EMF Shielding Reduces or Eliminates Autoimmune Disease

EMF Shielding Reduces or Eliminates Autoimmune Disease

There is a growing body of evidence linking exposure to EMF radiation with impairment of your body’s immune system, including immunosuppression and autoimmunity. One recent study has demonstrated a very real link between exposure to EMF and autoimmune disease. Even more significantly, the study, published in the journal Immunology Research, also showed that EMF shielding reduces or eliminates autoimmune disease linked to EMF exposure.

First, it’s important to recognize the difference between natural electromagnetic radiation and EMF emitted from electronics and devices. Everyday we receive natural radiation from the elements around us such as thunderstorms and cosmic radiation from space. The difference is that these natural sources emit vastly less, and exponentially lowered powered electromagnetic radiation than that which comes from human-made sources, making them weaker and generally safe for us.

In contrast, human-made sources of EMF include cell phones, television, WiFi signals and other devices. EMF radiation from electronics interacts with the human body on a cellular level. This is because the human body also has its own electromagnetic field. Our blood, nervous and lymphatic systems all use electromagnetic signals as a means of communication throughout our entire body, for all of its basic and complex functions.

Biophotonic Emissions

BPE, also known as biophotonic emissions, is a type of electromagnetic energy that is crucial to the proper functioning of our cellular metabolism. This energy is also responsible for powering our nervous and immune systems. It is how various parts of our body are able to communicate instantly. BPE is one of the many of the critical bodily functions harmed by exposure to human made EMF radiation.

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Many of the current public health laws only address the short term health risks of being exposed to these dangerous frequencies. Even so, a large and growing body of peer-reviewed science finds that exposure to these frequencies have a negative impact on our physical and mental health. And that this risk grows, in a dose-response relationship, with the duration of exposure.

EMF and Autoimmune Disease

One review found that two thirds of studies about EMF and autoimmune disease show thatchronic exposure to electromagnetic radiation, at levels found in the environment, may particularly affect the immune, nervous, cardiovascular and reproductive systems.”

Surprisingly, some studies and researchers still insist that there is no harm detected from these low frequency waves. This, in part, could be due to the fact that there is often a gap or a lag between the time a person was exposed to the dangerous levels of EMF and the manifestation of its symptoms.

Electromagnetic radiation at extremely low frequencies (so-called ELF) also provokes a stress response within the cells in the body. This can lead to chronic stress issues and eventually autoimmune responses. A person may also develop increased inflammation within the body after being exposed.

In short, a significant body of peer-reviewed scientific research demonstrates that exposure to EMF radiation can cause autoimmune disease in humans.

EMF Shielding Can Help

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With all the evidence demonstrating the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to EMF, it’s good to know about proven ways to protect yourself when you cannot avoid coming in contact with them.

In recent studies, patients were asked to wear EMF shielding clothing consisting of a specialized combination of silver coated polyester threads and bamboo fibers. These materials were known to partially block out some of the electromagnetic radiation.

Many of the patients in this study were those suffering from autoimmune disorders such as Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis and Celiac Disease. Incredibly, 90% of the patients reported a “definite, strong” change or reduction in their symptoms.

In short, this study shows that EMF shielding reduces the incidence and degree of autoimmune disease that can result from exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Shield Your Body

There are high quality products today that are also highly effective at shielding much of the harmful radiation that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Products like the ones we make here at SYB. Our products are tested and proven to be effective at blocking EMF radiation, to help prevent the dangerous effects these waves can have on our physical and mental health.

SYB Phone Pouch, Cell Phone EMF Radiation Protection
SYB Phone Pouch, Cell Phone EMF Radiation Protection

Shielding and protecting yourself while using electronic devices is crucial to maintaining an optimal state of health. We are constantly exposed to high levels of EMF on a regular basis even when we are not personally using any electronics or devices. This is because we are continuously being bombarded with Wi-Fi and cell phone signals of those around us.

Wearing protective clothing or using shielding pouches to slip our phones in while on us, minimizes the chances of developing autoimmune disorders and other health issues, by greatly reducing the amount of EMF that reaches the body.

With the rise of technology and devices that we are inviting into our lives, we’ve seen a correspondingly drastic rise in chronic illnesses and diseases. The overuse of technology and poor physical and mental wellbeing go hand in hand. Technology is a wonderful tool, but it should be used with extreme caution and care. These tools that should be used to help us, can also be the same ones that hurt or hinder us.

Take Action

The same modern science that gives us the powerful electrical and wireless technology that we all enjoy — and that drives the global economy — also gives us an increasingly detailed knowledge about the health risks caused by this technology.

Fortunately, you can start to take control over your EMF exposure by making certain changes to your behavior to reduce your personal health risks. Simple changes, like not carrying your phone in your pocket, or sleeping next to it.

Beyond that, the advance of modern technology has also helped us create powerful shielding products and solutions, to give you even more protection from the harmful effects of EMF. Unless we’re all willing to go back to the stone age, exposure to human-made EMF is here to stay. But there are safer ways to use it, and products that can help. So, take action, and shield your body!

the 5 biggest sources of EMF & how to protect yourself for free

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