How EMF Affects Sperm & Eggs Differently

How EMF Affects Sperm and Eggs
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There are many studies that electromagnetic radiation (EMF/EMR), such as from a cell phone carried in a pocket, can harm sperm, causing infertility and sub-fertility in men. But what about women’s eggs? It’s natural to wonder how EMF affects sperm and eggs differently.

EMF and Male Fertility

There is now a significant body of science demonstrating the links between EMF and male fertility and the link between cell phones and male infertility. There is even science demonstrating that EMF protection saves sperm!

But obviously men and women are different, and their reproductive cells are different too. So how does EMF affect sperm and eggs differently?

Two Key Differences

There are two key differences between the reproductive cells in men (sperm) and in women (eggs), that affect how they respond to cell phone radiation.

The first is that male reproductive cells are on the outside of the body. This leaves them more exposed to radiation, for example, when you keep your cell phone in your pocket. Females carry their eggs on the inside of their bodies— which means that they are more shielded from electromagnetic forces.

The second key difference is that men regenerate their sperm on a daily basis. In stark contrast, women are born with all of the eggs they will ever have. This means that damage to sperm is not a permanent condition. Whereas, damage incurred to female eggs is a permanent condition; if the eggs in a female are damaged, no more will be generated. (This difference between how EMF affects sperm and eggs is just one key issue affecting women and EMF. )

So, sperm is more vulnerable than are eggs; women are inherently more protected from genetic damage to their eggs.

However, if the eggs of a woman incur genetic damage, that damage is permanent; whereas men will regenerate their supply of reproductive material each day.

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