Healthy Living Tip #28: Turn Off Your Wifi Router at Night

Turn Off Your Wifi Router at Night

Wifi routers are a relatively significant source of EMF radiation exposure in many homes. And most people keep their routers on 24 hours a day– leading to a significant cumulative non-stop exposure.

Turn Off Your Wifi Router at Night

Cut Your Exposure

Wifi is a lot more convenient than ethernet, and most modern internet-connected devices don’t even come with ethernet ports anymore. So increasingly wifi isn’t even seen as an option– it’s just how you access the internet. But that’s no reason to keep your wifi routers on when they’re not in use– namely, when you and your family are asleep. If you don’t turn off your wifi router, you’re being exposed to its EMF radiation emissions when you’re not even using it!

Think about it. You and your family sleep somewhere between six and nine hours a night. The simple act of turning off your wifi router at night will cut out that radiation exposure entirely. That’s approximately 1/3rd of your life without unnecessary wifi radiation exposure.

Turning off your wifi router at night is a great habit to develop because you’ll reduce your family’s exposure to EMF radiation, you’ll increase your personal security (because wifi can’t be hacked if its not on) and on top of that, you’ll save some money on your power bill.

Ways to Turn Off Your Wifi Router

There are a few ways of turning off your wifi router at night.

The first is, obviously, just unplugging it at night, and then plugging it back in in the morning. That’s simple and effective, but some people might not want to add that to their daily list of chores.

So, you might prefer an automated solution. You could plug your router into a timer, just like you would a light. Then set the timer to go on and off when you want it to, and voila! You don’t need to worry about it anymore.

Alternatively, you don’t even need a separate timer. The reason is that most wifi routers include timer functionality built right in. There are a ton of tutorials online like this one on YouTube or this one teaches how to do it with an Apple Airport or Airport Express.

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13 thoughts on “Healthy Living Tip #28: Turn Off Your Wifi Router at Night

  1. Not every router has the timer functionality built in. The setup is convoluted on some routers that do support the timer. In my experience, the PCWRT router offers the most flexible way to set a timer on wifi. You can set different time ranges for each day, plus one-time override for more time if you need more time on special occasions.

  2. Is there a way to turn off the wifi without it blinking all night? I have Comcast and unplug at night and there is red blinking light. Thank you for any suggestions or resources to do this. Thank you for this article.

    1. Thank you for your reply, Jennifer. It may seem a bit analog, but if you cover that light with a bit of electrical tape, you won’t see it blink anymore. And you can always remove the tape if you need to see the light again.

      Have a great day!


    2. If your WiFi doesn’t provide a switch off, then you can connect it to a power strip, surge protector, timer, a wall switch outlet, or like device that has a button to switch off. You just install one of those in between the wall outlet and your, but you have to physically turn off except for the timer. The timer will switch on and off wants is set. You can get this at Walmart, home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.

  3. You are right. Thanks for the tip. We will switch off our router when we aren’t using the internet at all. Thank you.

  4. We have Verizon Fios. If I unplug my router it disconnects our tv service. So I cannot disconnect the WiFi ?

    1. Hello Kim: Thank you for taking the time to comment. Your situation is increasingly common, whether people get their TV service through their router, or even get their TV service from online-only services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. You can consider turning off your router when you go to sleep, or even putting it on a light timer so that it is automatically turned on before you wake up.

  5. Good advice, however when I tried turning off my router at night (it did actually work and I slept much better) my internet slowed up to a crawl. It got worse and worse. I had to ring an engineer from my provider here in the UK. When he came out to fix the problem he said that because I’d been turning my router off at night it tells the provider that I know no longer want broadband? And that’s why it slowed. this situation is insane. I know I sleep better when it’s off but I don’t want to lose my internet as I work from home. I’m stuck with having to leave a device turned on that I know causes me insomnia.

    1. Hello Andy: Thank you for sharing that experience. I’ve never heard of that happening before, and it must be incredibly frustrating! Perhaps you should try contacting your ISP to see if they might be able to do something about that? Keep us posted.

    2. I’ve heard this too- is it true? I’ve been using a timer to turn it off but engineer claims it slows down speed over time

  6. If one lives in an apartment complex and can see the network names of neighbours, it’s safe to say this is a useless endeavour. I can pick up the free signal in the lobby three floors down and although it’s weak, it’s enough that if I wanted to shut off my internet I could use it for some things , such as text messaging.

  7. There is a site called Tenda that my wifi company used the first time they set up the router with wifi and ethernet cords. This means that when I would type in IO would get Tenda, and have to log in with a password. Well the password must have been something the wifi company set because it didn’t take the password I made up to simply log in to my wifi and browser. Does anyone use Tenda? IN the site you can turn off/turn on wifi, and when it is off you can still surf your computer with the ethernet cable.

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