SYB Phone Pouch


SYB is the maker of the ORIGINAL EMF Phone Pouch. Don’t trust lower quality competitor knock-offs.

The SYB Phone Pouch is a simple and affordable way to carry your cell phone and reduce your exposure to harmful wireless radiation.

  • Deflects up to 99% of wireless EMF radiation from your cell phone away from your body.
  • Conveniently carry your cell phone on your belt or in your pocket.
  • Shields on one side only (the side between your phone and your body) so it protects you but does not interfere with phone’s reception or battery life.
  • Protects your phone from scratches and drops.
  • Comfortable, stylish, elastic 3mm thick neoprene.
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors.


The ORIGINAL EMF Phone Pouch.

Did you know cell phone companies say you’re not supposed to carry your cell phone in your pocket? And if you do, the radiation you’re exposed to can exceed legal limits?

But everyone carries their phones in their pockets anyway. Because it’s so convenient.

That’s why we created the SYB Phone Pouch: simple and affordable cell phone radiation protection.

Watch how powerful our SYB Phone Pouch is:

With our Phone Pouch, you can carry your phone more safely.

The powerful shielding material that lines the back of the Phone Pouch and deflects up to 99% of cell phone radiation (65-80 dB attenuation of frequencies from 30MHz to 1GHz), you’re exposed to even less harmful cell phone radiation.

Our Phone Pouch uses well established science– inside each Pouch is a layer of fabric, interwoven with gossamer thin metallic threads that form a shield to deflect EMF radiation, working much like a Faraday cage.

Just put your phone in the Phone Pouch, and put it on your belt or pocket. And now you’re shielded by our powerful cell phone radiation protection.

The Phone Pouch doesn’t alter the behavior of your phone, and it doesn’t lead to an increased drain of your phone’s battery. The Phone Pouch simply deflects the harmful radiation away from your sensitive bits.

Just carry your phone in your SYB Phone Pouch and you’re protected!

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