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Welcome to Your New NCB Pro from SYB

Your New NCB Pro...

The NCB Pro cleans harmful EMF forces from an entire grounding circuit:


Important Information

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How it Works

In order to address the electrical hazards from grounding, we want to stop current on the grounding conductors– before they enter the home. That’s the foreign current, like through a well pump, as we see in this diagram.

The NCB Pro also addresses local or in home current sources from appliances.

The NCB Pro is placed in the grounding conductor. There’s a resistor in there, and it strips the dirty electricity, and stops the current and magnetic field, from your grounding conductor.

And – VITALLY– the NCB maintains an effective “ground-fault path.” You may not know what that means, but it’s really important. Because, if for some horrible reason an electrical cord is cut or something else goes wrong, and your grounding mat gets electrified, the NCB Pro activates and sends that current back to trip the breaker immediately– protecting you.

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