EMF and Male Fertility

How EMF Affects Male Fertility
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Billions of men around the world use cellphones, laptops, or microwaves every day. In other words, they are regularly exposed to EMF radiation. Most people know that exposure to EMF can negatively impact overall health and wellness, but the hidden effects of EMF and male fertility can be seriously damaging. 

With the regular placement of EMF-emitting devices in front pockets or on laps and their proximity to the male reproductive organs, phones and laptops can have surprising effects on male fertility with the power to devastate hopeful parents. And, with male fertility rates continuing to plummet, it’s critical to be aware of its threat. 

Here are the different ways that exposure to EMF can impact male fertility:

Lowered Sperm Count

EMF radiation has been connected to lower sperm count and quality. In fact, studies have found that long-term exposure can decrease sperm concentrations by nearly a third, especially that of healthy sperm. This means that sperm motility, count and viability were all significantly impacted by years of exposure to cellphones, microwaves, etc. And, lowered sperm count and quality reduce the statistical chances of successful conception, therefore inhibiting male fertility.

Decreased Testosterone Levels

Another study found that men who regularly used cellphones had lower testosterone levels in general. Testosterone is responsible for regulating male libido, sexual response and performance, and semen production. So, a decrease in the body’s volume of the hormone can result in sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, inhibiting a man’s ability to perform sexually, as well as lowered sperm count and quality. 

Affected Sperm DNA

Researchers into EMF and male fertility have also found that sperm placed near laptops had significant DNA damage and fragmentation. Since it is each sperm’s DNA that acts as its navigation toward the ovum, this means each sperm had a much smaller chance of producing viable offspring and fertilizing an egg.

How to Improve Male Fertility

Luckily, there are several ways to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation and take better care of your fertility and overall health.

  • Limit your exposure. Try to keep track of the time you spend on or close to EMF-emitting devices and cut back where possible. Avoid putting your phone in your front pocket, and your laptop directly on your lap.
  • Use EMF-blocking products to protect yourself. There are shields available for cellphones and laptops, as well as boxers and phone pouches that provide all-around protection from EMF exposure. 
  • Avoid using 5G. Few people fully understand what 5G is, but its safety and health impacts are certainly in question. Try to avoid using 5G when possible, and instead, stay on wifi.

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