What is EMF?

If you’re reading this, you’re interested in learning more about EMF.

And I’m very glad that you are, because EMF is a really important subject.

That’s why I’ve assembled this information for you: so you can learn about this powerful force that increasingly surrounds us. I hope you enjoy.


R Blank

The invisible forces of electromagnetic fields surround us– increasingly so in our modern world. And we hear about EMF all the time.

But what actually is EMF?

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The short answer is, EMF is a form of energy. And all wireless devices – like cell phones and wifi – and everything with an electrical power source – like power lines and appliances – emit this type of energy.

That’s the short answer. 

But it goes deeper than that. Much deeper.

And I often find that people want to understand more. 

People like you have questions like:

  • Where does EMF come from?
  • How does EMF work?
  • What kinds of EMF are there?
  • How do you measure EMF?

So that’s why I wrote this ebook. 

To answer the deceptively simple question: “What is EMF?”

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