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The Truth About Shungite Stone: Does it Actually Work?

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I did a quick search for “shungite stone” on Amazon and got around 700 hits. Then, I headed over to Walmart, where the count jumped to 1000+ shungite goodies. Etsy blew my mind with a whopping 9,706 shungite results.

It’s clear this isn’t just any rock we’re talking about; it’s a full-blown craze.

Touted for its ability to shield against EMF radiation and packed with other purported benefits, shungite has been making waves for a few years now.

But does it really live up to the hype?

Well, let’s find out in this post, where we’ll peel back the layers of this trendy stone and analyze whether shungite truly offers the benefits that everyone’s been raving about.

What Is Shungite Stone?

Shungite is a unique stone that hails from Shunga, a region in Russia. It’s not your everyday rock; it’s packed with carbon, a material so flexible that it makes up both diamond and graphite – the hardest and softest materials known to man.

But what makes shungite really special is not just the carbon it contains, but a particular kind of carbon called fullerenes.

shungite stone in its purest form
Shungite from the Precambrian of Russia. [Source]

Think of fullerenes like the celebrities of the carbon world – rare, interesting, and not found in many places.

And shungite contains 0.001% of fullerenes. Though a small amount, it’s enough to give shungite stone a unique place in the world of minerals.

Shungite Stone Benefits

Fun fact: Scientists haven’t yet been able to figure out the origin of shungite. All they have are hypotheses such as:

  • It came to Earth as a meteor
  • It was formed due to microorganisms in a nearby water body
  • The composition of organic matter in sedimentary rocks changed over time.

Even though we do not know where it came from, scientists have found that shungite stone has some amazing benefits.

Have a look.

Kills Bacteria and Viruses

A 2017 study by Australian scientists found that the fullerene found in shungite has the ability to destroy harmful pathogens.

During their experiment, these scientists witnessed how fullerene waged war on bacteria and viruses, breaching their protective cell walls and neutralizing them.

Though this is a compelling finding, it raised more questions than it answered.

bacteria and viruses

This study wasn’t conducted with shungite in its natural state nor tested on humans.

So, while we know fullerene can act as a microscopic warrior against pathogens, we’re left wondering: Is there enough of it in shungite to make a difference? And if so, how do we harness this power?

Shungite Water

Tsar Peter the Great, who led Russia from 1682 to 1725, was famous for using shungite stone to cleanse the water in his spa. In fact, he believed in it so much that he used shungite to purify his military’s drinking water as well.

And the best part is, he wasn’t wrong to do so.

In 2018, the European Journal of Medicine published a research study in which they found that “shungite can filter water by removing contaminants and organic substances like pesticides.”

Lake Onega, Russia (World's largest shungite stone deposit)
Lake Onega, Russia (the world’s largest shungite deposit). Image credit: Britannica

Additionally, a 2017 study confirmed that shungite’s carbon compound can remove radioactive compounds from water.

Shungite Healing Properties: Reduces Oxidative Stress

2017 animal study says that shungite can decrease free radical production and cause an increase in antioxidant enzyme activity – effectively reducing the effects of oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress happens when your body generates more free radicals than it can handle.

Free radicals are a by-product of your metabolic processes, and they damage your cells.

oxidative stress process
Oxidative Stress. Image Credit: Helvetica Health Care

Normally, your body naturally repairs these damages without you knowing. But when the production of these free radicals becomes overwhelming, it can cause various problems in your body, including:

  • Fatigue
  • Memory loss or brain fog
  • Muscle and/or joint pain
  • Wrinkles
  • Gray hair
  • Decreased eyesight
  • Headache
  • Sensitivity to noise
  • Susceptibility to infections
  • Unstable blood sugar levels

In this study, the researchers exposed mice to ultraviolet radiation for two consecutive days. This exposure caused major skin damage and oxidative stress in them.

After the two-day experiment, researchers treated the mice’s wounds with a shungite solution. They applied this solution to their damaged skin for seven days, and they saw a decrease in free radical production and an increase in antioxidant enzyme activity.

Again, this has not been tested on humans because such an experiment would be ethically questionable. So, we are unsure if it would work on humans the same way it did in mice.

But if, as this study suggests is possible, shungite can reduce oxidative stress in humans, that would be an effective means of countering some of the negative effects resulting from exposure to EMF radiation.

Inflammation Reduction

In the same study as above, researchers found that the shungite solution also reduces inflammation.

While studying the subjects, they noticed a reduction in inflammatory markers, including cytokines or proteins involved in inflammation.

Shungite Stone – Unverified Claims

Now that we’ve looked at some of the scientifically verified benefits of shungite stone, let’s take a moment to also look at the claims that can’t be verified through science for one reason or another.

Eases Many Health Issues

Shungite, as we already know, can purify water. But the tales of its wonders don’t stop there.

Many say that drinking water filtered through a shungite water purifier or water directly drawn from Lake Onega, the world’s largest shungite deposit, will help ease medical symptoms like:

  • Allergies
  • Sore throats
  • Asthma
  • Gastric issues
  • Arthritis
  • Kidney problems
  • Liver problems
  • Gallbladder issues
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Pancreatic dysfunction
  • Chronic fatigue

Since we know that shungite contains oxidant properties, the circumstantial evidence suggests that this can be true. But, for many reasons, these benefits haven’t been tested so far.

And, to be clear, there is no evidence that water exposed to shungite has the same healing properties as shungite itself.

Relieves Stress

There is a wide range of testimonies from crystal-healing believers that shungite has helped them relieve stress, and they can feel the negative energy leaving their bodies.

Protects From EMF Radiation

Currently, shungite is famous mostly for the claim that it shields EMF radiation. Manufacturers of shungite products cite fullerenes’ ability to conduct electricity as evidence for their products’ effectiveness.

Among the many carbon forms, graphite, graphene, and fullerenes are actually good electricity conductors.

claims by shungite companies
Claim Made By One of the Companies That Sells Shungite

So when faced with a conductive material, EMF will behave the same way electricity does – i.e., bounce back or dissipate before reaching the object placed behind the conductive material.  

This is the basis for all scientifically verified EMF protection products, including ours.

You can learn more about EMF shielding materials in my post, “EMF Shielding Materials: How Anti-Radiation Protection Works.

But is the fullerenes content in shungite enough to protect you from EMF?

Is It Enough?

See, the current structure we have for EMF protection is that the EMF shielding material has to be big enough to cover the object that needs protection, or at least to cover the source.

Take our SYB 5G Phone Shield, for example. It’s a card-like structure slightly bigger than your phone. So, when you place the Phone Shield in your pocket, and your phone on top of it, the phone shield can actually deflect all EMF produced by your phone in the opposite direction, protecting you.  

Shungite products come in forms like pendants and necklaces, which are nowhere near large enough to deflect the amount of EMF emitted by devices like cell phones, WiFi routers, laptops, and tablets.

shungite stone bracelet and pendant
Shungite jewelry. [Source]

So, what is it shielding exactly, and more importantly, how? We don’t know. So, my suggestion is to stick to actually verified methods of EMF protection.

And do you know that the best EMF protection is actually free?

The Best EMF Protection is Always Free

Would you believe me if I told you that you can protect yourself and your loved ones from EMF for exactly $0?

Many people believe that you can only get EMF protection if you take a huge chunk out of your wallet. And it doesn’t help my case when I say that the best EMF protection is actually free, when you can simply search EMF protection on Google and it will slap you with thousands of products costing a truckload of money.

But it’s true. The best EMF protection has always been free and will remain so. All you have to do is to follow the two key rules of EMF protection.

And they are:

  • Minimize your tech use.
  • Maximize your distance from EMF sources.

Let’s have a deeper look.

Minimize Use

Minimizing use is all about intelligent tech usage. This means being selective about when and how you use your devices.

  • Turn them off when they’re not needed, especially overnight.
  • Opt for wired connections instead of always relying on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Also, consider limiting the time you spend on your devices each day, focusing instead on activities that don’t require electronic gadgets.

Maximize Distance

The inverse square law of physics tells us that the power of EMF weakens with distance. So, every inch you add between the EMF source and your body significantly reduces your EMF exposure.

Simple changes, like using a speakerphone or headphones during calls to keep your phone away from your head, or placing your Wi-Fi router in a less frequented area of your home, can significantly reduce your exposure.

So maximize your distance with EMF sources as much as you can.

Stick To Verified EMF Protection Products

If you can effectively follow the two key rules of EMF protection, then you’ve cut down a huge chunk of your EMF exposure.


But we also have to understand that not everyone is at leisure to simply turn off their electronic devices anytime they want, or keep their gadgets at a certain distance at all times.

So, if you’re one of them, I recommend investing in laboratory-tested, scientifically verified EMF protection products, like the ones SYB makes and sells. These are your second line of defense for situations when it’s simply not possible to minimize use or maximize distance.

You can learn more about how our product works in my post, “How EMF Radiation Protection Works from SYB.”

Final Thoughts

Diving into the mysteries of shungite has been quite the journey, offering a glimpse into its unique qualities and potential.

Yet, as we consider the broader goal of protecting against EMF, it’s clear that relying solely on shungite might not be the complete solution we’re searching for.

So, for now, let’s stick to the solid ground of proven strategies for mitigating EMFs in our lives and our surroundings.

Talking about surroundings, if you’re curious about taking a comprehensive approach to EMF protection throughout your entire home, our in-house EMF expert Cathy Cooke has laid out some strategies and insights that could transform your living space into an EMF-free haven.

Check out Cathy’s post, “Best & Simple Ways to Do Whole House EMF Protection Right,“ for more information.

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