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How to Use SYB EMF Protection in Your Home or Office

  • The best EMF protection for home or office is the one that’s free – in other words, limiting your use and maximizing your distance to EMF-emitting devices.
  • For added safety, you might be looking for a specially-designed protective product like the SYB Picture Frame, Flex Shields, or Poster Frame Liner.
  • A common question people have is whether these products only block the area directly in front of them. This is not the case, as EMF protection works in much the same way that a shadow is cast from an object blocking a source of light. Understanding how this works will help you maximize the efficiency of these products.

Radiation from electromagnetic fields (EMF) is all around us. Our strongest exposure to it comes from sources like wifi routers, smart meters and cell phones. 

And, as has been well documented by a mounting body of science, this radiation has negative effects on our health. 

So what if you want to shield yourself and your loved ones from that radiation? What’s the best EMF protection for home or office? Assuming you’ve done everything else in your power to limit your exposure – like switching off your wifi router at night and putting your phone on airplane mode when you’re not using it – you may still want some added protection. 

What about a simple, discreet object that sits between you and the source of the radiation, blocking it from reaching you?

That’s basically what the SYB Picture Frame, SYB Flex Shields, and SYB Poster Frame Liner are: objects that create a protective wall or shield between a radiation source and the people around it. 

But you may be wondering, how does this work? Wouldn’t you need to literally stand right next to the protection product in order to be shielded? In theory, everywhere outside of it would be unprotected, right?

This is a question we get asked a lot, so this post is going to address it. 

The short answer is, no – you don’t need to stand right next to the protective shield as if it were a literal piece of armour. 

Here’s why. 

How Electromagnetic Waves Travel

EMF radiates from a source just like light does (in fact, light is a form of EMF).

Since light is something we can see and understand, using it as an analogy can give us a better grasp of how EMF works. 

Light travels away from its source until it meets with an object. This object must be made of a material that doesn’t allow the light to pass through. When the light hits that object, it gets blocked and a shadow is made. 

But here’s the thing: the size of that shadow won’t be the exact same size and shape of the object that’s creating it. 

The closer the object is to the light source, the larger the shadow it will cast. This is simply because it will block a larger area of the light. 

EMF works in much the same way. 

So imagine a source of EMF radiation (say, a wifi router) as a lamp. Now imagine a shielding product (let’s say the SYB Poster Frame Liner) as an object that blocks part of the light and thus casts a shadow. 

How much light it blocks will depend on how close it is to the lamp. 

Or, in this case, how much of the EMF it blocks will depend on how close it is to the router. 

Visualized another way, think of holding your hand up to a flashlight. The closer your hand is to the flashlight, the larger a shadow it will cast. And the further away your hand is from the flashlight, the smaller a shadow it will cast. (Remember that in our case, the shadow is the area in which you’re protected from the EMF.)

What This Means In Practice

In practice, this means that how you position your EMF shielding product will determine how much “shade” it throws – or, in other words, how great of an area becomes EMF-free. 

One thing to consider is that if you put your EMF shielding product too close to the EMF source – e.g. directly next to or covering it – you risk interfering with its functionality. Much like putting a lightbulb behind a solid wall stops the light. If the point of the lightbulb is to provide light, then odds are you don’t want to block it all together. 

Instead, you probably just want to keep some areas lit and some in shadow.

That’s the same case with something like a wifi router. If you have it switched on, it’s probably because you want to have wifi available somewhere in the house or office.

With other types of EMF, you might like to block the radiation more fully.

Let’s take a look at some examples of situations you might encounter at home or in the office and how to best setup your EMF shielding to counter them.

EMF Protection for Home or Office: How to Use It

Here are some ways you can set these types of protection up in your home or office in a way that maximizes their effectiveness.

  • Shielding against smart meter radiation.
    Smart meters are a health risk – according to some estimates, they can result in 160 times more cumulative whole-body exposure to radiation than a mobile phone. Unfortunately, many people don’t have any option but to get them installed. Putting your EMF protection close to the smart meter can deflect radiation away while still allowing the meter to run.
  • Protection from 5G infrastructure.
    As you may know by now, 5G requires the installation of up to hundreds of thousands of mini cell towers. This means that, whether you like it or not, you might end up with one right outside your door or window. Mounting your EMF shield between you and the 5G device – as close to it as possible – will block the most amount of EMF radiation.
  • To protect certain areas from wifi.
    Let’s say you have a wifi router at home and you want to be able to use the internet in your living room or home office. At the same time, you want to block it from reaching another area – like a baby’s nursery or a bedroom. Mount something like the SYB Poster Frame on the wall between the device and that area to specifically protect it.
  • To Shield Your Body from portable devices.
    Our SYB Flex Shields can also be used in your office or home in any places where you typically place EMF-emitting devices like laptops or cell phones. Simply apply the shield to your desk or other surface and sit the device on top: everything underneath the shield (aka, your body!) will be protected from harmful EMF rays.

We hope this has cleared up any questions you have about how these particular EMF-blocking products function and how you can use them in a practical way to limit the exposure of you and your family to detrimental radiation.

If you’re still not sure or have any questions, do get in touch any time. We’ll be happy to answer.

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