Healthy Living Tip #91: Put Your Phone in Airplane Mode When Not in Use

Healthy Living Tip #91: Put Your Phone in Airplane Mode When not in Use

Airplane mode on your phone was originally created for when you are flying in a plane, but did you know that turning your phone to airplane mode when not in use can reduce your EMF radiation exposure?

Healthy Living Tip #91:  Put Your Phone in Airplane Mode When not in Use

When in airplane mode you can not receive or send phone calls or text messages. BUT your phone will also not emit any EMF radiation.

So, when you are not using your phone you should turn it to airplane mode for your safety.

Here are several good times to turn your phone to airplane mode:

  • When at a performance or movie theatre
  • During a meeting or lunch date
  • While driving your car
  • While napping or sleeping
  • While making dinner or doing grocery shopping
  • At sporting events or other activities
  • While at the gym or out running
  • Spending quality time with your significant other and/or children

Yes, it’s hard not to stay connected all the time, but the benefits to your health far outweigh the need to feel connected.

What’s more, you can still do so many things with your phone while it’s in airplane mode including listening to music, playing offline games, listening to downloaded ebooks, listening to podcasts, even your GPS doesn’t need wifi. Your clock and alarms still work too! 

EMF radiation can cause serious health risks. So it’s important to turn off your phone or turn it to airplane mode when you are not using it. Not only will you reduce your exposure to harmful EMF radiation, but your mental health and your relationships will grow when you unplug and direct your attention to living in the moment.

So go ahead, switch to airplane mode! Your body will thank you for it!

There are lots of ways you can protect yourself from the health effects of EMF. Check out our full series of Healthy Living Tips to find out more.

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