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Terry Fox 0:00
It’s a good Foxy show. This time, our guest is R Blank, the CEO of shield, your body.com. R, thank you so much for taking the time today to be with us to talk about a really fascinating subject.

R Blank 0:17
Thank you so much, Jerry, it’s really appreciate you, you having me here, this is going to be a really enjoyable discussion.

Terry Fox 0:25
Right off the bat. I don’t know if many of my listeners are familiar with what emf is. So let’s let’s start there. What is what is EMF? And and why is it a big deal? Sure.

R Blank 0:40
So it’s a it’s a complicated subject, and I’ll try to, I’ll try to make it as accessible as possible. Yeah, for my poor brain. So EMF stands for electromagnetic fields, and it’s a form of energy. And there’s a lot of different types of emf. So one form of emf that everyone’s familiar with is sunlight. sunlight is a type of emf, all visible light. Now, if if EMF has more energy than sunlight, then it’s called ionizing. And that includes things like x rays, and gamma rays. And that stuff is really harmful, even in really small doses. That’s why, you know, when you get your your teeth X ray, you wear a lead jacket, and the technician leaves the room. That’s how dangerous that stuff is. Now, there’s types of emf that have less energy than sunlight. And those are called non ionizing. And we are exposed to non non ionizing EMF, which is mostly what people are referring to when they talk about EMF or these forms of non ionizing EMF. And we are exposed to these from a tremendous number of sources. So power lines, anything that runs on power, like appliances, anything that communicates wirelessly. So obviously, that includes cell phone, and Wi Fi, but TV, radio radar, all of these are forms of non ionizing EMF. And that’s what people are really talking about these days when they’re talking about EMF. And historically, it was considered that these lower power, lower energy forms of emf were were benign. They didn’t they didn’t hurt life or humans. But there’s a really, really large and continually growing body of science now stretching back decades. 10s of 1000s of studies that demonstrate negative health effects. I’ve variety of them, ranging from, you know, the less severe, like sleep disruption and anxiety, all the way up to more worrisome conditions like cancer and infertility from exposure to these forces.

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Terry Fox 2:49
We’ve got a lot of how is that? Yeah, that’s, that’s perfect. That that so clear. And it just, it it’s a little bit overwhelming. And the fact that Okay, we’ve got all of these things, I mean, TV, radio, cell phones, appliances, our Internet with our Wi Fi, we’re being exposed to all of this. Yeah, and

R Blank 3:14
yeah, and it’s growing every year, the because, you know, think about 10 years ago, you know, the number of wireless devices in your life or the number of cell towers near you compare that to today. And today, you know, it’s it’s not just all the Wi Fi it’s, it’s the smart fridge this the the smart watches, the the the wireless earbuds, so the exposures are continuing to grow and grow exponentially along with the growth in popularity of technology.

Terry Fox 3:43
What made you decide that this was something you were passionate about? And started, started to learn about? Sure.

R Blank 3:50
Great question. So my father, Dr. Martin Blanc was well see, he passed away in 2018. But before that, in about 2012, he was working on a book to communicate the science of emf health, health effects to just regular people, he, you know, he was an academic. And he spent most of his life publishing papers for other academics, this book was going to educate the public. And he was having a he wanted, he wanted some assistance to try to make the book more accessible to people to explain, because these, these can be complex issues. The science can be complex. It involves biology and in physics, and electrical engineering, and so forth. And at the time, I’d been teaching at the University of Southern California, and I offered to hop in and help him write the book and in the course of writing that book, I mean, obviously, as my father I grew up with him, so I always knew a little bit about what he had done. But in the course of writing that book, I really learned a tremendous amount about the the State of the Science how compelling and convincing the science today is about the the the harm that this stuff causes. But also because I at the time was a technologist and an entrepreneur, and I have an MBA. So I was thinking of things in these in these terms, I realized that that the sources of these exposures, they are fundamental to modern society. So it’s not like smoking, right, where once we learn that smoking is really bad for you, we can combat it, we could even try to kill it off the planet, we could get rid of smoking, you’d have a few annoyed people for a little while. And that would be it. With EMF we’re talking if we actually wanted to get rid of emf, we’re talking about going back to 1850. And before the lightbulb, and that’s just not viable. That’s not what anyone wants. That’s not what the economy can bear. It’s not what society can bear. So the science behind this is, is very compelling that this stuff is harmful. But the sources of the exposures are fundamental to society. So I knew that there had to be a safer way for people to gauge with the technology around them. And that’s where the idea for sci fi came from. And that’s how I got started back in 2012.

Terry Fox 6:22
So how specifically, does EMF affect the body? I mean, is it affecting us physically? is it affecting us mentally? Does it affect our hormones or our immune systems? How does how does that play out?

R Blank 6:39
Yeah, so that’s a really good question that really gets to the heart of how I view the significance of this risk. And that is that EMF, essentially, what the science is showing us is that EMF essentially impacts every part of our body, every system in our body. And in part, that’s because our bodies are electromagnetic being. Oh, and we just lost our we just lost you there. Are I apologize? I don’t know what happened. We just lost the room. But I’m back. No worries. That’s the EMF for you. Right? Yeah, that’s the that’s the first time that’s happened. So okay, so I was saying, what the science is showing us is that EMF impacts essentially every part of our body. And it’s shouldn’t be surprising because our bodies are electromagnetic beings. And the way that our brain controls our body is through sending these electrical electromagnetic signals to our body, the way that we sense what’s going on with our body. So every part of our body is tuned to very, very low doses, like extremely low doses of emf, and they’re getting bombarded by effectively massively power, like the amount of power that your cell phone emits is so many orders of magnitude greater than what your brain uses to control your hand, for example. And so what we’re seeing in the science is there’s impacts to essentially every system that’s measured. So that’s why you can see things like sleep disruption and anxiety, disruption of melatonin production, all the way up to like I say, tumor formation and infertility, and basically everything in between. and everyone’s affected differently, because everyone’s exposures are different. And everyone’s physiologies are different. And so people so some people, you know, they can get through life and not really be impacted at all. And other people can have debilitating illness. And there’s the whole spectrum in between.

Terry Fox 9:10
There are some folks out there I think, who would say why would you listen to this guy? Isn’t isn’t this whole 5g EMF thing, more of a more of a conspiracy theory? I, to me, there are

R Blank 9:27
conspiracy theories about fine. Yeah, now there are there are definitely conspiracy theories out there about 5g and, you know, I’m not I’m not here endorsing any of those. Why should you listen to me? You should listen to me. I am just communicating the science. And for anyone who takes the time to go look at the science, they’ll see what i’m saying is correct. And they’ll understand why the World Health Organization list this, this force as a class to be carcinogen.

Terry Fox 9:55
The World Health Organization listed as a

R Blank 9:58
carcinogen class to be carcinogen. Yes.

Terry Fox 10:02
Wow. Now she that’s that’s not something that everybody knows. So this is important stuff that you’re doing here. Good grief. Yeah,

R Blank 10:15
I mean, and because it’s, it’s even more so because they’re I mean, you know, based off of the show that you, you you run in host, there are a lot of different toxins in the world today there are a lot I mean a lot. And it’s not that I’m out here saying emf is the only toxin in the world. And that’s what we need to deal with. But it’s it’s a largely unappreciated fact that emf is a toxin. And people are surrounding themselves more and more and more with these sources of like, you know, we can say, for instance, you know, people know that lead is a toxin. And so they they work hard to reduce it in their lives, they know that antibiotics in their food supply is a toxin. And they work hard to eliminate that from their lives, they they’re aware of a lot of toxins, and they take steps to reduce their exposure. And I’m saying emf is one definitely based on the science one of these toxins that people need to be aware of, and they need to take steps to remediate the the quantity and extremity of these exposures that they’re subjecting themselves to.

Terry Fox 11:24
Now, this is interesting, because, I mean, nowadays, we’ve got these smartphones, and people are so attached to the smartphones, I mean, they’re so well designed to make you really just keep it right right near you. I mean, even even sleep with it.

R Blank 11:45
Mm hmm. Yeah. And if you read the manuals, they tell you not to carry them right on you. So for instance, if you read the iPhone manual, it tells you that the the the the radiation that they say it emits, right, if it’s under legal limits, then the legal limits are not sufficient to protect us, but they exist, they’re these legal limits. And Apple says you have to keep the iPhone a certain distance away from your body in order to keep it under these legal limits. So whenever you see someone taking a phone, out of their pocket, or out of their breast pocket, or women out of their bras, they are holding and maintaining their device at a closer to their body than the manufacturer themselves, say is safe.

Terry Fox 12:31
So how do we go about reducing our exposure.

R Blank 12:36
So there’s, I call them the two key rules of emf protection, these actually came from my father, and their, their, their, their, their, their fundamental, and they’re easy to use. So the first is to minimize your use of emf emitting technology. And there’s ways of doing that. For instance, you know, I tell people, this is just an example, I tell people all the time to turn off their Wi Fi at night, you know, there’s, you could use Ethernet and get rid of Wi Fi entirely, a lot of people aren’t willing to do that. But you know, when you’re asleep at night, you’re not even using the Wi Fi. So turn it off. And then you’re you’re making a big difference in your exposure for like, approximately eight hours. And it’s really important eight hours, because it’s when you’re supposed to be recharging, refreshing for the next day. And so minimizing your use of emf technology. Another example of that, by the way that I’m increasingly advising people is don’t buy smart stuff you don’t need, there is a, you know, a real push to get more and more smart technology into our homes into our cars. And a lot of this stuff. You know, I used to be in the tech industry, I know that there’s this kind of joy that comes Oh, look what nifty thing I got here. You know, don’t just get something that smart tech, if you don’t really need it, if it doesn’t add real value to your life, don’t get it. So those are examples of minimizing. The next is maximizing distance, right. So the first was minimizing use, the second key rule is maximizing distance. And this one’s really important for people to understand. Because the power of emf radiation diminishes exponentially with distance. So if you For instance, if you’re if this is you, and this is your phone, and they’re about an inch apart, if you take that and make it two inches, the power, the the power of your exposure has dropped 75% by doubling the distance. And so use it when you use your tech. Keep it as far away from you as is practical. So a good example of that is like I was just saying, don’t carry your phone in your pocket. Don’t use your laptop in your lap. Keep these sources as far away from you as possible. And those those are the two basic rules that everyone can start applying in their lives and really make is that the goal isn’t to eliminate Your EMF exposure because that is in today’s world, essentially impossible. So it’s, you know, your your goal isn’t to eliminate it, your goal is to reduce it as much as you can when you know that you’re comfortable within your lifestyle. And those are the two ways of doing that. Then of course, beyond that, my company and companies like mine, we make EMF shielding products. So EMF shielding works. And this this technology goes back about two centuries ever since Michael Faraday invented his Faraday cage. Where if you weave conductive metals in a certain pattern, it can block and deflect EMF radiation in the other direction. And so for instance, I have a phone pouch, which is a very popular product, I always tell people not to carry their phones in their pockets or bras. But some people still do because honestly, you know, where else are you going to carry it. And so that’s what the phone pouch exists for, you put the phone in the pouch, and then you put the pouch on your belt or in your pocket, and it deflects radiation in the other direction. Another is my laptop pad where I tell people all the time, don’t use your laptop in your lap. But some people still want to. So put the laptop pad under your laptop, and it protects your lap and reproductive organs. And so that’s where EMF protection products come into play. That’s the type of product that my company makes and sells. But I always emphasize that’s the second line of defense, the best EMF protection are the two key rules, which is minimizing use and maximizing distance.

Terry Fox 16:31
That is beautiful information. So listeners, there you go, you’re going to want to do those two things to help minimize, and there again, you know, I mean, as a Chinese medicine practitioner, we talk all about balance. And here again, I mean, it is it is dang near impossible with the way that we work in our society to keep yourself from being exposed to EMF. So here we’re trying to find the balance. And that is a beautiful thing, I think.

R Blank 17:12
Yeah, I agree. I like the way that you framed that. Yeah.

Terry Fox 17:18
This is this is a little bit more off the subject. But I’m curious because you’re an expert in this. I’ve been told that stones like Tourmaline and shung guide can be helpful for limiting one’s EMF exposure, what are your feelings on that?

R Blank 17:38
So there’s a lot of, and I actually I recently did a webinar on this subject, because there’s a lot of options out there pitching themselves as protection from from from EMF radiation. And a lot of it lacks real scientific backing, and stones like shung, guide and orgonite. And I believe hematite is considered by some to be protective. There’s no real science that demonstrates that those are effective solutions. That said, You know, I deal with, with 1000s of customers on a regular basis, a lot of whom try a lot of different things. And some of them say that these solutions work for them. Others say they make no difference. And I you know, so my approach is if if, if it’s working for you certainly keep doing it, if someone you really trust is recommending that you try it, you know, go for it. But when I give advice to people about which types of emf protection to use, I really focus on the type that that has measurable quantitative claims, that’s backed by science. So for example, with my products, there are shielding products. So you can actually measure I mean, we do it in a lab. But then we also explain to customers how they can do it themselves with meters at home. And you can measure and see how much radiation is being shielded by using my products. So when it comes to EMF protection, you know, the ones that I focus on and advocate are the ones that have demonstrable claims that are backed by science. But I also recognize there are a lot of people out there who who find relief and value in products that that don’t have demonstrable, aren’t aren’t, that don’t have demonstrable measurements that aren’t backed by established science. And I also want to be super clear. Just because a product isn’t isn’t backed by science does not mean the product doesn’t work. Because Science takes time. I mean, 100 years ago, we didn’t know what we know about EMF. You know, science evolves over time, if we learn new things. So just because a product isn’t backed by science doesn’t mean I’m saying it doesn’t work. It’s just that when I give people advice about how to approach remediating EMF and their lives I really do focus on the stuff where it’s quantifiable, it’s measurable, and it’s supported by science.

Terry Fox 20:06
Brilliant. How can people find out more about your products and your book? Or if they want to learn more about you? Where can they go?

R Blank 20:16
Sure. So if you go to shield your body calm slash get Foxy. So that’s shield your body, all one word.com slash get Foxy, you can learn about my products, you can download my guide, with the five top ways that you can slash your personal EMF exposure. And, and of course, you can reach out and contact me through through there as well.

Terry Fox 20:40
Excellent, excellent that you offer folks a free guide, and what is in that free guide.

R Blank 20:48
So that is the five top ways that you can make a big difference in your own personal EMF exposure. So it’s specific tips, but then it also explains why those those tactics are so significant. And, you know, you know, the one I’ll just say, I’ve already said it here is not to carry your phone in your pocket. And what people need to realize is, you know, because, as you’ve you’ve said, I’ve said, but both of us have said in this interview, the number of sources of emf in our environment are continuing to grow. And as you become aware of emf as a health risk, it can feel a little overwhelming, you can feel a little helpless, like what am I going to do? How can I protect against all this. And so I really want to emphasize to people that it is what you do with the technology that is closest to you, that can make the biggest impact on your personal health. And it goes back to what I was saying about distance. So if you carry your phone in your pocket, and you do it, you know for a few hours a day that is quite possibly your single biggest exposure to EMF and you’re doing it every single day. So making a change like that. Even given all the cell towers and Wi Fi networks and everything around you making a change like that is super important. And so my book goes into those details and also explains a bit about my products and how I got into this and it’s it is really great people really like it’s not just a five page infographic it’s it’s a really book

Terry Fox 22:19
and your website again was shield your body.com correct.

R Blank 22:25
Yes, yes. shield your body calm

Terry Fox 22:29
shield your body calm and slash get Foxy. Yes. Okay. So there you go, listeners shield your body calm slash get Foxy and you will find products a free guide, and some really good information on taking care of yourself and your family. I’m going to switch it up a little bit here are and I want to know what your definition of Foxy is. What is Foxy and being Foxy mean to R Blank?

R Blank 23:08
So for some reason, I feel like this is a loaded question. But I did think about it. And thought I don’t know to me. I mean, Foxy has a lot of different meanings. But to me, Foxy is a it’s a it’s a really sneaky form of intelligence. And it’s like it’s like sly like a fox. That kind of.

Terry Fox 23:33
Yeah, who would who would you consider to be Foxy?

R Blank 23:37
You know what? Yeah, I don’t I don’t know why you’d expect me to say anything other than you, Terry. You are? Are the Foxy is person I know.

Terry Fox 23:51
Well, I appreciate that. I definitely. Yes, I agree. I am Foxy. And I will say that I don’t bring anybody on this show that isn’t Foxy themselves. So that that also applies to you, sir.

R Blank 24:07
Oh, shucks. Thank you.

Terry Fox 24:12
All right. I’m trying to think if there’s anything else I should be asking you, I feel like we’ve covered so much in in a short amount of time. Other than keeping your cell phone out of your pocket. Is there anything else that a person should do in order to either either learn more or protect themselves in a way that reduces that EMF exposure?

R Blank 24:45
Sure. So there are a lot of things that people could do. Another example is not sleeping with your phone. For some very similar reasons to you know, turning off your Wi Fi at night. You’re not getting any benefit out of having it and it’s right there next to your body and that is incorrect. reducing your health risks by increasing your exposure it’s also disrupting your sleep both because of the EMF and because of the psychological impact of having a you know this notification machine right next to you. And there there are multiple ways like that that that people can can can really start to live safer. And that’s why I strongly encourage people to download my guide at shield your body comm slash get Foxy. And we also have a ton of other information on the website we have a library of educational videos, we have webinar archives, we have a blog with tons of articles, we have other ebooks on very important subjects like EMF testing on 5g and so forth so shield your body comm slash get Foxy is really where I’d encourage everyone to you know for their next step. That’s what that’s what they should take.

Terry Fox 25:48
That’s excellent. Well, our our time is up but I want to say thank you so much for really your your service to humanity here. I mean, this is this is definitely something that folks aren’t paying enough attention to. So thank you for being that beacon, out in the darkness bringing people awareness about this subject.

R Blank 26:16
And thank you so much for having me here today for this discussion. I thought this was great. I really loved the flow.

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