SYB Flex Shields: General Purpose EMF Protection for Every Situation

Our General Purpose EMF Protection Flex Shields

We have designed and built a wide range of RF-shielding products, all of which are made to offer excellent shielding without compromising style. The drawback is that most of our products are made for a specific purpose: the laptop pad is for laptops, the boxer briefs are for – well, you know how to use those. That’s why we created the SYB Flex Shields: general purpose EMF protection that can be applied to any situation. 

What Are Flex Shields? 

Flex Shields are 6”x6” squares of conductive, non-woven fabric which deflects incident EMF radiation. The back surface is made of a special adhesive tape so that it can be firmly applied on to any surface: behind a baby monitor, on top of the desk, or anywhere you like. 

Use Our General Purpose EMF Protection Flex Shields Wherever You Need Shielding

How it Works

All wireless devices work by transmitting radio and microwave EMF radiation. This kind of radiation cannot pass through conductive materials, so our Flex Shields are composed of silver, nickel, silicone and copper: this fine mesh of metallic fibres effectively forms a shield against RF and EMF radiation. 

The Flex Shield can deflect up to 95% of all radiation: simply cut it to your desired size, stick it in place, and you’re good to go! 

Why do we need EMF shielding?

Numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies have linked EMF and RF radiation with harmful health effects including cancer and infertility. The World Health Organization has even listed it as a Class 2B carcinogen.

Want to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation?

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5 Ways To Reduce Exposure to Radiation From Modern Devices

Want to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation?

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The number of wirelessly-connected devices in our daily lives is growing at a staggering rate. With them of course comes greater – and more intensive – radiation exposure. The great news is that products like Flex Shields are completely unobtrusive: once it’s attached to a surface, it stays there and performs its job indefinitely. 

Using Your Flex Shield

Our Flex Shields come in a pack of 4, with each measuring 6”x6”. The first thing to do is decide where you want to place your shield. You can then use scissors to trim the Flex Shield to the perfect size! 

Wipe down the target surface (a cleaner surface means better adhesion) and then peel of the plastic layer from your shield. Align it correctly, and then press and hold it down for a few seconds. 

If you’re looking to cover a larger area, you can combine multiple Flex Shields together, giving you the flexibility to cover any surface regardless of size or shape. Note that the Flex Shield is not designed for direct attachment to an electronic device. Instead, we recommend applying your shield to solid, neutral surfaces like walls, desks, tables, or lap desks.

Once in place, your shield will stay effective until you remove it. The top surface is even laminated to offer extra protection against heavy use and prolonging the life of the product. 

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