Why the Human Body is So Vulnerable to EMF

The Human Body is an EMF Machine

For many decades it was assumed that wireless technology (such as utilized by a cell phone or WiFi) was too low powered to yield an effect on the human body (unlike the power levels found in a microwave oven, for example). More recent science has indicated this assumption was false. Why is it, then, that such low power levels of electromagnetic radiation effect cells, tissues and the function of the human body?

The answer is both relatively simple and intuitive: the human body (like all living things) is— plain and simple— a machine that runs on electromagnetic energy.

At a basic level, your body utilizes exceedingly low levels of electromagnetic energy to communicate. EMF traveling through the body is how your brain sends messages to your cells, and it is how your muscles work.

In short, your body relies on EMF to function. EMF is one critical way in which your body operates and regulates itself.

But, of course, your body relies on very specific levels of EMF. Your body is tuned to act in response to very, very low power levels of extremely-low frequency (ELF) EMF — in the range of 1 – 10Hz (compared to the 60Hz frequency found in power lines and electrical appliances, and 2.4-5 gigahertz used by WiFi).

Thus, even though technology like WiFi and cell phones emit relatively low levels of EMF (both low-power and low-energy), these levels of EMF are far greater than what your body is used to.

Given that your body relies on this type of energy to function, it makes intuitive sense that bombarding your body with multiple concurrent sources of electromagnetic radiation (from all the wireless devices, electrical appliances and the power grid) would throw off much of your body’s function. When your body is being exposed to this type of radiation, it is getting all sorts of confusing messages that throw off its normal function.

And it is also why EMF— when properly tuned and in the correct dosages— can be used to heal.

For these reasons, it simply makes no sense to claim (as some, especially in the wireless industry, do) that low power levels of non-ionizing electromagnetic energy have no effect on the human body— quite the opposite, low levels of non-ionizing electromagnetic energy are fundamental to your body’s function.

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