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NCB Post-Purchase Instructions and Recommendations

Before we begin this post, I’d like to thank you for purchasing the Nuisance Current Blocker (NCB) plug version. Through proper use, we are confident

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How to Clean Your Whole Home Grounding System

Grounding (also called “earthing”) is a great practice; it’s an incredibly important tool in your EMF protection arsenal. But there are hazards in grounding– hazards

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Introducing the NCB Pro

On April 10, 2022, the inventor of the NCB, Andrew McAfee, introduced the NCB Pro solution for whole-home grounding conductor protection. Ground your body more

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How to Verify the Performance of the NCB Pro

The NCB Pro removes low-level current and its associated magnetic field and dirty electricity from equipment grounding conductors. And, it maintains an effective ground-fault path.

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The NCB and the Earth's Natural DC Current

The NCB and the Earth’s Natural DC Current

The NCB from SYB is a unique product that makes it safer to ground your body by blocking contact current, dirty electricity, and reducing your

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How To Verify That Your NCB is Working

How To Verify That Your NCB is Working

There are three areas that the NCB addresses. It stops contact current, reduces dirty electricity, and ensures an effective ground-fault path. In this post, we

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How to Use the Resistance Dial on the NCB

Inside the NCB is a blue dial. And the purpose of this dial is to let you simulate your body’s natural resistance. You may have

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Other Uses for the NCB

The Nuisance Current Blocker offers many benefits, which we describe elsewhere. Beyond the essential benefits, there are multiple other uses for the NCB, which we

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