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R Blank was trained in EMF’s by his father Dr. Martin Blank who was an EMF health expert. HIs father actually was taught in school that EMF’s would cause no harm to humans and when he became a professor he was actually teaching that to his students at the university. Then his father met Dr. Reba Goodman who shed light on the deception and his father went on a deep dive to find the truth. What he found led him to becoming one of the foremost experts on EMF and Health. As a young child R. Blank was taught about the dangers of EMF’s from his father and when he grew into adulthood he and his father wrote the book “Overpowered”. R. Blank’s father has passed away but his mission continues on in his son. This is a very critical episode for people to listen to so they can have the awareness and solutions to protect themselves and their families from these invisible health destroying frequencies.



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The information provided in this show is intended for your general knowledge only it is not intended to be nor is it medical advice or a substitute for medical advice. If you have or suspect you have a specific medical condition or disease, please consult your health care provider.

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Now listening to the health hero show with Tim James,

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what’s up health heroes, Tim James here, founder of chemical free body.com, and your host for the show that simplifies and demystifies how to live an energetic life with a flat belly. So if you’re into a healthy gut and staying young, then this is the show for you. What’s up health heroes, Tim James here with another exciting episode of the health hero show today in the house, I have r blank. That’s right, R blank is in the house, he is with a company called shield your body. And today we’re going to be talking about EMFs and radiation and how you can shield your body. And this is a very important topic to me, especially if you guys have been following me and been listening. You know, I had Dr. William Davis on not too long ago. And we were talking about glyphosate and EMFs. And I had Ashley James on we were talking about glyphosate and EMFs. And that connection. So what’s happened is, through certain ways, you know, people get heavy metals in their body, this is a big concern for me. And heavy metals are a burden on the immune system, they literally drag down your immune system and drag down your quality of life. But it gets worse, because of things like glyphosate, which is an herbicide in the roundup deal that you know, bear bought them out to kind of sweep the name Monsanto under the rug. And they’re paying out millions and millions and millions of dollars right now that people would have been hurt by by that that that glyphosate deal, which was originally it’s kind of interesting, it was originally made to clean out metal tanks. That’s what that chemical was made for. So it’s a metal binder. And what happens is when you spray it on these crops, it gets into the into the ground and it binds to the heavy metals and it gets into the water system and back into the rain and back into you and me. So what’s the big deal? Well, we’re getting this is just one another pathway that heavy metals are coming into our body, you know, and also mining does it fracking does it we’re disturbing the soil bringing heavy metals up to the surface, getting them into the into the into the water tables, and stuff like this. So heavy metals are a problem. And also when you get jabbed, there’s, there’s mercury in there and there’s aluminum in there. And then if you you know, think about chemtrails, the, you know, there’s aluminum nano sized particles that you’re breathing in or are blank right now and myself, Tim James and you listening, we’re breathing in nano size limited particles, and there’s not a whole lot we can do about now I have an air purification system right now. So I might be cleaning him up inside but outside, you’re kind of screwed. That’s the world we live in today, guys. We live in a polluted world. So we have to be smart about this about what we’re going to do. So we have heavy metals coming into the body, we focus on helping you stop putting them in the best we can air purification, water purification, detoxing, detoxing, detoxing, detoxing, the daily detox, foot, spas, all these types of things that we do the green 85. But when they get in there, they become like radioactive conductors for EMFs and radiation. So we want to help you and the EMFs and radiation are also causing problems and they’re dragging down your immune system. So with this, besides the detoxing again, I want to bring up EMFs again, because it is a major problem that is hampering us today in our in our in our immune systems. And that’s why I have an expert on today. So R blank. I want to thank you for coming on today, my friend to the healthcare Show. Welcome.

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R Blank 3:43
Thank you, Tim. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Tim James 3:45
Yeah. And you said you’re you’re you’re not in Jamaica. Where

R Blank 3:49
were you at panama,

Tim James 3:50
panama? Yeah, he’s got if you’re listening, you can’t see he’s got these beautiful trees. And I was like, Dude, I want to become your best friend in the wintertime and come down there and do yoga in your yard. Awesome, awesome place to live, dude. So do you travel a lot?

R Blank 4:05
Used to be pre pre COVID. But I did just get back from a three month trip. So it’s really nice to be back home.

Tim James 4:15
Oh, that’s cool. Kind of getting settled in again. That’s yeah, getting back in the routine so your body can have you know, create a great environment for your body. That’s cool. All right, man. So your story is amazing. And you also have your dad’s story. And you know your dad in you. Your dad wrote the book or you both wrote it together. I

R Blank 4:34
can’t remember it together. Yeah, yeah,

Tim James 4:36
so the books called overpowered. Unfortunately, it’s only an Amazon. So once in a while, I guess you gotta go to Amazon, but I hate it. But the damn books so good. You might have to do it. Sorry, guys. But anyway, why don’t you tell us about your journey and your father in the book and all that?

R Blank 4:54
Sure. So my father was Dr. Martin Blanc, and he was one of the world’s leading Researchers and eventually activists, questions of EMF and health. And he’d been doing that work basically my entire life. He got into into this type of research when I was about 10. But it was about 10 years ago. So in 2012, he had a contract to write a book. And unlike all the other writing he’d done in his life, this book was really meant for general audiences for the public to understand everything he had learned and understood about issues of EMF and health. And so he asked, because it’s for a general audience, he asked me to to help him. And so we ended up CO writing what became overpowered. And it was obviously, it was great experience, to have to have that with my father while he was still alive. But it really also was kind of life changing for me, because, again, you know, I knew the work he had done. While I was growing up, I knew why we never had a microwave oven. I knew when I got a cell phone eventually, you know, to use it very carefully, never to hold it up to my head. But I didn’t really understand the issues until that experience of working on overpowered with him. And it hit home a few really key points to me. So first one is that the science, the questions of EMF and health are, it’s just super strong, right? Because when you hear it covered in the media, it’ll be quiet, like do cell phones cause cancer, our cell phones harmful? You know, it’s always a question with kind of both sides ism perspective. But if you look into the science, it’s it’s just super strong. We’re talking about 1000s of studies, spanning decades, and continuing to grow. So are

Tim James 6:44
you seeing any studies brother that are counterintuitive to that? Because I know that, you know, there’s a lot of checkbook science out there where they’re paying results, and they really want this pro anti debate going on all the time. So people don’t know what the hell to do. And a lot of times they just throw their hands up in the air and they don’t do anything, unfortunately.

R Blank 7:01
Yeah. So they’re just Yeah. So while there is a lot of science, showing that EMF can cause multiple sets of negative health outcomes, there is a fair amount of science that shows it is benign, that it is harmless. A lot of that science is funded by, unsurprisingly, funded by industry. So in 2012, Dr. Joe Montana, just to pull one example, Dr. Joel Moscowitz, who’s from from UC Berkeley, he published a review of 23 studies. And in the 13, that showed that there was reduced tumor risk. They were funded by, by industry, and in the 10, higher quality studies, they found increased human risk, and those were not funded by industry. Right. So you have a lot of science that is pushed out and funded by, by, by the wireless industry in particular, but also by the power industry, a lot of stakeholders involved here. So yes, there’s definitely science on both sides of the question. But a lot of the sciences is, as you said, about, you know, bought, bought and paid for?

Tim James 8:09
Well, the good news is, is that my audience, the health heroes out there have common sense, which is a good thing. You don’t have common sense. I don’t know what you’re doing here. You’re probably gonna get mad at me for bringing the truth trying. I’m just trying to be, you know, putting the light in the dark room, man. So all right, so you talking about the science keep? Yeah,

R Blank 8:28
so not but so the science to my reading, and to my father’s reading, it’s very strong on this point. But at the same time, you know, when you step back, and you look like the sources of EMF, the things that actually lead to our exposures, they are the things that define modern society. And so you can’t get rid of the sources of EMF without going back to effectively the lifestyle of 1850, before the invention of the light bulb. And so I realized there had to be safer ways for people to engage with and relate to and use the technology in their lives. And that’s where the idea for what became sy V. That’s where it started. And so that was 2012 2013, I released my first product. And I’ve been going since then now we have a couple dozen products, we offer consulting, we’re launching elearning next week, actually. And we sell in what we sell now, actually, to every country in the world. We have distribution centers in United States, Canada, UK, through throughout Europe. And so yeah, that’s the journey that I’ve been on since since then.

Tim James 9:36
Well, it’s kind of interesting how it’s unfolded to where your dad’s like super researcher realizing what this does to the human body starts putting actually health research together with EMFs makes that as life work. You get kind of groomed from an early age. It’s almost like it’s an apprenticeship program.

R Blank 9:53
Yeah. And that’s riding the ride. I mean, it was a crack. Call it a crash course with one of the world’s leading researchers.

Tim James 9:59
Yeah, exactly. And you know, you paid attention to it. And we really are lacking that today in our society where we’re getting away from apprenticeship, kids are getting shipped off to college, and they’re getting beat, they’re being taught out of textbooks that, you know, may or may not be exactly the best thing. And I would say, by looking around, and how societies work in that, they’re probably most of them, not all of it, but a lot of it’s just not good. And that’s why I’ve like, unfortunately, to the point now, where I just tell people, like, if you don’t know what you’re gonna do, or if you’re exactly what you need a degree for, there’s like, literally no point to go to college, because you’re gonna waste a bunch of time and money, be drunk, probably doing Molly and you know, smoking a lot of weed and you’re gonna get out of there with with a bill, you’re gonna have this huge bill that you got to pay, and maybe you’ll make 50 cents more an hour at the job you got to get. So you know, whereas like, if somebody went to work and went to an apprenticeship, which we’ve done for millennia, you actually take somebody who’s a master, and you get to apprentice under that master and transfer those skills. And you’re actually a lot of times making money while you’re learning. Right? It’s kind of like journeyman electrician. So that’s a perfect example. Because with electricians, it’s not a job, you can just hop in and just think I’ll put a wire over here. Like you could die yourself putting the wire in and you could kill a lot of people if you don’t put that wire in properly. So that’s, that’s like an engineering standpoint, where you can’t mess it up. Same thing like building a plane. Well, I’ll just come on, go to college, and we’ll teach you how to build a plane, then go out and build one. Not so much, you’re gonna have to do apprenticeship. And we really need to get back to that. So I really want the health nerds out there that are listening to understand that, where ours coming from, is he came from an apprenticeship background from an absolute expert, it just happened to be his dad. Now the cool thing is, is that your dad was a super scientist, researcher, but you’re an entrepreneur. Yeah. So you actually said, Well, let me let me create some solutions. Right now just running around. And problem problem problem. People hate that. I did that for a long time. That’s why I actually started chemical free body was because I learned all this stuff. And I just tell everybody, this, this and this and this, like shut up, dude. It’s like, you’re making me depressed. It’s like, you know, I remember one time I was telling I had I, I probably say 70% of the people visiting me in my classes at home or women. And I when I learned about chemical dyes and hair dye, how bad it was, and it’s like going in the skin through the scalp. I start telling these woman’s like, You got to stop dyeing your hair, man, you should have seen the dagger eyes. I got. Dude, I got gray hair. Well, then, you know, a lot of this woman was like, Dude, do not tell me this without a solution. And that was kind of in the back of my mind. So what I like about what you’re doing is like, here’s the problem. But here’s the solution. And it’s, it’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s insane. That you and I even have to exist, literally. I mean, we should all just be like going out in nature. barefoot, doing our thing, getting some food chilling out, playing around the fire, community, love peace, appreciation and all that stuff. But no, we have to have companies that teach people that there’s a lot of chemicals out there. You got jacked up, you got to clean it up. And there’s a lot of other things you can’t see like EMFs and elf and you’re building a whole company around it because the awareness is rising the globe are learning and they’re in there they’re they’re cutting through the bullshit that’s out there in the news media and all this stuff and they’re realizing it. I mean I have people do that are like, Dude 5g went in and I got headaches. 5g went in and I’m getting tired. 5g went in and anxiety big time. Like I had a friend that was down in Boise in the 5g was going in right outside of his apartment complex. And all of a sudden, he started getting anxiety attacks, and he couldn’t sleep. And this stuff is commonplace. And because I feel like I’m on the kind of the pulse of all this, right? Because I’m tapped into everybody. And people are bringing me their problems. And after a while, you know, it’s like, okay, yeah, it is a problem. So what we’re doing is we’re bringing the invisible stuff to the awareness factor, or bring the awareness factor about these invisible, no seams that are really hampering our life, and people are starting to get it. And that’s why companies like ours exist, unfortunately. But here we are.

R Blank 14:12
That’s the way it is. So I’m glad I appreciate you helping me spread the word and the awareness.

Tim James 14:17
Yeah, it’s huge. It’s huge. And I really like it, too. So was there anything else that you wanted to share about any any cool stories about your dad, because I thought there might be a couple cool ones in there.

R Blank 14:31
Well, so I mean, I don’t I don’t know. Well, one thing and this isn’t one of these cool stories, but I just, I think one one thing that’s that’s important for to help put some perspective on this, right because it was long assumed that this type of EMF and when we’re talking about EMF, in our discussion here, we’re talking about human made EMF, right so the stuff that didn’t exist on Earth until humans started building the grid and and appliances and wireless technology and It was long thought that this stuff was benign, that it was harmless, that it didn’t impact life. And I think one thing I can say to illustrate that is that is what my father was taught when he went to grad school. That is what my father taught at Columbia University Medical School, where where he was on the faculty. So for years, he not only believed this, that EMF was benign, he was teaching that. And it was only when he read this study by Dr. Reba Goodman, who was also a Columbia. He said, Well, this, it was showing that EMF was actually yielding a bio effect that it was impacting the body in a way that he had thought was not possible. And so he went and just introduced himself to Dr. Goodman. And they ended up collaborating on multiple studies over the years. But that was the process, right? He didn’t, he wasn’t, he wasn’t taught that this stuff was harmful. He followed the information. And he learned over time, just that this this stuff is bioactive. And I think that’s just important to help contextualize like this is how recent because that was in the 1980s. This is how recent the knowledge is about these about these issues.

Tim James 16:19
Well, and it just goes to prove my point about colleges, right, and what in what they’re teaching. A lot of it’s just bass ackwards. And we’re, you know, even my mom is an example like, so I went to college, for one reason, play baseball. And if it wasn’t for that, I went to high school was overdoing. I did not want to pick up another frickin textbook, because that shit was boring. All right, it was boring as hell. I mean, there was a couple cool things. And I’m really glad that I learned to read. I’m glad that I learned to write and do math, because you need those basic skills, and it really helps you get through your life. But other than that, I don’t remember shit from high school, you know. And I had a couple gals that were actually I think they were the CO valedictorians, I was friends with them. And I had them set on each side of me in classes. And I was like, I always was always talking about looking to the right, I had, I had really strong eyes because I was cheating to the left and cheating to the right, because I just didn’t care. Like it was like, just get some grades. And, you know, if I needed to study I could, it wasn’t like I was stupid. And I wasn’t doing it all the time. But if I could not have to study and I could go fishing, or go hunting, or play with my friends or play basketball, I was about that this other stuff, like bored me and I don’t really remember much of it. Right? So unfortunately, society is like I said, it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s upside down, flipped up bizarro world, and and we just have to, you know, be aware of that. So all right. All right. So that’s a really cool story about your dad. It just goes to prove the point that your dad was a decent, hard working class person. And when he got the right information, he didn’t hide behind his degree and try to worry about his tenure and all that stuff. He did what was right.

R Blank 18:02
Yeah. Agreed. And it also, you know, I had the benefit, not just of learning from him, but but being exposed to this information from him, right, because I obviously I, I knew who he was, I knew how intelligent he was, how ethical he was with the science. And so when I knew that he believed these these facts, it made it very easy for me, I knew it was true, right? I didn’t have to go through the same kind of process of discovery that somebody else would have to like, because I, I was exposed to it from a man whose understanding of science I deeply respect. And so I knew if he believed this, that it’s true. And it sort of gave me a jumpstart on this whole thing. You because I remember when I launched my first product, and I put it up for sale on Amazon, and it was the pocket patch, which I still sell. You can line your your pocket with it, and it turns your pocket into a cellphone radiation shield. When I first launched that on Amazon in 2013, it was coming up in the same search results as ghost detectors. Right? So it wasn’t that long ago, that if you were looking for EMF stuff, you would find things like ghost detectors. But so it was in that era, where I still knew like this is legit. And this is a real issue, and we got to take it seriously. And a lot has changed since 2013, fortunately, but that that, that that that was the one that that that was the one thing I wanted to add there, which is I was very fortunate to have been exposed to this knowledge from from him because I didn’t have to go through the same path of discovery as somebody else just trying to research it online.

Tim James 19:44
Yeah. Yeah. It’s really refreshing to me to about about your story and your dad’s stories. I love your dad, man. Your dad is a what we would consider a true hero because he did the right thing at the right time. You know, he did the right thing at the right time. That’s the definition of somebody that’s a hero. Right? Not doing when it’s convenient, when you can grift and make money off of it later after it kind of, you know, settles in, but doing the right thing at the right time is so important. And you know, I’ve talked to the best people are the people like your dad, that were indoctrinated through the societal model. And they were they just happenstance something happened, whether they had a health issue or a friend had a health issue, and they had to go outside of Western medicine or like your dad, he just stumbled across Dr. Reba Goodman, got this study and start going down that path, and all of a sudden had to challenge everything. He had been taught everything that he paid for, in his and he was getting paid. And besides paying for college to learn this stuff, while he was getting paid the teacher,

R Blank 20:43
he’s, he’s old enough that he got to go for free. or less. Back when when school was really affordable, so calling K 1810. Right? Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, my parents, my parents went to City College in New York. Yeah.

Tim James 20:57
So my point is, is that there are a few there are a few people out there. And you know, what these, you know, doctors and, and PhDs are telling me that the problem that we have today is that a lot of the other people, their colleagues and stuff, they have massive egos, massive egos, and they’re not, they’re just not they, it’s, you know, when you have $350,000 in student loans, and everything you’ve been taught to lie. It’s so it’s so hard for them to change. They just they don’t do it. And they just keep doing what they’re doing. And I got a mortgage payment, I got kids, I gotta send my kids to college and get them indoctrinated to because that’s the right thing to do. And I was actually tell him, I was going to tell my story, like, anyway, so I went to school, and four years of college baseball, and I was like, Well, shit, I’ve already got four years, I better finish my business degree. So I had to go to school for one more year, which was still kind of fun, because all my friends were still there. I was still partying and stuff like that, which is, that’s pretty much it was, it was a party. You’re a party. And then I had to do one more summer to finish. And I had three classes and I met this guy named Lee Shealy. He was in all my classes. And, and Lee cuz back then, you know, the computers were like, you know, super slow did the printing out, you know, and I was sitting there typing up one of my papers, and Lee is like, Oh my God, dude, he’s like, You are so annoying. I’m like, What are you talking to me? Because you type so slow. It’s driving me crazy. Mike, well, what do you I gotta get this shit done do and he’s like, just let me type it the guy type like Superman, just like he was a super typer. So the whole summer, Lee was typing up my paper. So I’d hand write him out. And then he typed them up for me. That’s what that’s what happened. Right? So it comes time, the final three classes, the 400 level classes, I had like a 10 page thesis, a 20 page, and then like a 50 page, right for the hard class. And I hand him the stuff, right? And he’s like, and I’m like taking off to go play baseball in the summer. I’m heading down to Portland. And I said, he’s like, Thank you. I’ll get these typed up, I’ll turn them into and one professor was the professor we had was all three classes can remember the guy’s name, but it was pretty cool. So I leave, I go to, I’m down there working and playing baseball. And all of a sudden, you know, I’m like, I call my professor up. I was like, Hey, man. I was like, where’s my degree? You know, I turn all that shit in and you know, and then he’s like, Tim, I never got your papers. I’m like, I’m like, What are you talking about? He’s like, I didn’t get your papers. I say lead and give him to he’s like, Lee never turned his papers in either. I’m like, What do you mean, he didn’t turn them in? We couldn’t. He disappeared. The dude just vanished. He just he just vanished. And we were like, friends, we were hanging out. We were partying together. We were just we became really good close friends. So I’m like really concerned for him. I’m like, shit, is he okay? Did somebody abduct him? I don’t know what the hell happened. And I can’t remember the story. But he got bummed out some girl and ended up down in Cali. And now he’s like, and I actually reconnected with him through Facebook. I was like, Dude, you owe me big time. Because my mom wants me to you to get a degree so she can hang the paper on the wall. So I ended up that summer. I was like, Hey, Mister, can I finish these papers and redo them? And he’s like, Well, you can’t now you can do the one class and I did the 10 page was just a 10 page paper and he passed me on that one. But the other two classes said they changed the curriculum. I had to redo the classes. I’m like, I don’t want to do that. I’m like, I’m moving on in my life. Dude, I do not want to go back and do that again. And I never did. So I never technically got my degree. I mean, I did the work and got it done. But Lee and Lee and I actually had a good laugh. We reconnected and he’s like a coastguard level captain and now when people buy these billion dollar yachts, he drives them you know over to Dubai and drops them off and he’s got a family and kids and everything so everything works out but my point is is that society pressures people my mom still to this day. She wants me to go back to college and get the you were the only person that went in art and our family. They went to college. I’m like, Yeah, I’m the I’m the idiot. Like I paid for for what I’m like I have a business now Mom, I’m helping people like our business is growing is a reflection of the amount of people we’re helping. Why would I want to go back and, and get a piece of paper to put on the wall to impress who the only people that care about those papers are the ones that are issuing them because they want your money. And they want to indoctrinate you at a higher level. All right. So dude, there’s my story. That was a good first session segment, whatever you want to call it right now we’re going to take a quick break and we get back we’re going to get into a deep dive on what EMFs and elf and all this radioactive craps out there and our matrix grid that’s getting built is doing to the human body. We’ll be right back.

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R Blank 26:35

Tim James 26:40
so funny, at all. All right, so R blank with shield your body. And hey, besides making you guys laugh, I just want to I got these stickers in the mail today. They’re new, they’re in our swag store. And it’s a picture of the icon which is a unibody thing. So you know, it represents a man and a woman. It’s a human being it’s and the flame up above is like the light, right? So you can be the light, you’re like a candle basically. And when you light your own candle, the cool thing about a candle is is you can go around and you can light is a billion other candles, and it doesn’t take away from your flame, which is pretty cool. So think about how many people you can change how many lives you can change. Just you like how powerful you are. So anyway, we have a swag store. I don’t usually promote this stuff, but I’m actually wearing a shirt. You guys can see this, but it says love when you poop. This shirt is actually an R and I were talking about this earlier because I like this shirt is 100% organic cotton, but even cooler, the dyes are chemical free. So the red dye the green dye for the flame and everything. So when you put this on your body, it’s not off gassing any chemicals or toxins in it. Check out our swag store. There’s a little tin cup over here. Like you want a little camping mug. It’s got the logo on it stuff. We got that in our swag store. So alright, dude. So let’s jump into let’s jump into the the, the the bad and the ugly of EMFs. Like, how did it all start? Can you kind of give us a timeline? And how industry kind of brought this in? And then take us up to 5g and beyond? What’s what’s going on?

R Blank 28:15
Sure. So well, Adi. Yeah. So. And in overpowered we have a chapter on the history of electromagnetism. But in terms of human exposures, really, it all began with the light bulb, right. So around I forget the exact year, but it’s around 18/52, half of the 19th century. And once you had the light bulb, you needed a grid to power that bulb. So they started building a power grid. And once you had a power grid in place, that effectively created a platform for all new devices, right that we called appliances. And so that’s when, you know, we started getting refrigerators and blenders. And so at this point, we’re still talking about elf which is extremely low frequency. That’s what elf stands for extremely low frequency EMF.

Tim James 29:05
Well, let me jump in here really quick and then I’ll shut up. Yeah, I just want to point something out. I’ve actually seen demonstrations where they light up light bulbs with no wires.

R Blank 29:14
Yes. And I’ve seen that happen is not even not even in like a structured environment like you can. There are certain high tension power lines, you can go under them and hold a fluorescent bulb, you know one of those long fluorescent bulbs and you will see it you will see it light up. I have a an EMF, I have a lot of EMF meters. But I have one. It’s a very simple one. And all it does is it lights up if there’s enough e EMF microwave radiation, MICROWAVE FREQUENCY RADIATION. So if like if you go to like a microwave oven and you hold it in front of it, it’s getting enough microwave energy to actually light the bulb on the meat the meter has no power. So it’s a great illustration for People when they realize there’s enough energy flowing in the air to light up something up, they start taking this more seriously.

Tim James 30:08
Well, I’m glad she gradually brought that up, I was making a different point, but what you’re bringing up is really good because a lot of times the way humans work today it has to be believing is seeing, or excuse me, seeing is believing, right and needs to be seeing is believing. And when they see a light bulb light up from EMF rogue frequencies that are not good for you, that there all of a sudden, like, oh my god, so for me, like when I was at Hippocrates, they they got this little thing and when you got within three foot of a light socket, it was like ruse nice Nicholas, closer you got the higher one, I was like, Oh, my God, I insulin like I gotta get, I gotta block that shit. It’s like my head, your heads within three foot of a light socket, when you’re sleeping or anywhere, you’re getting zapped, right? But my point was, is that there’s other energy sources, like the Earth, electromagnetic field, that’s a natural source, it’s out there. We could be powering everything with that I actually have a friend who’s a PhD. And he got together with a bunch of PhDs and chemists and physicists, just for fun, they were buddies, and they built a sustainable energy machine. And the one they never told anybody about because they wanted to get trouble, which is ludicrous. And the guy still powers his house with it today. And then I’m in another dude. And we just got talking about he’s like, I’ve been funding research on this for 14 years, he goes, we have found a way to create unsustainable energy, or it’s, well, it’s for them, it’s, it’s free energy, basically. But they can’t control it. It just, it burns up there, they get it going, and they have to get it, I can’t reset. It’s like 100,000 or something, they need to be able to get down to 40,000 cycles or something. But anyway, it’s out there. But we went into matrix mode. So continue your story. So now, I want to say this in light bulb and

R Blank 31:49
Thomas Edison light bulb, power grid, then you started getting appliances. And then they realized you could send signals wirelessly with this stuff, right. So that’s when we got radio am radio, then FM radio, that’s when we got television, radar, and those initial sets of wireless technologies. Then we got the cell phone, right. So that’s in the we’re talking about the late 1970s, the cell phone was invented that became one G. And then we started getting, you know, about every 10 years, roughly on average. So we got 2g and 3g, at the same time, we got Wi Fi, and then we got Bluetooth. and and now we’re, as you pointed out, right, 5g, they’re already working on six G. And I suspect it won’t even take 10 years till we need the next generation. And so over time, right, each one of these is a an additive exposure, right? So each one of these things, increases our exposure over what it already was, right? So when we got cell phones that didn’t get rid of TV and radio, right. And when we got Wi Fi, it didn’t get rid of cell phones. And so in with the growing number of these wireless devices, you need this wireless network to grow correspondingly in order to support all those nodes on the network. And so in fact, that’s actually, you know, 5g is being marketed as, as a high speed network. And that’s why you want it right, you want it because it’s fast. But that’s not why it was built, it was built to support way more tech, right, connecting to the network orders of magnitude greater than what the 4g network could, could sustain. And so you’re getting more and more and more of these devices, in just your average home. And, you know, the way i i try to portray this for people, particularly you know, if they’re they’re up at our age, is to think back to what your bedroom what looked like and look around it when you were a kid. How many wireless devices were there? How many sources of EMF were there? Now look at your kid’s room, and how many wireless devices are there and how many sources are there. And so they are being exposed children today are being exposed to orders of magnitude more EMF than even when we were children much less when our parents were children and their parents or children. But there are also right, that’s just the start. They still have a whole life to live and already and so it’s going to keep increasing around them as they grow because of the growth in wireless technology.

Tim James 34:32
I had a lamp trying to think back when I was 11 I got the Nintendo and then I became frickin addicted my mom had to peel me off that

R Blank 34:41
damn thing. My parents wouldn’t get me a video game system. Pretty smart. Actually, I

Tim James 34:45
read a read a thing that said before age 11 You should have your kid on zero electronics. Otherwise you’re going to destroy their brain for long term. Just the way things work. So luckily for me that that didn’t come out till I was 11 based on stuff I’d be dumber than I already am. So, um, what else did I have? I had comic books, dude, that’s what I did, I had not a source of humor, I had a big ass stack of comic books, two of them in the drawer, and I would just dig in there, and I pull them out and like, Ooh, you know, I read my comic books, like every night, and I just I love that or I was I had flies, I had a

R Blank 35:21
lamp and I had a radio. So those were the only two that I didn’t have, I didn’t have a computer, I certainly didn’t have Wi Fi, because it didn’t exist. Didn’t really didn’t have a smartwatch didn’t have a tablet didn’t have a cell phone didn’t have any of that stuff. And I’m not I’m not trying to I’m not trying to sit here be here trying to sound like, you know, an old guy like, Oh, back when I was younger was so much better. But just by in terms of EMF exposure, it’s really important for people to have some kind of benchmark to visualize just how much this stuff has grown in our environment, because it is it is it is a tremendous amount, even within our own lifetimes, and it will continue on this path.

Tim James 36:07
And the only reason it’s continuing is because the working class allows it. That’s why so I mean, think about it, don’t just allow

R Blank 36:15
it, they demand it right people still, the tide is changing a little bit, but people expect new technologies, there’s a big demand for the types of wireless technology that are being marketed by by the wireless industry. And, and so they are and there is no there’s no regulatory pressure guiding industry in ways that would make the technology safer from an EMF perspective. And so that is its that is I think one of the key issues that that you know, someone like me faces, which is when you’re trying to build awareness of this stuff. People love. I mean, maybe maybe not the health heroes, but a lot of consumers out there, they love their phones, they don’t just like their phones, they don’t just need their phones, and they blame them out there blinging them out. Yeah. And so when you have an issue like EMF, where it’s a little bit complicated and involves some science, right, it’s invisible, you can’t see it, touch it, smell it, or taste it. And the stuff that is the source of it, you friggin love it, right, it becomes a really difficult issue to communicate to the average consumer as to why they should be maybe regulating personally regulating their time and relationship with these these devices.

Tim James 37:33
Yeah, and there is a portion of the working class, the early adapters that are into this stuff that like on Black Friday, they’re camping out a day or two days ahead of time, or if Apple really releases a news pad or some of their camping out the night before. And they’re actually fighting over these things and going crazy because they have to have it. That’s that’s where we’re at today. They’re like, waiting in line to literally slowly kill themselves.

R Blank 38:04
That’s a nice way of putting it.

Tim James 38:06
It’s almost like, Hey, I’m gonna send somebody over every day, and they’re just gonna, you won’t see them, they’re just gonna come in early in the morning, they’re gonna put a little bit of poison in your food, and they’re gonna leave. And as you eat over the years, you’re gonna get sick, and it’s gonna take you out. But there’s nobody coming into your house, you’re actually going out and grabbing it and bring it into your house on your own. Yeah, that’s what we’re doing. So there’s nothing wrong with technology. I love it. I can use it. It’s great for,

R Blank 38:33
you know, seller meeting right now.

Tim James 38:36
Yeah, it’s so it’s cool. But it couldn’t be made properly and safely.

R Blank 38:43
It could have been certainly more it could be made more safely for sure. There because like there’s whole classes of EMF exposure, that aren’t regulated at all right? So at least in the United States, for example, the power how much EMF you’re exposed to from power lines. That is not regulated. There are certain other countries where it is but not in the United States. We have tried figuring out how much EMF you’re exposed to while driving different models of cars, because especially with the increasing popularity of electric cars, it’s becoming an issue people want to know about. We can’t find that information. They are not forced to I don’t know if they’re even forced to test it. Or but they’re certainly not being forced to report on it. No and and and then there are other classes of exposures. Where like cell phones is a big one that people know about, right where cell phone radio radiation is regulated, but it’s only regulated around the point at which it causes immediate damage that is holding a phone up to your head is not supposed to burn you that is literally the regulation and when it comes to EMF, and so Nicolas, so you have whole bunches of things, classes of products that have no regulations determining or guiding how much EMF they can expose you to you have a Other ones where the regulations are pathetically inadequate. And as a result, you don’t have any drive in the product design process. To that would be pushing products to be designed more safely from an EMF perspective, companies have no incentive because the government isn’t forcing them. And consumers, by and large, aren’t aren’t demanding it. And so those are the two valves, the two levers that really need to have to shift in order to start having this safer. And I’ll give you an example of how you know tech could be done more safely, because I think it’s an eye opening example. There is a baby monitor, I don’t think it’s available for sale anymore. It came out of China. But baby monitors are a big source of EMF and of course, for babies, right, they’re really vulnerable to, to EMF exposures, they’re more vulnerable than adults. And so there was this baby monitor, and I forget what it was called. But it was designed only to transmit when the baby was making noise. Right. So if the baby made noise, then the baby monitor would kind of wake up and send the signal out to the parent listening in the other room. So when the baby wasn’t making noise, the baby wasn’t being exposed to EMF from that baby monitor, right? That is such a simple and intelligent way to radically reduce the amount of EMF exposure that that baby has from that baby monitor. But you can’t find that product. You could make it so that all baby monitors had to be designed that way. But But right now, there are no regulations guiding this stuff. And so there’s no like I was saying there’s no, there’s no market driven pressures of forcing product design in that direction. Another Another example is cell phones, broadcast with the same intensity and every single direction. Right? Why you don’t want it going into your head the same with the same intensity as it’s going away from your head. That makes no sense. But that is how they are designed. That’s another example of, again, simple ways that you could alter product design to make this stuff safer from an EMF perspective. But the market pressures, either regulatory or consumer driven are just not there.

Tim James 42:14
Yeah. And that’s why you created products to help with that. Yeah, so I’m just thinking back like cell phones, dude, I remember back in the day reading some studies and stuff that were like, supposedly buried, they came out with and they basically said, it was in the 70s. Remember, with the briefcase cell phones, the great big ones, only people that wealthy could afford them. It was like $100 a minute to talk on him. And it was like, it basically said it gave people cancer and they just buried just buried the studies. Not push it push it forward. Yeah. Go ahead. Oh,

R Blank 42:44
no, I was just gonna say some people, some of your your health heroes might be interested to hear that. The major insurance underwriters around the world refuse to insure cell phone companies against future health claims. It is it is effectively uninsurable from from Ambassador and Lloyd’s of London. Because of they believe that there are big health claims coming down the pike at some point. So the insurance companies know it right. The insurance company if they know it, right. Like it’s not a secret the the cell phone companies know that the insurance companies know it. So they did none of this is secret.

Tim James 43:19
Well, I was in the financial services industry. And I was a licensed insurance agent. I’m telling you that the actuaries that are, you know, deciding what, how to insure and do all that stuff. These are some of the most book smart people in the world. They know down to the nanoparticle, like the risk that’s going to be so that the insurance company can be profitable. They pay these people these actuaries a lot of money to make sure and if they actually like, we’re not going to insure that because of huge future claims. That could be a problem and then it’s a money decision. So there’s another example of the market actually just saying, This isn’t good. You know, right there. There’s something else I wanted to bring up, man, but you brought up Tesla’s I could, I had a friend get a he bought a white Tesla was like one of the badass models. And he brought it over and I was like, this car is pretty cool. And he let me drive it. And we went somewhere. And he’s like, okay, just hit put the pedal all the way down. And do we took off like our frickin rocket. I’m like, sweet, and there’s no engine, the front. The front end is like a big storage compartment. The back storage compartment like this is genius. And then he’s like, Okay, go 30 miles an hour. He goes now floor it. And dude, it took off like we were at a standstill. And then we went to 50. And he’s like, now floor it. It was again, we were already going 50 And when I hit that thing, man, it took off. I’m like, oh my god, I’m gonna It’s I got my goals right up here. I wrote them out twice a day for almost three years. White Tesla white Tesla, I’m gonna get one of those suckers. And then I learned about, you know, electric cars and EMFs and all this stuff. And I’m like, why would I want to sit there and just zap the crap out of myself driving this car around. And for for those of you out there, probably not the folks listening but you might want to share this with other folks. I’ll try to be nicer when I was just about to say is that if you think that you’re buying an electric car and you’re doing something good for the environment, you’re doing actually more harm to the environment, the amount of mining that they have to do to build that car is destroying the planet. It’s like a cancer. And then when the engines toast, what are they do with it? It’s like this toxic chunk of garbage. And so it’s terrible, and then the electricity to drive it. Right. And then we’re doing stupid shit. Like windmills. We have windmill farms over here. And it’s I just can’t stand stuff like Oh, drive an electric car because and they’re pushing, electric pushing. They’re there, you see it in the parking lots at grocery stores. And you can drive all the way across America now. And it’s free. You know, it’s like, dude, nothing’s frickin free. You are paying the price. You’re getting zapped, you’re destroying the earth and building the dam. Well, let’s start over, you’re destroying the earth to build it. You’re destroying the earth, when you’re zapping yourself, you have to pay the electricity is has to be farmed somehow. Now it’s, you know, it’s coal. And it’s, you know, a new killer, and dams. And now there’s solar, which is also the solar panels are the materials to make those again, destroying the earth to make them. They’re not really that great. The windmills we have them all up and down the Columbia Gorge. And I can actually see some from our house over here, and the Grand Round Valley and dude, they’re ugly. It’s ugly, it makes me it makes me think of like, Star Wars, you know, those big Jewish Jesus things coming across the deal. And they have to, the little chips go around, and they twist the wire around them, and they get them fall down and they shoot them they blow up, right? Start, what are they called walkers or something? I don’t remember. Yeah. But I know. It looks like futuristic crazy stuff. It’s ugly. And I know farmers did. I know farmers that are getting paid millions to have those things put on their thing. And you know what they tell me? A lot of them don’t work. And they kill a lot of birds. Yeah, they’re always they’re always broke down. And I had one of the top five engineers on that project in my house in the detox nutrition class. And he said they were just rushing and rushing and rushing to get that project out to give a good front that the government was doing something good for, for the American public. And he said, I told them, they need to double the height. He said, If they would have I think if I remember he said if they would have doubled the height, they would have like quintupled the output, they would have gotten from it. And then and but they didn’t, they just rushed them out. And then another guy said, there’s a cylindrical ones where the you know, it’s kind of like those, you’ve seen some of those wind chimes where the wind blows, and they just kind of spin like this. Well, you they can put you can put like a steel grade around it. And then birds don’t get killed. And you can put them on top of cities like Chicago, the Windy City, right? And you could, you could drive it that way. But something that spins like a fan, it kills wildlife. So is that really good for the planet? Is it good for you? No, it’s a freaking joke, this whole all this stuff? If it’s on TV, if the government’s pushing it 98% of chance, it’s the complete opposite of reality. We are being duped. But we’re their system scientists behind this stuff. And they’re very good at marketing. And they simply just slowly just slip it into society.

R Blank 48:05
So if I yeah, they have the one thing I wanted to add there is because basically all forms of green energy, alternative energy, they require these batteries, right. So so whether you’re talking about solar, you’re talking about wind, whether you’re talking about hydro, they all require batteries, and the batteries are DC. And the things that power your house and your life are AC by and large. And so in order to turn dc into AC, you need an inverter, a power inverter, those power inverters are a huge source of dirty electricity. Dirty electricity is another type of EMF pollution, which is often not really talked about, but it refers right. So if you’ve generate power at the at a power plant, and it’s all done, right, you get this and you measure it right with an oscilloscope, you’ll get a nice clean sine wave. That’s what it looks like. And so when you add stuff to that, it’s like interference into that nice clean sine wave. So if you actually measure it with an oscilloscope, it, it gets all jumpy and spiky. And that’s why it’s called dirty and dirty electricity is linked. There’s not quite as much science on this, because it’s kind of a newly understood thing. But there is science on this. In fact, there’s a book called Dirty electricity by Dr. Sam Milam and what he did. He’s a an epidemia. He’s an epidemiologist at a I forget, somewhere in New York, some universities in New York. And what he did is he went around the United States and measured evaluated death records. And what he did was right because the United States wasn’t electrified at once right you first do electrical you got the power grid here, then you got the power grid here. Then you got the power grid here. Then you got the power grid. And so what he did is he went around the United States and measured evaluated the death records from Before and After electrification. And he did it in different areas. And what he showed is that there is a class of diseases, what he calls the diseases of civilization. And they include things like diabetes, ALS, which is Lou Gehrig’s disease, Alzheimer’s, there’s this childhood leukemia, which is the incidence of leukemia in children about the age of three or four. These diseases did not exist until the introduction of the power grid. And it was only introduced in areas following the so even if the grid was introduced here, you’d start seeing those diseases here. But you still wouldn’t see it where the grid hadn’t been introduced. And so it’s a really serious issue. And right now, there is no way to generate effectively no way to generate alternative forms of energy without introducing tremendous amounts of dirty electricity into the grid and dirty electricity cannot be shielded in the same way that other forms of EMF can be shielded.

Tim James 51:01
Oh, man, it’s just it’s this stack of crap that’s slowly killing us. It just gets worse. Thanks for coming on and make it make me all bummed out, dude.

R Blank 51:10
Well, hopefully I’ll have a chance to cheer yell. I’m

Tim James 51:13
really really I’m really glad to have that. So anyway, so let’s do this. We’ll take another quick break because there you go, guys, there’s so there’s the downside of all this garbage. So hopefully, there’s some more awareness now. Now we’re going to do is we’re going to take a break and when we get back, we’re going to get into the solutions because we’re not going to just leave you hanging we’ll be right back.

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Tim James 52:07
What’s up health heroes Tim James here I’m back with my my guest R blank with shield your body or s YB. And Alright, so we went through his background, his dad story pretty cool. They got the book out there called overpowered you probably should get it. It’s only available on Amazon. So every once in a while. Nobody’s perfect. Go get the book on Amazon, but don’t ever buy there again. Oh, you’re gonna get in trouble. And then we went through all the you know the crap just to bring awareness like, what are EMFs elf these rogue frequencies during the body? It’s not good. That last the last dude you were talking about? It just pisses me off, man. It’s like thinking about kids three to four years old, I frickin those kids are so cute and nothing but pure truth comes out of a child and just because of the adults allowing, and we just keep driving the demand of this dirty crap, this electricity and stuff. We’re killing our children. Like literally we have to face we have to face the reality of like, we’re literally killing our children because we want to download some somebody’s shaking their booty on, you know, I’m not gonna say the Kardashians, but shaking their booty. We want to download it very quickly on our iPhone, you know, driving the demand, and we’re actually killing ourselves and killing other people. It’s It’s really sad, and we pay for it. We pay for it in so many ways. And this is another example of what allow knowing that your pocketbook drives industry. So what I want to talk about right now is like, let’s talk about some solutions. I mean, I know you’ve built some solutions, but other what are some other solutions people can do? And then we’ll talk about Sure,

R Blank 53:40
sure, yeah. So yeah, when people asked me what they what they should do, right, so one thing is to start from the understanding that you’re not going to there is no life anymore. Without EMF exposure, you’re not going to get down to zero EMF exposure. That can’t be a goal of yours because it’s entirely unrealistic. Second, even as the number of these sources explode, and you sit, you know, outside your front door, you see a bunch of cell towers, or you’re living in an apartment building, and you turn on Wi Fi, your computer and you see 25 Wi Fi networks. And you can feel like, Oh man, this is hopeless, what can I do? Even if that’s the case, you still have a tremendous amount of control over your personal exposures. And it is what you do with the technology that is closest to you that can have the biggest impact. And the reason for that is the power of EMF radiation diminishes exponentially with distance. So if you have your phone and it’s like an inch away from your body, and you take it and it’s now two inches away from your body, you’ve cut the power of your exposure by 75%. That’s what exponential diminishment that means. And so that is why for instance, not carrying your phone in your pocket or your bra is a such an important thing for people to do or to put it into airplane mode if you are carrying it. Because when you’re carrying this cell phones. I mean, hence the this is where the name of the book came from cell phones are very overpowered devices, right? They are designed to communicate these signals over miles. And that’s just the cell connection. Right. There’s also the Wi Fi connection and the Bluetooth connection and the NFC. And so let’s see the near field communication that’s like what you use for Apple Pay and Google Pay, like if you pay with your phone. And so is

Tim James 55:26
this crazy? I never thought like, it’s got like, now I think about Whoa, it’s got like four different frequencies that have

R Blank 55:32
more actually, because it has Yeah, it has a GPS. And some like Apple has some apples have you WB which I forget, ultra wideband, I can’t remember exactly what it stands for. But it sounds

Tim James 55:44
like you are shooting all day long.

R Blank 55:46
Yeah, yeah. And so when when when this is in your pocket, or your bra right up against your body, you’re getting as full dose of this thing as it has to offer. And generally not for just a minute, right? Because when you put it in your pocket, you’re walking around, it’s during the day, it’s for hours at a time and it’s every day. And so not carrying your phone in your pocket, or your bra is a huge thing.

Tim James 56:11
That two dudes are like one of the reasons this is another contributing factor of why all these fertility clinics are popping up because guys your zap and your testes, your nuts, and and women, you’re zapping your ovaries and when you put it in your breasts, I mean, we’ve actually had I’ve heard stories of women that have been to the Hippocrates Health Institute where I started my journey, that their tumors like literally right where they’re there. Yeah, over and over and over and over again, throughout the years, we’ve heard these stories.

R Blank 56:37
Well, so yeah, on the infertility thing. And I know we’re talking about solutions. But just to underscore here, the science linking cell phone radiation and laptop radiation to some fertility and infertility and in men is incredibly strong. This is not like something like oh, maybe it’s true, like it’s super strong. And conversely, men who stop carrying their phones in their pockets, because sperm is regenerated every 24 hours, you can actually make a you can have seen measurable improvements in sperm motility and viability within a day or two, if you change your behaviors, and don’t just don’t care. And you know, what

Tim James 57:20
did you take away right there guys, huge takeaway. And what

R Blank 57:23
what people need to realize is that a lot of these cell phone companies, they will tell you not to carry it in your pocket, if you read the manual. So for instance, they couch it in different terms, right. So Apple doesn’t say don’t carry your phone in your pocket, they say there’s a minimum distance, step of separation that you need in order to maintain the published radiation levels. And that if you get closer it can exceed right. But that’s all kinds of fancy speak words. Small Yeah, in very small type in the manual, which most people don’t read. But the the companies themselves are telling you not to do this. With Dell laptops, there’s, there’s a math manual for one of their laptops. And that just keep in mind, they call this product a laptop, right? They don’t they didn’t wordsmith it to notebook, right, they still call it a laptop, and you read the manual. And you’re supposed to keep that thing seven inches away from your body in order to maintain, in their estimation, safe exposure levels. So they call it a laptop, they market it as a laptop, they sell you a laptop. But if you dig into the manual, you will see seven inches seven inches is you know, it’s a pretty big distance. It’s certainly not in your lap. So with a lot of these products, the stuff I’m telling you, it’s actually there in the manuals, they should be non GAAP tops. Yeah, yeah, they should call them keep it away from me, like I use a laptop too. But it’s, I use an external keyboard to keep it further away from me. So but that’s another example. So you should just like you shouldn’t use your phone in, keep your phone in your pocket, you shouldn’t keep a laptop in your lap, you shouldn’t sleep with your phone, you want to keep as much distance between your devices in your body as possible, and then turn it off when it’s not in use. Right. So for instance, if you have Wi Fi at home, and you go to sleep at night, turn off your Wi Fi at night when you go to bed and then turn it back on in the morning. You’re not it’s not costing you anything, right? You’re not getting any value out of that at all while you’re sleeping, but you’re getting the whole cost of the exposure. And so turn it off at night. So these are the what I call the two key roles of EMF protection, which is minimize your use of EMF emitting technology that would be example, turning off your Wi Fi at night. Or maybe you know skipping the smart fridge and getting a dumb fridge instead, minimize your use of EMF emitting technology. And rule number two is to maximize the distance between your body and the technology when it is in use. And again, even with all the proliferation of EMF emitting technology in our world and in your environment. These two things make a huge difference. rents in your own personal exposure, and thus, your personal health risk over time. And so that’s those are the three things that I and that that should be where everyone starts, you shouldn’t be buying EMF protection, unless you have done those things first, then where EMF protection comes into play is as what I call, or I like to call the second line of defense, right. So I’ll give the example of not carrying your phone in your pocket. That is what you should do, you shouldn’t carry your phone in your pocket or put it into airplane mode if you do. But a lot of people don’t want to do that. Because where else are they going to carry, they can’t turn off their phone, let’s say they need it on for work. And we’re also they’re going to carry it. And so that’s why I make the phone pouch. And the phone pouch like all of my products uses EMF shielding technology. This is this is a universally accepted science. It’s almost 200 years old, ever since Michael Faraday invented the Faraday cage in 1836. And what he showed is if you weave conductive metals into certain patterns, you can block and deflect EMF radiation in the opposite direction. And so what we do with the foam pouch is we we line the back of the pouch with this shielding material, and the front is unshielded. So your phone can still communicate with the world. But the back of the pouch is deflecting radiation away from your body. And so that makes it safer. Again, not safe, it makes it safer to carry your phone, in your pocket or on your belt. And so that’s where that’s where I EMF protection products come into play. And that’s the nature of the kind of products that I that I make and sell it shield your body. They’re all based on EMF shielding, they all have lab testing. And they all have demonstrable, measurable claims, right? So you can in fact, I have a free guide for people that tells you how you can get the right kind of EMF meter and verify my product claims for yourself at home.

Tim James 1:01:54
You know, I just thought of a old school product for you. Actually, this is a do at home. So if you guys don’t want to get his products, what you can do for your cell phone is go out in nature, which is good for you in the Lower, lower your stress, cut off a branch that’s about 10 feet long. And then take some rubber bands and rubber band, the phone 10 feet away from me, you can walk around with this big stick and your phone will be 10 feet away from it until you need it. Yeah, you could do that. That’d be a funny video. Actually. I want some royalties off that. But alright, so yeah, so that’s important, like, so the rule of thumb here is like, you know, limit the usage, right? And then and then and then stay away from it as much as possible possible. And then the third level is then then come in and like and then, like use the products you make. So I had some questions, because I saw that there was a s, the heart of the headset anti radiation device.

R Blank 1:02:49
Yes. So my headsets don’t use shielding they use. They use a different type of EMF protection. But so what’s your I’m happy to answer What’s your question?

Tim James 1:02:58
So the thing of it is, is that is that go into the phone and then into the headset?

R Blank 1:03:03
Yes. So it’s like an adapter between the phone and your headset and what it does, because using a First off, you should never be using wireless headsets. So you should only be using wired headsets. And that is way safer not only than using a wired headset, it’s way safer than holding the phone up against your head. But there is for those who really want to eliminate as much EMF as possible. There is some EMF that gets conducted along the headset, right because the headset has wire in it. And so the phone is sending some signals up the headset wire to your head.

Tim James 1:03:37
Yeah, and I heard that when you’re driving, you go from tower to tower, when it jumps to towers, that kind of boom is pulsing you and your drivers you’re getting hammered. Whether you’re holding the phone to your head, which a lot of the laws aren’t allowing that now or even if you have the wired headset, so I went to air tube headsets trying to find but I have not found a good pair yet. And I saw that you had some so I’m definitely going to try some because they just fall out of your ears. I mean, they just mean the technology is there in the air tube. But they just

R Blank 1:04:03
want also the sound quality there’s there’s there’s that because what the way air tubes work is by right a standard headset conducts the sound over the wire right to the to the speaker and the earbud. And that’s how you hear what air tubes do is they they cut the wire and Midway partway along the the headset, the sound is converted from wire from electrical signal to air and then it travels through the air up to the earbud. But because of the nature of that technology, it’s never going to sound as good as a wired headset. And so that’s that. So yeah, they work in terms of reducing radiation, and I use them I use my air tubes for listening to podcasts. Or if I have to take a call on my phone, which I rarely do but I will I will use my air tubes but I won’t you know listen to music on my air tubes because it’s there’s no pair of air tubes that makes listen Good music is good experience. And that’s where the heart comes in. So the heart is a filter. So it will filter the stray EMF off of the signal. So you can use any pair of headset that you like and plug it into the heart. And not only do you not get the poor sound of an air tube, it actually improves the sound, the heart was not invented as an EMF protection device, the heart was invented as something to improve audio quality, because all that stray EMF, that’s interference from the perspective of the sound. And so when you get rid of it, you’re actually improving the sound quality. So you can use any headset that you want, and it will actually improve the sound quality.

Tim James 1:05:41
Okay, and the reason I like shield your body is because you guys have a variety of products. I’m really happy that you have the bed canopies. Can you talk about that really quick?

R Blank 1:05:50
Sure. So that was important to me to add to the catalog, because, you know, a lot of people live in these high EMF areas. And actually, EMF proofing or, you know, your your home or your apartment, or implementing this kind of large scale, you know, home wide shielding, it’s like incredibly expensive, it’s incredibly difficult, it’s easy to get wrong. And so it, it’s hard to protect against like if you live in a very high EMF area, it’s hard to protect your home. And so the canopy was important to me to add to my catalog, because it is the only product I have that protects you from any source of EMF, right? It’s not just the phone in your pocket, right? It could be tons of nearby Wi Fi networks in your apartment building or cell towers or whatever, meters smart meters. Yep. And it protects you from all of these sources, even sources that are not in your control. Like you can’t go and turn off your neighbor’s Wi Fi, but you can put up the canopy and it protects you in every single direction. And it protects you for hours at a time all night long while you sleep. So that that is why it was important to me to add the canopy to my catalog.

Tim James 1:07:01
And it probably doubles as a mosquito net.

R Blank 1:07:04
You know, I’ve had people ask me that. I don’t know for sure that it does. But yeah, I guess mosquitoes Yeah, but no CIOMS I don’t know.

Tim James 1:07:13
Those things are those are bastards. If you’ve been to Alaska. I also know that you guys have boxer briefs. One thing that I thought was cool. I saw like an Apple Watch. There was a wristband protector. This is one of the things why stayed away from I have one now a whoop band. I know I’m kind of getting zapped. So will the whoop band still be able to work with the shield on?

R Blank 1:07:31
I don’t know that one in particular. So Apple Watches work that yes, they but not the not the not the things the not the biometrics

Tim James 1:07:41
biometrics, okay. Yeah, so the biometrics zap and like people are like, Oh, I gotta have an Apple Watch. Like, dude, you’re zapping yourself 24/7 I know, they’re good, because they help people take 1000 10,000 steps a day. So they’ve got, you know, taps and bandanas and neck gear neck gators, and they have a whole section for babies. There’s home and office laptops and tablets, grounding protection, and salting and then you guys also sell testing equipment people can test at home,

R Blank 1:08:07
right? No, so I recommend testing equipment, but we do not make or sell testing equipment. So I have a free ebook that people can find on the site at shield your body.com. And I recommend meters, there’s a few I recommend, so you don’t have to just pick one. And then I explain how to test I explain how to understand the levels that you’re measuring. And it’s a really great, it’s the only resource like it.

Tim James 1:08:31
Okay, so how do people get in touch with you, I’m really happy that you came on. And tell them again, where they get that

R Blank 1:08:38
ebook as well. Sure. So everything is at shield, your body.com that shield your body all one word.com. And that’s that’s where you’ll find all the products that Tim was just talking about. As well as all these ebooks, we have tons of video, we have a lot of educational information on that website articles, webinar archives, explainer videos. And also that’s where you’ll find my healthier tech podcast.

Tim James 1:09:04
Sweet. Sweet. Awesome, that’s really cool. I just realized it’s like shield your body chemical free body. It’s like we got the same thing going on. We gotta go Hi, brother. So Also guys, I became an affiliate with his products. I’m ordering a whole bunch of them right now I’m very excited about it. You can use the code health harrow at checkout to get 10% off your first order so hope you guys go check out shield your body.com and don’t forget about the book overpowered you don’t have to buy that it’s not for sale on the website but you can get it through Amazon once in a while. It’s okay I guess when stuff like this but other than that, don’t shop there. And again, R thank you so much for coming on. I’m glad you made it back safe from your travels back in Panama now you go out pick coconuts that’s cool. Sunshine, get out the beach or something. Was there any final words that you want to share with our

R Blank 1:09:53
no just you know, I just want to leave people with a sense of empowerment here right because it is important, you know especially, I mean, I think your listeners, your health heroes, a lot of them were already aware of this. But I know that when people first hear about EMF, like, it’s easy to get freaked out, it’s easy to kind of just be afraid, and to be depressed and think be hopeless. And I really want to underscore for people that it is you have, you are in a lot of control here in terms of your personal exposure, you can’t eliminate your exposure, but you are you have a tremendous amount of control here to reduce your exposure and to reduce your health risk. And just just I want people to leave this experience of us chatting with that knowledge that you have the power to to make a big difference here.

Tim James 1:10:39
Yeah, and I’m really I’m really glad that we were able to bring this awareness again about EMFs you’re my third guests we’ve had on maybe fourth about EMF, that’s such a big deal for me. You know, it’s not just one person guys, it’s like the fourth expert I’ve had on talking about this, there’s multiple products, I have all products, I keep layering them in just because I you know, I’m still going for that zero deal. I’m gonna try my best. You challenged me now like I’m gonna get zero new and I’m gonna move out I’m gonna find a mountain range somewhere and crawl into a cave and stuff and nobody’s gonna zap me damn it. So anyway, I want to thank the listeners around the world for tuning in. I love you guys. Another great episode. To bring awareness and solutions. That’s the most important thing. We want to equip you with awareness and solutions. You don’t want to be just running around not knowing anything getting zapped, in this case, you bring the awareness, do not let this awareness cause you stress because that lowers your immune system would do the exact opposite of what we’re trying to accomplish over here. Take it, get empowered with it, and take baby steps in the right direction. follow his advice, go back and rewind this again, write the steps out and get some of his stuff. And that’s it for today. So I really appreciate you guys. Thank you for liking, sharing and subscribing. This podcast. I love you guys. Until next time, change yourself. Change your world. And we’ll talk to you again soon. Thanks for listening again to the health hero Show. I’m your host Tim James. And remember, change yourself. Change your world. And we’ll see you again on the next episode

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