Healthy Living Tip #15: Keep Your Router As Far Away As Possible

Healthy Living Tip #15: Keep Your Router As Far Away As Possible

EMF radiation is a serious threat to a person’s health. There are only two ways to reduce and cut out EMF radiation from your life. These two ways are:

  1. Minimizing use of these devices that emit EMF, and
  2. Maximizing your distance from those sources.

A huge source of EMF radiation comes from your home internet router. It is highly recommended you turn your router off when not in use or when you are sleeping. You can do this by unplugging it or by putting it on a timer. Some routers even come with a built in timer for this very purpose.

Healthy Living Tip #15: Keep Your Router As Far Away As Possible

However, we realize you can’t always shut of your home router, especially if you use it for work or school. So your other option to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation from your router is to maximize your distance from the router.

The farther away the router is from your body the better. As a minium precaution 10 feet is decent, however if you can get the router 20, 30, or 40 feet away (or even further) from your body, that is even better.

Here are several other ways to maximize the distance between you and your home router:

  • Never put a router in your bedroom or place where you sleep.
  • The best place to have a router most likely is in an office where no sleeps or a place where people don’t hang out in for long periods of time.
  • If you have an attached garage and can put the router in garage this works well to help limit your exposure
  • If you do not fold your laundry in your laundry room, this also may be a good area to keep your router since you don’t spend long periods in the area.
  • Keep routers out of kitchen and living areas where you spend a lot of time, especially your family room.
  • Never put the router in a baby’s room or child’s room.

EMF radiation exposure is a seriously health threat to you and the family members that live in your home. If you must keep your router on, be sure to find an area in your home where people will get the least exposure from it. The more distance between you and your router the less exposure you will get from EMF radiation.


3 thoughts on “Healthy Living Tip #15: Keep Your Router As Far Away As Possible

  1. what is a safe emf reading?

    1. Howdy Jim:

      That’s a GREAT question. Thank you for asking.

      I’ll tell you how my father would have answered that. He’d say “the only safe level is none.” And what he meant by that is that life on earth evolved over millions of years with a certain, very low level of EMF radiation — from the earth’s magnetic field, distant cosmic sources, and the occasional lightning bolt. So life evolved to exist in an environment with almost no EMF.

      It wasn’t until about 200 years ago that humans began generating this force on our own. And it wasn’t really until the invention of the lightbulb — and the electric grid that powered it — that human-made EMF became something humans were exposed to on a regular or daily basis.

      So, life evolved to exist without this stuff. So each little bit of additional exposure we have will yield some amount biological effect. Some of that our bodies are designed to cope with and repair. And after a certain point, the cumulative damage adds up to the point where it begins to manifest as negative health effects and disease.

      I know this isn’t a cut and dry answer that I know you were hoping for. In short, there are levels of non-ionizing human-made EMF that are definitely unsafe. But there is no level of human-made EMF that is safe. It’s all about different levels of damage.

      I tried to touch on this topic in an August 2017 blog post:

      For a more cut-and-dry answer, I would point you to the conclusions of the BioInitiative Report. That review analyzed thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies to determine what levels of EMF exposure have led to what types of outcomes. And they issued recommendations for exposure levels. You may view that here:

      If you have other questions, please feel free to email me any time.

      Have a nice weekend,


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