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Struggling with chronic headaches, fatigue, lowered resilience to infections, insomnia and nothing is working to relieve your symptoms? It’s time to take a look at the technology in your home and your devices. Have you ever noticed your phone heating up while you’re on a call or your laptop getting warm after working on it for hours? That heat is electromagnetic radiation aka EMFs. EMFs have been studied extensively and have been linked to serious health conditions. On today’s episode of The Health Fix Podcast, Dr. Jannine Krause interviews, R Blank, the founder and CEO of Shield Your Body, a company whose mission it is to make technology safer. R grew up learning about EMFs from his father Dr. Martin Blank, one of the world’s leading EMF scientists. R has worked in the tech industry for some of the top companies studying EMF for them, which led him to co-author the best-selling book, ‘Overpowered’, with his father, on the dangers of EMF exposure. Today we’re going to be talking about what you can do to live in harmony with EMFs and the ever expanding 5G network.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Why 5G’s fast speeds are a greater threat to your health
  • How EMFs from your technology impact your health
  • What you can do to lower your EMF exposure ex: turn your router off at night
  • How research supports the effects of EMF on the body from cancer, infertility, melatonin suppression, to blood brain barrier leakage, and more.
  • Why electrohypersensitivity is a real condition and what you can do about it




Dr. Jannine Krause 0:00
Welcome to the health fix podcast where Dr. Janine Kraus that’s me, gives you health junkie, a weekly dose of tools to help you increase your energy and resilience to life stressors. Hello there health junkies on this episode of the health fix podcast, I’m interviewing R blank, he is the CEO of shield your body. It’s an EMF protection company. Now our has a history of working with some of the top companies and tech for years and years. And he was doing a lot of their Beta testing. And he discovered that we need to really be conscious of how much electromagnetic frequencies so EMF are coming out of our devices, and how to live with these devices in a cohesive world so that we’re not ending up damaging our health from them. So he created shield your body, but he also has a lot of history with EMF since his dad, Martin plank is one of the leading scientists on EMF. So he and his dad created a book overpowered about 10 years ago talking about EMF and shields your body his company is now a product of all of his research in helping folks to protect themselves from EMFs. So today’s podcast, we’re going to be talking all about how you can live healthfully with your technology and what you can do and the impact that it is having on how so that you can be aware of what you’re looking at when it comes down to buying technology and utilizing technology in your home. So let’s get on with the podcast. Hello there health junkies, welcome to another episode of the health fix. I’m your host, Dr. Janine Krause, and on today’s episode, I have r blank. And we are going to be talking all about, yes, his business but also EMFs and how they affect you because I think a lot of people were super excited about 5g and like yeah, I can download things faster, I can get so much information, I can multitask like a crazy person. But then we didn’t really realize what kind of impact that this would have on our bodies. And and ours company shield your body is an amazing company that we are definitely going to talk about. But most importantly, guys, I want you to be paying attention to the concept of the fact that electromagnetic frequencies do have an impact on your body. And I hope by the end of this podcast, you will have gained some information on that. And you are ready to take control of how much exposure you have. So are welcome to the health fix podcast.

R Blank 2:28
Thank you so much for having me. I really looking forward to this discussion.

Dr. Jannine Krause 2:32
Yeah, we’re gonna geek out a little bit because I’ve talked about EMFs before, and we’ve talked in the level of what it you can do. But we haven’t talked a lot about really the science behind it, what’s going on in terms of how we can actually shield their bodies. But we also haven’t talked a lot about the impact on the body with exposure. And your website is a plethora of information I geeked out for like, I don’t know how many hours I got lost in the Sky TV website. So folks, you guys gotta check it out. There’s just so much information. But one of the biggest things, you know, as a doc I’ve been seeing is a lot of connections with insomnia, mental health, and then mold stuff with EMFs. And, and your dad did a ton of research, you jumped on with them. So I’m guessing like over the years, you’ve probably seen all kinds of connections down the line with EMFs.

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R Blank 3:26
Yeah, no doubt, I mean, EMF and and we can we can talk a little bit about what EMF actually is and where it comes from. But the sun, the body of science that we now have, and that’s continuing to grow is showing biological and physiological effects on virtually every system biological system that we measure. So it’s not only that EMF affects everybody. It’s that EMF appears to affect essentially every part of our body and in different ways in different people.

Dr. Jannine Krause 3:57
Wow. Wow. So yes, like you mentioned, we probably should talk about what is EMS? Because if someone hasn’t listened to a previous podcast on EMF, you know, we think about emf in terms of Ghostbusters, and looking for. Can we use the EMF reader and see if there’s a ghost in your house? But really, where is it coming from? You know, how is the cell phone emitting it let’s talk cell phones, because I think that’s probably one of the biggest areas that folks don’t realize, and they’ve got them on them all the time.

R Blank 4:23
Sure. So EMF, and it sounds like a lot of your listeners may already know this, so I’ll be really quick with it. But EMF stands for electromagnetic field. It’s a form of energy that’s created by a combination of electric electricity and magnetism. That’s where the name comes from. Now, there’s a kind of EMF that everyone knows even if they didn’t know they knew it, and that is Sunlight. Sunlight is a form of EMF and really for all of history of all life on Earth. It was essentially the only form of EMF that all life was exposed to and life evolved to coexist with, there’s also a small magnetic field from the planet itself. And then about 200 years ago with the invention of the light bulb, we started down this path of creating in emitting more and more of this human made EMF into our environment. So first we had the light bulb, then we had the power grid to power the light bulb. Then once the grid was in place, we had all these appliances that were created, like refrigerators, and, and blenders and everything like that that was designed to run on the grid. So all of those were sources of EMF. Now, eventually, people realized you could use EMF to communicate wirelessly to send information wirelessly. So you ended up with radio and radar and television. Then more recently, as you know, right, we got cell phones and cordless phones and Wi Fi and Bluetooth. So anything that communicates wirelessly, and anything that runs on power, these are sources of human made EMF. So you had a question then about that. And that was just a quick background, you had a question about cellphones in particular. So cell phones work by sending and receiving a form of EMF called radio frequency, or RF, also sometimes called microwave. This is the same type of radiation that your microwave oven uses to cook food. And cell phones are designed to communicate possibly over several miles. So they have very power, they have the ability to send very powerful signals. And so that’s why cell phones are such a significant source of EMF in our lives.

Dr. Jannine Krause 6:40
Oh, wow. So you know, back in the day, so I’m a product of the late 70s, early 80s. And we talked about microwaves and like, you know, oh my gosh, you know, what, are we doing our food? What are we doing to our brain? Don’t stand in front of mic, right? My husband yells at me, you know, when I when I do it, and I happened at our old house to have like, that was like my work area in the kitchen, right where the microwave was. And, you know, I started to think about like, oh, my god, I forgot everything that I learned in the 90s, the 80s and 90s. Microwave, and was thinking only about my EMFs on my phone. And and now it’s kind of you know, you’re putting it together for me going like, oh, okay, we need to be thinking about this in the same way we thought about microwaves. But yeah, yeah,

R Blank 7:20
yeah, yeah, microwave ovens are very significant sources of EMF radiation. Because not only do you have the microwaves themselves, but you it takes a lot of power to generate those microwaves. And so remember, I said, it’s not only the wireless radiation, like microwaves, it’s also anything that runs on power. So microwave ovens are big sources, not only if the the microwave radiation, but also the power radiation required to generate those microwaves. So they’re really significant. A lot of people think they’re shielded and radiation doesn’t leak. But that’s not true. If you put your phone into a microwave and call it, you’ll see that it rings, and that shows you that it is not sufficiently shielded. And this is why the manuals advise pregnant women not to use them. So I personally have never owned a microwave. But when people do I say, you know, if you’re going to use it, a use it as infrequently as possible, but be get as far away from it as possible. When it’s on, you know, possible go into the next room while it’s working. So those are is a very significant for people who haven’t used them, it is a very significant source of EMF in their lives.

Dr. Jannine Krause 8:32
Wow. Wow. You know, I didn’t have one for 10 years. And then we bought a house that had one. And it was like I forgot all about, like, why I didn’t want one in the first place. So really good reminder here. And so I think for a lot of folks, you know, this connection between Okay, radiation, and it’s like radiation, I think we think about radiation in terms of we go and get an x ray. And we’ve got to put that that leaded, you know, shield on a say, if we go to the dentist, and they’re going to take a look at our mouth, and so it’s much like there’s so we can clarify for us. It’s much like that, right?

R Blank 9:03
Yeah, so actually, X rays are a form of EMF. So I mentioned sunlight before as a form of EMF, you can think of EMF is existing on a spectrum. And right at the middle of that spectrum is sunlight. So there’s forms of EMF with more energy than sunlight. And they have so much energy that they’re called. They’re called ionizing forms of EMF, because they ionize your cells, that means they actually knock electrons loose from the cells in your body. And ionizing forms of EMF are super dangerous, even in very, very low doses. It is completely non controversial to say that which is, as you know, right, when you’re getting a dental X ray, they put a lead jacket on you and the technician leaves the room, you’re supposed to have as little of this stuff as possible. Now there’s formed other forms of EMF the forms that that we’re talking about, which have less energy than visible light, and because they have less Energy, they are non ionizing, they do not knock electrons loose from the cells in your body. And it was for that reason, that for a long time, these were thought to be benign or inert. They did not harm life. And it was only in the past, it depends with, you know, when you want to go back to but roughly, the science started coming out about 100 years ago, and it started getting really a lot stronger. 3040 years ago, that we’ve learned that those assumptions that non ionizing EMF was harmless, those assumptions were false. But that’s how the type of radiation that we’re talking about today relates to something like X rays.

Dr. Jannine Krause 10:37
Thank you, thank you for sharing, because I know a lot of people kind of get like to wondering like, how does this all fit into the scheme of things? Yeah, now five G’s kind of like a bigger dose of things, if you will, in terms of how we went from the fourth generation of communication now to this 5/5 generation of things. So we’ll explain to folks now like how how, or why 5g is even more important to be protecting yourself from all of those waves that are sure.

R Blank 11:08
So there’s a couple of couple of reasons there. So first off 5g, it was designed from the ground up to support many, many, many more devices, right as all of these different, it’s not only that, more and more people have cell phones, it’s that more and more people have more and more different devices. And all of these smart devices need to communicate wirelessly. So the networks that we had for for it and still have, but for 4g, they they are getting bogged down, and they will continue to get more bogged down with network congestion. So 5g was engineered from the ground up to support a much more to support much more traffic. And that includes more devices, that also includes faster downloads. In order for that to work, they needed a new infrastructure, and they needed new segments of the electromagnetic spectrum, right, I already talked about how EMF is on the spectrum. And so whereas you know, 3g and 4g operated in one part of that spectrum of certain frequencies, 5g starts where 4g was right. So the early deployments of 5g have the same frequencies as 4g, but 5g is designed to go up to 300 gigahertz, which is has much more energy than what 4g has, and in fact that so your some of your listeners might have heard the term millimeter wave. Because the at that at that frequency, the waves get so short, that they’re they’re a millimeter and smaller in in, in width. And so 5g is introducing a whole new set of frequencies into our exposures. These are frequencies that are not only higher than 4g, but they’re actually they’ve never actually been used in consumer technology before. So these are all new exposures. And in fact, there’s almost no scientific data as to what the health impact of this shift will be. And that is a source of concern among many people. Separately, which I happen to think is an even greater source of concern is, as I mentioned, 5g was engineered from the ground up, in order to support more connections. What that means is it creates the landscape for more and more of these wireless devices, each of those devices becomes new sources of our own personal exposures. So whereas you know, 30 years ago, very few of us were even exposed to a cell phone, maybe you had a cordless phone in your house, but you didn’t have a cell phone, then you started getting cell phone exposures, then you started getting Wi Fi exposures. But even as all of those started adding up, your lock wasn’t a source of EMF, your thermostat wasn’t a source of EMF, you’re even you know, it sounds silly, but your kitty litter box wasn’t a source of EMF. But these are now all becoming new sources of EMF. And this is part of something that is often referred to as the Internet of Things, where everything in your life, you know, they say everything in your life becomes smart. I say everything in your life becomes yet a new source of EMF exposure, keeping in mind, right, the science lags the technology, right? So the science that we all know, that that we can point to that discusses this stuff. That’s all based on exposures that happened 10 years ago, and 20 years ago, when they were a fraction of what they are today. And when you set the the framework, the groundwork, the landscape for all of these new devices to become new sources of EMF, right, our exposures are just going to explode and to skyrocket. And we don’t know what that is going to do we have enough data to know that that’s not healthy. But we don’t know exactly what it’s going to do. Because that’s how this technology is released, it’s released. And then the studies come.

Dr. Jannine Krause 15:13
Yep. Yeah, unfortunately seems to be the the way things are going these days. But no, gonna jump off that. Now I purposely wore my aura ring, because I wanted to talk about it to remind myself about discussing this because, like, you mentioned, the multiple different devices, like I’m in front of the computer, I have an aura ring that I wear, I don’t have my Apple Watch on. But at any given time, you know, the average American with all of these tech devices might be like, surrounded by 510, you know, different things. I’m looking over there, I’ve got it. I’ve got a wireless, Bluetooth little speaker over there, you know, in an Alexa, you know, thing over there. And so you’re looking at it, and you’re going like, oh, my gosh, you know, there’s so many things, which is why it’s absolutely important to think about how you can shield yourself. So shield your body, your company is a great way to start thinking about this in terms of okay, what do I do? Now, a lot of folks have asked me and I definitely want to get into the sweat ducts study here in a minute. So folks, stay tuned. We’re gonna get there in a second. But a lot of folks will be like, Well, what is the shielding stuff have in it that actually protects me? What is what is the deal? And I saw that you had canopies, too, for beds. And I was like, that is the coolest thing ever. I’m like, can I just have a mumo? Like, why is the dress coming out? So what’s in what’s in this stuff? You know, what’s what what’s helping us blog? Like, what do you what do you have in there? You don’t have to give away all the secrets. But

R Blank 16:43
what No, no, it’s it’s not a secret. So, so yeah, there, if your listener goes online, and just searches for EMF protection, they’ll they’ll encounter a whole bunch of different options, right? And my products that we sell at shield, your body calm, these are all based on something called EMF shielding. And EMF shielding is universally accepted. For almost 200 years now, since scientists and British scientists, they Michael Faraday created what’s known as the Faraday cage. And what he found was that when you weave conductive metals into certain patterns, that they deflect certain frequencies of radiation. So they weren’t at that point, they were kind of like a window shade deflect sunlight, this type of material can deflect EMF radiation. And that this has been used for a long time to prevent to protect very sensitive electronic equipment, right, because sensitive electronic equipment can can experience interference from these these waves that we’re talking about here. So for a long time, they built these Faraday cages around very sensitive equipment, then as technology got better, right, you don’t need you know, when people hear the term cage, they think of at least you know, at least something like a fence right a substantial piece of metal, but technology has gotten to the point where you can actually weave these metallic you can engineer these fabric, these metallic fibers to be super small. So in my products, right for instance, in my in my pocket patch on my baby blanket, the metallic fibers are thinner than a human hair, and they get woven into other materials. And so I mentioned that it’s it’s a it’s conductive metals that are these materials in my apparel products we use silver. And in my non apparel products we use a generally a mix of nickel and cobalt and copper, depending on the product. And these this is not only universally accepted science, this is also easily demonstrable. If your listeners wanted to go out and buy $160 meter and I have video showing how to do this. You can actually see the levels reduced when you start using my products.

Dr. Jannine Krause 18:57
I think that’s fascinating. I mean, you guys another big thing that you might think about on ours website shield your body calm is that he has tests of all of his products, and even 5g tested stuff, which is pretty dang cool, too. Because I don’t haven’t seen that anywhere else. I think you mentioned no one else is doing that. Which I find fascinating because yeah, a lot of people like it’s just hogwash. But I I’ve seen the Faraday bag work because we will be like, Okay, let’s call the phone, it doesn’t rain. You know, we’re not getting that communication. You can’t, you know, leave your phone on and do direction searching or whatever. If you got in the bag, it doesn’t work. So I mean, we know that these things are definitely pretty dang cool. And the fact that you have underwear, I just wanted to mention guys, he has underwear to shield you. Especially if you’re like a tech guy, you got your computer on your lap all the time. Because I mean, I’m seeing lower and lower testosterone levels in guys that are in their 20s. And I’m like What in the world is going on here? And the only thing I can think of is hey, do you have your phone in your pocket? Well, yeah, all the time.

R Blank 19:56
Yeah, no, and there’s really strong science. I mean, there’s there’s strong science On a whole, whole bunch of different areas of health, but when it comes to infertility and sub fertility there and even now, erectile dysfunction, there is very, very, very strong science showing that men who carry their phones in their pockets have lower levels of of sperm, sperm health and motility. And it is a contributing factor to sub fertility and infertility. The good news there is that because men regenerate their sperm every 24 hours, that if you remove the source, so if you stop carrying your phone in your pocket, you can actually reverse that condition pretty effectively.

Dr. Jannine Krause 20:41
That’s awesome. That’s awesome. First, ladies, it’s not that easy, isn’t it?

R Blank 20:45
Yeah. So with women, it is a little well, with women, it is harder to do that. But you know, women also have additional because the body itself can. So women, obviously their their ovaries are kind of buried more Inside Men. The the reproductive organs are kind of dangling on the outside, with women, they’re inside, which means they’re more protected in the first place. But that’s true once you do have damage. It is unfortunately not reversible. Because women are born with all of all of their eggs. They don’t create new ones every day. Yeah,

Dr. Jannine Krause 21:20
yeah. Well, you know, I’m hoping that maybe we could see like I was saying a body suit or something. Here soon i I’ll God aside, probably, to be honest, I’ll be your model for it. There is some we talked about it and you have it on your website. And they totally went down a whole path of geeking out on the sweat ducts, amplifying the amplifying effects of 5g. Let’s talk about that for a second. Because that’s why I’m saying the bodysuit situation, because I’m thinking about all of us who exercise and your sweat. You know, your pores are open. And then you’ve got things like the aura ring. I’ve got, you know, I don’t have the Apple Watch on me today. But we’ve got all these wearables for monitoring our workouts and our readiness scores and all that. And I’m going Oh, my goodness, what are we doing here?

R Blank 22:04
Yeah, well, so that is a that is a study that it’s one of the few. So right, I mentioned that there’s very little testing. In terms of these frequencies. The study you’re talking about, is specifically about 60 gigahertz 5g, right. So that is that’s way beyond what’s available in 4g. And it is definitely part of the spectrum that’s allocated for 5g. And what they found is that human sweat ducts act as an array of tiny helix shaped antennas, which they they speculate, we don’t know yet. This is still early stage, but they speculate can amplify the EMF. Now this actually, my father, you mentioned my father a little earlier. And that’s how I got into this. He has a paper where he postulates that DNA acts as a fractal antenna to amplify the impact of EMF. So and that’s not that that was done way before 60, gigahertz and 5g and all those sorts of things. But this study in particular that you’re talking about, from from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, shows that the sweat ducts can and can end up amplifying specifically, this, the 60 gigahertz waves.

Dr. Jannine Krause 23:27
Wow. Wow. I mean, that’s, that’s insane. And it’s, it’s kind of cool that we’re, you know, able to do these things, but it’s not cool. I don’t know, I kind of get to them. That’s kind of cool. No, it’s not. But

R Blank 23:40
yeah, well, I think what it really shows because again, that’s still early stages, and this is a very understudied area. Because the technology is so new, it’s not been possible to do these sets. What it really underscores is that this technology is being deployed without testing, we become the guinea pigs, whether we want to or not, because you can opt out of having a 5g phone, but if you live in a city, you can’t opt out of being near a 5g tower. And and so we end up becoming the guinea pigs because that all of these regulations are basically the ones that exist, and they’re super poorly enforced. But even at least there are some regulations. And what the regulations are based on is something called the thermal effect. Right? We already talked about how microwave oven uses this type of EMF to cook food. So what’s different, what’s different between a microwave oven and your cell phone, a microwave oven has much, much much more power. So you apply an EMF with enough power and we know that it can cook food, it can burn tissue, that is called the thermal effect. And all of these regulations exist to prevent the thermal effects. So theoretically, your phone is not supposed to emit as enough EMF to heat your body. Now for that Those of us who’ve ever held the phone up to our head for a long conversation. We know that’s not true. But that’s what the if that’s what the regulations are based on. The problem is all of these health effects that we’re talking about, and that are documented by science, they occur at levels much, much, much lower than the thermal effect, we’re talking about orders of magnitude lower. So you don’t need enough EMF radiation exposure to heat your body in order for that EMF to actually be negatively impacting your health.

Dr. Jannine Krause 25:33
Wow. Wow. And I mean, it makes sense, right? I mean, honestly, since 5g was rolled out, I’ve seen more mental health issues, I’ve seen insomnia. Like I mentioned, I’ve also seen a surge in mold issues. And you have a fascinating article on your website, about the mold, because I was like, Oh, this could be one of the keys because mold as in the natural medicine world, in the functional medicine world, conventional Doc’s don’t really dive into it too much, unfortunately. But it’s one of the trickiest conditions to treat. And in my mind, I’m like, it might be the EMFs, keeping us from treating it.

R Blank 26:12
Yeah, so there’s a couple of different issues there. And and thank you for Boy, you really did do a nice deep dive on my website. No homework. So one, one of the things that that’s related to what you’re talking about, is there a science showing that EMF can stimulate mold growth. So that’s before it even touches our body before it becomes a factor in our personal health, that emf in the environment can stimulate mold growth, then mold can trigger these toxic reactions in our body. And there is a whole set of science showing that EMF exposure can exacerbate toxic reactions to other toxins. So you’ll see this in terms of exposure to mold, you’ll see it in terms of Lyme disease, you’ll see it in terms of people with MCs, or multiple chemical sensitivity, where these sensitivities, I’m struggling for the correct word. But each each toxin increases the sensitivity to the other toxins. Yeah. And so yeah, the situation with mold. I only learned about that one. Actually, last year, that wasn’t even that we didn’t cover that in the book that I wrote with my dad. But that is a that is a very concerning one. The the ones I see more frequently in my line of work from people who are coming to me for help are the people who have Lyme disease, or who are recovering from Lyme disease are the people who have multiple chemical sensitivity. And these people not only experience where symptoms, they tend to be more likely to have a condition that is still a little poorly understood, but is often called EHS or electro hypersensitivity syndrome. And that is where the body where your body as reacts to exposure, exposures of EMF that other people don’t even notice and can in you can trigger very, very painful symptoms. So that’s why they say you’re hypersensitive, as opposed to somebody else, though. The issue is with the level of EMF growing in our environment so much every year. More and more and more people are realizing that they have this level, right. Because as the as the level of the toxin in the environment grows, the more people are gonna hit that threshold at which they are personally impacted.

Dr. Jannine Krause 28:45
Yeah, yeah. No, I have no doubt that that’s, that’s going to happen. And I’ve found it I mean, like it’s compounded in this last year alone, you know, a lot of people are blaming it on just the the, the virus of digital right now. But in the scheme of things, I’m like, No, I don’t think it’s all that I think we’re really looking at this rollout of 5g that just happened to coincide a lot with with things that are happening in this current time. So in my mind, I’m looking at it going, Oh, my goodness, I mean, everyone needs to have like their kit of EMF protection. Like I truly I’m hardcore on that now with patients and I’m like, You guys need to be getting on this stuff. You know, and looking at it. And one of the things I wanted to mention because I saw it when you had come on on the screen there is you’ve got your little hardcase there that’s that’s a little plugin and folks, this is something that I think a lot of us should be thinking about because if you’re on the phone, obviously we have to use our phones we can’t get away with it. It’s one of these things where we have to figure out how to live with the the EMFs and how to keep ourselves from being negatively affected with them. But if you have the cell phone, uh, you know you don’t have to have everything on speakerphone you can use your headsets but specific headsets because you’ve got a headset but you also have the case there will you explain to us how That works.

R Blank 30:01
Sure So, and I guess some people will be listening to us and what’s the video but it’s, it’s, it’s a it’s an adapter, right. So just like you plug your headset into your phone or your laptop. With this, you plug the adapter into your phone or laptop, then you plug your headset into this. And inside is a bath of dielectric gel, which as the signal is, is coming through the adapter, it absorbs the excess EMF converts it into heat, it’s a very, very small amount of heat so you don’t feel it. And then the signal then continues through to your headset. Now I should, I should say, as a starting a little bit of background on this, right first thing is a regular headset like old school like that you used to get with your iPhone, not the kind you get now with your iPhone, but that you used to get with your iPhone, these are much much safer than holding a phone up to your head, no doubt. And if you just have a regular wired headset, then you should use that the issue is because they’re wired headsets, they obviously they have wire in them. And so they can conduct radiation from your phone through the headset up to your ears. And so that’s where anti radiation headsets come in. And air tubes are very common kind of those. That’s why the makes air tubes which your listeners can find on my website. The problem with air tubes is that they the sound just isn’t there. So because they what they do is they convert the sound from wire to air. And then that’s what you’re listening to. And that’s great for listening to this podcast and for talking on phones for conversation. So I use air tubes for those two things. The problem is when you need good sound quality. Yeah, and because air tubes don’t have good sound quality. So that’s actually where the heart comes in this little adapter that we’re talking about. In fact, this product was not invented as an EMF protection device. It was invented as a way to improve sound quality. Because all of this EMF radiation that comes across these cables, it actually it’s interference with the audio signal. So this was invented to strip out the stray electromagnetic fields to clarify the audio signal. So but then we realized, Oh, well, it actually also works as an EMF booster. And and so not only does this not have the downside of air tubes, where things sound worse, this actually improves the sound. And so I really love this, this product, and it comes in right, the the default is a 3.5 millimeter, like a standard headset jack that you can get on your laptop or your iPad, and on older iPhones and on some androids. And now we also have a version that ships with a USBC Adapter. So it it works on basically every device that isn’t an iPhone.

Dr. Jannine Krause 33:01
Very cool. Very cool. Yeah, that’s awesome that and I mean, I think those kind of things, you know, yes, being in the the podcast world, having good audio is important. But I think you know, just in general, having something because every time I put in I said the the earbuds those things would give me a headache within minutes. And so I can’t use them at all. Is there anything? That is because those are all Bluetooth? I can’t imagine that there’s anything you can do to really block from those?

R Blank 33:28
No, unfortunately not. And this gets into an A, I’m happy to talk about it. I think to do a justice, you’d need to invite me back for another episode. But because the issue is with wearables, right? What one of the things that I mean, there’s there’s basically two before you even get to buying any EMF protection, there’s two things you can do. And that is to buy less of this EMF tech and use it less, right. So maybe you do want your thermostat to be wireless. But maybe you don’t need your lock to be wireless. Or maybe you don’t need a smart refrigerator, right? Just buy less of this stuff. And then when you have it, use it less like turn off your Wi Fi at night. So there’s ways where you just buy less of this stuff and you use it less, that’s great that cut that prevents the exposure before it even happens. Then the second step is to keep stuff as far away from your body as possible. So that’s why you should never carry your phone in your pocket. You should never hold a phone up to your head. You should never use a laptop in your lap. The problem then you can start to see with any technology that’s wearable, is it is literally impossible to create that distance. It is literally impossible to use it as a safe at a safer distance. And with an increasing amount of these things. Shielding is not possible. Right? So you mentioned an Apple Watch earlier and that is actually a wearable, a piece of wearable tech where we do have a product specifically designed for smartwatches But air pods and other Bluetooth headsets, it is not possible to shield these new. I think they’re called Ray Ban stories the product from Ray Ban and Facebook not possible to shield Google Glass a bit of a dated reference, but I was one of their beta testers specifically to test EMF. And I at the time, I was still young and naive, and I thought maybe I could figure out a shield, it is not possible to shield. So with all of this wearable tech, that is very concerning to me, because it is impossible to keep increase the distance. And it is in almost every case, impossible to shield. And again, everyone needs to remember, these exposures are all additive, they are in addition to what you are already exposed to, which is way more than you were exposed to 10 years ago, way more than you were exposed to when you were a kid, way more than your parents were exposed to when they were kids. And it’s setting. But your kids today are getting these exposures, and it’s gonna keep growing and keep growing. So you really, I’m very worried about wearables, I think you know, everyone, because to me, if you actually spend time to look at the science, you’ll see that the science is very strong. And if anyone wants a summary of that the book I wrote with my father, overpowered it’s 10 years old now, but it’s still a fantastic book, the science is very strong. But for a lot of people, they’re going to wait for some kind of tipping point moment where it’s just obviously causing a lot of disease. And the link is is is unmissable and I think the more people wear wearable tech, you give it five years, maybe seven years from that point in time. That’s when you’re going to start to say, Oh, my God, it’s obvious.

Dr. Jannine Krause 36:49
Yeah, yeah, no, I absolutely agree. I absolutely agree. And for those of us who are in the medical field, who have actually put the connection together, we’re like, Oh, my God, it’s obvious now. Yeah. And it’s, you know, the other big thing that didn’t mention, and I’ll mention now is the thyroid. I’ve noticed so many people like it’s, I would say, 85% of the females that come into my office, there’s a thyroid issue. And if I can get them away from Tech, I see things improve. And your Gator. I was like, you know, I started to think about how you know, we have to wear masks in certain places. And granted gators are debatable. I’m like, You know what that might be my new gig, I might be doing that now because I’m thinking about the thyroid, my dad and you can see I’m touching my neck with my freaking boring for take that off. I’m right at my thyroid. And so these are things that I start to think about in terms of you know, watches, whatnot, you know, we’re going to new this area. And then of course, the the regular exposure that we’re getting into and I do think I’m you know, that’s why I can’t regulate thyroids either. I truly believe that. That’s why Yeah, well,

R Blank 37:54
no, I mean, I did. So there’s, that reminds me two things. One is that there is now science showing a link between EMF exposure and thyroid cancer. But beyond that, you’re seeing very strong science in the area of endocrine function. And the one that most people talk about when it comes to EMF is is the production of melatonin. Yeah. Which I believe is the Pineal Gland. Yes. Am I okay, thank God. And so there’s there’s pretty strong science showing that EMF exposure disrupts melatonin production, which is one of the links to both sleep disruption and anxiety. But but you’re seeing effects of EMF on on the the entire endocrine system. And so again, this goes back to what I was saying earlier, which is that you’re seeing health effects from exposure to EMF radiation, in essentially every biological system that we study. And it’s it, it there. It’s our entire bodies are exposed when we are exposed, our entire bodies are exposed. And the mechanisms that are being triggered are common through so for instance, there’s strong very strong science showing that exposure to EMF and again, I want to underscore I’m talking about low powered exposures. Well within safety limits, like the kind you would get by using a cell phone or even just having one near you, right, that exposure to EMF from a cell phone or a cordless phone. Causes DNA mutations can even lead to double strand breaks and trigger apoptosis or cell death. These are the same kinds of mechanisms that you see in tumor formation. There’s other science that is increasingly study cited right now, I should say, because it is believed to be a A key mechanism for many other biological outcomes, right where the voltage gated calcium channels are being disrupted, which throws off the amount of calcium that’s being produced in your cells, which is directly causes oxidative stress, which in turn causes all these other. But the reason I’m saying all this now is these mechanisms are everywhere, right? It’s not like only you only have DNA in your hand, or even you only have DNA in your brain, you have DNA everywhere. So when you have a toxin that you’re exposing your whole body to, and that toxin causes DNA mutation and cell death, that those impacts can be seen in every system where they’re measured. And so thyroid is one though, where recently, there’s strong science about tumors in particular, grow. And if you see, because everyone when they talk about cell phones, right, everyone immediately thinks about brain tumors. And I understand why, right? That’s friggin terrifying. You do not want a brain tumor, but you see it in thyroid tumors. You see it in colorectal cancer, increasingly, you can find it in, in breast cancer. It these these mechanisms are shared by her entire body. Yeah, yeah. Apologize for going off on a rant there. No,

Dr. Jannine Krause 41:18
I think it’s important to really drive home. You know, the point here, no, granted, there might be a lot of folks listening right now that are terrified, like, Oh, my God, now what do I do? How do I get this out of my body? And you know, I talk about this here and there on the podcast, but the tech, you know, detox, and you mentioned it also on on your website, on shield your body calm. And I think it’s really something for folks to be thinking about. Has anyone ever done any research on how I guess, like a, like a prescription for tech detox? And what would be like how many hours you get out in the woods, leave your phone away, you know, kind of things of that nature? How, how much time away from all of your material in the woods do we need? And of course, we’re going to still have exposure, because we’re still in the world. Anyway, but how much? Do you know? Do you know if any, like we could give up?

R Blank 42:12
You know, it’s funny that you say that because I’m actually right now we’re, we’re planning and booking Season Two of my podcast, the healthier tech podcast. Yeah. And season two is all about digital detox. And I’m specifically looking for someone who can talk to the question that you just asked. So unfortunately, today, I don’t have that answer. But hopefully within a week or two, I will have that answer

Dr. Jannine Krause 42:37
to the podcast. That’s it.

R Blank 42:40
I appreciate that. But no, I I’m a big fan. I’ve been a big fan of digital detox even before I got into into EMF. I had a 20 year career in software development. I was out in California, I was in the high tech scene. And I was really like the only one of my peer group who loved turning off his phone for like a day at a time where when when I went on vacation, I was I was infamous that like I was the only guy who went on vacation that you couldn’t actually reach when he was on vacation. And I I’ve long been a big advocate for digital detox. And now as I’ve done more work in EMF but also as Tech has grown and grown and grown, I am increasingly seeing not only the value of it, but the just the importance of it that everyone and it’s for more reasons than just EMF I mean, you see it now increasingly people are tough with with what’s going on with Facebook in particular, right where they see the mental impact that this has using these tools has some people just breaking away from it for even a few days. Is is you really if you just try it, you’ll see it you don’t even necessarily know how to measure it for yourself but you will see the changes in yourself in just a couple of days. It is pretty remarkable. Personally, I haven’t active Lee used social media since 2015. And I still have it for for my businesses because if you’re running a business you need it. But I don’t personally use it. And I remember it took it took about two weeks and after after two weeks of not at the time it was Facebook was the big one for me. Of not you I just got I don’t know if happier is the right term but calmer and anxiety levels dropped down and just things seemed just better and the things I was afraid of missing out on didn’t even matter anymore. And I am a huge huge advocate for everybody to do that. Then you also mentioned things like going out into nature or thing and grounding in nature is is not only I mean it is good for your your mental state But there’s actually strong science on this, that there’s physical reactions with your body that are measurable. And so, when you are walking barefoot in the forest or on the beach, you are discharged your deionizing your body and the health impact you have a that voltage is itself measurable, but be the health impacts that from that experience are also measurable. And so even if you can do that just for a half hour, every other day, that is going you are going to see improvements from that.

Dr. Jannine Krause 45:36
Ah, I love that. I love that I anytime I can get outside with no shoes on and some grass. Heaven, it’s absolutely perfect. I think that’ll give some folks thank you for mentioning. I think that’ll give some folks somewhere to start. And then they just have to stay tuned to Season Two of your podcast. And yeah,

R Blank 45:52
no, I It’s a great question. And it’s one that’s getting I think, increasingly relevant and more and more people are actually interested in the answer. And yes, I would. I am I am actively seeking the known science on the health effects of detox. I love it.

Dr. Jannine Krause 46:09
I love it. Our we have talked about so many different things. And I think folks are probably like, Okay, once this podcast over so I can go to your website. So shield your body calm is the main website. And then you also mentioned overpowered your book with your dad. You can find it on your website. I know that’s on Amazon. It’s on Amazon. Okay, um, like I saw it somewhere, but I don’t know. Okay, Amazon for that. And then the podcast. Tell us about the podcast. One is Season Two coming out what’s going on with that? Where can they find you for that?

R Blank 46:39
Sure. Thank you for so the the podcast is called the healthier tech podcast, we’re on all the major podcasting platforms, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify. We launched it this year. And the whole purpose of the podcast is to explore at issues related to finding a healthier balance in our relationship with technology. Obviously, I spend a lot of my time talking about EMF and the health impacts of EMF. But I’m also a big believer, even outside of the EMF issue, that there are a growing number of problems in terms of our relationship with technology both as a society and as individuals. But I’m not a Luddite. I am a firm believer also in the value of technology. So the the idea is to explore topics about finding a healthier balance in our relationship with technology. As I mentioned, season two is going to be all about digital detox. And we are aiming to get that out in January of 2022.

Dr. Jannine Krause 47:37
Awesome, we will definitely be promoting that as well for you because I am excited to hear about that because I as well love technology, but want to learn how to live with it and not have it kill me at the same time. Now of course we have a freebie for everybody. It is the SIV Power Pack, which is a PDF with all kinds of information in there. And we also have got a 15% discount for purchases on si B for the first purchase. Gosh, thank you so much for all of the fabulous information, we are definitely going to have to have you back and talk more into the tech on things and and more details because this is such a big, big, big topic. But also such a big thing that I think a lot of people are still overlooking. We need to get the word out that there is so much to be learned about how to protect yourself from all the EMFs out there. So R thank you so much for coming on the health fix podcast.

R Blank 48:32
Thank you. So I really appreciate the opportunity and just your interest in this topic. I really think I thank you very much.

Dr. Jannine Krause 48:39
Oh man, we’re gonna geek out some more. Don’t you worry. All right, folks. Stay tuned for another episode of the health fix. Hey, health junkie, do you want to take the conversation to the next level base off of the health fix podcast? While you’re in luck, head over to the Facebook group for this podcast called Find your health fix. There you’ll find me answering questions but also dropping in all kinds of tidbits and keeping the conversation going all about health and you’ll never know what you might learn and what might open up a door to a new you

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