Healthy Living Tip #32: Don’t Sleep On A Metal Coil Mattress

Healthy Living Tip #32: Don’t Sleep On A Metal Coil Mattress
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EMF exposure can come from many sources throughout your home such as your cellphone and tablet. But did you know that your box spring or mattress can expose you to EMF radiation? It’s like laying on a radiation antenna!

Healthy Living Tip #32: Don’t Sleep On A Metal Coil Mattress

Why are Metal Coil Mattresses an EMF Risk?

Most metal coil mattresses and box springs have coils of metal inside of them. This metal can act like an antenna and amplify EMF radiation from your wifi and bluetooth devices in your home, especially from sources in your bedroom.

The electromagnetic waves actually get trapped in the metal coils and then can amplify and conduct them up towards your body. In fact, any metal that is similar in length and size can amplify these wavelengths of EMF radiation exposing you to greater amounts of unhealthy EMF.

Can you imagine sleeping on a bed night after night where you EMF radiation is just being transmitted throughout your body? This is exactly what happens when you lay on a bed made with metal coils in a world that is filled with EMF radiation.

To Avoid This Type of EMF Exposure You Should:

Choose a mattress and box spring that does not have metal coils.

There are plenty of mattresses such as memory foam mattresses that do not incorporate metal coils. And if you choose to buy a platform style bed you won’t need a box spring at all!  Platform beds support the bed and only require a mattress.

To further protect yourself and your family, I suggest turning off all wifi devices, laptops, computers and bluetooth devices before you go to bed.

And, if you do have EMF emitting devices on while you sleep, try to keep them as far away from your body as possible.

Let your bedroom be a technology free zone.

If you do these things, you can be sure that you are minimizing your exposure to harmful EMF while you sleep. 

Read more of our Healthy Living Tips to find out other ways to protect yourself and your family from EMF radiation.

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