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In this episode, Marla talks with our CEO, R Blank, covering:

  • The science behind the harmful effects of EMF radiation
  • How EMF affects our immune system
  • The younger you are, the stronger the affects of EMF radiation
  • The hindrances behind the regulatory process
  • Actions you can take to limit your exposure and protect your health
  • What “grounding” really means and how it can benefit you
  • EMF protection products at “Shieldyourbody.com” with universally accepted science behind them
  • Steps you can take before buying a house
  • How to find an electromagnetic radiation specialist
  • Why you might want to put your phone into Airplane mode



Marla Miller 0:04
Welcome to open minded healing where the topic is alternative health. We will be having conversations with the practitioners that offer a variety of alternative healing modalities as well as everyday people who have recovered their health outside of the MDS office. Join us with an open mind for conversations that may provide solutions to healing your own body on a mental, physical and spiritual level. I’m Marla Miller. Let’s begin.

Unknown Speaker 0:35
Hello, everyone,

Marla Miller 0:36
welcome to the show. My guest today is R blank. R is the CEO of shield your body whose mission is to make technology safer, are creates products that make it easy and affordable for people to reduce their exposure to wireless radiation from devices like cell phones and laptops. This follows a career in software development for blue chip firms including Apple, NBC, Disney, Microsoft, the NFL, IKEA and Mattel, with hundreds of 1000s of customers in over 30 countries and having been interviewed on platforms ranging from ABC to electric sense, R is an internationally followed expert on issues of EMF health and safety. He was inspired to create shield your body when he co authored the best selling book called overpowered with his father, Dr. Martin Blanc, one of the world’s leading EMF scientists, are has degrees from Columbia University and UCLA, and now hosts the healthier tech podcast. Welcome R. How are you? Good. Thanks.

R Blank 1:42
Hi. It’s very nice to be here, Marla?

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Marla Miller 1:44
Well, we have an interesting conversation ahead of us I think about EMF radiation. I know it’s a topic that some people know a lot about, and others, I think, are unsure whether it’s a factor or not in their lives, they’re still, I guess, not fully educated about the topic at this point. So I’m hoping that you’ll be able to clear up a lot of information, maybe answer questions that people in general probably have about how to stay healthy around all of this EMF radiation and 5g technology that’s seems to be a lot more prevalent now coming into the society around us. So do you want to start with rather than just hearing that it’s bad for us? Is there science which backs that theory?

R Blank 2:37
Yeah, well, there’s, there’s a lot of bad science. And maybe as a starting point, just a quick explainer for people. EMF is a form of radiation. It stands for electromagnetic field. And it is emitted by everything that communicates wirelessly that includes cell phones, laptops, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, and everything that runs on electric power, that includes power lines and appliances, and, you know, refrigerators and blenders. So it is as just as just just from that quick definition, it’s obvious this is all around us. And it’s obvious that the amount of it is growing every year, because the amount of this technology is growing every year and the networks that are being deployed to support this technology are increasing every year. Now, getting to your question about the science. And this is part of what really hit me when I was was working with my father right overpowered because, obviously, you know, he had been my father my whole life that wasn’t there. And so I kind of I kind of knew the work he did. But in the process of writing overpowered it, it was it was really, very, it made a big impression on me just how strong the science is on this question. And that was 10 years ago. So the science is even stronger now. And so, when I say the science is strong, I’m talking about 1000s of studies into this question of whether or EMF is harmful, but both to humans as well as to all other living things. And what we see is from the science is that really you are seeing negative impacts in virtually every biological mechanism, where they are investigated, right. So, you see it just to give you know some quick examples you see in in rates of fertility, infertility, some fertility in men, right and the reproductive organs. You see it on leakage of the blood brain barrier, which helps protect our brain from viruses and other foreign objects from from entering. You see it in the endocrine system, particularly in melatonin production, which helps regulate our sleep cycles. You see In all of these different systems, and so it really the science is not only strong, but it paints this picture where EMF impacts life at a very fundamental level. And that’s why not only do we see this in humans, we see it in in birds and bees, and in trees and plants. The impacts are incredibly wide ranging.

Marla Miller 5:25
Yeah, that’s incredible. When you think about it affecting every living thing on the planet, I mean, humans and animals. So what are some specific ways that might affect our immune system?

R Blank 5:40
So the immune system is an interesting one. Because we’ve, there’s studies out there that shows that it triggers immunosuppression, right, so that it weakens the immune system. But there’s also studies out there that shows that in other people, it can trigger autoimmune disease, which means that the immune system is overactive, it’s overreacting to to, to these, what it interprets as threats to your body, and then it goes into overdrive. And so what we see is, and you know, in different people, EMF can can have different outcomes. Because everyone’s physiology is quite different in their backgrounds, their health backgrounds are quite different. So I’ll give you a specific example of, of this right there, there’s a population of people that are often referred to as electro hypersensitive or EHS, and they will have, for lack of a better term order effectively allergic reactions to exposure to exposure to EMF at levels, where you and I might walk into a room and feel fine. And these people will have significant symptoms, rashes, pain, anxiety. And, and what we are seeing is there is a correlation between people who are EHS and people who are MCS and MCS is multiple chemical sensitivity. So things that are in you know, normal cleaning products that that a lot of people use will trigger these types of reactions, that people who are MCS and again, I mentioned that because there’s a cross susceptibility, when someone has MCs, they’re more likely to have a B EHS and vice versa. We see the same thing with Lyme disease. When people have Lyme disease, they are more likely to have both of those conditions EHS of MCs. So when it comes to getting back to your question on the immune system, there are there are studies showing that it can weaken the immune system. And there are studies showing that it can send the immune system into overdrive. And this is again illustrated illustrative of just how wide ranging a set of impacts this stuff has.

Marla Miller 7:54
Well, that’s interesting that it might trigger autoimmune, because that’s already something that seems to be on the rise and so many people deal with. So then if you add this extra trigger that’s everywhere in your world, I can’t imagine what that will look like in the future.

R Blank 8:12
And one reason I just want to point right good. One reason is it can be really hard to hone in on these things. And the reason is, like if you’re studying what EMF does to DNA, right, you can do that in the lab, and then you can see what happened to the DNA. And there’s some pretty disturbing studies on that specific question. But when we’re talking about things like autoimmune disease, or even bigger questions like cancer, you can’t study that in a lab. You can’t stick a bunch of people in a lab for 1020 30 years to see, you know, which ones use cell phones and then got cancer. Right. So what we do is return to a type of science called epidemiology, which is the study of incidence of disease in populations. The problem with that with this particular question is that for any type of study like this, you need a control group. And what a control group is, it’s a group of people that are exposed to whatever it is you’re trying to study. And when you think about it, and again, the number of sources of this stuff in our environment, there are virtually no unexposed populations. So it makes this type of research incredibly difficult. Now, there is some very powerful research on this. And there’s one in particular that I’ll bring up. There is a book, it’s called Dirty electricity. It’s by Dr. Sam Milan. And what he did remember earlier I said one of the sources of EMF is electricity, power lines, power lines didn’t used to exist, they were added, right? And they weren’t added to the whole country all at once they were deployed in this area, then they were deployed in this area, then they were deployed in this area. But Dr. Milam did is he went around the country, and he investigated death records from before electrification process happened and then after the electrification process happened And what he found is that there’s a whole set of diseases, what he calls diseases of civilization, that did not exist until the introduction of the electric grid. And they didn’t exist in a particular place until the introduction of the electrical grid in that place. So these include things like childhood leukemia, which is the incidence of leukemia and children three to four years old, that did not happen before the introduction of the electrical grid, ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease did not happen until the electrification process happened. And you still find there are some populations with much less exposure to these forces, like the Amish, and you still don’t find these diseases of civilization, among those populations. So it is possible to do that type of research that I was just talking about. And that is a very powerful example of that type of research and the story that it’s portraying.

Marla Miller 10:56
Yeah, that is so interesting to think about trying to find that clinical group of people that has not been exposed to something and there’s no way around it at this point. What about any effects specifically on children?

R Blank 11:13
Well, as I said, right, EMF affects all living things. And so children are included in that the difference is that children that it’s not just children, right, the younger you are, the more vulnerable you are to this type to damage from this force. Right. So that means teens are more vulnerable than adults, children are more vulnerable and teens, babies are more vulnerable. And children and fetuses are most vulnerable of all. Now, there are several reasons for that. One is just that they are smaller, right. So if you, you know, hold the phone up to your head, and the radiation from that phone, a penetrates an inch into your head, and then a child holds that up to his head or her head and goes in an inch, that inch and the child is going to constitute a much bigger percentage of that child’s brain. So more of their brain is being radiated. Also, the younger you are, particularly you know, below a certain age, certain things are less well developed. So that would include, for instance, the thickness of the skull, the skull provides a degree of natural shielding when it is thinner, there’s less of that shielding there. But then there’s other physiological differences. So one is the rate at which they grow. So if you damage a set of cells in an adult, right, that will replicate at a certain rate, which is much slower than if you damage a set of cells and a child whose the cellular division replication process is, is very rapid. And the younger you are, the more rabid it is That means any damage spreads more rapidly, more widely. And then of course, they theoretically have longer to live. And so any damage has more time to actually take effect. And so these are just some examples of why the younger you are, the more vulnerable you are to this type of damage. And there’s, you know, some some pretty concerning research out there about for instance, rates of miscarriage correlating to EMF exposure in utero. But there’s other research out there, which I personally find both concerning, but also very interesting. When when children are exposed to greater levels of EMF in utero, you can see not just higher rates of miscarriage or birth defects, you can see diseases manifest at greater rates, once they are older, right. So there’s research showing that with mothers who have higher rates of levels of EMF exposure of their fetus in utero, that by the time that the child is 13, there’s much greater incidence of asthma in those children. And so you see, these, these, these really concerning patterns play out again, and again, that’s what I was trying to say earlier. Right, in basically every kind of biological system in which you make these execute these investigations, you find very concerning outcomes.

Marla Miller 14:02
Yeah, that is concerning, especially since it’s so prevalent, especially with kids, you know, now having cell phones at such an early age and the constant exposure. Yeah. Yeah, that is pretty scary. Well, before we get into some solutions, which I hope you have for us, so we’re not overwhelmed. I have two questions. One is where do you see the regulatory process going with all this new 5g technology? I know that it’s been prevented, I think, at the airports because it was causing a problem. Right?

R Blank 14:39
I want to be Yeah, I believe that was just a delay and not an actual ban. There was concern that it would interfere with flight instrumentation. I think they got the wireless companies got what they wanted on that one. But it may there may still be a delay on that. But it is only a delay. And it has nothing to do with public health except insofar as you don’t want playing

Marla Miller 15:00
This crash? Yeah.

R Blank 15:04
So to answer the question, though, on the regulatory side of things, and we actually did an episode on this on the healthier tech podcast we brought in was actually my cousin. But he’s a policy director in New Hampshire state legislature, but also previously in the US Congress. And the outlook is pretty bleak. on the regulatory side for a lot of reasons that we get into in depth in that episode, but there’s no clear owner of who is in charge of human safety when it comes to EMF, right. So when it comes to cell phones, theoretically, that’s the Federal Communications Commission when it comes to cars, right? Who does that? No one. Another really concerning example of this is power lines, which from a regulatory perspective are also very complicated because they cross state lines, they impact responsibilities from multiple different federal departments. This is another example where there are no regulations about how much EMF a powerline can. Now there are some for occupational workers. But for all of us out in the real world, there is absolutely zero regulation. And so what you end up with is this kind of messy hodgepodge, where like, again, I give the example of cell phones, cell phones, at least are theoretically regulate that at least there are certain radiation limits they are supposed to be under. But then there’s whole sets of exposures that are not regulated at all. And in terms of the prospect of that changing, I think it is pretty bleak. Because of all a getting anything done in Washington right now. And probably for the foreseeable future is almost impossible. As we see an issue after issue after issue and then be there is a lot of in terms of revolving door, you hear it referred to as the revolving door where people go from industry into government and back and forth. And so the people in charge of regulating the cellphone industry have come from the cell phone industry. And there’s other reasons too, with more specific to emf in terms of how complicated this can be. And how poorly understood by a lot of people it is. So the amount of public pressure is notably less than it would be maybe for other other talks like lead and waterpipes. So for all of these reasons, the prospect of any of this changing, I’d say is in the foreseeable future is quite bleak. Now, there are some bright spots. So recently, a group had sued the FCC specifically on their 5g regulations, because the FCC had ruled that they can regulate 5g the exact same way no cell phone EMF had been regulated since the 1996 Telecom bill. So for the last 25 years, and the FCC just came out and said, We’re going to regulate 5g the same way. And a group sued them and the group one and a judge ruled that the FCC had been reckless in terms of the way in which they’ve handled this whole process. Now, does that mean the FCC is going to change 5g regulations, all they have to do is go back and come up with a justification for how they acted. But but there is progress being made. And increasingly, there’s some progress being made at the local level. So you can see, you know, in certain schools, they are banning cell phones, they are hardwiring computers, people are having some success in terms of placement of cell phone towers, and not having them put up near a school for instance. So there are these examples of limited successes that are happening at the local level. And it is at the local level where the change can happen because that is where people can evolve. And you are not dealing with the quagmire that is politics in Washington DC these days.

Marla Miller 18:44
Yeah, I think that’s going to be the make it or break it, as far as making a big change for our health will be when more and more people really get educated about this, and determine that they want their health to be better, and they will demand it. But I think that’s probably a long way off, because you have a lot of people that want things faster and quicker and want that 5g technology and what it has to offer, but without considering all the health implications. And also as time goes on, and you start to see more and more actual results down the road of how it impacted, say the younger generation that started off with the phones, and then 30 years down the road. What is that going to look like for them? Once we have that information, too? I think people will be more compelled to demand action.

R Blank 19:36
Yeah, I mean, and that’s a really that’s a really good point. This technology is deployed with not only apps and virtually absent any regulation, but absent any long term testing, right. So let’s take Bluetooth headsets as an example which are increasingly popular. Bluetooth is essentially the same thing as Wi Fi. And when you’re carrying these headsets right you’re putting We have right near your brain and your eyes and several important nerves in your head. And generally for hours at a time, every day or almost every day. That’s really concerning set of exposures. But you know, can I say that, you know, what are the odds of federal increase your risk of brain tumor, I can’t. And the reason I can’t say that is because in order to perform those studies, that would have to take 1015 20 years, and this stuff is deployed without that. So all of this technology is being deployed. And we are the lab test subjects. And it only becomes apparent, particularly because a lot of these conditions, I mean, not all of them are cancer, but a lot of them are cancer, and but those tend to be really concerning outcomes for people for obvious reasons. And these cancers take 510 20, maybe even 30 years to form. And so you’re not going to get that data until you know, airpots turn 30. And that’s when we start to see it. And by then, who knows really what caused the tumors, because maybe they were wearing the Facebook glasses as well. And maybe they had all these other new technologies introduced into their homes and into their lives and possibly implanted into their bodies, which other companies are working to try to accomplish at this point. So it becomes difficult to tease about the technology becomes integrated into the fabric of society. So even if you wanted to replace it, that is incredibly difficult and expensive. So an increasing amount of science has recently been documenting the incidence of early onset Alzheimer’s, that’s Alzheimer’s in people who are you know, 30 and 40 years old, that never used to happen. And it is postulated is hypothesized that is linked to the amount of cellphone use and other wireless technologies. Now, I think I’m being clear that I believe and many believe EMF is a toxin. But I also want to be clear that there are a lot of toxins in the world. Even as lifespans expand our toxic loads are expanding. EMF is a big and important toxin that I want people to be aware of. But our health is being impacted by just the level of toxicity in our environments. And EMF is an important one. But there are plenty of others that are contributing to these health outcomes that we are seeing.

Marla Miller 22:26
Yeah, yeah, the morning, be aware in the morning, detox your body on a regular basis, you know, as a lifestyle, because like you said, there’s so many different toxins bombarding us. So yeah, just keep our heads above water, we should always be working on that, I think in general, is so what are some perhaps uplifting things that we can do? You know, how can we protect ourselves? Because I don’t think it’s going to change anytime soon, I think it’s going to continue to surround us and get more powerful. So what are some things we could do in our own homes or, you know, when we go out or with our phones, that will be protective?

R Blank 23:09
Sure. So when it comes to this, what what people can do, and I’m glad you asked this, because a once you start to get exposed to this information, and you start realizing and even people who are listening to this don’t have to take my word for it, they can go do some research online, a great place to start is the bio initiative report bio initiative.org. That was a group of scientists, including my father, who reviewed 1000s of studies, when I know when you start to hear that this science is exists, and and then you start realizing these forces, you know, what it comes from are it’s everywhere, it can feel overwhelming, it can feel depressing, and it can make you feel powerless. And so one of the key lessons I messages I tried to get across is to help people understand just how much power they have in this equation. And there’s one key reason for that. And that is that the power of EMF radiation diminishes exponentially with distance. So if you take a phone and it’s an inch away from the body, and then you move it two inches away from the body, you’ve cut the power of that exposure by 75%. And so the further away, you keep this stuff, it can make a really big difference. So this is why I believe, you know, a lot of people carry cell phones in their pockets and in their bras. And I believe despite how much EMF there is out in the world, and how it is continually growing. For a lot of people, the people who carry their phones regularly in their pockets in their bras. That is one of the biggest, if not the biggest sources of their own personal exposure because these devices are really high powered devices. They’re designed to communicate over miles and that’s just the cell phone connection, right. There’s also Bluetooth and Wi Fi and NFC, all of these wireless parts built into these things. So keeping the tech that you use as far away from your body as possible. is really important and can make a huge difference in your exposure. It means not sleeping with your phone, it means keeping the Wi Fi router as far away from where you and your family spend your time and your house as possible. These are never holding the phone up to your head to talk always use speakerphone or a headset. And once you start thinking about it right, you’ll start to realize in your own life, some of the other things that like never use your life, if you’re one of these people that uses a laptop in your lap, never do that. If even if it’s not in your lap, but it’s on the desk, if you plug in an external keyboard and mouse, you can keep it even further away. And that’s another way that you can start cutting down your exposure. So there’s all these ways with any source of EMF, the further away it is from your body, the you can make a really big difference in that exposure. So that’s that’s one way right? Maximizing the distance, the other is minimizing the use, right? So very few people are just gonna go out and give up cell phones, they become fully integrated into our lives. I don’t give up. I mean, I just held up my cell phone on camera, right, I have a cell phone. But there’s other technologies that aren’t vital. That hadn’t become fully integrated into our lives that really when you think about it, they don’t add any real value at all. And those are the ones where you just want to not use them. Right, don’t invest the money like so an example I give is smart refrigerators, I have yet to see a compelling use case, that makes me think, Oh, I really could get value out of a smart refrigerator. They sound pointless to me. But when you get one, you’re putting another, you know, Wi Fi transmitter into your kitchen. There’s other more ludicrous examples? In my opinion, there’s a smart kitty litter box, there is a smart airbrush. There’s a smart tampon laying? Yeah, I don’t

know, that’s a very sensitive area. And again, extended exposures, right? So but it comes down also to entertainment devices like wireless headphones, you know, don’t use them, or you know, if you do because you really need them at the gym, then just use them at the gym. And don’t use them just as a way of life. Don’t walk around with this stuff. With all of these things, individual purchasing and usage decisions that you make, can have a really big impact on your personal exposure. So you want to minimize your use of EMF emitting technology. And you want to maximize the distance between that tech and your body when it isn’t Yes, not too bad. I’ll add a third thing. You mentioned detox. And increasingly, I’ve been talking about grounding what grounding is, and you probably know, but for any listeners who don’t know, grounding, or sometimes called earthing, that is putting your body into contact. And when I say your body, I mean like your bare feet, not not your shoes into contact with the earth. So Park grass, sand, the ocean, but the Earth itself, not pavement, it’s really important that it’s your bare feet, and it’s the Earth itself. I know you hear people sometimes say Oh, you’ll feel better, it’s your becoming one with the earth. What I want to underscore is there’s actual science not only that this is healthy for you, but that it helps undo some of the Act the specific types of damage that EMF exposure can cause right. So, when you are grounding your body to the earth, you are discharging positive ionization that can result from EMF exposure, you are reducing levels of free radicals in your body that can result from EMF exposure, that in turn can reduce inflammation again, which can result from EMF exposure. So while it is not a panacea, while it doesn’t cure you of all the damage that EMF can cause grounding, can actually help quite a bit in terms of relieving some of the physical and biological stresses of EMF exposure is, I think, a wonderful practice I try to go walking on the beach at least once a week because of how good it makes me feel. So those those are the three things that I would say my normal two key rules, which is minimize the use of maximize distance, and then also grounding for detox. And then you know, of course, the healthier you are overall the more resilient your body will be to damage from EMF just like any other toxin, so that means that exercise that means diet, these things make a big difference when it comes to your body coping with with this type of stress.

Marla Miller 29:38
Yeah, yeah, you don’t want to overload your immune system. I think that’s the bottom line, whether it’s EMF or it’s heavy metals or whatever it is you it’s like stay on top of it, trying to eliminate what you can and also as far as the grounding it is, I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy a walk on the beach anyway or trail through the forest like? Yeah, there’s only been If it that comes from doing that. So those are all very good suggestions. And well, I know you have different products on your website, I had also read about like, you could call the electric company and have them stop. And now I forget what it’s called the analog meters, you’re talking about smart meters, yeah, you could have them basically turn off that smart meter where so instead, they have to come out to the house and actually do the reading. It’s not doing a constant reading. Yeah,

R Blank 30:27
unfortunately, not everyone has that, right. Because it’ll depend on the laws in your state and the policies of your electrical utility, when it is possible, they will generally charge you an additional monthly fee. If you have a smart meter on your home, it is worth calling the utility to see if you can get it removed. This is another example of technology that is essentially unregulated from an EMF emissions perspective. And utilities are under no obligation whatsoever to tell you how much radiation you’re being exposed to from that device or to meet a threshold on you know, of maximum exposure, this stuff just doesn’t exist. So it’s another great example of these huge gaps and regulatory frameworks.

Marla Miller 31:09
Yeah, I think it would pay to at least call and see, I know, I was in California. And so I, I was able to do that. And it was just $5 extra a month at the time. So not a big deal. Well, so you do have some other products,

R Blank 31:25
I do have EMF protection products, and people can find them at shield your body.com. And what if your listeners are hearing this, and they’ve never investigated this topic before, and they go out and Google for EMF protection, they’re going to find a lot of different things. I’m not just talking about other companies that do what I do. I’m talking about a lot of different things like little stickers that you can put on your phone that they claim, make it safe crystals that you can wear things that claim to harmonize the radiation. And without going into details about those types of solutions. I will say that, you know, in contrast, the products that I make and sell at shield, your body.com are all based on EMF shielding technology. So this is universally accepted technology. It’s universally accepted science for almost 200 years, since Michael Faraday created the first Faraday cage and what he showed was that if you weave conductive metals into certain patterns, you can deflect radiation in the other direction, much like a window shade deflects sunlight. And so all of my products are made based on this technology. And they are they all are laboratory tested. And we have the data posted on the website. And it is possible for anyone to test five product claims for themselves using a decent quality consumer grade meter. So using you know about 150 $106 meter, you can actually see for yourself that my products are working and you can measure the benefit that they have. So I’ll without going through my whole catalogue because I think I’m a dozen products. Now, you know, I was just in my most popular one is my phone pouch. And what that is, is it’s a pouch that you can put your phone in, and the back of the pouch has this radiation shielding, and the front does. And that is designed that way specifically, so that you can carry your phone in your pocket or on your belt or in your purse and deflect radiation away from your body while still allowing your phone to work to send and receive. So you know how I said earlier, one of the biggest things I tell people is don’t carry your phone in your pocket or your bra or to put it into airplane mode if you do. And I that is my number one recommendation that I tell everybody. But at the end of the day, there are certain people who don’t want to listen to that advice for who can’t listen to that advice, for instance, for their job, right, they need their phone on and they have nowhere else to carry it. And so that’s why I created the phone pouch. And that’s the market that serves as people who want to carry their phone more safely without having to go into airplane mode. And so that is my number one product. Right now. It’s about $30. So it’s pretty reasonably price. And people can find that and the rest of my catalog, It shields your body.com.

Marla Miller 34:09
All right, perfect shield, your body.com Perfect. So they can go in there they can find all your products, as well as information I’m guessing.

R Blank 34:19
Yeah, we have tons of in fact, that’s one of the things we’re trying to do now is maybe reorganize it a little so it’s more accessible. But right there at the top of the homepage, people can download my QuickStart Guide, which has the five best free changes people can make to reduce their exposure and why those five are the most important. And that’s a free guide that people just go to choose your body.com and it’s right there at the top and you just download it and that’s a great way to get started. Oh, perfect.

Marla Miller 34:47
So is your house all set up with all your products, do you?

R Blank 34:53
I know. Yeah, I’m not in my house right now. My house is in a very low EMF area. So I use some, I’ll tell you the product that I use the most these days, which I really love is my sling bag. And so that’s kind of like the pouch in Turkey except it’s bigger, right? And so you can, you can fit not just your phone, but your glasses in your wallet and your tablet and stuff like that. And I find that such a convenient way. So when I’m out and about, I will throw my my phone into my sling bag. That’s the one I’m using all the time.

Marla Miller 35:27
What about power lines that are above ground versus underground, the safer

R Blank 35:31
thing would be for them to be below ground. And that’s not just from an EMF perspective, that’s also from a resilience perspective, they’re much more resilient against damage from natural disasters, which we know are increasingly common, including storms and hurricanes, high wind, but yes, power lines that are varied, are generally are sources of less radiation to which you’re actually exposed. Because the ground creates a form of a barrier.

Marla Miller 36:01
Okay, so maybe when people are looking for houses, they can also check that out. CFDs, very nice.

R Blank 36:07
I strongly recommend I mean, if EMF is a priority for you, like it is, you know, for me, getting one of these meters, and you’re in the market, and you’re in the real estate market, either Dubai or to to rent, bringing one of these meters along with you and taking measurements, because, you know, you can see, like, if you’re looking at a place an apartment or a house, and you can see there’s 20 cell phone towers outside, okay, you know that, but there’s also going to be a lot of sources that you’re just not going to immediately see. And it can come down to the way that the wiring was done inside the drywall and you would have no idea. So getting one of these meters and learning how to use it is I think really important when you’re making a evaluating real estate decisions. Okay.

Marla Miller 36:53
And if someone wanted someone else to do that work for them, can you hire a person that?

R Blank 36:59
Yes, you? Yes, you can. So there’s a group of people known as building biologists, and they have certifications from an institute called the building Biology Institute that we do some work with. And among their certifications is an electromagnetic radiation specialty. And you can go on their website and find people who have gone through the program and are certified in electromagnetic radiation and measuring it and mitigating it. And so that is a great resource. And it’s building Biology Institute, dot O, R, G. But also for those who don’t have one of those experts near them, we offer consulting with those experts through our website. So if you just go to if you go to shield, your body.com, and you click on consulting, you can book time with someone over zoom, who can coach you into how to do this stuff yourself. Okay, perfect. It’s impossible live in this world without EMF exposure, it’s just impossible. That’s a ridiculous goal. It’s pointless, right. So you’re always going to have this exposure, the goal is to reduce it. And there are a lot of ways in which you are empowered to do that. And, you know, I just would encourage people to start, you know, it’s easy to stopping to carry your phone in your pocket, it’s actually a lot easier than it sounds, not sleeping with your phone is another really important one. And that one yields benefits that go beyond reducing your EMF exposure, there’s a growing body of science, that just having your phone near you, even if it’s off, will lead to increased distraction during sleep and lower sleep quality because of the psychological relationship you have with these devices. So there’s a lot that you can do. And I just encourage people to get started and you know, see that it’ll work for you.

Marla Miller 38:42
Yeah, that’s good. Well, yeah, I think the first thing is educate yourself, and they can look on your website to start doing that. And then pick and choose some products. Like you said, That one seems very simple the pocket for your phone, and not expensive. Also, you know, when you put your phone on airplane mode, maybe explain? Sure. So when you’re doing

R Blank 39:05
Yeah, when you put your phone on airplane mode, you are effectively disabling all the wireless cards in the device, right? Because I mentioned earlier, your cell phone, it has a cell network card, right, so it can communicate with the cell network. And as a wireless card. It has a bluetooth chip. It has an NFC that’s used for things like Google Pay and Apple Pay, right. That’s how it uses a technology called NFC. So there’s multiple wireless devices in your phone. And that was, those are the major sources of EMF from your phone. So when you put your phone into airplane mode, you’re turning those off, and essentially eliminating all EMF off of your phone, there’s still going to be a tiny, tiny, tiny bit because of the battery, but you’re essentially knocking out all the EMF. Now another thing that people should know about Airplane Mode is it’s not an all or nothing proposition. So increasingly on these devices I mentioned there’s all these different cards that communicate wirelessly. So let’s say you want to reduce the EMF from your phone, but you still need to be able to get a call, right. So you can turn off all the wireless connections you’re not using, and just keep the one that you are. So you know, when in fact, a good example of that when I am home, my phone only has Wi Fi enabled. And that’s because with a lot of phones, Wi Fi calling, which means you still get phone calls, you still get texts, but but I have the cell phone card off, I have the Bluetooth off. And so by disabling all these other connections, even though my phone is still has Wi Fi enabled, I’ve really reduced the amount of EMF cop coming off of that device. So ideally, you disable all of the all of the wireless communication with airplane mode. But even if you need to use one or two of these connections, disable the others, and you’ll still be making a big reduction in your exposure.

Marla Miller 40:58
So how do you disable the others and keep the Wi Fi only

R Blank 41:01
on. So I don’t actually know what it’s called. There’s a lot of phones now both iPhone and Android, when you just swipe down on the phone, you get all these little icons that give you options. And you can set that up so that you know next to the airplane mode, there’s one that for the Wi Fi signal and one for the Bluetooth signal. And so you can you can use one for cell phone data. And you can just enable and disable them, just bear in that screen. But if it’s not there for you, it’ll be under Settings. And then under wireless connections. And again, you can do the same thing. You just toggle the ones on and off. But I like putting them on that quick access screen, which again, I don’t know the name of. But it’s that quick tour that you can get on both on Android and Apple. And I like putting them there so that they’re all really easy access.

Marla Miller 41:50
Yeah, perfect. Well, thank you for all this information. It’s definitely eye opening. And I’m sure if people delve into the research, they’ll start to not only do the simple things that can in their own homes, but will also gain momentum as far as collective voice against all of this creasing radiation and demanding that it’s more regulated so that we don’t suffer the consequences of it. Yeah.

R Blank 42:22
So and I really appreciate the opportunity to come chat with you and educate your audience on this this topic because, you know, I know it can be intimidating, and it can be complicated and can be sometimes frightening. And the more people that we can reach, the more people are just making smarter decisions about their own personal relationships with technology, and you can really make a big difference. So thank you very much for having.

Marla Miller 42:47
Yeah, thank you. Yeah, smarter decisions about smart technology. That’s what we need. Thank you so much. Thank you.

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