DNA Is A Fractal Antenna: This Is Why Your DNA — And Health — Is Susceptible to EMF

DNA As A Fractal Antenna

People often wonder why the human body is so susceptible to even the lowest frequencies of EMF. There are many reasons for this, but one interesting reason actually comes down to the structure of your DNA.

Research suggests that the DNA structure is optimized to receive large amounts of EMF radiation. The reason for this is because DNA acts as a fractal antenna, attracting EMF radiation.

What are fractal antennas?

To understand the way a fractal antenna works, and how it’s related to the DNA structure, you need to understand the basics of fractals and antennas.

What are antennas?

One Type of Standard Antenna
One Type of Standard Antenna

First, what’s an antenna?

Antennas allow wireless devices to transmit signals and information. Basic antennas usually are T-shaped. This unique shape allows the electrons to move from right to left and back again, which results in an alternating current that releases energy as it moves.

Changing the length of the antenna changes how fast the current of electrons moves, which is why you’ll see different lengths of antennas depending on their intended use.

What are fractals?

Fractals are geometric shapes that have the unique property of self-similarity. This is best explained by looking at a fern leaf. It’s easiest to see this by looking at the smallest leaf first. Notice that each larger fern leaf is a replica of the smaller leaf.

This same concept can be applied to basic fractal geometry; each smaller shape is a replica of the larger one. As a result, the only difference is typically the size.

How fractal geometry applies to antennas

A Fractal Antenna
An example of a DIY fractal antenna

Think of fractal antennas as a fusion of the basic fractal geometry and electromagnetics.

Fractal antennas use a self-similar design to maximize the amount of EMF radiation transmitted and received. Essentially, these antennas have a repeating similar (or exact) design repeating over and over again, but at varying lengths.

These different lengths give the fractal antenna a unique property. This fractal design allows the antenna to transmit multiple frequencies of EMF.

In fact, because fractal antennas can be much smaller than regular antennas, while still being as powerful as a larger antenna, many cell phones use fractal antennas to communicate.

How does DNA look and act like a fractal antenna?

It’s probably hard for you to imagine how you could compare our DNA to an antenna. After all, DNA is a tiny bit of biological material in your cells. How can it function like the thing you use to get TV reception?

But there are some shocking similarities, and the analogy helps explain why DNA is so vulnerable to EMF radiation.

DNA shares the two important properties that all fractal antennas have:

    1. electron conduction, and
  1. self-symmetry

DNA is a long, electrical charged molecule. DNA is made from smaller base parts (called nucleotides) that join together chemically. 


The nucleotides have phosphates joined to them. And these phosphates have a negative electrical charge.

In other words, a basic property of DNA is having a negative electrical charge.

DNA also has a unique double helical structure (which is self-symmetrical) and possesses its own degree of fractal geometry.

These two properties of DNA combined — electron conduction and self-symmetry — are the reasons why DNA acts as a fractal antenna. As a result, DNA is able to absorb EMF radiation at multiple frequency ranges (a characteristic of fractal antennas). In fact, the design of DNA means it is optimized to act as antenna.

This study even points out how EMF interacts with DNA similarly over a range of frequencies, from extremely low frequency (ELF) to radio frequency (RF) ranges.

In effect, DNA is an electrically-charge sponge. So, DNA naturally absorbs EMF radiation.

Human DNA is A Fractal Antenna: Consequences

So, DNA is a fractal antenna. What are the consequences of that?

One of the main ones is that DNA is incredibly susceptible to even extremely low levels of EMF radiation.

This is why even extremely low levels of EMF radiation exposure can result in irreparable DNA strand breaks and damage. Sometimes, DNA breaks can occur on one strand, on both, or between the DNA itself.

This type of DNA damage is actually the cause of most cancers. Even when damaged DNA doesn’t result in cancer, it can result in the body’s inability to properly repair damaged tissue, or even result in cell death. The fact that DNA acts as a fractal antenna doesn’t make matters any easier when it comes to figuring out how to protect yourself from EMF radiation.

Protect Yourself By Educating Yourself

One thing’s for certain: you can’t change the structure, nature, and function of your DNA, nor the fact that DNA acts as a fractal antenna because of its natural properties.

However, you can learn ways to protect yourself from EMF radiation — especially from those objects you interact with on a daily basis. And guess which object that is?


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