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The SYB Blog

EMF bone

EMF & Bone Health: What Research Says

In the past decade or so, we’ve seen massive growth in the number of electromagnetic fields (EMF) in our environment. And we wouldn’t necessarily want

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EMF Research

The Business of EMF Science: Part 7 (3) – EMF Science Research Timeline: What We Know So Far

In the last post of the EMF Science Research Timeline, we saw how EMF continued dominating our environment as we entered a new era. And

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suppress EMF information

The Business of EMF Science: Part 3 – How Wireless Companies Suppress EMF Information

In the last post, we saw how Motorola managed to war-game Drs. Lai & Singh, ending their careers along with their credibility. But that was

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War-Gaming lai Singh

The Business of EMF Science: Part 2 – Motorola’s War-Gaming Against Lai & Singh

In the first post of this series, we explored how concerns regarding the biological effects of EMF came into existence. We saw how scientists like

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amazon's radar sleep monitoring

Radar Sleep Monitoring: Amazon Gets Go Ahead from the FCC

Sleep monitoring isn’t a new concept. There are already hundreds of fitness trackers and smartwatches that can monitor your sleep 24/7. But what Amazon recently

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EMF & Insulin: How EMF Changes Your Insulin Secretion & Resistance Abilities

Research studies have found that prolonged EMF exposure causes several changes in how your body reacts to or produces insulin. Insulin is one of the

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emf and autism

EMF & Autism: Does EMF Play a Role in ASD Development?

Can EMF cause autism? This question has kept scientists and the general public pondering for decades. We can’t link autism to one single thing. So,

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SYB vs DefenderShield Blue light Glasses

Compare Blue Light Glasses: Shield Your Body Vs. DefenderShield

If you’re looking to purchase blue light glasses but are confused about which brand to get, you’re at the right place. In this post, we’ll

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