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The NCB and the Earth’s Natural DC Current

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The NCB from SYB is a unique product that makes it safer to ground your body by blocking contact current, dirty electricity, and reducing your electric field exposure.

But we’ve received many messages from people asking “if the NCB also stops the interaction of the earth’s own magnetic field with their bodies, besides the harmful currents and EMFs mentioned above.” And I’m sure you’re wondering that too.

So, in this post, I will answer that and a lot of other things. So, sit tight.

Will the NCB Block Earth’s Natural Direct Current (DC)?

If you don’t know what the earth’s natural direct current is, I have written a separate post explaining this concept in-depth. So, give it a read before proceeding further with this post.

With that said, the answer to your question is ‘no.’ The NCB does not stop the earth’s natural DC’s (Direct Current) interaction with your body.

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We’ve designed this product to simply block the harmful human-made currents like AC (alternating current) from power grids and DC (direct current) that are intentionally put on things like gas pipes.

The natural DC electric field from the earth does not require any wire or cable to exchange energy with humans.

Natural DC manifests itself through lightning. When excess charge builds up, it looks for a path with the least resistance to discharge. This could be a cloud-to-cloud discharge, cloud to air, earth to the cloud, and more.

In fact, you may already be familiar with a phenomenon similar to this. Notice sometimes, when you shuffle your feet on a carpet and touch a doorknob, you experience a minor electric shock? That’s naturally occurring DC in action.

Your skin has capacitive properties, which means it can hold a great deal of charge.

How Does Earth’s DC Transfer?

The primary building block of electric fields is charge. And charge is made of two elements, proton, and electron. The proton at the center of an atom is positively charged, hence its name “pro + ton,” and the electron is negatively charged.

The proton’s positive charge radiates energy outwards, while the electron’s negative charge pulls energy inwards.

Now since opposite charges get attracted to each other, they form a bond, a relationship, connected together through their attractive electric fields.

This means when the number of electrons is the same as the protons, it creates a balance in the charge, triggering a neutral state. But if these numbers are unequal, either more positive (fewer electrons) or more negative (excessive electrons), an ion is created.

When this happens, nature seeks to correct this.

We measure this imbalance using voltage. The lower the voltage, the lower the power of the push or pull between the opposite charges. The higher the voltage, the greater the imbalance and more push/pull power to make a correction.

And there lies the simple concept. Because there’s an imbalance between the earth’s natural DC and your body’s electric fields, your body has the ability to transfer energies from and to the earth.

The concept of absorbing the earth’s DC is also sometimes called getting in touch with the “chi.”

Experts say that we need to be in a relationship with the earth’s natural chi to balance our chakras.

What are Chakras?

Chakra is a concept of different energy reserves within our bodies that moderates your psychology. Experts say that these energies look like spinning vortexes that work by absorbing the etheric energy in our nature. Besides that, the chakras can also exchange energy with other living beings.

And none of these energies require a wire their exchanges.

Some people are said to be better at creating their own energy, and some people require stealing it from others. This is also one of the reasons why some people are more grounded, and others are very disconnected.

When all of these energies (chakras) are in balance, you experience healthier emotional growth and maturity. This is why we need a connection to our planet and its living chi energy.

But, how do we do that most effectively?

Getting in Touch with the Chi

Numerous martial arts like Tai Chi and Chi Gong are designed to address this. But you can also do this by therapeutically grounding yourself doing things like walking on the beach, in the woods, gardening, and simply being in nature.

Also, you need to be aware of your skin. It has a great capacitance, and I can hold a great deal of charge absorbed from very unhealthy sources.

So basically, there are two things—absorbing the ‘chi’ energy from the earth and releasing harmful energy that your body accumulates from unnatural sources.

Unnatural energies come from AC or alternating current. When we expose ourselves to these energies, our bodies hold an excessive amount of charge, which is not suitable for health. This is why you need to take the necessary steps to dissipate it.

Releasing the accumulated unnatural energies from the body is also one of the greatest goals of grounding.

Why is Grounding Necessary?

When this unnatural energy accumulates in the body, and we do nothing to discharge it, our bodies have to process it out chemically. This can result in problems like free-radical damage, pH imbalances, voltage-gate calcium channel activation, mitochondrial dysfunction, and more.

Personally, I prefer grounding out in the yard, beach, or woods instead of using grounding products. This is because, unlike grounding products, there’s no human-made energy crawling up to my body in nature.

But I also understand that not everyone has the time or resources to perform grounding activities in nature. And that’s where the problem begins.

The grounding system in your home is a pathway for the excess current to return to the grid. And although it’s called a “neutral wire (using which the excess current returns),” it’s not neutral at all.

These wires carry the harmonics created by appliances, and sometimes neutral wires carry more current than live wires. And since the neutral wires dump the excess electricity into the ground, it can electrify all of your grounded appliances and systems in your home. Read my post on “Ground Current Pollution” to learn more about this.

And your grounding products, like mats, sheets, and EMF shielding canopies, get no exception from this electrification. This current may not give you an electric shock, but accumulated over time can make you extremely sick.

To solve this very challenge, we created the NCB.

The NCB from SYB

The NCB – short for Nuisance Current Blocker – is a ground-breaking, patent-pending invention from EMF consultant Andrew McAfee. It’s designed to make grounding your body safer.

The SYB Nuisance Current Blocker (NCB) Makes Grounding Safer
The NCB From SYB

The NCB acts as a mediator between your grounding product and the wall outlet. It contains a resistor that stops the current from getting to your grounding mat.

Also–vitally!–the NCB maintains an effective “ground fault path.” You may not know what that means, but it’s really important. Because, if for some horrible reason one of the electrical lines is cut, or something else goes wrong, your grounding mats can get electrified.

In that case, NCB activates and pushes the current back, tripping your breakers immediately and protecting you from getting an electric shock.

Using the NCB is really simple. Just plug the NCB into the wall. Then plug your grounding product into the NCB.

That’s it!

Yes, that’s really it!

Now you’re protected.You can get your own NCB delivered from the SYB store to your doorstep. So, do check it out.

The NCB Pro from SYB

While the NCB is an amazing tool to have in your EMF protection arsenal, it works with one grounding product at a time. So, what if you wanted to clean EMF pollution from your entire grounding system?

Introducing the NCB Pro—the professional version of the NCB.

The NCB Pro from SYB

Also designed by NCB creator Andrew McAfee, the NCB Pro cleanses EMF hazards like magnetic fields, dirty electricity, and contact current from your whole grounding system.

This product attaches directly to your grounding conductor. So, no matter what grounding product you’re using or how many, if they’re plugged into the circuit that has the NCB Pro installed, you’re protected.

Besides that, the NCB Pro also maintains an effective ground-fault current path—protecting you from electrocution in case of a ground fault.

Because of its nature, the NCB Pro requires professional installation by a licensed electrician or a certified Building Biologist. But upon purchasing this product, you also get a free 30-minute consulting session ($198 value) with Andrew McAfee.

So, if the electrician you’re working with isn’t familiar with the NCB Pro, Andrew can guide them through the installation.

Check out the NCB Pro on the SYB website. It’s really a one-time investment towards the safety of you and your loved ones.

Where do you carry your phone?

Want to Slash Your EMF Health Risks?

Good! Learn the one small change you should make right now.

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