Babies and EMF: Why The Young Have More Health Risks

Babies and EMF: Why The Young Have More Health Risks

EMF radiation has the potential to adversely impact all living things. Babies are even more vulnerable to health risks from exposure to EMF radiation. Here’s why, and what you can do about it.

What Science Tell Us About Babies and EMF

The younger you are, the more vulnerable you are to damage from EMF radiation.

As just one example of this risk, Dr. Lennart Hardell published a study in 2008 on the link between cell phone usage and the incidence two types of cancers: gliomas and acoustic neuromas. Dr. Hardell reported that people who began using cell phones in their 20s, had an increased probability of 50% for developing gliomas and were twice as likely to develop acoustic neuromas.

In stark contrast, those who began using cell phones before the age of 20, were five times more likely to develop gliomas and acoustic neuromas.

This goes to show that the younger you are, the greater the health risk from EMF exposure. But the people in Dr. Hardell’s 2008 study were in their twenties. What does science tell us about EMF exposure for babies and fetuses?

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Science has demonstrated increase in several negative health effects in babies and fetuses from exposure to EMF, including asthma and leukemia.

  • In one study by a team led by Dr. De-Kun Li at Kaiser Permanente, researchers found that exposure to EMF in utero led to a significant increase in asthma by the time the child turned 13. “Every 1-mG [milligauss] increase of maternal MF level during pregnancy was associated with a 15% increased rate of asthma in offspring.”
  • The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) – a division of the World Health Organization (WHO) – has published paper identifying evidence of an association between childhood leukemia and EMF.
  • A 2019 paper found that EMF exposure from cordless phones while pregnant led to a “statistically significant” increase in speech problems in the child.
  • Another study from Dr. De-Kun Li found that exposure to EMF while pregnant leads to a 2.72 times greater risk of miscarriage.
  • A team of researchers published a paper in 2019 finding found that exposure to EMF in utero led to significant impact on fetal growth, including “lower birth weight, thinner skinfold of triceps, abdomen and back, and smaller circumference of head, upper arm and abdomen in all three ELF-MF matrices.”

Babies Are More Vulnerable

EMF radiation from wireless devices poses health risks to all human beings. But, as we’ve just seen, babies and fetuses are much more vulnerable to damage from these forces. (There are many more such studies demonstrating these effects than what I’ve listed here. For more research on this subject, check out the Baby Safe Project.)

And this shouldn’t be surprising. After all, EMF is a carcinogen, and per a 2014 paper published in the Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure, “children are at greater risk than adults when exposed to any carcinogen.”

There are a few reasons why the younger you are, the more risk you face from exposure to EMF radiation.

Babies Are Growing– Fast

Children with Cell Phone

The first reason is that babies, children and young adults are (obviously) still growing. This means that they are undergoing higher rates of cellular mitosis (the process by which cells divide and multiply).

EMF radiation from devices like cell phones, baby monitors and WiFi have been shown to lead to genetic mutation (sometimes irreparable; so-called “double-strand breaks”). And so, any damage to the DNA in the cells of children will replicate more rapidly, than in adults where the rates of cellular mitosis are much lower.

So, while wireless radiation can damage anyone’s DNA, the impact of that damage is much more significant in children, because the damage is replicated more.

Babies Have Thinner Skulls

The second primary reason that children are more vulnerable is because their skulls are thinner than those of adults. The skull provides a natural shield against EMF radiation, helping to protect the brain. Because the skulls of children are thinner, they provide less protection against EMF radiation entering the brain. As a result, the radiation can penetrate more deeply into the brains of children, than those of adults.

Babies Are Smaller

Obviously, babies are smaller than adults. We all know that. But what does that mean in terms of damage from EMF exposure?

Well, the smaller you are, the further the EMF radiation can penetrate the body, relative to an adult. So more of the body is exposed to the radiation. Here’s what that looks like:

Babies and EMF: Why The Young Have More Health Risks

See how dramatic a difference that is?

Babies Are Younger

Again, no surprise here. We all know babies are younger. What that means in terms of damage from EMF, though, is that they will have more years to live with the damage from EMF. And more years to experience cumulative exposure.

As the American Association of Pediatrics wrote in 2005:

” Concerns about the potential vulnerability of children to radio frequency (RF) fields have been raised because of the potentially greater susceptibility of their developing nervous systems; in addition, their brain tissue is more conductive, RF penetration is greater relative to head size, and they will have a longer lifetime of exposure than adults.

“The Sensitivity of Children to Electromagnetic Fields” from the American Association of Pediatrics

What You Can Do To Protect Babies from EMF

I always tell people that the best EMF protection is free. And that’s because the best way to protect yourself from EMF is to reduce your exposure to it in the first place. And there are lots of ways you can do that. Ways such as:

All of these work on babies, just as well as adults. And, as we’ve just discussed, the health benefits are even greater for babies, so it’s even more important to practice as many of the SYB Healthy Living Tips as you can to reduce your baby’s exposure to harmful EMF radiation.

(And there’s one SYB Healthy Living Tip in particular that I’d point new parents to; and that’s to delay getting your child a smartphone.)

Delay Getting Your Child a Smartphone

EMF Protection for Babies

Practicing tips like these with modern technology can make a significant reduction in your baby’s exposure to EMF radiation. But in today’s world, it’s impossible to completely avoid exposure to electromagnetic radiation. And it’s so important to protect your baby from exposure. And that’s why we’ve created SYB’s EMF protection for babies, including our SYB Baby Blanket and the SYB Baby Beanie.

SYB Baby Blanket

SYB Baby Blanket to Shield EMF Radiation

The SYB Baby Blanket is a stylish, comfortable blanket made right here in the USA and Canada, and is designed to provide effective, unobtrusive EMF protection for babies. Partially woven with ultra-thin silver thread, it deflects up to 99% of incident radiation away from the baby.

Our blanket is available in multiple colors and patterns – perfect for both girls and boys. It’s thick enough to provide comfort, but slim enough to fold up into a day bag, you can bring your blanket to work, on public transport, or anywhere else you need to be.

And at 40″ x 32″ it’s the largest EMF baby blanket available!

It’s not only comfortable, luxurious, stylish and large– it’s also incredibly powerful at protecting your baby from EMF radiation. Watch as we test the shielding power of our SYB Baby Blanket with four separate EMF meters.

SYB Baby Blanket, EMF Protection Blanket
The SYB Baby Blanket is great for pregnant women, too

The SYB Baby Blanket is designed to provide EMF protection for babies, and it can be used in two ways:

  1. Parents can wrap the baby in the blanket so that any local wireless radiation is directed away from its young body.
  2. During pregnancy, expecting mothers can snuggle up under the blanket and use all of her devices without exposing her baby.

Our blanket makes a fantastic investment at the early stages of pregnancy since mothers can still watch Netflix on their laptops, or have long phone conversations, without the risk of  exposing their baby to harmful radiation.

SYB Baby Beanie

SYB Baby Beanie, EMF Protection for Babies

Available in a light, natural grey color and five different sizes, the SYB Baby Beanie is a baby EMF protection hat that can be worn by newborns and kids up to around two years old.

With its super-soft texture and casual design, no one will know it’s anything other than a standard, cute beanie hat – unless you’re bragging about its extra protective abilities, of course!

In addition to soft cotton and nylon, our Baby Beanie is made with strands of ultra-fine silver. In fact, a full 35% of the material used is silver, and it’s these precious metal fibers which provide the crucial protection to your baby.

The web of silver strands woven into our baby EMF protection hat physically deflects inbound radiation in a way that regular clothes does not. In fact, our beanie has been shown to deflect up to 99% of incident radiation, meaning less than a single percent passes through the child’s head.

In fact, watch as we test the shielding power of our SYB Baby Beanie with four separate EMF meters.

And at this price, this is one of the most affordable and effective shielding products on the market.

How Do These Products Work?

It’s a question we get all the time – the answer, of course, is that there’s more to our Baby Blanket and Baby Beanie than meets the eye! While it is a soft, high-quality cotton flannel blanket, what you don’t see is the fine internal mesh of silver thread which spans its whole area.

EMF radiation is physically repelled by these minute fibers, like a laser pen bouncing of a mirror. As a result, any incident radiation which lands on the blanket is deflected away, rather than passing straight through, as would be the case with a normal blanket. The scientific principles behind this technology are incredibly simple, but also superbly effective.

Together, our SYB Healthy Living Tips, our SYB Baby Blanket and SYB Baby Beanie are the best EMF protection for your precious baby, to minimize their chances of developing negative health effects throughout their lives.

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