Healthy Living Tip #73: Don’t Use Electric Blankets

Healthy Living Tip #73: Don’t Use Electric Blankets
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EMF radiation is all around us. Often times, we are not even aware that our household products are putting us at risk. For instance, heating blankets sound like a nice, warm idea, right? Well, that is until you know they emit radiation and your body is getting all that exposure, right against your body, while you sleep.

Healthy Living Tip #73: Don’t Use Electric Blankets

If you use a heating blanket or electric blanket at night, you should stop. This type of blanket literally blankets you in high powered low frequency EMF radiation, which penetrates your body. If you leave your heating blanket on at night, this is considered chronic exposure.

There have also been studies showing these types of heating blankets are linked to childhood diseases like leukemia and can lead to an increased risk of miscarriage in pregnant woman.

EMF radiation causes a whole slew of problems. It has been linked with cancer and stress. It affects your autoimmune system, reproductive system, and even your melatonin production, among other health issues. So the best way to protect yourself is to just ditch the heating blanket.

Instead of using a heating blanket why not:

  • Use a heavier comforter or a duvet with feather down
  • Use flannel sheets or sweatshirt sheets 
  • Turn up your heat at night
  • Wear socks or a night hat to bed
  • Utilize a hot water bottle under your blanket or sheets

Keep your family and yourself safe by getting rid of electric blankets altogether.

Or, if you really love your electric blanket too much to say goodbye to it, try using it to heat up the bed before you get in, then switching if off. That way you can get into a warm bed but at least don’t get the constant exposure while you sleep.

When it comes to your health, it’s always good to be informed and to learn which household products produce EMF radiation.

Read more Healthy Living Tips to find out other ways to protect yourself and your family from EMF radiation.

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