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The SYB Blog

r blank with dr phil

Recounting My Time on The Dr. Phil Show: The Learnings of SYB CEO R Blank

Though there are thousands of research studies on the subject, the mainstream media still doesn’t seem to accept the concerns around human-made EMF. And that’s

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EMF misconceptions

Debunking EMF Misconceptions: The Six Most Common Ones

There are thousands of research studies available demonstrating EMF’s biological effects. But many people are either unaware of them, don’t believe in those findings, or

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The Business of EMF Science: Part 4 – First Comes Signs, Then Comes Science: The Tobacco Story

Nowadays, tobacco is restricted or banned in many countries. But it wasn’t always like that. There was a time when even doctors recommended smoking for

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emf birds

EMF & Birds: Why EMF Pollution is Devastating for Birds

The ill effects of human-made electromagnetic fields (EMF) aren’t just limited to humans or other mammals. Studies show that the EMF from our devices, appliances,

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suppress EMF information

The Business of EMF Science: Part 3 – How Wireless Companies Suppress EMF Information

In the last post, we saw how Motorola managed to war-game Drs. Lai & Singh, ending their careers along with their credibility. But that was

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War-Gaming lai Singh

The Business of EMF Science: Part 2 – Motorola’s War-Gaming Against Lai & Singh

In the first post of this series, we explored how concerns regarding the biological effects of EMF came into existence. We saw how scientists like

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She Talks with Sophie Shepherd

SHE Talks Health is for women interested in wellness and, more specifically, in women’s health. We aim to finally give you clarity around the widespread

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Is EMF Science Inconclusive?

The Business of EMF Science: Part 1 – Is EMF Science Inconclusive?

A huge body of research shows how prolonged EMF exposure can cause severe physiological and neurological effects. But, at the same time, another significant chunk

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