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35 Best No-WiFi Offline Apps and Games For Your Kids

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Cell phones have opened up a world of possibilities for our children, allowing them to learn as well as stay in touch with us, their parents, which is crucial for their safety.

However, this benefit comes with a hidden cost: exposure to massive EMF emissions. As we prioritize our children’s health, we cannot overlook this aspect.

To strike a balance, consider substituting some of their online screen time with engaging offline alternatives. Begin with their gaming habits. Replace your child’s online games with these 25 offline alternatives so they can continue to enjoy their time with their cell phone or tablet, without the unnecessary EMF exposure.

Let’s dive in.

EMF’s Biological Effects are More Severe on Kids

We all know that prolonged exposure to EMF has severe biological effects on humans. But we often miss the fact that the intensity of those effects is greater in children than in adults.

Where do you carry your phone?

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That’s because:

  • Children’s skulls are thinner, and their brains are smaller and wetter than that of adults;
  • Their bodies are growing very fast;
  • And they’re obviously younger, which means their bodies haven’t had the time to build the necessary defenses.

Here are some EMF-induced health effects that scientists have reported to be more common and aggressive in children.

Childhood Leukemia

research study by the Washington State Department of Health, conducted in 2000, found a growing trend of leukemia development in children exposed to EMF at home.

Dr. Milham, the lead researcher in the study, presented robust evidence of an increase in childhood leukemia, especially in children aged between 3-4 who had prolonged EMF exposure.

What’s more interesting is the rate at which this problem is growing. If you look at the statistics, you’ll find that the growth rate of childhood leukemia is significantly higher today than before the introduction of power grids.

Also, it’s virtually non-existent in parts of the world, like sub-Saharan Africa, that remain off the grid.

Confirming these findings, another study by Dr. Devra Lee Davis published in 2013 also says that, “No other environmental carcinogen has produced evidence of an increased risk in just one decade.”

Cognitive Decline

Though cancer is a highly concerning health risk, it’s not the only class of adverse effects linked to EMF exposure in children.

A research from the University of Helsinki in Finland established that prolonged exposure to EMF makes subtle changes in brain function. This can cause severe cognitive decline and interfere with other brain functions.

best no wifi offline games

For this study, the researchers asked fifteen children to perform auditory and memory functions. At the same time, they exposed some of the children to cell phone radiation.

They concluded their study by saying:

“EMF emitted by mobile phones has effects on brain oscillatory responses during cognitive processing in children.”

Memory Loss

relatively recent study by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute suggested a strong link between prolonged EMF exposure and declined memory performance in teens.

For their study, the researchers analyzed the samples from around 700 Swiss teenagers to understand how the teens’ brains were developing. They tracked EMF exposure and memory performance for over a year. 

They concluded their study by saying:

“Cumulative RF-EMF brain exposure from mobile phone use over one year may have a negative effect on the development of figural memory performance in adolescents.”

Another 2017 study also says prolonged cell phone usage “has a significant negative impact on working memory performance.” The researchers also found that “the effect is apparent even for a 5-minute use.”


An increasing number of research studies have identified a strong link between prolonged EMF exposure and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA):

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common mental disorders affecting children. ADHD also affects many adults. Symptoms of ADHD include inattention (not being able to keep focus), hyperactivity (excess movement that is not fitting to the setting), and impulsivity (hasty acts that occur at the moment without thought).

2008 study found that children whose mothers used cell phones heavily while they were pregnant or those who reported cell phone use by their children in their infancy were 80% more likely to have symptoms of ADHD.

Another 2017 study that reviewed the published science on the link between cell phones and ADHD concludes by saying:

“Symptoms of retarded memory, learning, cognition, attention, and behavioral problems have been reported in numerous studies and are similarly manifested in autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, as a result of exposure to cell phone radiation.”

There’s More

These are just a few of the health issues that children may develop from being around EMF for a long time. There’s more. Visit my “Children & EMF Radiation“ page for more information.

Kids’ Screen Time Guidelines

Although reducing EMF exposure wasn’t the basis of these limits, health organizations worldwide have set specific screen time guidelines for children. And unsurprisingly, they help with the EMF exposure as well.

Kids’ Screen Time Guidelines

Here are those guidelines.

  • No screen time for kids under the age of three
  • Kids aged between 3-6 should only be allowed to use a device for one hour a day, under parents’ supervision
  • Kids aged 6 through 9 are allowed up to 2 hours of supervised screen time
  • And finally, for kids aged 9-12, experts suggest letting them play for up to 2 hours and be sure to set no-tech family times each day.

Although being familiar with modern technology is crucial, spending tech-less time with the people around them is also vital for growing children. This helps them build emotional intelligence, confidence, self-esteem, and a ton of other things. 

And as a bonus, it also helps keep their EMF exposure down.

You can, however, further reduce their EMF exposure levels by installing apps and games on their devices that work offline. So, even when they’re using their phones, you can simply turn on the Airplane mode, and the phone won’t emit any EMF.

Here’s a list of 35 apps and games that you can choose from.

Toca Life: Vacation

Toca Life: Vacation is an interactive and engaging offline educational app designed for children.

This innovative game invites children to immerse themselves in the excitement of a vacation adventure, providing a virtual playground where they can unleash their creativity and storytelling abilities.

Toca Life: Vacation

In this digital universe, kids have the freedom to create and customize characters, build unique stories, and manipulate various elements within the game.

Toca Life: Vacation also offers a safe, ad-free environment, making it a trusted choice for parents seeking quality educational content for their children.

PlayKids – Learn Through Play

PlayKids stands out as more than just a game – it’s a comprehensive educational platform, rich with over 300 books, engaging videos, interactive games, cartoons, and delightful nursery rhymes tailored for young learners.

PlayKids – Learn Through Play

Once installed, this app offers the convenience of offline access to its plethora of educational content. Many experts also say that this game can contribute to the user’s intellectual and emotional development.

By integrating fun and learning, PlayKids supports the development of various cognitive and emotional skills, making it an essential tool in the early educational journey of young minds.

TinyTap Educational Games

TinyTap Educational Games is an award-winning educational application that boasts a vast collection of pre-designed games, along with the unique feature of allowing children to create their own interactive learning experiences.

TinyTap Educational Games

This app covers a broad spectrum of educational topics including math, science, history, music, and personal development skills.

Designed to cater to children from pre-kindergarten to age 14, TinyTap offers a tailored learning experience that adapts to different ages and learning stages.

Epic! Books

Epic! Books is a digital haven for tweens who are passionate about reading. It features an extensive eBook library, designed to kindle and nurture a love for reading among children.

With a subscription, users gain access to a diverse collection of over 3,500 books, along with educational videos.

Epic! Books

This app not only enriches the reading experience but also contributes to the overall intellectual development of its users. The content, ranging from fiction to non-fiction and educational videos, is designed to cater to varied interests and learning needs.

While an internet connection is required to download the books and videos, the app allows offline access to downloaded content, making it convenient for on-the-go reading and learning.

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is a comprehensive educational platform that offers an extensive range of free educational programs, including a vast library of books and activities.

Khan Academy Kids offline games

This app is designed to provide a rich, interactive learning experience for children, covering a variety of subjects and skills. While it primarily operates online, Khan Academy Kids includes a unique offline feature known as Kodi’s suitcase, which allows children to access select educational content without an internet connection.

The app’s engaging content and user-friendly design make it an excellent tool for children to explore and learn at their own pace, fostering a lifelong love for learning.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a captivating digital playground that encourages children to unleash their boundless creativity.

In this portable version of the popular Minecraft game, young players have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of endless possibilities.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition offline games

They can embark on exciting adventures, craft, mine resources, and construct their own unique worlds, all while offline.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition fosters imagination and problem-solving skills as kids shape their environments and embark on quests within the game’s blocky landscapes.

With its offline playability, it’s the perfect companion for on-the-go creativity, allowing children to build, explore, and imagine wherever they are.

GoNoodle Games

GoNoodle Games is a unique fusion of physical activity and digital gaming, designed to keep kids active and engaged.

This innovative app offers a series of movement and mindfulness games that encourage children to get up and move.

Go Noodle offline games

From jumping and stretching to dancing, these games promote physical fitness and coordination while ensuring that the fun never stops.

The games are designed to be short but high-energy, making them ideal for quick bursts of activity throughout the day.

PBS Kids Games

PBS Kids Games is an educational gaming platform featuring beloved characters from PBS Kids shows.

This engaging app covers a wide range of subjects, including math, reading, and science, making it a valuable learning resource for children.

offline games PBS

Each game is thoughtfully designed to be age-appropriate and educational, striking the perfect balance between fun and learning.

By incorporating familiar characters and interactive gameplay, PBS Kids Games creates an immersive educational experience that captivates young minds and makes learning an enjoyable adventure.

Fish School

Fish School is an interactive educational app tailored for preschoolers, designed to introduce them to fundamental concepts like letters, numbers, shapes, and colors in a playful and engaging manner.

Fish School

Animated fish characters guide children through a series of educational activities, transforming learning into an underwater adventure. The app’s intuitive interface and vibrant visuals make it easy for young learners to explore and interact with educational content.

Fish School creates a dynamic and interactive learning environment, allowing preschoolers to build a strong foundation in essential skills while having a blast.

Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is an innovative educational app that transforms the process of learning the alphabet and expanding vocabulary into an interactive and entertaining journey.

Through a series of engaging puzzles, children it encourages children to drag letters into their correct places to form words.

Endless Alphabet

The app comes to life with charming animations and delightful sound effects, making the learning process not only educational but also incredibly enjoyable.

Endless Alphabet creates a captivating and immersive environment for young learners to explore letters and words, ensuring that learning is an exciting adventure filled with discovery.

Elmo Loves 123s

Elmo Loves 123s features the beloved character Elmo from Sesame Street. This app is a delightful way for children to explore the world of numbers and counting.

Through a series of games and activities, young learners can develop strong number recognition and basic arithmetic skills while interacting with their favorite character.

Elmo’s playful and educational approach ensures that children are not only entertained but also immersed in a learning adventure that sparks their curiosity and mathematical abilities.

Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is a captivating game that encourages creativity and discovery in children.

In this game, young players combine various elements to create new ones, sparking their imagination and encouraging critical thinking.

It offers a fun and interactive way for children to learn about the natural world and explore the relationships between different elements.

Little Alchemy 2 is not just a game; it’s a tool that promotes exploration and experimentation, fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity in young minds.

Starfall ABCs

Starfall ABCs introduces young children to the wonders of the alphabet and reading. This educational gem combines games, songs, and animations to create a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

It focuses on teaching letter sounds and recognition, making the journey to reading an enjoyable adventure. With the help of engaging content, Starfall ABCs ensures that children not only grasp the fundamentals of reading but also develop a lifelong love for language and literacy.

Highlights Shapes

Embark on a delightful adventure into the vibrant universe of shapes and colors with the Highlights Shapes App!

Highlights Shapes

Designed to enchant young minds, this app is a treasure trove of interactive puzzles, charming animations, and whimsical characters, all woven together to create an immersive learning experience.

Duolingo ABC

Duolingo ABC is a specially designed app to nurture literacy skills in young children.

Duolingo ABC

This app focuses on teaching reading and writing through a series of fun and educational activities. It provides children with the foundation they need to become confident readers and writers, all while having a blast.

Duolingo ABC fosters language development and literacy in a way that is both effective and enjoyable, ensuring that children embark on their literacy journey with enthusiasm and success.

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame is a compassionate and educational app designed to help young children understand and manage their emotions while promoting problem-solving skills.

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

Featuring beloved Sesame Street characters, this app offers interactive scenarios that guide children through the process of calming techniques and building resilience in the face of everyday challenges.

Through engaging experiences, kids learn valuable strategies for managing their feelings and navigating life’s ups and downs, making it a powerful tool for emotional development and emotional intelligence.

Barefoot World Atlas

Barefoot World Atlas is an enchanting interactive globe app that transports children on a global exploration adventure.

Barefoot World Atlas

It invites young learners to dive into diverse cultures, discover fascinating animals, and explore unique environments from around the world.

This educational journey not only fosters a love for geography but also broadens understanding of global diversity. With stunning visuals and interactive features, Barefoot World Atlas makes learning about the world an exciting and accessible experience, encouraging curiosity about the planet we inhabit.

Quick Math Jr.

Quick Math Jr. is a dynamic app designed to lay the foundation for essential math skills in children aged 3-7.

Quick Math Jr.

Through a series of engaging activities, it covers counting, addition, subtraction, and basic number concepts in a way that makes math learning enjoyable and interactive.

This app fosters a positive attitude toward mathematics by combining learning with fun, ensuring that young learners build a strong mathematical foundation while having a blast.

Sago Mini Friends

Sago Mini Friends is a whimsical and exploratory app that invites children to immerse themselves in a delightful cartoon neighborhood.

Sago Mini Friends offline games

This playful digital playground encourages social interaction and sparks imagination. With a variety of activities and characters to engage with, children have the opportunity to nurture their social skills and creativity in a safe and entertaining environment.

Sago Mini Friends is a wonderful platform for young minds to embark on imaginative adventures, fostering friendships and storytelling along the way.

Crazy Gears

Crazy Gears is an educational game that introduces children to the fascinating world of physics and mechanics.

Crazy Gears

Through a series of entertaining puzzles, this app teaches kids about gears, chains, and the principles of problem-solving.

By blending learning with play, Crazy Gears ignites a passion for science and engineering in young minds. It encourages critical thinking and experimentation, making complex concepts accessible and enjoyable.

This app equips children with valuable skills while fueling their curiosity about the world of science and technology.

Fiete Math

Fiete Math offers an exciting and interactive approach to math learning, designed for children aged 4 and older. This engaging app combines basic arithmetic concepts with playful puzzles, immersing young learners in an adventurous sea-themed environment.

Fiete Math

Through a series of entertaining activities, children develop a strong understanding of counting, addition, subtraction, and number combinations.

Fiete Math transforms math education into an interactive sea adventure, ensuring that kids not only grasp fundamental math concepts but also have a blast while doing so.

Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop is a mesmerizing puzzle game designed for children aged 7 and up, perfect for those who enjoy patterns and connecting elements.

Infinity Loop offline games

This app provides a relaxing and satisfying experience as young players complete intricate loop puzzles.

It encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and pattern recognition in a visually captivating environment.

ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics is an interactive and user-friendly educational game that focuses on teaching young children letters and phonics.

offline games ABC Kids - Tracing & Phonics

This app provides a dynamic learning experience, making the process of writing and pronouncing letters an enjoyable and engaging adventure.

Through tracing activities and phonics exercises, children build a strong foundation in language and literacy. This can help set them on a path to becoming confident readers and writers.

Kids Games: For Toddlers 3-5

Kids Games: For Toddlers 3-5 is a dynamic and educational app designed for toddlers and preschoolers.

Kids Games: For Toddlers 3-5

It offers a variety of games that focus on teaching colors, shapes, coordination, and basic number and alphabet recognition.

This app blends learning with fun, encouraging cognitive development and motor skills through intuitive and engaging activities. Ideal for children aged 3 to 5, it’s a perfect tool for early learning in a playful, interactive environment.

Animal Jam

Animal Jam is an enchanting online playground tailored for children with a passion for animals and the outdoors.

Animal Jam

This educational game invites children to explore natural environments, learn about different species, and interact safely with friends in a vibrant virtual world.

Through engaging activities and educational content, Animal Jam fosters a love for wildlife and environmental awareness.

It provides a unique opportunity for children to embark on exciting adventures, all while gaining valuable knowledge about the animal kingdom and the importance of conservation.

Trucks – Duck Duck Moose

Trucks by Duck Duck Moose is a delightful educational app designed for children aged 0-5.

Trucks - Duck Duck Moose offline games

It features a variety of interactive activities, including:

  • A carwash
  • Tow truck
  • Garbage and recycling sorting
  • A bulldozer and dump truck game
  • And a car parade.

Players can engage in tasks like cleaning cars, fixing flat tires, sorting recycling, and driving different trucks. And the best part is, it has no in-app purchases.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is an engaging arcade game where players slice fruits with a swipe of their finger.

It offers various modes like Classic, Arcade, and Zen, and features like power-ups and multiplayer gameplay.

The game challenges players’ reaction times, which is great for children with developing brains.

Thinkrolls Kings and Queens

Thinkrolls Kings and Queens is a fun and educational physics puzzle game suitable for children aged 5-12.

offline games Think Rolls Kings and Queens

It features 228 puzzles across 12 castles, each presenting unique challenges involving castles, dragons, and magic.

The game encourages problem-solving, memory, logic, and creativity.

Tinybop: The Human Body

The Human Body is an immersive and interactive educational application designed to pique the curiosity of children about the wonders of the human body.

Tinybop: The Human Body

This engaging app offers a journey through various systems, such as the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive.

It is artfully designed with detailed illustrations and animations that bring the inner workings of the human body to life. Children can learn how the heart beats, how food is digested, and even how the eyes and ears function.

With content available in over 50 languages and the incorporation of a free downloadable Human Body Handbook, this app supports a wide range of learning opportunities.

Paper Plate Art Game (Full) by Labo Lado

The Paper Plate Art Game (Full) is an imaginative and educational application that unleashes creativity in children.

This app encourages kids to transform simple paper plates into amazing art projects. Offering a blend of 15 interactive step-by-step lessons and 14 fun games and activities, it caters to young minds aged between 3 to 7 years.

Kids can enjoy coloring their crafts with a variety of beautiful colors, and the app even allows them to save their creations to a gallery.

The game not only fosters creativity but also helps in developing fine motor skills and artistic expression in children.


Mekorama is a charming puzzle game that stands out for its simplicity and inventiveness.

Mekorama offline games

Developed by Martin Magni, this game invites players to guide a tiny robot named “B” through 50 captivating mechanical dioramas. The gameplay involves rotating the levels in 3D to navigate the robot through various obstacles and challenges.

Mekorama not only offers a delightful puzzle-solving experience but also includes a level editor, allowing players to design and share their own dioramas.

The game has been praised for its thoughtful design, especially in the implementation of secondary animations and its intuitive controls.

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 is an enchanting puzzle game developed by Ustwo Games that takes players on a surreal exploration through magical architecture and impossible geometry.

Monument Valley 2

The game follows the journey of a mother and her child as they navigate stunning, artistic landscapes and manipulate architecture to discover the paths forward.

With its serene music and meditative gameplay, the game offers a tranquil yet mentally stimulating experience.

Lep’s World

Lep’s World is a vibrant, side-scrolling platformer game that has captured the hearts of millions with its nostalgic gameplay.

Lep’s World offline games

In this game, players embark on an adventurous quest with Lep, the cheerful Irish leprechaun.

The objective is to navigate through various levels, tackling obstacles and enemies, while collecting gold pots and other items.

The game features over 190 well-designed levels across six different world themes, each filled with unique challenges and enemies.

Flow Free

Flow Free is a simple puzzle game that presents the users with a grid filled with pairs of colored dots, and the challenge is to connect these dots with pipes without crossing or overlapping them.

Flow Free offline games

The game’s difficulty increases with the size of the grid and the number of colors.

It’s a perfect blend of relaxation and brain stimulation, offering hundreds of levels in Free Play mode and an additional challenge in Time Trial mode.

With its minimalist design and engaging gameplay, Flow Free provides an enjoyable and sometimes challenging experience for puzzle enthusiasts.

Disney Coloring World

Disney Coloring World is a delightful coloring game that lets players, young and old, bring to life a variety of Disney and Pixar characters and scenes.

Disney Coloring World

Featuring a wide range of easy-to-use coloring tools and special stickers, it offers a creative and enjoyable experience.

Players can color scenes from beloved movies like “Frozen,” “Toy Story,” and “The Lion King,” making each creation unique.

Regular updates with new themes keep the game fresh and engaging, allowing users to save, share, or print their digital masterpieces.

It’s a charming and fun way to explore the magical world of Disney and Pixar.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – a curated list of 35 engaging offline games, ready for download. This is more than just a compilation. It’s a step towards safeguarding your children’s health without dimming the spark of joy and learning that gaming brings into their lives.

But let’s not stop here. Replacing online games with offline ones is a strong start, but it’s just the first step on a longer journey.

Remember, our children are particularly susceptible to the health risks associated with EMF exposure. And cell phones aren’t the only culprits in our homes.

Fear not, though! The path to a safer environment for you and your little ones is not as daunting as it might seem.

I’ve put together some easy-to-follow tips on my Healthy Living Tips page. These are more than just suggestions; they are easy-to-implement actions that can significantly transform your living space into a low EMF haven.

So, take a moment, visit the page, and let’s embark on this journey together. It’s time to create an environment that nurtures not just the minds but also the well-being of our precious ones. Let’s make every step count towards a healthier, happier future

Where do you carry your phone?

Want to Slash Your EMF Health Risks?

Good! Learn the one small change you should make right now.

Want to learn more about EMF?

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