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Healthy Living Tip #6: Don’t Use Radiant In-Floor Electrical Heating

Healthy Living Tip #6: Don't Use Radiant In-Floor Electrical Heating

If you read the Healthy Living Tip #73 on not using electric heating blankets, you may have learned that EMF radiation from a blanket can penetrate the skin up to 6 or 7 inches deep. Radiant in-floor electrical heating is similiar to heating blankets in the way they heat up and give off EMF radiation. Which brings us to Healthy Living Tip #6.

Healthy Living Tip #6: Don't Use Radiant In-Floor Electrical Heating

Since most people walk around their houses with socks or in bare feet, you can expect to come in close contact with EMF radiation with radiant in-floor heating, it can even be as close to those 6 or 7 inches deep. 

It’s important to note that all electrical heaters produce EMF radiation. But unlike other forms of electrical heaters (which tend to be localized in one location in your home), radiant in-floor electrical heating tends to be located throughout your home. That same characteristic which makes it provide such a comfortable heating experience also means that EMF emissions are also spread through your home, wherever the heating is laid in the floor.

Radiant in-floor heating can be linked with cancer, so it’s important to understand the product before adding it to your home. Some radiant in-floor heating companies will shield their wiring to limit the amount of EMF radiation. However, such shielding is not 100% effective and some EMF can get through. The best way to protect yourself is to not install radiant heating to any of your floors. 

However, if you choose to install it, we recommend that you do a little research and go with one that says it releases low EMF radiation.

Also, consider limiting the amount of time you use that floor. For example, you can consider turning on the heat before you get home, and then turning it off when you arrive. The less you come in contact with it, the better.

A more ideal way to go is to look into installing a fireplace or wood burning stove for added heat. Gas heaters may also be better than exposing yourself to harmful radiation. Even a different type of electrical heater will be safer, as you can easily maximize the distance between your body and the source of the EMF emissions.

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