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Cell Phones And Colorectal Cancer Linked by New Study

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Cell phones and colorectal cancer: it’s not a topic you hear about in the news. That’s because, until now, no attention has been given to a possible link.  And yet colorectal cancer rates are soaring among young people. We’re talking here about a generation who have grown up with smartphones in their pants pockets. Are…

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Cell Phones And Thyroid Cancer: Is There A Link?

Cell Phones and Thyroid Cancer

That cell phones pose a threat to the human brain is well recognized. But what about cell phones and thyroid cancer? Is there a link? With thyroid cancer rates rising around the world, it’s a question worth exploring. Here’s what we know so far. Escalating Rates of Thyroid Cancer Thyroid cancer is now the fastest…

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Aggressive Brain Tumors Are On The Rise: Researcher Point To Cell Phones

Aggressive Brain Tumors

The incidence of aggressive brain tumors have skyrocketed in the UK, according to a new report. Once again scientists are asking: is cell phone radiation to blame? Ask the team behind the study and the answer is that “an adverse environmental or lifestyle factor” is the probable cause of the alarming rise. What is the…

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Why Live in EMF Free Zones?

Imagine life without cell phones or WiFi. There’d be no text messages, no checking Facebook on your daily commute, no selfies, no GPS. For the residents of Green Bank, West Virginia, that is reality. Welcome to the world of EMF free zones. Green Bank, West Virginia Green Bank is a small town in West Virginia.…

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