall or something regarding that, because that’s a big.

R Blank 1:04:06
Yeah, and I don’t have a PDF on it. But I do I do have a link, which I was just checking out which I can I can send you to include in the show notes. Awesome. Because there is there is there is research on the interaction with the immune system and then some of the information might you might surprise some of your your listeners.

Kara Lovehart 1:04:25
Yeah, because a lot of my sensitive people also struggle with autoimmune conditions. And of course, immunity as an in general we want to be with COVID and all that and everyone wanting to really make sure that they’re doing the best they can with helping their immune system along. I think that’s really powerful information that we’ll make sure that we share that too. But I’m really just thrilled to interview you Where were you 10 years ago, but I’m so glad that I’m like you’re starting up right you’re doing you’re starting on this journey. I know. I would have been so cool to talk to you but like so this is real right? So I’m really glad that that we got to connect and is there anything else you want to share with our listeners at all?

R Blank 1:04:59
No. With that, I thank you so much for having me on the Mind Body Detox podcast. I love your well the opportunity to communicate with your audience. But I love the enthusiasm and awareness that you bring to this topic, which obviously, I feel is a very important topic. And so this whole conversation has been a real pleasure. So thank you very much. And for your listeners, as we were talking about, there’s a ton of free information on my website. Yes, I make and sell products. But that’s actually just a small portion of my website. We’re actually working now to try to get it to be even a bit more better organized so it’s easier to find, because we have we have hundreds of articles, as you were talking about, we have multiple ebooks, we have a YouTube channel with lots of educational videos. So there’s a whole lot to do at shield your body.com that is free and informational and educational. And so yeah, that’s all it shield your body.com

Kara Lovehart 1:05:55
I hope you guys have enjoyed this episode and that it’s been educational and empowering. I highly encourage if you are looking to get an EMF detector to check out EMF radiation in your own home to check out the show notes because there is a link that R blank has provided for us to make sure you’re getting a quality EMF detector. And if you’re interested in purchasing anything on our blank shield, your body.com website I highly recommend first of all checking it out. But I’m offering you a discount code in the show notes so make sure you check that out if you are going to be purchasing something you don’t want to miss out on those discounts. Again thank you guys so much for listening and be well until next time my friends

thank you for listening to the Mind Body Detox podcast. We wish you wellness and health in your mind, body and spirit and be well until next time my friends

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I take pride in designing great, effective products, based on real, measurable science – AND taking the time to ensure that each and every one of you has the information you need to understand EMF and make informed decisions.

So if you have a question, just email me and ask.

R Blank

R Blank

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